Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

A two Party preferred system, which everyone is owned and run by the Jews… that’s not a democracy!

Voting at the polls gives the illusion that we live in a democracy.. but the real truth is, we have always been under a dictatorship since the British Jew Empire invaded in 1788.

Biggest Welfare Cheats are the Jewstralian Governments and their Corporate mates, including all the bogus billion dollar contracts, that get funneled into their offshore accounts.

W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919 “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews”

Australian Government Jews

Australian Aboriginals shackled by Jewish Settlers


Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews



Israeli Forest named after John Howard Australian Prime Minister

Australian Aboriginals shackled by Jewish Settlers



Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews
Australian Government Jews
Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews


Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews


Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews


Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews



Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews

Our services in Australia & New Zealand – Rothschild & Co

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Governments

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Jewstralian government buying up Australia through chinese shell corporations, then crying, ” its the chinese”

Australian Government Jews

Jewstralian Governments selling to themselves using shell corporations

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews
Australian Government Jews
Governments promoting Racism, Terrorism, and creating false enemies, so we fight amongst ourselves, never united, so we can never stand up against the Jewish Tyranny known as the Jew World Order.

Australian Government Jews

Jewish Supremacy

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews


The Port Arthur Massacre – A Mossad Operation

Australia Day is Invasion Day

The Jewish war on White Australia continues

Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard to receive honorary doctorates in Israel

Julia Gillard Australian Prime Minister awarded Jerusalem prize

Israeli Forest named after John Howard Australian Prime Minister

The Australian who helped create Israel

England’s Jewish Aristocracy

Frank Lowy and 9/11

Frank Lowy Institute of criminals

Frank Lowy and World Cup Scandal

Australian Government’s Pedophiles

Australian Jewish Woman Faces 74 Charges of Sexual Abuse

Australia’s biggest tax cheats

Lindy Chamberlain the Satanic Sacrifice

Australian Jewish Government and their Corporate welfare tax havens

Australian Government JewsAustralian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews


Australian Government Jews

Our very own jewish government are using Chinese shell corporations to buy up Australia… so you will never realise, that they are selling Australia very cheap to themselves… WAKE UP!!

 Australian man jailed for offending a Jew


Fight for Justice and Freedom and Fight against Terrorism
Kick out criminal Jewish Governments and their Corporations before its too late!

Free our Planet from War, from Poverty, from illness, from Jews looting our economies and countries …. then calling it a recession (robbery)

It is critical that all people oppose (vote NO) to the proposed change to recognise local govt in the constitution at the referendum at the Sept 2013 election.

budget crisis is a scam

They loot our economy, create the crisis for your suffering, so you can depend on them for help.. depressions and recessions are all purposely created for your suffering.

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews
Stop feeding the Jews (Governments) and Stop working for them.

Australian Government Jews

All Political Parties are run by the Jew World Order… including the so called Independents.

Australian Government Jews

Australian Dictatorship coated in democracy

Australian Political Parties all run by the Jew World Order

Australian Government Jews

Australian political Parties all run by the Jew World Order

Australian Government Jews


Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

corporate welfare in Australia

Australian Government Jews

Joe hockey $270 a night to sleep in his own house

Australian Government Jews

joe hockey and his corporate welfare

Australian Government Jews

HAARP and Chemtrails in Australia

Australian Constitution is invalid

PM Tony Abbott: We are all Israeli

Sorry Tony Abbott, I do not rape , torture and create Holocausts and Genocides in every country I invade..
I also do not do human experiments and inject lethal illnesses to innocent children and bomb the goyim.
I also do not spread terrorism across the world and then blame it on fake islamic terrorists regimes that I created.
I dont do child sacrifices, drink children blood etc.
I also dont kill christians across the globe.

Before israel, we had no enemies in the middle east!

Australian Government Jews

Tony Abbott the cryptic Jew

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Australian Government Jews

Jeremy Liebler, The Hon Scott Morrison MP, Prime Minister of Australia


Australian Government Jews

Australian Jewish Governments

Australian Government Jews Australian Government Jews

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, met  with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Thursday at the 2014 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos,

At the start of their meeting, Abbott told Netanyahu, “I daresay you had an interesting day. I want to stress the affinity of Australia to Israel and remind you that apart from Israel, Australia is the only country on earth that’s had a Jewish person as Commander in Chief of the army, Chief Justice and Head of State.” (Jewish shadow government that runs Australia, its industries and corporations.)

