Will reparations finally resolve America’s tragic slave trade legacy?

“Most Black Americans favor the idea of monetary compensation for the hardship of their ancestors. But who is ready to shell out the cash?”

It is historical fact New York Jews were the majority of slave ship owners and slave traders.

The Jews of New York ran run distilleries.
When they were not selling rum to the natives, they were loading rum on their slave ships, sailing to Africa, trading the rum to African Tribal chiefs for prisoners captured in Africa’s endless tribal warfare.

The Jew slave ships would then sail back to the Americas where the Jew slave traders would sell the humans into chattel slavery.

If today’s Americans of African decent want to be paid for the sorrow of their ancestors, first they must demand preparations from all governments of Africa for their ancestors selling their ancestors into slavery.

Then they need to collet from the Jews.

Head Jew and current slavemaster

Then they need to collect from all Americans of African decent.

Reparations get tricky here.

So the Americans of African decent need to include American Indians in the list of those to pay reparations.

But who is going to pay the Native Indians reparations for being made slaves?

In the city I live in a big tourist draw is the Spanish missions which were built with Indian slave labor.

Indians made slaves by the Spanish and the Catholic Church of Rome, the Vatican.

So does Spain, The Roman Catholic Church and Americans of African decent who are Catholics need to pay Native Americans reparations for slavery?

Reparations for slavery in America gets trickier yet!

Before African American slaves, there were Irish slaves.
The Irish were a thorn in the side of the English who wished to steal Ireland from the Irish for English settlers to Ireland.

The English did not consider the Irish as human.
They needed slaves in their American colonies and they wanted the Irish out of Ireland, so they used every excuse, crooked law, debts, taxes unpaid to the English to ship the Irish to America as slaves.

After Cromwell, the father of the yankee puritan virus chopped a king’s head off and took over, he tried to wipe the Irish off the face of the earth and selling the Irish into slavery helped finance his wars.

So the Irish must be allowed to collect reparations from the British Crown,

and the yankees who are descended from the evil self righteous puritans of England who sold the Irish into slavery as well as the crown.

But wait, there is another wrinkle in this sordid affair of reparations for slavery in America.

Wanting slaves in America the “elites” of England and the British Crown took any Englishman who got deep in debt, any Englishman who got crossways with the Crown’s crooked laws, and shipped their asses to America as slaves.

So all Anglo-Saxon Americans in America who’s ancestors were made slaves in America by the British Crown must receive reparations from the British Crown.

And the Rothschilds who have run Britain for hundreds of years.

I will be waiting my cash from the British Crown as one of my 5th great grandfathers got caught trying to steal a pewter sign off a London Business so his ass was shipped to Virginia as a slave.

In conclusion, there has never been a Civil War in America.

That war was an economic war led by yankees who wanted to build a Marxist Mandatory Military Empire.

The 13th amendment transferred ownership of African American slaves in America from individual slave owners to Washington DC.

Along with every other America no matter ethnicity, religion or shade of tan or brown being made slaves of USA/Washington DC.

So ALL Americans should receive reparations for 162 years of slavery at the hands of the political whores of USA/DC, along with their freedom from the USA/DC slave master plantation.

As this is controlled by this evil child raping mass murderer and he and his pack have lots of stolen slave generated blood money stolen from the poor, the oppressed, the illegally enslaved, their assets need to be seized and distributed among the peoples they have made slaves for hundreds of years.

I will post the link to the propaganda piece which inspired me to write this.
The one who cobbled together the piece is either very ignorant of true history or has taken the 30 shekels from the Ratschilds slave masters to sow divide and conquer propaganda.

The Ole Dog!

‘Will reparations finally resolve America’s tragic slave trade legacy?’


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