Wolves are more dangerous than sheep

This post is for Ian

“As I’ve talked about before, it’s pretty easy to identify who the controlled “heroes” are – it’s those who get significant amounts of publicity in the mainstream media.

In understanding this, it’s very important to be aware of exactly what “publicity” means – not the exercise of praising or endorsing something, but merely “notice or attention given to someone or something by the media”.

That is from where the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” springs – because it is well known that giving “notice or attention” to something or someone raises their profile, even if that notice or attention is negative. So, for this reason, the media never gives any notice or attention to anything or anyone they don’t want you to know about.

The media knows that by doing a “hit piece” on someone – sure, it will cause a few more people to dislike them, or confirm the biases of people who already do – but it will also cause thousands of people to say, “hey, this person is being unfairly persecuted! I’m going to go and support them!”

This is exactly what happened with Russell Brand – whose extensive recent media publicity has made him richer than ever – and is what is happening with “people’s hero” (ugh…), Andrew Bridgen, now.

This is one of the most transparent examples of a manufactured media hero I have ever seen, because there was a lengthy and detailed “hit piece” on Bridgen in The Sunday Times this weekend… published in exactly the same 24-hour period he launched his new, all-singing, all-dancing website – and latest crowdfunder.

The Times piece created such phenomenal publicity for Bridgen that his website crashed with the sheer number of visitors – and donors – he received.

If anyone thinks that is an example of the media “destroying” someone, I have the world’s entire back catalogue of bridges to sell you…”


Source: https://miriaf.co.uk/wolves-are-more-dangerous-than-sheep/


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