Yet ANOTHER IRS Scandal: Top Bureaucrats Spend $9.5 Million For Vacations In Only 2 Years

Well, yet another IRS scandal has now surfaced.

It has now been revealed that top IRS officials have spent over $9.5 MILLION on vacations — in just two years. Not only that, but some officials spent more days traveling than they spent working.

Yet ANOTHER IRS Scandal Top Bureaucrats Spend $9

As the Daily Mail reports:

The report, from Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George, is the latest in a string of black eyes for America’s much-maligned tax-collection service.

A staffer with a Republican member of the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee told MailOnline that the legislative body would be taking ‘a hard look’ at the report, and ‘you can bet on hearings after the [August] recess.’

George writes that his office ‘found no misconduct’ among the biggest spenders despite their ‘extremely’ high expenses, but the report admits that their travel bills ‘appear to be excessive when compared to the average travel expenses for IRS executives.’

Some of them are billing taxpayers for what amounts to commuting expenses as they travel regularly from their home bases to work at the IRS’s Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Three of the employees spent over 200 days traveling during 2011 alone– the employees were referred to as “Executive A,” “Executive B,” and “Executive C” in the report.

Here is a breakdown of their traveling and expenses:

Executive A: 290 travel days, spent $88,951

Executive B: 238 travel days, spent $115,806

Executive C: 213 travel days, $105,127

article-2376731-1AF9E3EC000005DC-707_306x357The average IRS executive spent around $13,000 per year.

In response to the new scandal, the IRS released the following statement: “The IRS has put in place new procedures to stop the practice of allowing executives to routinely leave their home office to travel to another city to conduct their principal work. The previous practice, while allowed under federal rules, is no longer appropriate for this tight fiscal environment.”

Still, there are many ways for top executives to “green-light” exceptions to the new rule.

The IRS said, “Travel by leadership is critical because the IRS is a national operation, with about 90,000 employees located in 620 locations from coast to coast. Face-to-face interaction with employees and managers is critical to ensure that sound practices and proper procedures are being followed both for taxpayer service efforts and tax compliance.”

Despite whatever “statements” the IRS releases, it is clear that the government bureaucrats have no regard for the money they are spending. It’s so very easy to spend money when it’s not your own. When will this all end?

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