Why I Don’t Get All Hot & Bothered About Articles Screaming the UN or the WHO Is Being Given “authority” to Dictate Policy in the USA

The USA is a Corporation, not a country, not a nation.

I am a Texican.

The political whores, Israhell Firsters,

Mexico Firsters,

yankee carpetbaggers

and scalawags

holding forth in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Colorado

Are not Texicans, and the sub corporation of the USA Corporation, ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ is not, and can never be a legal government of the illegally occupied for 158 years in a War Crime by the USA Corporation, Republic of Texas.

A litte histroy and politics need to be explained here to bring most humans up to understanding this point.

Texicans, including Texicans of Spanish heritage, kicked Mexico’s ass and via treaty with Mexico won their independence from Mexico, forming the Republic of Texas.

In 1847, somewhat illegally, the Republic of Texas joined the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union.

Every time a territory applied for statehood the USA had that territory sign over all public lands to the USA.

This was done to give Washington DC a claim of ownership of the lands.

After the territory was made a state, the public lands were signed back over to the states.

When Texas became a “state”, USA told the Republic to sign over all of Texas’s public lands.
The Republic of Texas told USA to go f##k themselves, they were not signing over Texas’s lands to ANYONE.

The USA has NEVER had a legal claim on ANY Texas lands.

A side note here.
By the time of the western territories becoming states, the USA was so corrupt they never signed the territorie’s lands back over to the new states, but just stole the lands.

That is why the USA claims to own millions of acres of land in Western States.
The USA really has no legal claim to these lands which in reality belong to the living souls of the individual states or territories.

Back to Texas.
In 1860, seeing the closet homosexual atheist communist yankee manic depressive shyster rail road lawyer Lincoln

killing the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union and working to replace it with a Soviet Styled Communist dictatorship,

Texas legally Voluntarily seceded from the same Volunteer Union they had Voluntarily joined.

When the USA Corporation illegally invaded Texas, took control of Texas using terrorism against civilians which makes ISIS look like well behaved choir boys, it was an illegal act by a rouge regime.


USA illegally occupied the Republic of Texas, put an ILLEGAL occupation administration sub corporation called ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ in place.

No matter how many years pass, no matter how much bull shit the whores in Austin spew forth, no matter what hoops they jump through, the illegal fruit ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ of the illegal tree ‘THE USA’ can never cease to be poison, and can never become a legal government of the illegally occupied, Republic of Texas.

Therefore any agreements the USA makes to allow foreign organizations or powers to make rules for USA slaves,

these illegal rules can never be legally applied to Republic of Texas Souls as the USA has NEVER legally had any legal claim of Republic of Texas Lands, therefore no legal domination over the living souls of the illegally occupied Republic of Tecxas.

Therefore all the whores in Austin and DC along with ALL foreign powers or “world” organizations can go F##K themselves as far as this Texican is concerned as the Illegally occupied Republic of Texas has no treaties with any of them and could NEVER have legal treaties with any of them until the USA Corporation and it’s bitch sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ gets the hell out of the ILLEGALLY occupied Republic of Texas and REAL Texicans are allowed to reconstitute a legal Republic of Texas government.

a couple of the areas I scored in the top 97% on my university entrance exam were Law and Government.

My second cousin was the president of the Constitutional Convention .

17 of the 25 Ensurers of the Magna Carta which have living prodigy are my great grandfather types.

F##K the Rothschild’s “world” organizations.
F##K the Ratschild’s

whores and bitches in Washington DC and Austin!

F##k all Israhell Firsters, Mexico Firsters, yankee carpetbaggers and scalawags polluting my Republic of Texas.


The Ole Dog!


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