Netanyahu replied, “I’m aware of that and that’s another reason for this great partnership, and I appreciate it and your friendship very much.” (let us kill more goyim together to celebrate)

Australian Government Jews

 The Truth About Bali Bombings Part

Australian Government charged with Treason


Australian chemical companies and Pharmaceutical firms contaminate our AIR our WATER and our FOOD


The Benefits Of Being A Sovereign

Are Councils legal



Australian Labour leadership change

Guys, do not fall for the corporate australian government actors.
The Jewish Mafia (shadow Government) run our government and Industries.
Every Political Party is owned by the Jewish Mafia, to build a false sense of democracy to the sheeple.
If voting made a difference, they would of made it illegal long ago.

Pauline Hansen is the only untainted politician that never bends over to the criminal Jews, thus she constantly gets targeted by them with false stories, hatred, defamation, libel by the Jewish media networks, even sent to prison for bogus crimes. You can never win against the Jewish Mafia because they run everything.

the ANZAC lies

Australian Government Jews

birth certificate corporate contract

Australian Government Jews

Fluoride in water, Chemtrails in our air, GMO and chemicals in our food

Australian Government Jews

Ann Bressington Member of the Legislative Council of South Australia warns Australians about Agenda 21

Australian Government Jews

Frank LowenSTEIN the criminal Jew

Australian Government Jews

Jewish World Order exposed

Australian Man Jailed For Confronting Australian Government Zionist Spies


Australian Tax Office fraud

Australian Government Jews

Australian Tax Office a fraud

The Australian Tax Office admit “not a legal entity”


Pirates of the Suburbs – Councils Destroying Communities

Australian Government Jews

government fraud

Australian Government Jews

Australian Law


Governments have no authority over you at all in Australia.

Australian Government Jews

All local Governments have no authority over you at all in Australia.

Australian Government Jews

Government have no authority

Commonwealth of Australia owned by USA shareholders



NEW SOUTH WALES CIK#: 0000071545 (see all company filings)

STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA CIK#: 0001244818 (see all company filings)

State of Victoria – Department of Justice ABN 32 790 228 959

TREASURY CORP OF VICTORIA CIK#: 0000898608 (see all company filings)


The Corporation — Part 1 Corruption in Australia

Australian Government Jews

Government have no authority

Coat of Arms - Lion and Unicorn
Coat of Arms - Kangaroo and Emu
Commonwealth of Australia
being… The people unite in one indissoluable Commonwealth … – An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK) …
being… A company registered with the Securities Exchange Commission in Washington DC, USA, CIK#: 0000805157
Australian Government Jews

Political parties all have the same Master

Australian Government Jews

Jewish Bankers


Australian Police are only Corporate Officers – UCC – Uniform Commercial Code.
Impersonating a commonwealth officer is a crime punishable of up to 2 years in jail.. yet every public (corporate) servant does it.

STATE VIC POLICE ABN 63 446 481 493
STATE WA POLICE ABN 91 724 684 688
STATE SA POLICE ABN 93 799 021 552
STATE NSW POLICE ABN 43 408 613 180
STATE TAS POLICE ABN 19 173 586 474
STATE QLD POLICE ABN 29 409 225 509

Courtesy Notice – Tracey Hall – Alleged Sheriff of NSW.doc

Courtesy Notice – Gregory Eugene Smith – Alleged NSW Attorney General.doc

Courtesy Notice – Andrew Scipione – Alleged NSW Commissioner of Police.doc


Australia’s Frank Lowy, another Jewish Terrorist running our Government



The Truth About Skin Cancer It Is NOT Caused By The Sun

Australia’s Zionist Pharmaceutical and Medical industry



How’s that Australian Gun Ban Working Out?

We are all familiar about the Zionist World Order. Our Governments are owned and run by criminal Zionist Jews that prefer their citizens to be unarmed, so they cannot fight back to the crimes that the Jews commit to the people of the country they occupy and run.

Governments cannot commit genocide except on effectively disarmed populations

Australian Government Jews

Download banned video clip here:

Australian Government Jews

Australian Gun Ban statistics

Australian Government on Israel’s Leash

Boycott Divestment Sanctions Apartheid Israel

Charges dismissed against 16 people for a protest outside Israeli-owned chocolate shop Max Brenner. “The protest was not unlawful and did not pose a threat to public safety”. A boycott of Israeli made products might be an illegal secondary boycott (BDS movement), in that it is not fair to blame some Israeli companies for the actions of the Israeli government. Boycott law fuels outrage in Israel. Australians can be much more specific in allocating blame for corruption and political patronage to prosper, Julia Gillard’s Labor party is guilty of beaching Gillard’s own lobbyists code of conduct. Taking free trips to Israel and receiving funding for election campaigns. Gillard will never over react to anything Israel does much more so than Kevin Rudd. Details are still lacking on how much Australian MPs have accepted in free travel and hospitality.

