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Republicans want to defund our libraries

Missouri Republicans in early April voted to cut all public funding for libraries as part of their state budget proposal. Leading the move was Cody Smith, a top Republican lawmaker and chair of the state’s budget committee, who made no attempt to hide the fact that he was retaliating against librarians because they dared to join […]

Republicans Reject Dianne Feinstein Committee Replacement

Senate Republican leadership and rank-and-file Republicans have rejected temporarily replacing Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) on the Judiciary Committee. Source

No Wisconsin wake-up call: Republicans go full steam ahead on abortion restrictions

The drubbing Republicans took in Wisconsin this week revealed how harmful the issue of abortion still is to the party — and will likely remain through 2024. But following a state Supreme Court race that largely turned into a wholesale rebuke of GOP efforts to restrict abortion rights, Republicans in states across the country are […]

Move by Tennessee Republicans to oust 3 Dem lawmakers startles state

There’s the Oregon lawmaker expelled for his involvement in an armed incursion into the state capitol. The Idaho House member kicked out following a federal fraudconviction. And the Arizona representative removed over multiple accusations of sexual harassment. It’s rare but not unheard of for state legislators to oust their own colleagues, typically in cases where […]

Trump, Republicans respond after Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney announces former president has been indicted

(Natural News) The witch hunts against former President Donald Trump are continuing despite the fact that he’s been out of office now for more than two years after the deep state stole his reelection in 2020. On Thursday, a grand jury convened by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, whose campaign was given $1 million by… […]

Republicans release top targets of Democratic-held House seats in 2024

“Republicans are in the majority and on offense. We will grow our House majority by building strong campaigns around talented recruits in these districts who can communicate the dangers of Democrats’ extreme agenda,” NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) said in a statement. “These House Democrats should be shaking in their boots.” The list features 19 […]

At CPAC, Republicans Weaponize Transphobia in a Sign of What’s to Come

Marjorie Taylor Greene at CPAC 2023. (Screenshot/YouTube) “The left has told us something that should put fear into the heart of every parent,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene began her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference Friday morning. “They said they’re coming for our children.” Dressed in a light pink blazer and with straightened bleach […]

Isabella Riley Moody, Ambassador for the Log Cabin Republicans, Says The Log Cabin Republicans Make Her ‘Want to Vomit’

Last month, the Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that claims to “[represent] LGBT conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality,” announced that far-right commentator Isabella Riley Moody had been named to its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors. The choice of Moody to serve as an ambassador for a gay conservative organization was […]

Republicans Spur Investigation into China-Owned Corporation Given Billions in U.S. Tax Dollars to Build Rail Cars

The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) is now being investigated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspector General (IG) after the China-owned company has raked in billions in American taxpayer money, producing rail cars for a number of cities in the United States. The CRRC, owned by the government of China, was initially awarded a […]

Trump courts early-state Republicans at Mar-a-Lago

Trump’s team is moving to address some of the problems that arose during his disorganized — though ultimately successful — 2016 campaign, when his then-primary rival Ted Cruz seemed like he might outmaneuver him in the fight for delegates. Trump ultimately brought in Paul Manafort to oversee his delegate efforts, but he still faced a […]

Republicans and Democrats Agree They Are Unsatisfied With Briefing on Classified Documents

The leadership of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said on Feb. 28 they were unsatisfied with the information offered to them in their briefing about the exposure of classified documents. According to the statement, the senators’ briefing by members of the intelligence community, and the Department of Justice left “much to be desired.” “In […]

Republicans Seek Investigation of Unauthorized Release of Air Force Records

Reps. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) and Zach Nunn (R-Iowa) are calling for an investigation after being notified that their Air Force records were “inappropriately requested” and released during their midterm election campaigns. The congressmen, according to a Politico report, were among 11 individuals who had their military personnel records improperly released by the Air Force Personnel […]

Log Cabin Republicans Name Homophobic Bigot Isabella Riley Moody as an ‘Outspoken Ambassador’

The Log Cabin Republicans, an organization that claims to “[represent] LGBT conservatives and straight allies who support fairness, freedom, and equality,” announced its 2023 class of Outspoken Ambassadors today. Outspoken Ambassadors, the organization explained, are social media “influences” who will offer “charismatic and thoughtful perspectives at a time when so many people feel bullied into […]

Former Twitter execs GRILLED by House Republicans over censorship, possible violations of the Constitution

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Republican-led Oversight and Accountability Committee at the House of Representatives grilled several former Twitter executives Wednesday, Feb. 8, over their possible role in censorship and First Amendment violations.The former Twitter executives were asked to clarify the company’s decision to limit the reach of … [Read More…] Source

Video: Biden, Who Called Republicans Fascists And Extremists, Says Politics Is “Too Divisive”

