Zionists Plot Against Islam, Blaming it for Terrorist Attacks, Istanbul and More – Proof

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Fake blood, dummies, phony wounded, and fake body parts as well as fake bombs are all used to denigrate and degrade the Islamic faith, proven, here. Spread this post wide and far. It’s the unbridled truth; let the blame fall where it belongs, against arch-hedonistic, terminally corrupt Zionist elements.

The faith of Islam originated through the divine hand via the revelation of the Qur’aan. This book is absolutely and definitively divine revelation, clearly supernatural, which is impossible to dispute as a result of careful, thorough reading. It calls for people, in fact, all people to consider their duties to God and that to worship Him exclusively, rejected all other overlords. As such, it poses a massive threat to the established powers of the day, as such revelation always has in those powerful, haughty civilizations of the past.

Thus, there is an elaborate plot against it, which is indisputable and which can readily be proven, again by careful analysis. The architect of this plot are the criminal minds of world Jewry, the agents of Zionism, elements which seek to undermine the Islamic way by every means possible, including wrongful blame and great acts of deceit, the kind of deceit that leads to demonization.

Now, to do so, these Zionist agents resort to all manner of tactics, including the creation of hoaxes and fakes. Yet, they are not above taking this to the next step, which is orchestrating actual terror acts, false flags and more, where people are senselessly murdered and wounded, while causing it to appear ‘Islamic.’

Consider the actions of these Israeli Jews in Istanbul, March 2016. These Zionist hostile ones committed a gross act of fraud, producing a fake terrorist attack in an Istanbul shopping district.


It was, of course, an Islamophobic fraud, while a pro-Zionist one. “Three Israelis were killed,” they claimed, and it was all done by a lone wolf “Mooslim” terrorist. Their treachery is evident in their facial expressions of this photo taken shortly before the Zionist team went into action. ‘It was another Islamist suicide bomber who just wanted to kill Jews.’ Sure it was, right. With one look at their cocky, arrogant affects no one can find their commentary plausible.

In this shopping district fake the Zionists planted this fake leg, which looks merely like a dismembered mannequin.


It’s an obvious fake. No one can dispute otherwise.  Even so, see the blonde-haired woman, right screen and the brunette in the middle? Also, the woman in the yellow scarf? Here they are again, during the staging of the fake suicide bombing. It’s all to demonize this divinely-created faith, to denigrate it, to abuse it: to create doubts about it and mass confusion. It is ultimately to cause people to disregard it and to never investigate it, that is its grandeur and sophistication:


The woman in the yellow scarf is supposedly wounded by the fake, pyrotechnic bomb. It is unmistakably her. No one can demonstrate otherwise.

In the preamble to the pyrotechnic device detonation all manner of staging can be seen, the entire area being infested with Zionist agents:


Hand up, hand down, then a few seconds later the detonation occurs, as she walks away towards the staging arena.


Here is the ‘shock-wave’ of the fake bomb; it is obviously nothing other than a Hollywood-style pyrotechnic device.

In fact, the Zionists are great deceivers, and they seek to deceive the entire world, all on behalf of their anti-Islamic plot:


Under the cover of smoke and pyrotechnic fire they scheme their plots. That bomb went off and it knocked no one off their feet.


Ah, poor Israeli Jew, poor thing; it was those horrible ‘Mooslims’ again. Notice the obvious fake blood.

They show Zionist agents running away, as if in fear for their lives. How did the police tape get there?


Now, the same is true of other supposedly Islamic-related events such as the purported October 2015 bombing in Ankara involving Kurdish Communists. Once again, blamed on a Muslim this, too, was an arch-Zionist hoax, fully staged: absolutely fake. These these two actors, here.

Instead of dealing with them as actual bomb-blast victims, they were merely moved from one place to another, that is the final stage being up against the tree. It seems real enough, but it is not. Even so, these Communists, rather, godless elements would find much pleasure in laying the blame on Islam, whether brazenly or overtly:

It’s obvious that it is all staged. Where are all the emergency care workers? Anyone can see the coordinated effort to make this appear a real terrorist attack. ISIS did it, so claims the Turkish government. That makes sense, since this stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services. Moreover, they did keep it secret, making it appear as if it was an actual, real terror act.