In edit 17th October 2012 Liebensraum! Gaza? History repeating itself? The victim becoming the aggressor? Different actors playing parts in a not too dissimilar script? Australia should not be appeasing Israeli expansion and allowing Zionists to dominate Australian politics, paying for 50 Australian MPs to go to Tel Aviv. Perhaps Israel has forgotten what it is like to have no homeland! Perhaps they were so badly treated in the past that there is an element of paranoia, that they cannot let it happen again! Understandable! But instead of empathy for the downtrodden homeless people as they were for thousands of years, they look for more Liebensraum. Is history is repeating itself? A harmonic vibration perhaps of a WWII atrocity! Forgetting what it is like to be the victim now that they are the masters.Scientific method is the way to learn the laws of nature and blast a rocket to the moon, the Bible tells us nothing of any consequence for science, an ancient creation myth that many people still believe 150 years after Darwin. An example of an incredibly ignorant American Baptist politician Paul Broun, anti-science and anti-education, just like the Australian Liberals and Julia Gillard’s ALP! A fundamental breach of a duty-of-care to Australian students promoting religion in schools instead of science. There can be an experimental bias in design or procedure, but science accepts failure and changes, the Bible or Koran cannot change! New “research” on linguistics shows different authors of the old testament, not written by one God, but by at least two major authors.Science involves good hypothesis testing; peer review of results , replication of results, good sampling methods and statistical analysis. The world is 4.5 Billion years old and life evolved from simple forms to more complex twits who should know better than to believe ancient creation fairy tales to explain the world, when we know much more than in ancient times because of scientific method.Muslims are taught from an early age to hate Jews, IMHO some of it is educational propaganda that could be corrected with education on evolution and how united humans are genetically .Why did you hate Jews as a Muslim more than you do now as a more tolerant Christian? Is the Islamic view completely biased? Does Islam preach a creationist view? Biology is more difficult to study if you have the false view that humans are unrelated to other mammals.


Conroy and Feeney having chocolate to celebrate ALP solidarity for Israel A complaint was emailed to ALP Senator Mitch Fifield on 24th March at 0700 hours (no reply to date) that the ALP should stop taking orders from Lobby groups. The toady ALP is always crawling up to The Australian Christian Lobby and Israel lobby groups. Senator Mitch Fifield denounced Marrickville council’s boycott of Israel. The utterly discredited NSW ALP members Anthony Albanese and Luke Foley ran a sophisticated campaign to discredit the Greens who value human rights and international law, only the NSW Greens support the boycott of Israel, but Greens MLC Ian Cohen said they were unbalanced in having no plan to deal with Arab dictatorships. 19 Protestors arrested in Melbourne. Video of police arresting protestors, “Victoria is not a police state“. Thirteen men and six women were taken into custody after an altercation with police, with 16 charged and bailed. ALL 19 ARRESTED? “All of a sudden, some special operations-type group rushed into the area. They began by targeting the people with megaphones and pushing people to the ground“. Is there a special police squad to deal with anti-Israel protestors? Political pressure looks to have been again put on police. The ALP and members like Michael Danby appear determined to stifle any criticism of Israel. Israel is becoming a nominal, in name only democracy, constantly violating human rights and enacting laws to prevent the aggrieved victims even speaking out about multiple violations of human rights. An outrageous Israel law that demolishes free speech in Israel. Australian should respect Human Rights laws of Free Speech and not follow the lobby leash of Israel. But Labor members have an addiction to free chocolate, Conroy is an international disgrace for his attempts to censor the internet and silence critics, Conroy was voted internet Villain of the year for 2009.

Rudd recognises his “biggest mistake” as PM may have been expelling an Israel diplomat and saying Israel had treated Australia with contempt just before he was sacked as PM.

Is Rudd trying to make a comeback? He was courting the Jewish lobby with a renewed dedication and sycophantic adoration until a late departure from Gillard on the issue of support for Israel. Gillard has made support for Israel one of her foreign policy priorities since toppling Mr Rudd for the leadership. Kevin Rudd maybe more moderate and less Zionist than Gillard, but Rudd still slams anti-Israeli protests and supports a sit on the sidelines approach which might annoy Israel again.

