WTC Metal to be Memorialized in Colorado

Robert Weiland
We Are Change Colorado Media
August 19, 2011

NOTE: The angry and violent reaction of members of the public at being confronted with the truth about 9/11 is remarkable. Ten years later, too many people are ready to obediently obey government without question, while regarding activists as ‘scum’ and ‘filth.’

THE CELL, Larry Mizel, and Phil Anschutz sponsored a parade throughout Denver of the metal remains from the World Trade Center to be used in a permanent memorial is 15 Colorado cities as a friendly reminder to the citizens of Colorado that TERROR is going to get them. Mizel and Anschutz are intimately connected to the military/industrial complex and want nothing more than to get your children all upset about “terrorism” and send them off to fight more wars overseas.

As long as they push their inane propaganda, WACC will be there to counter with hard fact and science based refutations of the official story including “Blueprint For Truth” by AE911truthdotorg which can be viewed for free at that site and all over youtube for free. Watch it and prove us wrong. But the evidence is overwhelming and we have hundreds of pieces of smoking gun evidence that you will have to answer for, so bring your grandma and your white gloves. You’ve got your work cut out for you. Over 1600 licensed architects and engineers have put their reputations and careers on the line to call for a new, scientific, and most importantly, REAL investigation.

We Are Change Colorado will NOT stand idly by as our local Military/Industrial complex bosses and traitors sell out the great American ideals of Individual Liberty and Freedom to the massive hoax that is 9/11 and the Global War On Terror without a fight. Wherever you push your black propaganda we will be there to counter you with the Truth. WTC building 7 fell without being hit by a plane! Impossible! Only pre-placed demolitions could have made this happen where all the support columns are severed at the same moment. It’s a fact that the FBI KNEW about the hijackers were coming into the country, KNEW they were Al Qaeda, and allowed them entry anyway. It’s a fact that many of the hijackers were actually trained at US military bases to fly.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Patriots defend the Constitution! If you are not in harmony with that statement you better take a long hard look at your values, belief systems, and paradigms that are no longer serving you. If you are police, military, or a public servant (TSA included), you swore an Oath to defend and honor our Constitution. We ask that you honor and uphold that Oath. We beg you. Don’t let America become the next Nazi/Stasi/Gulag police state.

We Are Change Colorado will provide a free copy of this DVD to any who can come get one, including and especially for any police and military that we can help wake up to the Truth. This is important. We are not your enemies. We are peacefully engaging in Free Speech. That’s all. We are based from the ideals of Non-vioence and Gandhi and his saying “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” We couldn’t agree more. Seek the Truth. Live and speak from your heart. Get involved and do not do tolerate criminality and injustice! Find a local We Are Change chapter or start one of your own and join us! Together we are strong!

What will you do without Freedom? Pursue the Truth relentlessly. It will set you Free. Love one another, tell the Truth, and expose corruption. Or America is doomed.

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40 Responses to “WTC Metal to be Memorialized in Colorado”

  1. cool vedio.. its funny as hell to see and hear the people that are still in the dark about 9/11. they probubly go home and drink beer and zombie out with NFL crap. the people showed on the clip were the dum ones that had a education in the public school system. the more of us that tell the more of them that 9/11 was a inside job. some day the truth will come out keep up the work and keep the faith V-VICTORY

    • They never heard about DIMITRI KHALEZOV, and his inside knowledge, and what the USG has done to him, and his colleagues.

  2. Where the hell was this metal stored for ten years???

    • hanger 17 at jfk airport

      • Thanks Odin,will check it out.

    • In a radioactive vault.

  3. There are two kinds of people here. One kind believes what they see on TV as undisputable fact. Like I did for 6 years. Most of us including myself believed the lies for years until one day common sense beat me over the head and I started to question the words of people I trusted with my life like George Bush and Co. People I worshipped but now make me sick. I hate that we’ve all been lied to about 9/11, the foundation for everything we see today. But that foundation now is seriously faulty with cracks all through it, and 9/11 Truth is a great bunch of Americans who have swayed a lot of people to question the official story and question everything else.

    The 2nd kind are those who have awaken from their sleep and realize we are being taken over by these criminals and we have to speak out and defend our liberty otherwise we’ll lose it.

    I really feel sorry for those people who get angry when you try to burst their reality bubble. I feel for them because I was one of them once and really understand where they are coming from. They take it as a personal insult when you don’t go along with what they believe, what they’ve been told over and over again by the dying dinosaur media. They have been taught to believe if you disagree with “official story” you are anti-American when in fact you are an American. A true American for sure. It’s really hard to accept an alternate reality when you are so entrenched in your own beliefs that you are closed minded. I would have never believed that my beliefs would do a 180. But then again I was a sucker to believe two buildings could vaporize to dust in hours due to fire and all of the passports of the hijackers just so happened to survive unscathed and that these hijackers were able to make NORAD stand down that day. Yeah I was a real sucker just like the rest of us. Sorry, ain’t buying your lies. I refuse to be a fool anymore.

