Wisdom of our People #2

Continued from: Wisdom of our People

The Slavic proverbs were pretty refreshing – let us continue now with some Roman ones. There are of course many Roman philosophers we could specifically go through – but in general these are accepted as “common” sayings. Some Roman speakers were very prominent anti-Semites, speaking of Jews as lying lunatics who are a totally different race – loving everything we hate and vice versa. It is always interesting to see that throughout history, “anti-semitism” had been a continuous relationship of intelligent people towards Jews.

Fear the man of one book

This one is simply beautiful; in many ways. First and foremost it counters all the Abrahamic religions and people – they are “people of one book” – who try to define absolutely everything through it. Alas, Christians are a unique species of Abrahamic followers – they rarely actually follow what is written in their book – sometimes I wonder why they actually even label themselves as such. Fear? Are they so afraid of the Jewish fairytale that they simply want to be associated with it – “just in case”? They basically don’t do anything it says in there – at least not directly. Strangely enough, everything that we hate in modern Society has its roots in the Bible – especially in the words of Jesus – yet no Christian every reacts on it. I won’t go into details now, but anyone who has done any kind of deeper research of this Jewish book knows exactly what I am talking about.

The man of one book is also anyone who thinks/believes he has found the Truth within one single book. In general, these people automatically become “religious” and create some kind of organized society around it. There are even scientists of that character – but, those are not as “dangerous” as the Semitic “believers”. A person should read, learn, study and experience as many things as possible. One book is the complete opposite of it. Having a thought about something and being able to let it go is wisdom – it must have a conclusion or end. The people of one book usually don’t have such a quality – they are “awaiting something”, such as the “return of the Messiah”.

Also, these people are highly dangerous – once they base everything in their life upon one artificial element, they reach a level of toxicity where they are willing to kill for the continuation of that element. You see, they have sacrificed their own personal growth, and life basically, so that this element might become alive. Therefore they protect it with their own living essence. You cannot Reason with such a Person anymore – it talks, walks, thinks and reacts only as this element – in religious cases, “the book” – anything outside of this book is simply “not true”.

The greater the degeneration of the Republic, the more of its laws.

Something we are all aware of as the West is falling apart. Soon enough we won’t be able to talk about anything anymore. You are now being tracked on every social media that exists – people are being imprisoned for having “hateful thoughts” about immigration on Facebook. You can’t use cultural symbolism – such as the Confederate Flag. You can’t express yourself as a White person – you can’t even be anti-semitic. The thing is that the more degenerate a Society becomes, the more Laws are required to make that Degeneracy somehow work among the still remaining Sane people. Eventually, this degeneracy will win against the Sanity because the amount of Laws it has created are never against it – they are always against the Healthy, Sane people.

Every modern Law that has been created is protecting Degeneracy and trying to find a way to work around the Normal people – little by little – until the Normal people finally realize that they are unable to speak out against Degeneracy. The same way Anti-Semitism as a defensive mechanism came to power. Every time a certain type of Degeneracy is rising in its Power, it creates some kind of code-word that is supposed to counter its opposition. Sexist, Racist, Anti-Semite, Homophobe, Islamophobe, Xenophobe. It never ends.

When the head is sick, the whole body is sick.

Wonderful and simple, isn’t it? I often told people that all these Jewish parasitic ideologies are like a poisonous snake bite. For example, it bites your hand – you now have the option of immediately applying an anti-dote or cutting off the hand. If you do neither, the poison starts spreading. Once it reaches your brain – it is over. This is true for all these brainwashed feminists and liberals – as long as they aren’t completely gone – you can “take them by the hand” – and try to reason with them. But, once the poison hits their brain functions – it is pretty much over. Only the worst type of shock will finally wake them up; and not everyone is able to return to Sanity afterwards. There is a reason why we define some people as simply “broken”.

When the head is sick, especially under the influence of a Jewish thought-pattern, the body is also sick as it will follow this thought. You have seen this in these modern progressive zombies. Everything they do is basically degenerate. And more often than not – they don’t really have a stance – they simply have “opinions” without any real foundation. This is why all the conversations with these people are about how you “offend them” with your statement – you will never reach a final point of the conversation – and how could you – they are sick in the head.

Whom God will destroy, he first make mad.

Jews are mad, alright. They are literally born mad with the highest degree of schizophrenia and sicknesses associated to mental disorders. Not only that, but one has only to read the Bible or the Talmud to get a glimpse of what the Nature of a Jew is. All the Lies they make, all the Degeneracy they cause – they are literally mad. Hell, they even call themselves the Chosen People of God. And, with all the proof and information we have about this Parasitic Race – we still let them walk around freely among our own People and Nations. Perhaps we are more mad than the Jews in that regard. Alas, God/Gods don’t influence our realm directly – therefore – even if he really “made them mad” – it is up to us to idenfity them as such and kick them out of our Societies. They are a curse upon our Nations.

Divide and conquer.

Old, but gold. Simple and effective. Jews applied this proverb to perfection – haven’t they? Everything is divided – our politics are not even concerned with the People or the Nation – we have a left and right political system that battles about ideologies instead of the good of the People. Our culture and faith have been divided – Slavs, for example, as a group have been divided by Christianity. Many of our European traditions were genocided. Everything is now about “political correctness” and in all this division – Jews are always that small minority that simply tips one side to their favor.

You’ll understand this probably the best through politics. Jews attempt to make these opposite sides always hang around the 50%-50% mark.  Then they literally sell their votes to one side – their power, influence, media, money – and control this side from that moment on. They would not be able to do this if the Nation was working exclusively for its own People – Jews wouldn’t even have a say in anything as they wouldn’t be regarded as the Nation’s People. Divide and conquer. Split and weaken.

Gifts of enemies are no gifts.

