Why Does This Keep Happening: Another Teen Got a USB Cord Stuck Up His Penis

A case of a 15-year-old boy who managed to thread a USB cable into his penis in 2021 is making headlines after his ordeal was detailed in a medical journal, and it is, unbelievably, far from the first time this kind of thing has been documented by the medical community.

Doctors at the University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street in London wrote a case study detailing the plight of a boy who inserted a knotted-up cable into his urethra, and admitted (once his mom left the examining room) that he did it “to measure the length of his penis triggered by sexual curiosity.” A ruler would have worked, too, but at least he didn’t try to get one of those up there. 


An x-ray of the 15-year-old patient

From the paper “Urethral self-insertion of a USB cable as sexual experimentation: A case report”

The case report, titled “​​Urethral self-insertion of a USB cable as sexual experimentation,” was first published in 2021 in the journal Urology Case Reports, and again in the British Journal of Surgery in March 2022, and then resurfaced by the Independent earlier this week. A warning before you click on any of the links in the previous sentence: Some of the photos are gnarly. There are a couple images of x-rays, but the real kicker is a photo of the USB cord after it’s been extracted but before they cleaned the blood off of it. 

The doctors describe their extraction methods in the paper: 

“A longitudinal peno-scrotal incision over the palpable foreign body was made and careful dissection was undertaken through deeper tissues, splitting the bulbospongiosus muscle. The knotted cable was revealed in the proximal aspect of the penile urethra and cut from the remainder of the cord. Both ends of the wire were pulled out successfully through the external urethral meatus.”

His recovery was “uneventful,” the doctors write. For them, maybe! 

This is the second time a story about a teenage boy jamming a USB cord into his penis has appeared on this website: In 2018, doctors in China reported that a 13-year-old ended up in similarly dire straits ​​when he wound a cord (it looked like an Apple charger) into his urethra and it ended up reaching his bladder, where it knotted up. He needed surgery, but recovered. 


You may be thinking, as I initially thought, that surely these two lads represent the entire medical literature of people threading wires into their urethras. You would be, as I was, very wrong. There’s a long history of people putting things where they don’t go, including a guy who got a fork up there

In 2020, doctors in Spain described a 14-year-old boy who, they claim, is the first case in the world where a “video game cord” got stuck in a urethra. He had to have a cystotomy—where an incision is made in the bladder—to extract it. Apparently this procedure is much more common in small animals than curious teenagers. They wrote that this kid came to the emergency room with pain, smelly urine, and a cable hanging out of his “meatus,” the clinical term for penis tissue. Four months before coming in, he threaded the cable up there to try to scratch an itch; he couldn’t get it back out, and just left it in, hiding it from his parents. He underwent surgery and “extraction of a ball of foul smelling electrical cable with several internal knots, multiple calcifications and 150 cm in length,” according to a translation of the paper, which was originally written in Spanish. Disappointingly, the paper doesn’t say which video game console this cable belonged to.


An xray from the paper "Video game cable in urethral meatus with ball retained in bladder. First case in the world"

From the paper “Video game cable in urethral meatus with ball retained in bladder. First case in the world”

Cords in general seem especially appealing for those who are thinking with their dicks—and it’s not just teenagers. 

A report published in May describes a 34-year-old man in Indonesia went to the emergency department because he had pain with urination for three days; turns out, he’d strung an earphone wire into his dick, something he did “often for 3-5 times a week while masturbating,” the attending doctors wrote. This one, too, lodged itself in his bladder. They got it out using forceps and he was fine (physically).

Apparently, this happens so often that it’s a documented phenomenon among emergency doctors and urologists. “There are reports that a variety of foreign bodies were inserted into urogenital tracts and urologists have been facing this issue for many years,” doctors at the Urology Research Center at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran wrote in a paper about a 19-year-old boy who got a wire stuck up there. 

A 2021 report from doctors in China describes a 48-year-old man who “presented with a mass in the urethra for 2 years,” as well as “swelling and ulcer in the scrotum.” He, like the guy who spent two years cumming out of his ass, ignored this situation until it became too painful to keep avoiding the doctor.

A rendering of a CT scan, from the paper "Electric wire as a urethral foreign body"

A rendering of a CT scan, from the paper “Electric wire as a urethral foreign body”

When reporting their 30-year-old patient’s wire-stuck-in-penis plight in 2013, doctors at the Seoul National University Hospital in Korea explained it plainly: “Electrical wire cables are available at home and are easy to insert. However, after they coil in the patient’s bladder, they are difficult to remove.” Also, they tend to get tangled up in there, is the trend I’m seeing. 

Inserting things into one’s dickhole is an established fetish, called “sounding,” and while it is an advanced sexual technique, it can be done safely. People who are into sounding usually use sterilized, smooth metal rods, however, and not jagged, irregularly-shaped, unsanitary plastic cables. 


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