WOW!!! Now that the Khazarian-directed Moscow police department completely covered up the Idaho murders, citizen sleuths have cracked the case. Was this senseless crime purposely perpetrated in Moscow, ID as a subliminal programming psyop?

Submitted by Citizen Investigator GA

Since clearly the police are dropping the ball with this case, I think it is nice to see American Citizens working on this of 4 students murdered at Univ of Idaho, on Nov 13, 2022:
In summary, the guy who was stalking these girls, and seen on videos stalking them just hours before the girls were murdered, immediately took off to So. Africa, after his parents lied for him and said he was home all night.  He was not home, he was seen in the video at the food truck.
But stalker’s parents are rich, which probably means they are jewish (a lot of rich jews in So. Africa working the diamond mines).  Jews control the jewel business (“jew”-el), especially the diamond business.  So that is what we are dealing with here.  They have probably gotten his name changed, and hidden in a nonextradition country by now.
Police are trying very hard to cover up for this stalker, who has definitely behaved suspiciously, especially immediately vacating the USA after he murdered these 4 students.  The two girls Kaylee and Maddie were seen at a Food Truck just before they went home, and the stalker was there in plain view the whole time, and he never bought any food.  Stalker lived right behind their house, and came in through the sliding glass doors.  The two girls on the 3rd floor were the target.  Kaylee kept dialing her x-boyfriend over and over again at 2:30am, obviously trying to get help…..while attacker stabbed maddie.  The commotion woke up Ethan and his girlfriend on the 2nd floor who came to their aid.  Ethan had defensive wounds on him showing he was in a fight with the murderer.  Some how the girls on the first floor didn’t wake up, probably drunk from the party they went to that night too.  Its harder to arouse a drunk person who has “passed out” from alcohol, and probably some marijuana too.
So police have either been paid off to look the other way and botch this case, or the police are doing this because they have been told to by their superiors who are no doubt Free Masons.  Free Masons take an OATH to cover up each other’s crimes, and if they dare to violate their oaths, they turn up dead themselves.  Once a Mason, always a Mason….there is no out clause.  To achieve the rank of a 33 degree mason, you have taken an oath to cover up a brother’s murder.  The jews set up the Free Masons deliberately to undermine our country’s whole legal/justice system.  This is what you are watching happen right now before your eyes.
This plot to undermine our legal and justice system is all carefully laid out in the following booklet:
The Protocols of Zion

See the analyses below:

University of Idaho Murder Victim’s Father Says His Daughter Had Different Injuries Than the Other Victims (VIDEO)

December 5, 2022, 9:10pmby Cristina Laila316 Comments

Other facts about this murder mystery:
  • The 911 call came in nearly 9 hours after the murders from a cell phone of one of the surviving housemate’s, however police have not revealed who made the call.
  • According to reports, Moscow police have received hundreds of tips from people claiming Kaylee Goncalves had a stalker, but the information has not been verified yet.
  • It was also revealed that Kaylee Goncalves called her ex-boyfriend several times between 2:30 am and 3:00 am just before the murders.
  • A dog was found alive and unharmed at the crime scene on the morning the four murdered students were discovered by a housemate inside the home.
  • It is unclear if the dog was barking or not.
  • A sixth roommate was listed on the lease at the Moscow home; police do not believe this person was involved in the quadruple murder.
  • Police believe it was a “targeted” attack
  • According to the autopsies there is no sign of sexual assault
Comments Posted:
According to the police, the killer entered through the back sliding glass door went upstairs and killed Kaylee and Maddie (wounds to Kaylee were much more severe). Then he came downstairs and killed Ethan and Xana. Ethan was out of bed at this point.
So, the targets were the girls upstairs, specifically Kaylee who was moving to Texas in the morning. The killer knew this was her last night and that’s why he did everything he could to get to her that night.
Knowing that Kaylee was the target, I would say the prime suspect is Jack (John) Showaltar, the food truck hoodie guy. who was stalking Kaylee all night. (Jack Showaltar is not the same as the ex-boyfriend Jack Docoeur)
Jack Showaltar lived at 500 Queen rd, directly behind the crime scene. He knew that this was Kaylee’s last night in town, had been in the house and knew the layout of the house. He is a hunter and had several knives that fit the description of the murder weapon. He had an alter ego he went by whenever he was drunk, he called himself Terry. And he was kicked out of his frat earlier in the year.
On the night of the murders, he was at the Corner club (bar) where Kaylee and Maddie were, but got kicked out for creeping out some girls there.
He then followed Kaylee and Maddie to the food truck.
In the video you can see Kaylee trying to ignore him and him trying to get in her way. Then he notices the camera and pulls up his hoodie to hide his face.
Then you can see Kaylee trying to get a picture of him (a selfie), like you would if you suspect someone is up to no good and you want to be able to show the police if he does do something.
You can also hear Kaylee say “F*** you” and point to him.
Then the girls leave without telling him as if they are trying to get away.
Jack Showaltar then leaves without ordering or receiving any food himself, showing that his only purpose for being there was to stalk these girls that wanted nothing to do with him.
His alibi is his parents saying he was with them that night, but we know he was following these girls until just after 1:30 am. His parents are incredibly rich (jewish?) and Jack and his parents move back to south Africa immediately after they provided this alibi to the police. He never provided his DNA to the police.
I think the police know who the killer is but are trying to make it sound like they have no clue so they can get him to drop his guard and return to the US. In the meantime, they are gathering evidence in hopes they can get enough to extradite him.
A lot of the reporting is mixed up on a lot of points, but from everything I have read Kaylee broke up with her ex-boyfriend Jack Docoeur two weeks before, bought a new car and was only still in town to show off her car to Maddie and have one last night of fun. This is why both girls were sharing Maddie’s bed, Kaylee’s bed didn’t even have sheets on it.
Sad that even knowing she was being stalked, Kaylee and her house mates didn’t make sure the sliding glass door was blocked.

Kevin O’Neill ComradeAdam • 5 hours ago

Hi. I just wanted to thank you for this post. You’ve done great work. As a retired uk cop I know how these things work and its clear this case is being ‘thrown’. Whilst I realise justice will never be done here, it’s satisfying to know what happened. Many thanks again.

Release: ‘Private party’ drove Kaylee and Madison home | Banfield   <<<Maddie was probably texting someone and asking for a ride home, as they were afraid of their stalker.

Whoever picked them up from the food truck arrives at around 3:49:55 in the twitch feed which you can see in the reflection of the window. They sit waiting til 3:54:00-ish when Kaylee and Maddie get in the car. From the tail lights and reflection it does appear that the vehicle is a mustang– all of this has been discussed. But what is confusing is that Kaylees mom and sister said they know for a fact that Kaylee ordered an Uber (from phone records and the passwords they have) and that they arrived safely at home from ring camera footage but the police clearly state that a private driver took them home? Does anyone have any info to point to that would weigh in one direction more than the other? — to be clear the time code is from the Twitch feed and is not the actual time of night.
More comments here:

Idaho victim’s parents cryptically claim ‘means of death’ between two of the students ‘don’t match’ – despite cops saying all four were stabbed – and then say Idaho cops ruled out certain people ‘very fast’


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