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White House Says It’s Unconstitutional To Strike Down The NDAA

  Abby RogersBusiness Insider September 17, 2012 The Obama administration had some harsh words Friday after a federal judge appointed by Obama said the government doesn’t have a right to indefinitely detain anyone even remotely associated with terrorist groups. Judge Katherine B. Forrest permanently blocked the government from enforcing the National Defense Authorization Act, claiming […]

China, Japan Heading Towards War, says US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta

  AFP September 17, 2012 China and other Asian countries could end up at war over territorial disputes if governments keep up their “provocative behaviour”, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta has said. Speaking to reporters before arriving in Tokyo on a trip to Asia, Mr Panetta appealed for restraint amid mounting tensions over territorial rights […]

Majority in U.S. Still Say Government Doing Too Much

  Frank September 17, 2012 A majority of Americans (54%) continue to believe the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and businesses, although that is down from the record high of 61% earlier this summer. About four in 10 Americans (39%) say the government should do […]

LSU orders evacuation over bomb threat September 17, 2012 Louisiana State University is urging all staff and students to evacuate its campus Monday after a bomb threat was reported. “Please evacuate as calmly and quickly as possible,” a statement read on the school’s website. Bomb threats were also made last week at the University of Texas at Austin, North […]

Pat Robertson Tells Husband He Should Become A Muslim And Beat His Wife

  Donna Anderson September 17, 2012 Just weeks after telling the world that GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin had shot himself in the foot with his remarks about “legitimate” rape, Pat Robertson told a “700 Club” listener that he could become a Muslim and beat his wife in order to gain her respect. Has […]

American Prison Labor Means Longer Unemployment Lines

  FOX September 17, 2012 Two southeast companies that make U.S. military uniforms are shedding hundreds of jobs, as the government looks to federal inmates for the fatigues. American Power Source makes military clothing in Fayette, Ala., but its government contract expires in October. Federal Prison Industries – which also operates under the name UNICOR […]

Slain Border Patrol Agent’s Family Speaks Out

  Fox 10 News September 17, 2012 The family of a Border Patrol Agent who was killed on the Arizona-Mexico border nearly two years ago is speaking out. […] Terry’s mother still wants answers from the government about her son’s death. […] “This is a long-awaited arrest and a great development in the murder investigation […]

Globalist Sandy Berger Talks Turkey On Iran Attack

  Kurt Nimmo September 17, 2012 Sandy Berger is a CFR member and a Bilderberg attendee who advised Bill Clinton on various geopolitical issues, including the bombing of Yugoslavia. Like most Democrats, he peddles the narrative that Iran is working on a nuke and if it gets one it will commit suicide and attack […]

Domestic Drones Contribute to Governmental Oversight

  Howard AltmanTampa Tribune September 17, 2012 To the agents of Customs and Border Protection, the future of the United States’ war on smugglers looks like this: a 36-foot-long, flat-gray flying machine with a 400-pound radar array under its belly. It has no windshield and no pilot on board. The aircraft, housed in Hangar F, is […]

Smile, the Government Is Watching: Next Generation Identification

  John W. Whitehead Septmeber 17, 2012 “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement was scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984 Brace yourselves for the next wave in the surveillance state’s steady incursions into our lives. It’s coming at […]

GAO: Agencies Should Address Drone Security and Privacy Concerns

  Matthew September 17, 2012 There is a growing chorus of concern regarding the privacy and security implications of integrating unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) that federal agencies should address or risk delaying the technology’s integration into the national airspace over the next five years, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) said in a report (.pdf) […]

Electrician tasered with 50,000 volts for carrying a screwdriver in his pocket

  Sara September 17, 2012 An electrician was tasered by armed police because he walked into a shop with a screwdriver in his pocket. Chris Thomas, 45, had been repairing the lights in a nearby pub and still had the tool in his pocket which led to a security scare in central Swansea. He […]

Syrian Activist Arrested By Secret Police Merely For Having Livestreaming App Installed On His Phone September 17, 2012 Police and security forces around the world — and that includes in the West — hate being recorded when they’re overstepping the mark in the execution of their duties, since it allows the public to challenge official accounts, and even to use videos to seek redress. But there’s one thing […]

FBI Arrests Another Clueless Muslim Patsy September 17, 2012 Are you beginning to see a pattern here? I am not sure there are actually any Muslim terrorists capable of blowing things up in the name of Allah and 72 virgins. It looks like all of them are clueless patsies set-up by the FBI to make it look like they […]

Russia Reveals Shiny State Secret: It’s Awash in Diamonds

  Fred WeirChristian Science Monitor September 17, 2012 Russia has just declassified news that will shake world gem markets to their core: the discovery of a vast new diamond field containing “trillions of carats,” enough to supply global markets for another 3,000 years. The Soviets discovered the bonanza back in the 1970s beneath a 35-million-year-old, […]

Most Germans oppose euro, French also losing faith September 17, 2012 Nearly two thirds of Germans think their country would be better off without the euro and French support for the currency is slipping, although the French are much more reluctant to imagine life without it, two polls showed on Monday. Sixty five percent of Germans think they would be better […]

World markets dip as boost fades from Fed stimulus, European banking union faces long talks September 17, 2012 Global stock markets were muted Monday as the boost faded from the Federal Reserve’s announcement last week of new measures to energize the U.S. economy. Signs that European governments will take longer than expected to agree the details and set up their banking supervisor also weighed on sentiment By the […]

How China’s Rehypothecated “Ghost” Steel Just Vaporized, And What This Means For The World Economy Septmeber 17, 2012 One of the key stories of 2011 was the revelation, courtesy of MF Global, that no asset in the financial system is “as is“, and instead is merely a copy of a copy of a copy– rehypothecated up to an infinite number of times (if domiciled in the UK) for […]

Widow of 9/11 Pilot Died of Drug, Alcohol Overdose: Coroner

  NY Daily News September 17, 2012 The saying, “Better late than never” has often been said in regards to a variety of situations. It can refer to a late apology, receiving a late birthday gift, even a confession of something that happened years ago; the result culminating in some solution or ending. In this […]

Constitution Day is Every Day

  Michael September 17, 2012 Ok, here we go again.  It’s September 17, 2012, and that means, it’s “Constitution Day” in the United States.  Two-hundred twenty five years ago today, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the document they had drafted. Sadly, though, this so-called national holiday […]

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