Why is BLM & PANTIFA Going after Whites While Letting the Racist TBTF Banks Slide?

The day I’d hoped and prayed would never happen has arrived. That St. Louis couple that defended their home that was under siege from BLM & PANTIFA thugs who threatened to kill them and move into their home?

Not only were their weapons confiscated, they’re now under arrest:

Charges filed against St. Louis couple who pointed guns toward protesters

BTW, that DA is one of Soros’ buds, having given her money and advice.

So that’s where were at. The police are either standing down, refusing to do their job or being told to ignore the BLM/PANTIFA terrorists.

I’ve already made up my mind what to do if my life is threatened, and so should you, especially those raised Catholic, who have an overdose of guilt pumped into them from birth.

My guess is that this mayhem is only going to get worse between now and November, so stay safe and **** *** ********

Wonder why BLM doesn’t protest against those Wall Street banks that made a fortune off their slave market and the financing of that heinous trade?

Matthew Nolan: “If a slave auction fell on a Jewish festival, it was postponed due to lack of buyers and sellers.”

Why doesn’t BLM protest against those TBTF Wall Street banks, who have made billions off of slavery? I’d like to see BLM types try and bust up a New York slaver bank, then sit back and watch the Dems, who support rioting, send in the National Guard.

Wall Street Was a Slave Market Before It Was a Financial Center

Source Article from https://careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.com/2020/07/why-is-blm-pantifa-going-after-whites.html

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