    I always believed that these fearful people would come around when #1 they started to get hit in their pocketbooks, and #2 when their kids start getting drafted into these illegal wars. Then the middle class will get off their asses and do something instead of getting mad or laughing at us when we try to warn them about what the Globalists are planning for us in an effort to ‘keep us safe’.

    Why can’t they see that BIG FAT ELEPHANT in the room. It’s becoming so obvious isn’t it? I know it’s scary deniers, but wake up and smell the coffee ok? They keep committing all of these crimes but never ever get in trouble for them. You have to wonder, are the criminals running the show. Is this why their minions get little more than a slap on the wrist?

    Ron Paul is our only hope because he’s real and not a puppet of the Globalists. He’s not seeking the Presidency for power or position. He’s doing it to try to bring America back to it’s old greatness before the Globalists came in and screwed everything up.

    As an American I DEMAND justice for the thousands of people who died that die and the thousands more who are dying based on a big lie.

    People who are afraid of the truth a afraid 9/11 Truthers are right. It’s fear not anger. That’s why I feel for that guy on the video. He’ s so clueless, but then again so was I years ago.

    God Bless America, Globalists can go to Hell.

    • I only now read your comment….Are you a Hot Chick?…Cause I’d Marry You!
      (I’m assuming you’re not Awesome Comments. I “woke up” as early as I’d
      say late ’02 into ’03, when all of the videos started popping up. I was laid off on
      that Tuesday (gee, layed off in this GREAT NATION?)..Imagine That?…Anyway,
      so I ‘happened’ to turn on the tv about 8am that morning and watched the events
      unfold, as a week or so went by I remember wondering about the Live Shots of
      Anchormen looking back behind them as they Heard “Booms” and Explosions as
      they commented on them Before the Towers Fell….I thought nothing of it at the
      time, but about a year later when the Videos Started coming out I remembered
      the live shots of Firemen explaining how the buildings came down like they were
      Exploded, then it finally all made sense. It doesn’t take a Brain Surgeon to realize
      that this ‘event’ was NOT pulled off by some Ragheads in a Cave on the other side
      of the world. So you mean to tell me that these ‘high-jackers’ got past MULTIPLE
      security levels to actually FLY Commercial Aircraft ???
      REALLY ???
      is the Average American THAT FUCKING STUPID to Believe All of This ???

  4. What amazes me (putting aside the fact that 9-11 was an inside job), is that it was the military standing before the steel frame and flag being honoured – wait a sec, was it the military that “FAILED” to protect, was it not the Emergency services that risked life and limb – why were they not in attendance instead standing before the steel frame and the flag? Should not the military be “ASHAMED”. The US celebrate the killing and murdering of millions abroad as an arrogant school boy bully – just look at those that threaten those that had a different opinion – it seems for most “freedom of speech” is dead unless you agree with the mindless zombies.

  5. Any remaining metal has probably been cleaned and sprayed to create new rust. They would not risk leaving original metal with traces of explosives on it for future generations to discover. Our government is just as sneaky as Rick Perry and very very evil!

    • It would be nice tho to demand a examination of it now that it has been brought out, just to let the media know we are aware. Probably could find a trace…

    • What did they do with all the radiation from the Nuclear Device?

      Thank you Dimitri Khalezov!

  6. As many of info warrior already are familiar with the Colorado airports ‘mirrors’ it seem that Colorado must play a major role to come.

  7. –[][][]–[][][]–Put This
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  8. Colorado is a Military Industrial Complex Demon Den. In the video are Nazis that rap their Nazism in their Nazi Flag stolen and plundered from the Real American People, our Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Listen to the Nazi GESTAPO attack freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. You see that South of the Border Nazi make his threat, that is why those S.O.B. should not be allowed to cross the border.

  9. Willing full Ignorance is a Powerful “Non-Force”.

  10. Alex should start focusing more on 911 in the coming up to the 10th anniversary.


    • Shills don’t do that…. he is ignoring the TRUTH…. DIMITRI KHALEZOV! Thank you once again!

  11. ZIONIST criminals on parade.

  12. Several years ago a beam from the WTC went on display across the street from the Oklahoma City bombing memorial for a few days. A staff there allowed people to write messages on the beam.

    I wrote “911 was an inside job!” I also photographed it. The next day I came back and photographed it again. This time my message had been removed. When I complained to the effeminate federal staff about it, they told me that my message had been “inappropriate” so they had removed it.

  13. Colorado, the future state that will contain the capital of the nation, shall be situated in a location some where near the Denver international airport. This is when the false flag terrorist attacks against food distribution centers will occur, followed by rioting caused public hysteria which will be propagated by media sensationalism. Expect a long cold winter next year.