Two generations of education on science and evolution would seem a logical long-term solution give Arab and Jewish children a real science education in a way that does not offend Islam or Judaism. A draft self paced online course aimed more at Christian students. Evolution for students. Appeal to the hearts and minds rather than trying to hurt the body. The current approach is just making it worse. Religion is a root cause of a lot of the hatred! To change “them”, you must work on yourselves first. Being devout and orthodox does not exclude you being a student of modern science seeking justice and humanity for all people. Green candidate facing lies and abuse from the ALP, the Greens might take legal action against the ALP for defamation for being labelled as Anti-Semetic for supporting a boycott of Israel. If you in any way criticise Israel political policy of human rights violations, you are accused and labelled as being antisemitic by Zionists like Michael Danby and the Anti-Defamation Commission ADC

The Zionist lobby and local Jewish community during the election has revealed that they are willing to allow smears and violent actions against the Greens”. Parker hoped progressive Jews he knew would condemn the offensive comparison. They did not. These Jews provide cover for extreme actions if they occur. If there is a sniff of you being critical of Israel, such Jews will attack you and cut you loose. Parker is now fed up with what he sees as Jewish silence. “.

“So this is how it works when advocating for Palestinian human rights. You’ll be smeared, accused of anti-Semitism and told you hate Jews. Anything to avoid discussion about what Israel is doing to the Palestinians! Apartheid.”

The ALP faceless ones like Union leader (Paul Howes Dodgy numbers man) who controls 20 or more members of the ALP based on false union membership claims for the AWU helped install Gillard as PM. At the Australian Workers Union 125th anniversary conference, Gillard as Prime Minister fawned over the union’s ageing national president Bill Ludwig and Paul Howes. Other Labor political hacks include; Hawke who after ceasing to be PM, couldn’t get to Burma quick enough to make money, Michael Danby (Defacto Foreign Minister for the Middle East), Rudd, David Feeney and former NSW Premier Bob Carr all denounced the NSW Greens call for a boycott of Israel, even Bob Brown of the Federal Greens denounced the NSW Greens position. Former Liberal Leader John Howard said “Greens’ moves to impose a boycott had “not gone unnoticed in Israel”. So we can expect to see some Zionist actions and campaigning against the Greens like Ms Rhiannon in the near future, Green’s leader Bob Brown said the boycott movement had cost the party votes at the NSW election. The ALP is more concerned with lobbyists money and electoral funding than human rights.

Faith and lobbying intruding into Australian Politics

This site is not against any specific race or religion, but the Bible explains nothing about the variety and distribution of life on earth, the Scopes Trial showed just how ridiculous the Bible really is, but some people still think they are made in God’s image and are the “chosen people”. Such vanity can lead to many injustices and atrocities against science and the human rights of others who are perceived as being lesser humans. The Labor party are very ignorant and anti-science. Australian students grow up with more knowledge of a fictional God than science. The Labor party also panders to the , Christian Lobby who are pre-occupied with gender issues to try and stop same sex marriage, but ACL do not give politicians free trips to the Vatican or O/S as Israel lobby groups give free trips to Israel.

Under repressive and ridiculous Victorian Labor party law introduced by Bullshit Brumby to support religious extremists, Vilification laws, provide for jail terms of six months for “severe” ridicule of any religion, an anti-democratic anti-free speech legacy from Bullshit Brumby and a Labor party in decay which stands for nothing.

The science of evolution is the truth which explains the diversity and history of life on earth. Cosmology. The God Delusion explains the motivations of many people, but we live in an Australian democracy which is supposed to separate the church from the state. Section 116 of the Australian Constitution states that:

We also live in a Westminster secular democracy which has rules regarding the conduct of members of parliament, that they cannot hold down a second job or be employed in law enforcement or be a judge while they are members of parliament. They are supposed to declare their financial interests so people can make an informed vote, but this is not happening, many are shamelessly accepting free gifts from foreign governments like China. China Inc. It is not well known or disclosed that many Australian politicians are also accepting free gifts from Israeli lobby groups.

Jewish people are as diverse a group as any people, many of them do not agree with Zionist ideals and the Israeli government taking over the Gaza strip. Zionism and Judaism are contrary to each other. Judaism is universal and humane, Zionism is exactly the opposite. You can only connect the words aggressive, oppressive, stealing, and robbing with Zionism. There is an alphabetical SHIT list of Jews who are despised by some in the orthodox or Zionist supporting community. Just as you cannot blame an individual Australian for the actions of the government, you cannot blame all Jews or any individual Jew for the conduct of the Israel government. Many of them are against Zionist expansion and advocate human rights in Palestine. UNECSO Membership. Unfortunately the actions of the USA, Australia and the Israeli government are supported by powerful lobby groups who have been lavishly courting Australian politicians with free gifts, organised business class travel to Israel. Under Westminster democratic conventions, Australian politicians can only have one master, the Australian people, they should immediately stop accepting free gifts from any foreign governments or groups lobbying on their behalf. Australians will never see a locally produced ABC documentary about the influence of Australia’s Israel Lobby, the ABC censors material on Palestine and lets their journalists accept free trips from Jewish lobby groups.