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, White House occupant Joe Biden shifted from condemning “MAGA extremists” to putting forward his own “Buy American” MAGA agenda. Biden said he’s ordering all future federal infrastructure projects “to be made in America.” “Buy American has been the law of the land since 1933,” Biden […]

In Shocking Turn Of Events, Republicans Think Biden Did Terrible Job, Democrats Think Was Best Speech Ever

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The political world was upended Tuesday following President Biden’s SOTU speech when it was revealed Republicans and Democrats were surprisingly divided on his performance. Republicans claim that Biden’s speech was reprehensible and “the worst thing to come out of our nation since parachute pants,” while Democrats believe it to be the best […]

Republicans Respond to Biden’s State of the Union Address

Many Republicans expressed disappointment at President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address on Feb. 7, contending that Biden failed to appropriately address the threat posed by communist China, the border crisis, and the economy. Sen, Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Biden’s address was full of tough talk and strong language, but ultimately his rhetoric was […]

Kevin McCarthy: Republicans, Biden Can Find ‘Common Ground’ on Debt Ceiling, Spending Cuts

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said after a meeting with President Joe Biden that he is optimistic that Democrats and Republicans can find “common ground” on the debt limit and spending. McCarthy said he and Biden had a “good first meeting,” and they shared their opposing opinions on how to raise the debt limit. “We […]

Senate Republicans get front seat to brewing Indiana Senate clash

Mitch Daniels is on a Goldilocks mission: Finding out whether the Senate is just right for his deal-cutting style. The former Indiana governor and Purdue University president embarked on a tour of Capitol Hill Wednesday to figure out whether running for his state’s open Senate seat makes sense, talking to senators both happy and frustrated […]

DOJ Shows Resistance to House Republicans’ Investigations; GOP Says Department Is ‘Scared’

The Department of Justice told the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee on Friday “it may not always be possible” to comply with the committee’s investigative requests. Source

Biden Blames Southern Border Crisis On Republicans Before His First Planned Trip To The Region

The Biden White House has been ignoring the border crisis for the past two years, with Biden refusing to visit the region to see the chaos in person and even denying the reality of the situation despite all evidence to the contrary.  Both Biden and the Department of Homeland Security have been actively seeking to erase Title […]

TRULY SCANDALOUS! This is how ALL House Republicans really view their respective conservative constituencies.

A List of McCarthy’s Concessions to GOP Reps to Gain Speakership Omits Efforts to Address the Biggest Threat to Our Country’s Existence Source

Here Are the 6 Republicans Who Voted ‘Present’ in the Final Vote for McCarthy’s House Speakership

Six Republican House lawmakers voted “present” instead of “yea” in the final vote that secured the House Speakership for Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). McCarthy was elected as the 55th House Speaker in the early hours of Jan. 7 following 15 rounds of votes, the first of which was held on Jan. 3. McCarthy, who was the House Republican […]

Pro-abortion exceptions advocate, Donald Trump, blasts Republicans for midterm results over strict abortion restrictions

(Newsweek) – Donald Trump has blamed the Republican Party’s disappointing midterm performances on the “abortion issue” rather than the failure of his endorsed candidates. In a post on Truth Social, the former president said that it “wasn’t my fault” that the GOP failed to ride the expected “red wave” in November’s elections, while pointing the finger […]

20 House Republicans Vote for Someone Other than Kevin McCarthy

Twenty House Republicans voted on Tuesday for someone other than Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to be the next speaker of the House.  Source

Republicans Gather In Congress To Vote On Who Will Fail The Voters This Time

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, Republicans in Congress are gathering to vote for their preferred politician who will let the voters down over the next two years. Source

*** New Congress Livewire *** Republicans Take Over House, Speakership Election to Decide Who Will Lead Chamber

Republicans formally retake control of the lower chamber of Congress on Tuesday, as their new majority in the U.S. House of Representatives won in the November 2022 midterm elections is sworn in. Source

Growing Number of Republicans Say They’ll Only Vote for McCarthy in House Speaker Race

With just days to go before House members are slated to vote for their next speaker, a growing number of Republican lawmakers have thrown their support behind House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy amid a challenge from members of his own party. Dozens of GOP House members associated with the Republican Main Street Caucus released a letter […]

Growing Number of Republicans Vow to Only Vote for McCarthy in Speaker Race

Dozens of Republicans have indicated they plan to vote for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for speaker no matter how drawn out the voting process becomes, according to letters circulated among Republicans this week. Source

Republicans Trick People Into Reading Spending Bill By Naming It ‘Harry Potter And The $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill’

WASHINGTON, DC — After finding it difficult to get lawmakers and other influential power brokers in the nation’s capital to actually read the proposed 4,155-page omnibus spending bill, concerned Republicans successfully convinced people to begin reading it by renaming it Harry Potter and the $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill. The change in interest was almost immediate. […]

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