The Zionists lust over the denigration of this grand faith: this is, after all, what they are doing. What else can be concluded from their vile acts such as staging horrific-appearing images showing what appear to be dead and dying people as well as body parts?


Yet, that is merely how it appears. Once again, Zionist-inspired producers use falsification with yet another fake leg, which is obviously so. How could a leg be blown off without any internal tissues or blood visible?

Well, in fact, there is blood…but it is fake blood, as this screen capture confirms. This is one of the first time post-Boston Smoke Bombing hoax that a container for fake blood in the typical hoaxes has been confirmed.


It is definite; the 2015 Ankara terrorist attack against the Turkish Communist party never occurred. It was a fully staged hoax, and no one can demonstrate otherwise.

So, then, when a real terrorist attack occurs, when real horror descends upon the people: when people are finally slaughtered in broad view of the cameras in cold-blood, then, who else could be responsible other than those ‘Mooslim’ radicals? It surely couldn’t the the Zionists. Surely, it wasn’t plotted by those global, secretive powers, the powers of the arch-Zionist cabal? Surely, by no means were Israeli Jews behind it.

Sure, right, it was just a lone wolf, or two or three: fanatical, bloodthirsty Muslims, once again.


So, when a group of hired thugs descends upon the people at-large, with the fullest intent to slaughter them: well, of course, it must be Islamicly inspired.

Yet, it can be stated, definitely, that no Muslim group, no group of Islamic people, had anything to do with it. Now, regardless, how would that make sense? Of the 45 people who died, nearly all were Muslims. The same is true of virtually all the injured. It was as if these mercenaries specifically targeted Islamic people attempting to take down as many of them as possible.

It’s blamed on ISIS. This is correct, that is as the moniker for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Agency. Of note, no Jews were killed: no Israelis. It was, once again, a slaughter directed against Islamic people.

After committing the original hoax of March 2016 the Mossad and its collaborators went into action.


Yet, despite all such hoopla its all a scam. The March event was an Israeli act with hard-core Zionist agents on the ground coordinating it, staging it.


Continuously, the Zionists have warned Israelis, as well as other Jews, against traveling to Turkey. As soon as it did so, American authorities followed:


Meanwhile, the Zionists took advantage of the hype/fakery of their own creation, calling for a global war, essentially, against Islam, particularly after the Istanbul attack. From the Times of Israel is full evidence of the plotting and scheming of the Zionists in regard to the false flag Istanbul attack:

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, in a letter sent to his Turkish counterpart, Ismail Kahraman, expressed “his deep shock and outrage at the vile terror attack” that, he said, was committed by “savage terrorists who sanctify death over life.”

“Unfortunately,” he continued, “as many other countries, Turkey has fallen victim to murderous terror attacks by extremists who, in the name of God, wish to disrupt normal civic life, inseminating fear and terror to promote their deadly goals.”

Former president of Israel Shimon Peres offered his condolences and said world leaders should ally in a campaign against terrorism.

“This morning my heart is with the Turkish people who yesterday experienced an unbearable terror attack in which dozens of innocent civilians were murdered in cold blood by extremist fanatics,” he said in a statement.


The power, though, of the hoaxes had seemingly collapse. There has been increasing global indignation against the Zionist entity. Islamic Iran’s fortunes have been rising. The criminal Zionist mob needed to institute a more profoundly devious plot, like 911: a real, horrific false flag act.


So, it is that these criminal minds coordinated the June 2016 Istanbul terror attack, selecting a group of hardened criminals that could, theoretically, be associated with Islam and in order to lay the blame on ‘radical’ Islam. It is the same plot, like the Jewish-orchestrated 911:


It is Zionist Jews who are responsible for this murderous act. They proved this by their preparatory work prior to the Istanbul Airport attack. In this regard they committed numerous hoax terrorist attacks throughout Turkey. It is all a plot against the people, scheming for treacherous gains. At the airport, people were actually killed, a number of Muslims, even children and women, martyred. Islam has nothing to do with it. In contrast, ISIS is Zionism.

Moreover, for those who have been killed by these plots, including the innocents at the Istanbul Airport, let it be known. Let it be known that they are with their Lord, thriving, living: a much better consequence than life in this treacherous world.


Source Article from http://nodisinfo.com/zionists-plot-islam-wrongly-blaming-terrorist-attacks-istanbul-proof/

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