Australia is not the only country the Israel lobby tries to influence and bully. “One of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain”, A UK documentary The British Israel Lobby. “A bullying and highly-partisan lobby – a lobby that gives absolute priority to the interests of a foreign power (the State of Israel)”. The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. This book emphasises the difference between criticism of Jews and anti-Semitism, and criticism of the Israel Lobby which has also caused harm to Israel. It appears they may have also caused harm to Australia and may have influenced the Labor party to dispose of Kevin Rudd when he became less supportive of Israel actions that “treated Australia with contempt“.

Proud Zionist Labor MP Michael Danby and Former PM Kevin Rudd

Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby One member of Rudd’s government and Labor Party, the proud Zionist, Michael Danby, preferred to defend Israel interests over Australian interests, saying “The expulsion of the Israeli spy was the wrong policy response. “This is a government obsessed with the management of the daily media cycle”. Even if there was some obscure previous incident, Berlin and Paris are as sophisticated as the mandarins of Canberra and their reaction (no expulsion) demonstrates why we did not have to ape the British Foreign Office. Stephen Smith should have made a recommendation to the NSC having the more worldly overview, that this harsh proscription would feed the international campaign of delegitimisation of Israel.”

If you don’t agree with Danby you are anti-semetic, or so Michael Danby says. Danby has accused Michael Brull and Antony Loewenstein, two Jewish authors of antisemitism just because they don’t agree with him on Israel. Danby is singularly lacking in curiosity on the great issues facing Israel and tried to stop publication of My Israel Question by Anthony Loewenstein. Danby also tries to smeer other publishers like and Greens seeing red after Dandy’s dictator jibe against Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon as “the Elena Ceausescu of the Greens“. “Michael Danby specialises in demonising the Greens and has shown yet again how out of touch he is” said Ms Rhiannon. Michael Danby member for Melbourne Ports wants to give his voting preference to his major opposition party, the Liberals ahead of the Greens. Greens senator Lee Rhiannon said “He is showing his inability to manage his own seat because he actually relied on Greens’ preferences to win his own seat“. Vote Green in Melbourne Ports and get rid of the one-eyed Israel lobbyist Michael Danby who displays nothing by contempt for the Green coalition which keeps the ALP in government.

Pro-Israel journalist, Greg (Jerusalem Prize) Sheridan, reported that Danby did not agree with the decision to expel Israeli diplomats for using forged Australian passports. Danby is an influential figure in the Labor party. He is a former secretary of Labour’s national security committee, a former Labour whip, and the chairman of the parliamentary foreign affairs sub-committee, that is the most senior parliamentarian, outside the ministry, on foreign affairs. Danby calls protestors prejudiced fanatics. Who else would receive such an over-the-top police response to a protest about apartheid in Palestine.

Michael Danby MP stated “This folly, this over-reaction, has unwittingly encouraged bigots elsewhere, who have their secret passions sanctioned. I have suggested a series of steps to the Prime Minister to overcome this successful attempt to blot Labor’s copybook just weeks before an election“. Now that Rudd has been disposed of and Danby promoted to work with Bill Shorten, Australia under Julia Gillard will never “over-react” to anything Israel does which is against the interests of the Australian people and human rights for Palestine.

A week after the announcement of the Mossad chief expulsion, Sheridan, reported, “The Earth moved between Israel and Australia this week, with Kevin Rudd’s government expelling an Israeli diplomat over the Dubai passports affair, and it may be that the Earth moved in Australian politics as well“. This was said three weeks before the coup! The ALP and members like Michael Danby appear determined to stifle any criticism of Israel. Israel is becoming a nominal, in name only democracy, constantly violating human rights and enacting laws to prevent the aggrieved victims even speaking out about multiple violations of human rights. An outrageous Israel law that demolishes free speech in Israel. Australian should respect Human Rights laws of Free Speech and not blindly follow the lobby leash of Israel. But Labor members like Gillard and Rudd cannot help themselves. Rudd recognises his “biggest mistake” as PM may have been expelling an Israel diplomat and saying Israel had “treated Australia with contempt” just before he was sacked as PM.