Once upon a time we were disciplined and honorable. Today, we are so tolerant that we haven’t learned a damn thing from the Trojan horse story. We are told that non-White invaders are a gift upon our Nations – they bring “diversity and culture”; they will “improve the economy”; or as the Pope would put it “their seed will enrich Europe”. We understood once that there are People out there who only wish to see us dead and bring upon us destruction – today – we are blinded by Love, Tolerance, Apathy and the Lie of Diversity.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

A very simple Truth – usually working exclusively through the Unity of the Woman and Man. This is also empowered by the Spirit of a Race and its ability to make a habit out of it – to become excellent in it – to become Creative. As long as this Creativity is guided by a Natural Law and Truth – it is Godly – however, overtaken by the Jewish parasitic thought – it can become the Destroyer of the World.

It is interesting how Whites came to Africa and other regions and found people living in the Stone Age, in some areas having no Fire or Wheel – what happened to these people? Why didn’t they invent anything? How come they didn’t see the necessity for it? One simple answer is – they are primitive. Today we know that they have a low IQ and lower mental capabilities. In our modern progressive times, the White race has somehow become the reason why these people have remained so underdeveloped. Imagine coming to an Alien planet where everyone is living in the Stone Age and the Aliens tell you – it is your Fault why we are in the Stone Age! Because this is what Blacks are trying to tell us today – of course, being fed this idea by the Jewish propaganda.

Remember that you are going to die.

A very important piece of Knowledge. In some cases the skull and bones symbolism was referring to this Knowledge – it has since then been perverted by Jews and their Shabbos Goy. New Age mantra is completely ignoring this information – they are all about “living in the Now” – ironically this is something Jesus was telling his followers as well; ignore tomorrow, don’t worry about food, God’s going to take care of everything.

But, when you remember that you are going to die, you have to take care of not only yourself, but also of your family – of your friends – of your People. You must leave something behind that will ensure the continuation and safety of your People. Today, we have lost this Knowledge – we are all living for the Moment, Entertainment, Happiness – Selfish, Egoistic, Degenerate. Why worry about this life when you will have “eternal life in heaven”? Why worry about your Earthly possessions? Give everything up – sell it all! Yes, those are the Jewish whispers in your Ears.

We are not born for ourselves alone.

Another important Lesson. Today it is all about You, you, you – we got everything for You – for Your best experience – for Your convenience; bla bla bla. And I am not saying that “you” shouldn’t be important – but the “you” does not exist without the “us”. It is an interesting process, the development of the Humanoid form of our Race and Spirit – in order to have the Individual we first must have the Organism (Nation). In order for this Nation to keep on existing, there must be Individuals who are willing to sacrifice this Individuality in order to Preserve the Nation. We must never forget why we are so Free – and why we managed to develop ourselves so much – the God-like individual is the result of a Free People – to have a Free People one must ensure its Freedom. And we have given up on our Freedom – blinded by the Jewish manipulation.

We learn not for school, but for life.

Yet another thing the Jewish influence has corrupted – Education. It is all about passing tests, exams, making up stupid seminars. Everything is about passing that piece of paper – getting that validation from a teacher – and once this becomes more important than Knowledge itself – you have corruption, laziness – as a natural consequence. In my student days, I couldn’t believe the amount of people who were bribing, cheating and lying. I couldn’t believe the amount of stupidity and ignorance of teachers – absolutely no healthy or sane conversation was to be held with them; whenever I stumbled upon something stupid I wouldn’t waste my time with  it – one Female teacher was a Feminist and tried to make my life hell. It is all about propaganda, opinions – rarely about Knowledge and Wisdom.

Therefore, we do not learn for Life anymore – we learn for School. And today they are promoting that “School never ends”, “Education never ends” – you are going to be a lifelong student of the System. Keep following their guidelines, their rules and you’ll be fine. School has been corrupted and therefore it doesn’t represent knowledge about Life anymore.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

The White race still exists, its Organism is still alive – therefore there is Hope that we will heal it and fix it. If only more of us were understanding the situation we are in. This is where we come in – we must make them see the Truth. The real Truth. We can’t play the Jewish game and hope to somehow win inside of it – only a fool plays by the rules of his enemy.

Authority, not truth, makes law. Like king, like people.

Might sound sad to some, but it still is right – Truth in itself is the highest guiding principle one can live by – but in the end – if that Truth is not Projected through proper authority, it won’t live up to its potential. Authority doesn’t have to be a single person – it can also be the quality of a Message – and our Message is the Truth – it just doesn’t have enough Power behind it yet. But, in the end the People will follow Truth – we only need to attach Natural aspects to it – the inner Spirit of our People will be drawn towards it.

Hierarchy therefore is important; it is Natural. We know it. The Jews also know it. This is why the Jews have taken over all of the major positions of pretty much everything. They are the authority – this is also why they created the European Union – they control it. They very well understand the meaning behind Authority – it is just that they assume it in such a way that no one is actually targeting them – but others.

With them controlling the Authority also came their power of Propaganda, so that the People will not see their Authority as the Enemy – they will see those who are trying to return the Nation to Sanity, Truth, Nature and Law – as the Enemy. In other words – they see the ethnic, true Nationalists as the Enemy, while the infiltrator Jew is the “Ally”. It is a sick world that we live in. Like king, like people – we have degenerate parasites and viruses as our leaders – therefore the masses are becoming degenerate as well.

A leopard won’t change its spots.

This applies to everything we know about Jews, Blacks, Arabs – etc., but Jews in particular. Kicked out of our Nations over 109 times, caused problems wherever they were; civilizations and cultures were genocided wherever they showed up; people were anti-semites for over 3000 years – yet this Race has never changed. And they never will. They Lie every time they take a breath. And they took a lot of breaths while writing the Bible.

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