Youtube No Longer Allows you to Watch Videos Unless you give them your Credit Card, ID or Passport



The height of censorship is here, YouTube is now not allowing people to view age restricted videos unless they make an account with them and give them all your personal data.

Up until recently, when you made a Google account, you could have just entered your birthday date and if you were over 18, you could watch those videos but now they changed the rules and now that’s not enough.

What they now request is for users to upload a photo of their credit card, government ID, driver’s license or passport, all just so you can prove to them that you are over 18 and be allowed to watch those videos, but is that normal?

Why should Google have access to all your personal data? Isn’t that a breach of privacy? It’s not like you’re getting paid from Adsense or something and they need your data. It’s not like you’re watching porn, offensive or terrorist videos, as those are banned, its just MILD stuff really. They are just inventing excuses to get their hands on your data.

A simple example of restricted videos are guides about how to fix various problems with your phone for example. This is what you are shown and then if you click on the VERIFY button,

You are taken here where, here’s what they want:

How is this corporation still successful in 2021 is a mystery we will never understand. Perhaps it’s because all Android phones come with YouTube preinstalled, a move that Microsoft got plenty of fines for in the EU for monopoly but Android seems to be doing fine forcing their bloatware on people’s phones.

Why aren’t people abandoning it like they did with How hard can it be? But when you abandon it, don’t just go to another similar oppressive website. Go to one which openly states that it stands for freedom of speech like for example.

Another insane crazy system is when you make a Gmail account with them and then God forbid you login to your email from a different IP or from another city within the same country (different country is even worse) because you will be locked out and unable to log in even though you typed the correct password. They will then ask you to enter A phone number to “confirm that it’s you”. This is the most idiotic thing ever and the lamest possible excuse to get their hands on your phone number.

If you haven’t entered your phone number when you created the account and you are just being asked for it now because you dared to travel and use Gmail in a different city, then how would Google know its YOUR phone number??? At this point IF a hacker somehow got access to your account and he is being asked for A phone number which hasn’t been entered prior, then he could enter ANY number and simply allowed to log in.

This has got to be world’s most retarded “security” thing we’ve ever heard of and the lamest excuse to get their hands on your phone number. Here, see for yourself, laugh at the sheer stupidity of Google:

You can read this story here but keep in mind that this is NOT some unique isolated case, this can happen to anyone, all you need to do is to try to access your account from a different IP:

Today I tried to sign into my Google account while at university. Google blocked the attempt, and asked for a phone number. Below is a screenshot of the form Google showed me.

It says:

Verify it’s you
This device isn’t recognized. For your security, Google wants to make sure it’s really you.

Enter a phone number to get a text message with a verification code.

Obviously, Google thinks that knowing my password is not enough to prove “it’s me.” I don’t have a phone, so I never linked any phone number with my Google account.

What intrigues me is the phrasing. “Enter a phone number” sounds to me like it would accept any number. Obviously, since I never linked a phone number, they do not have anything to compare the number entered into that field to. This also means that they cannot send me a text message with a verification code.

I do not understand how this improves security. They already assume that I may be an attacker who somehow got hold of my password, otherwise they would just let me log in. But what would stop an attacker from entering any phone number in their control so they can receive the verification code? Assuming that an attacker may know my password, how does this prevent them from gaining unauthorized access to my account?

People there are trying to explain this away with various stupid answers in defense of Google. The truth is, there is no excuse and there is nothing logical in this but just sheer Google stupidity. Anyone can enter ANY phone number at that point.

Why are people so eagerly these days to jump in defense of billionaire corporations is also a thing which we will never understand. Why jump to defend Google? Why jump to defend Pfizer? Why jump to defend Apple? Are you people insane or what? Go take your meds, these corporations only care about the cash, you mean nothing to them. NOTHING!

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