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The Israel lobby Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard

The faces of some of the faceless men in the ALP who disposed of Kevin Rudd
From Michael Danby’s website a speech he has now removed from his site quoted a speech by Gillard to the Jewish Environment Organisation. “Thank you for that warm welcome. I can see many good friends here tonight, including my brave friends Albert and Debbie Dadon. Why are they “brave” friends? Gillard went on to say, “I am pleased to be able to acknowledge my colleague Michael Danby, the Member for Melbourne Ports, who is well known for his tireless work – consistent with longstanding Labor policy – for Melbourne’s many Jewish schools and kindergartens, and his extraordinary involvement and outreach with synagogues and clubs throughout the community“.

He always invites me to major events, and when I can, I am honoured to be present – just as I am tonight. The Jewish National Fund plays a unique and important role.

As David Ben-Gurion prophesised, Let the desert bloom. I am also delighted to acknowledge Mark Dreyfus, as the new Member for Isaacs”.

 Kevin Rudd kicked out of office by Israel‘s Jews

Australian Politicians party at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 2008 and 2009

Gala Dinner at King David Hotel Jerusalem 2009 Gala Dinner at King David Hotel Jerusalem Rudd’s “galah” performanceat the King David in 2008. Kevin Rudd After congratulating Israel and stating we had a special relationship between the two countries made a monumental faux pas, a real clanger.”It is an honour to be among Israeli and Australian friends tonight here in Jerusalem, at the King David Hotel. Shimon Peres, Israel’s President, who we met earlier today, said some years ago that when you come to the King David, you come not just as a guest, but you come also to a place which has seen almost the complete cast of players across the history of the modern State of Israel, often in this room in which we gather here tonight. From the 1930s, this hotel became the British field headquarters for what was then British Palestine, until Menachem Begin undertook some interior redesign.”Rudd seems to have been forgiven quickly for this appalling mistake as the interior redesign or redecorating he referred to cost many lives, some of them Jewish. Rudd’s was referring to the blowing up of the King David Hotel by terrorists in 1946 at the cost of 88 British, Arab and Jewish (15) lives.

This King David incident was probably not held again Kevin and seemed to be a forgotten mistake. In 2010 after he expelled the Mossad spies and received a lot of criticism from Zionist supporters, Rudd was keen to make amends and arranged a fully Kosher catered meeting with the Israel Lobby on the 3rd of June 2010. In the meantime, Israeli commandos attacked the Mavi Marmara an international aid ship in international waters, they killed 9 people, injured over 50, and kidnapped and treated with contempt over 700 people (UN Human Rights Council report on the attack on the Freedom Flotilla). Amongst the injured were unarmed Australians – not a good introduction for promoting Israeli interests.

The Israel Lobby met with Rudd on the 3rd June, where they “had a difference of opinion” with the Australian PM about the Mossad chief expulsion (Australian Jewish News 10/6/2010 Present at the Rudd-Israel Lobby meeting on the 3rd of June were Michael Danby and Albert Dadon. Dadon is close to Michael Danby, but likes to be more of a “faceless one”. Also present were some other faces:

  • Mark Dreyfus, another Jewish Zionist ALP MP
  • Mark Leibler (Australia Israel & Jewish Affairs Council chairman)
  • Robert Goot (Executive Council Australian Jewry president)
  • Philip Chester (Zionist Federation of Australia president).

Some faceless ones were absent, Howes, Conroy, Shorten etc. but still, it was a big calibre faceless one’s meeting with Labor party and Israeli interests not from the Israel government or embassy, but by private Jewish lobby interests. Why even meet with them, they are unregistered as lobby groups. Has the “faceless ones” faction a Zionist influence? Michael Danby almost has “unoffical” foreign minister status in some matters unlike the former “real” Foreign Minister “chopped liver”, ex-PM Rudd. The faceless ones left the meeting, without resolving their “difference of opinion” with Rudd about Australia’s expulsion of the resident Mossad chief. Australian Jewish News, 10/6/2010, Rudd reaches out to leaders by Naomi Levin. Rudd was still not taking advice from Australia’s foreign minister, Danby, nor from one of his “most trusted kitchen cabinet advisers on Israel”, Dadon, nor, indeed, from the rest of the Israel Lobby.

Rudd anticipated his own demise saying “What am I, chopped liver?” after meeting these Lobbyists. Pro-Israel journalist, Greg Sheridan (who has taken the free Israel tour), of The Australian newspaper reported that expulsion of the Mossad chief “may be the single foreign policy issue that did Rudd the most harm in domestic political terms“. Did these so-called Australians tell our Prime Minister: “You expel our Mossad chief, we expel you“?

