Yahoo News U.S. Home Page, 11 a.m. ET: Nothing on Walker, Wisconsin

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To be fair, Yahoo News’s main home page has a headlined item called “What Scott Walker can teach Barack Obama,” a later reference to the slapping of Tom Barrett by a “supporter” for supposedly conceding too early, and the Politics mini-section of the home page lists three Wisconsin-related stories.

But Yahoo News’s U.S. home page (screen grabs here and here) as of 11 a.m. ET was a Wisconsin-free, Walker-free zone. And it’s not like the page is devoid of political items, such as the following, plus a “most popular” item I’ll reveal at the end which seems like a plant:

  • Its “U.S. News Headlines has “Obama, Clinton team up to court New York Elite”
  • Its “Top Stories” include “California gay marriage case looks headed to Supreme Court” and a sport-politics item, “New York Governor urges end to labor dispute ahead of Belmont Stakes Reuters”

Yes, there’s a “Politics” tab which includes Walker- and Wisconsin-related items, but that’s not an offset, given the political stories of lesser importance users first see on main page, and given that as far as I can tell, users can’t deep-link or bookmark into the Politics tab.

Oh, and there’s one more political item on the U.S. home page. At the top of the “Most Popular” U.S. stories as of 11 a.m. (as well as 11 p.m. last night; HT to a NewsBusters commenter) ahead of five other non-political items, is ABC’s Amy Bingham recycle of a tired story covered a month ago: “‘Sluts’ Unite Against Republicans, Rush Limbaugh.”

This is hardly some inconsequential corner of the Internet. According to’s rankings, Yahoo News as a whole is the web’s number one news site, with 50% more unique visitors than runner-up

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