  14. Amerika would take the whole world down if they thought their plan for the future was in any way threatened!

    “Amerik” equals the Nwo captured military government of the US. It’s not the people necessarily but they are becoming even more guilty by the hour supporting or not this Amerikan fiasco to go to war eternally! That’s my idea of Death and Hell! Eternal fighting physical warfare! What a total waste of men, money and materials!

    • We don’t need a coward like you to tell us anything, eric.

      • Fools like to react negatively to the truth God shows me! Simply put R. You’re the coward not joining in on the real fight with Jesus in you to help win souls wherever you are for Jesus and not support physical violence! Are you with me? You see I am not afraid to be bullied or spat on so why not try being at least civil in your answers maybe even showing an interest in the person you’re writing to by looking for common grounds! I can tell you aren’t necessarily on this forum to make friends! R. — But you could re adjust your motives!

  15. Taking the memorial adding a photo of Bush would be appropriate with a discreet sign saying:

    “Bush did it! An internal action via planned
    Trade Center implosions to excuse going
    to war all out worldwide”! Worth it?

  16. Does anyone think it is strange that the place where these pieces fom WTC have been kept, has been at U.S. Air Force Space Command. Most people don’t even know we have a Space Command branch of the military.

    • Its real! Soon my squadron wil be part of Space Command. We all joke around about getting star trek uniforms…..

  17. Whats with little blonde Neonazi with glasses Secret Police? Barely wet his diapers yet!!

  18. The infinite material universe also includes the infinite spiritual universe. Our opposing polarized material earth realm came from its opposite, the infinite non polarized spiritual realm. It cannot be the other way around. Therefore the infinite spiritual universe is representative of absolute truth, freedom and justice. This infinite realm is capable of creating its opposite which is the finite false illusionary material realm. Truth can be found in our finite material realm and this is because it ultimately manifested out from the infinite absolutes. Life on earth is a mere reflection of truth just like when one peers into a mirror.

    We all should strive to be honest. To never lie to protect oneself.

    This might seem to be unreasonable simultaneously as a 7 billion human race all at once because it would disrupt all that is perfect within all its imperfection.

    God is truly Great.

  19. WTC Metal to be Memorialized in Colorado

    I/am one of the first members of vetsfor911truth also a member of Ms Pentz LA
    911 Truth from its beginnings.

    Veterans For 9/11 Truth!
    .causes (dot) com/causes/481886-veterans-for-9-11-truth?recruiter_id=1668101

    Toronto 9/11 International Hearings Press Release
    wearechangenewjersey (dot) com/?p=2021

    Thomas Potter Says:
    Dr. Judy Wood, author of WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?, was not invited to speak at
    the International Hearings on 9/11. If you want a real investigation, the
    solution is simple. Purchase a copy of her book and read it. The book price of
    $39.95 will give you the truth. A $200 seat at the Toronto Hearings will give
    you a cover-up.
    wheredidthetowersgo (dot) com/buy/

    • You are bang on regarding Dr Judy Wood. I asked at the Toronto Hearings web site why Dr Wood was not invited and they did not publish my comment. They are not allowing any comments about Dr Wood.

      Nothing Independent or International about these hearings then.

      All their “experts” and their “evidence” does not stack up against Dr Wood’s. Why did the Earth’s Magnetic Field DROP when Building 7 “collapsed” as it did when each “plane” hit each of the Towers and when each of the Towers “collapsed”. Why was there NO siesmic impact equal to the weight of the Buildings when they collapsed. How could explosives turn steel and reinforced concrete and turn everything inside the buildings to DUST – including people. etc etc etc.

      The International Hearings into 911 are NOTHING to do with the TRUTH!

  20. use the masses and make them believe the lie more

  21. Lets not forget what happened on that fateful day ignorant citizens, for if we forget, we won’t remember we really need to do something about those “terrorists”, and the rights that obviously left the American door open for them to walk in and tear sh*t up….please wake up people…

  22. Its still amazes me after almost 10 years the few people that know so little about Building 7…Building 7..the smoking gun…Wake Up People!!



  23. I hope they washed the gov issue thermite off that metal. Some white middle class terrorist might scrape it off and go all lone wolf on us!!

  24. Why is We Are Change, supporting the LIE that there were hijackers? Don’ they know those planes were remote control.

    • And of course you have possession of the black boxes? Jessie V says the FBI have recovered all 4 but the closest he got was an attorney for the govt saying ” we have secrets to protect the public interests. ”

      10 years later we have discovered much, but the villains run loose The evidence has been buried and covered up.

  25. People should not publicly display such items of misery. Whoevers ideal that was should put it in they’re yard.

  26. Would you waste money and resources to house a splinter you pull from your body.

    • It depends upon how important that splinter is to perpetuate and continue the lie …

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