Your Fertility App Isn’t Helping You Avoid Getting Pregnant

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In our digital age, apps are the way to go. Users can play games, organize their love life and figure out when they are most fertile, but researchers at Georgetown University School of Medicine (GUSM) warn against the latter.

In a new study , GUSM wants women to consider that fertility apps are not as reliable as they are believed to be. The appeal of these apps is the promise to help women prevent pregnancy while allowing them to keep having unprotected sex and avoid taking birth control pills.

This modern version of the calendar method is dubbed a fertility awareness-based method (FABM) which is a buzz-phrase that basically means nothing. Measuring time between menstrual cycles to calculate fertile days has been proven to be an inaccurate technique to use.

For this study, 95 apps were analyzed and tested for accuracy, and judged with a five-star rating system.

Out of the 95 apps chosen by the researchers, 30 of them were able to predict fertility with any amount of accuracy; and only 5 in total were given a perfect score.

Journalist Moira Weigel explained that the fertility awareness method was created by author Toni Weschler who wrote the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

However the idea got a scientific spin in the 90s when biochemist Carl Djerassi, creator of the oral contraceptive, revealed that “advances in his field had made it possible to track changes in blood hormone levels simply by taking samples of saliva or urine. This meant that, using simple cheek swabs, women could accurately predict the days when they could become pregnant. If they did so, taking the synthetic hormones that he had developed would become unnecessary.”

In today’s world, wearable technology is making claims that by using basal body thermometers (BBT), a female user can track their ovulation cycle and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

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