Apart for this foreign policy issue “that did Rudd the most harm”, Rudd also faced opposition from the mining industry, due to his supertax proposal. Julia Gillard agreed to slash this proposed tax to 30% to end a war with the mining giants and excluded all commodities from the tax apart from iron ore and coal. Major economists backed the Rudd supertax as large corporations make billions dollar profits selling Australia. In 2011 BHP Billiton announced a 10 Billion six month profit. Jewish mining Magnate Joe Gutnick among others, also attacked Rudd’s supertax with a lavishly funded Mining Lobby TV media blitz. The resources tax issue was becoming a struggle over who runs the country – foreign multinationals or the elected government? Were the major conspirators against Rudd mainly pro-Zionists? There is no concrete evidence that the Israelis demanded Rudd’s head, but a lot of circumstantial evidence which suggests it might be true. The Jewish community was deeply disturbed by the abrupt change in the Rudd government’s Israel policy.

Is Rudd trying to make a comeback? He is again courting the Jewish lobby with a renewed vigour? Kevin Rudd nows slams anti-Israeli protests. Rudds flagrant courting of Murdoch press. When it comes to Murdoch media domination, Australia is even worse than the UK, News Corp has a 70% share of the newspaper market in Australia. A long line of Australian politicians have had unhealthy relationships with the Murdoch and Packer families through the decades. Despite media dominance the Labor party will not investigate media manipulation as they themselves the Labor party are masters at dominating and manipulating the media. The example of Victoria media manipulation by Gillard’s mentor John Bullshit Brumby. The connections, deals, endorsements, donations and cross-fertilisation should now be retrospectively examined.

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Some faces of the “Faceless” Labor Men/Women in the Coup and Bill “Showbags” Shorten

Some faces of the Faceless men (Arbib resigned after challenge by Rudd against Gillard failed on 27th February 2012) and the Limbo dancers in the ALP who dominate and rule over the 37,000 Labor party members who have no say at all in who will be Australia’s Prime Minister. The people elected Kevin Rudd as leader, yet these few wanted someone more pragmatic than Kevin Rudd like Julia Gillard who will let the USA and Israel tell them what to do. Section 44(i.) of the Australian constitution states:

Any person who [is] under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights & privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power: or [ disqualifiers(ii. to v.) ] shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

What about the female Labor party members of Emily’s list? They might be even more influential than the Faceless factional ones! They vote as a block and have acted to destroy common law rights for fathers in the Family Court, they abolished the crime of perjury encouraging applicants to lie to the Family Court. Does allegiance to a sexist group, a religion or another country prevent a politician being loyal to Australia and out ancient common law rights? Perhaps, it is more than likely a conflict of interest, especially where they lobby other members of the Australian parliament to prevent people being charged with perjury or that they demand that Australia never “over react” to anything Israel does. Some of the coup plotters against Rudd. Arbib resigned after challenge by Rudd against Gillard failed on 27th February 2012. Some of those who will most likely keep Gillard in power are members of Emily’s list. (anti-male and anti-Rudd and McClelland ) EMILY’s List sisterhood and their “heroic” male white knights to give support to their choice of Prime Minister.

A Few Faces of the Faceless men who rule the Australian Labor party
The ruthless Senator Mark Arbib friend of the USA1 Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby South Australian Senator David Feeney Labor MP Paul Howes MP and union leader Bill Ludwig National Secretary of Australian Labor Karl Bitar
MP Mark Arbib USA Informant Michael Danby Zionist David Feeney SA Senator Paul Howes (Dodgy numbers man) Bill Ludwig (Union Bullies) Karl Bitar Ex ALP Slimy Gambling Lobbyist 1
Faceless and shameless villain and an idiot Labor bully Senator Conroy The main face of the faceless ones Bill Shorten Jewish Zionist Labor MP Mark Dreyfus Joe Ludwig a very quiet faceless one Pdf file 2011 members of Emily's list who support Gillard as a voting block
Senator Conroy (The altar boy) Bill Shorten (Showbags Slick Willy) 1 Mark Dreyfus Zionist Joe Ludwig QLD Senator


Speaking about Karl Bitar’s new job to prevent reforms he proposed when he was secretary of the ALP, Senator Xenophon said the proposed laws involved sensible poker machine protections. “It seems extraordinary that Mr Bitar would think it’s appropriate for him to take a job that will require him to try and prevent those reforms“. The appointment showed the need in Australia for American and British-style lobbying bans that would prevent politicians and government staffers from exploiting their contacts in Canberra for at least two years after leaving politics“, Senator Xenophon said.


