Republicans would be wise to remember: One must be intelligent when handling intelligence 

Single members of Congress with random bits of information don’t count as intelligence reporting — it’s just gossip with bad consequences.  Source

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One Response to “Republicans would be wise to remember: One must be intelligent when handling intelligence ”

  1. Pewtafeujs says:

    Republicans AND INTELLIGENCE ARE two contrary concepts.

    By the way, the republicans have been fooled by Hamas and the false flag attack on 7th of October 2023.

    The republicans have been led exactly where they wanted them to be led: supporting a fascist regime guilty of genocide.

    This has cost them their last bit of credit left. It might cost them the election this year.

    Not that the other side will fare better as puppet Biden can’t be possibly elected without rigging the vote but both sides of the unique party don’t see that their only supporters left are dying (boomers) and that the younger generations hate Israel and support Palestinians.

    I don’t know how long the Jewish media and big tech will be able to maintain the illusion, but republicrats have already one foot in the grave…

    They sowed the wind, they’ll rip the whirlwind.

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