Zoom’s Latest Move May Make You Reconsider Using the Service

Aug 7 2023

Zoom recently updated its terms of service. You might want to read the fine print this time.

When you open up a Zoom meeting, you consent to the company’s ownership of customer content, which includes “all data a customer chooses to record or share during a meeting.” This encompasses cloud recordings, meeting transcripts and files exchanged in the live Zoom chat.

Now, effective July 27, users also consent to having that same “customer content” used by Zoom  (ZM) – Get Free Report to train and test the company’s artificial intelligence models. 

Zoom’s latest terms of service include two mentions of AI. The first reiterates that users must consent to Zoom’s “access, use, collection, creation, modification, distribution, processing, sharing, maintenance, and storage of Service Generated Data for any purpose.” This clause goes on to explain that “any purpose” includes the “training and tuning of” AI algorithms and models. 

The second instance is a customer license grant. This clause states that users “hereby grant Zoom a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free,” license to use and process customer content in any way, including for the training of artificial intelligence models and algorithms.

Zoom did not return a request for comment. 

The company explained in a blog post Aug. 7 that updates to the terms of service were done to improve the user experience. Zoom said that it does not use audio, video or chat content to train its models without customer consent. 


“An example of a machine learning service for which we need license and usage rights is our automated scanning of webinar invites / reminders to make sure that we aren’t unwittingly being used to spam or defraud participants,” Zoom said. “The customer owns the underlying webinar invite, and we are licensed to provide the service on top of that content.”

More Artificial Intelligence:

The video communications giant recently launched two new generative AI features: Zoom IQ Meeting Summary and Zoom IQ Team Chat Compose. Zoom said that, for users who opt in to these new features, there is a “transparent consent process for training our AI models using your customer content.”

Zoom remains “committed to transparency.”

The company’s stock fell more than 1% Monday morning. 

Read Zoom’s latest terms of service, specifically, clauses 10.2 and 10.4, here



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