Yet Another Failure of the US Propaganda Policy


The “propaganda machine” has always been the driving force behind US policy, not only to effectively reduce social discontent, but also to form the state image of the United States as a state supposedly endowed with a “special mission of enlightenment,” a bearer of “true democracy,” a “savior” of states and peoples from tyranny. At the same time in the United States they always try to take into account their national mentality when carrying out propaganda campaigns, because it allows to successfully solve internal and external political tasks, to form moral and ideological base, using propagandistic tricks of persuasion, falsification of facts, shifting of focuses. In one of his speeches, Richard Nixon, the former US president, noted that propaganda yields a far greater return on every dollar invested than money invested in building weapons systems, for the latter is unlikely ever to be used, while information works hourly and everywhere.

In recent years, the US Constitution’s right to free speech has been replaced by a pro-government “propaganda machine,” as put by Lawrence Davidson, a political analyst and expert in international relations and history professor at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. Perhaps the most obvious manifestation of propaganda in the United States today is that most Americans have become fed an artificially created minimum of opinions and viewpoints on certain issues, says the professor.

It is no secret, however, that the propaganda conducted by US government agencies is necessary to justify the expenditure of vast sums of money from the American budget spent on the implementation of an expansionist foreign policy, instead of meeting the needs of American society. This is why the US government places a great deal of emphasis on advocacy by both government agencies and a large number of public organizations and individuals.

Someday, however, even in the US there may be punishment for such tricks of self-serving propaganda. And the first signals of such a process have already appeared in the form of a serious inspection of the Pentagon in the near future. In particular, the US military department will have to report to the Office of the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense not on the rational use of multibillion-dollar budgets or on the effectiveness of the American army as such, but on whether or not the Pentagon takes the UFO issue seriously enough. What exactly does the Pentagon’s task force to investigate and study UFO sightings do?  “It still remains to be seen how it was possible that closed airspace over military installations was routinely violated, for months and years, without anyone in the Defense Department or Congress being made aware of it,” — laments the former deputy assistant secretary of defense of the United States.

Indeed, as is evident from reports that have been appearing more and more frequently in the American press lately, the drone zone over US bases has become more like an unobstructed air highway. But what if, as they say, there is a war first thing tomorrow?

Would it not be better then to investigate the true security of no-fly zones over US special facilities instead of blathering on at every doorway about the oh-so-mysterious sightings of UFOs? And maybe it is all just simple atmospheric phenomena? But the Pentagon has already spent billions of taxpayer dollars on this touted government “propaganda machine” UFO control program and is demanding more.

Of course, the Pentagon officials are desperate to prove that they didn’t just pocket the money allocated to them. There was even a specially created operation to discredit the “wicked Russians” allegedly trying to use UFOs against “American democracy”.

And now US ex-senator Harry Reid, as reported by the British Daily Star, in a Russophobic hysteria began to shout that Russian President Vladimir Putin directed UFOs to observe the US Navy ship. “So Russia is involved in this, no question about it,” he said. The footage in question was taken in July 2019, showing a luminous triangle or pyramid-shaped object above the USS Russell, more akin to an atmospheric phenomenon. The Pentagon immediately confirmed the authenticity of the video, and therefore the “involvement of Russia”. An official representative of the US military department pointed out that the Pentagon task force of specialists involved in UFO research has studied the footage and found it to be authentic.  Meanwhile, the publication stresses that the notorious “pyramid-shaped” UFO video may only be the beginning, because the person behind the publication claims that there are “nine more videos”. Jeremy Corbell shocked the world when he released FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-red) footage of unidentified objects hovering above the USS Russell off San Diego.

However, there is clearly a different underlying motive in this whole affair. It is well known that the Pentagon is doing rather poorly today with its weapons program. Despite the exorbitant funds allocated by the US government to the Pentagon, sometimes this money simply “disappears” and never reaches the intended recipient. As a result, today we face an obvious lag in the development of hypersonic weapons, already created and ready for use not only by Russia, but also by China — the two main “enemies of the United States”, as they are commonly referred to in the White House. Hence, the current US missile defense is completely ineffective today, even though quite a few billions of dollars have been spent on it. The very expensive development of the F35 military aircraft also failed. Serious problems in almost all branches of the military. Even the US missile cruiser Vella Gulf CG-72, recently sent to the Mediterranean Sea “to intimidate Russia”, was forced to “surrender” after a few hours, breaking down immediately after leaving the port. These facts are being highlighted by a great many publications in the United States. Media articles tell us that the US nuclear triad is unfit for service, and there are lots of publications about the poor state of the fleet, which is something the US cannot handle: maintenance and construction of ships is a difficult problem due to the fact that shipyards (of which there are four) have never been modernized in the last one hundred years. However, there is no mention of the real reasons behind it — the corruption that has ruined the US army, the rampant peculation among the Pentagon’s officials, the drug trade in Afghanistan, to name a few, all in lieu of their direct responsibilities.

Given this reality, stories about UFOs and their alleged use by “wicked Russians” are certainly in demand by the Russophobe elite in the United States who are trying to divert attention from real problems and to make more money with this propaganda.

However, it is already clear to any perfectly rational person today that this propaganda bubble of Washington with the “wicked Russians” and UFOs will one day burst, leaving its initiators and executors in a rather sticky situation. Wouldn’t be the first time!

Vladimir Danilov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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