Bill (showbags) Shorten (Slick Willy) wants to be PM1

Bill is doing it tough, living on 330,00 a year.

Minister Bill Shorten is leading a Business Mission to Israel co-sponsored by the Israeli Embassy and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce until May 5 2012, co-sponsored by the Israeli Embassy and the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce” That makes a change from AICE and Albert Dadon funded trips to Tel Aviv that 54 MPs have taken. Perhaps Bill could find nothing to do in Australia, everything here is so good! Bill may have been annointed PM by the Zionist lobby long ago though Richard Pratt and this latest May 2012 visit might mean that Gillard is already “chopped liver” like Rudd.

LABOR’S DISGRACE: Self-indulgent personality politics is a compelling reason to punt this government. Unfit to Rule. “Self-obsessed Bill Shorten has been involved in more cynical factional hatchet jobs than anyone with the possible exception of Graham Richardson“. Bill Shorten’s factional daleks. Labor cozies up to the rich and influential. Bill is sitting by watching the great sell-off of Australia, without doing anything to protect even our food supply and the farmers who produce it. Bill is waiting for more facts to be put on the table, before he will do anything to stop the great-sell-off of Australian agricultural land to foreign governments and mining companies. “This buy-up of land has happened so quickly it’s almost too late” Bill has no concern for the farmers who want to deny miners access to their land. Bill is too focused on pleasing foreign investors to care about Australian farmers and our food supply. No food supply security for Australia! Chinese mining giant snaps up 43 farms. What was Bill Shorten doing as Assistant Treasurer? He seemed too busy, waiting for more reports, waiting for “more facts on the table“.

Labor is ruled by factional thugs like Bill. Bill among his other nicknames, has was also called the perfumed steamroller by an ABC viewer. He certainly rides roughshod over 37,000 other Labor party members as the main instigator of the downfall of a serving Australian Prime Minister, but I would dispute the tag “perfumed”. Bill Shorten in one of his many slick, expensive glossy brochures invited Victorian Brimbank residents to a meeting with him in Devonshire Road Sunshine. Bill did not turn up. I was surprised how aggressive his assistant Lance Wilson was and wrote a protest to Bill regarding his support for Conroy’s censorship and corruption in the Labor party.

BIll Shorten biased for Israel borrowed Pratts jet a big ego One week later, after Rudd’s chopped liver comment, Bill Shorten asked Julia Gillard to challenge Rudd, but she declined. Two weeks later (on 24/6/2010), coup plotters, Michael Danby, Bill Shorten, David Feeney, Joe Ludwig and Paul Howes were able to persuade Gillard to challenge and reassure her that she had the numbers. Paul Howes states that he is “critical friend” of Israel, but he does not support boycotts. The only still serving MP to battle against the Zionist ALP members was Simon Crean who “fought off a determined challenge from Jewish influences in the Victorian ALP to retain pre-selection”. When asked about the only Labor MP who spoke publicly for the rights of the Palestinians, Paul Howes said that Julia Irwin had “gone as far as her abilities would allow“. Julia Irwin has since then resigned from the Labor party.

Albert Dadon had cultivated Julia Gillard and her hairdresser partner (elevated to a multi-million dollar real estate agent) during a trip to Israel last year for the first Australia-Israel Leadership Forum and has been active in promoting her, as well as employing her partner Tim Mathieson in a well-paid job that he had no experience or qualifications to do.

What common characterises do the coup plotters have? Michael Danby is intimately associated with the Israel Lobby. Interestingly, after initial reports of his role as coup instigator, it seems his role has been hushed up. The other four coup-plotters are united in their deference to the Israel lobby. Shorten, Ludwig and Howes had free “Rambam fellowship” trips to Israel in 2003, 2007 and 2009 respectively.

Shorten, an elite private school Xavier College Catholic boy (Debating Champion with a great memory for names), sought the patronage of the now deceased Zionist billionaire, Richard Pratt (who owned Visy), which included being flown in Pratt’s private jet to the Beaconsfield mine disaster in 2006 to launch his parliamentary career. An ABC interview with Bill Shorten on the mine disaster, But you were able to get to Beaconsfield very quickly, weren’t you, by borrowing your friend, Richard Pratt’s private jet? Bill has no expertise in mining or mine rescues, and no active role in the rescue effort, a media attention seeker.

Shorten was elected as the Member for Maribyrnong in 2007. He is currently a member of the ALP National Executive and the Victorian ALP Administrative Committee. He has previously held other leadership positions within the party, including Victorian ALP president from 2005 until 2008 where he presided over the monumental corruption of the Victorian Labor party. With Senator Stephen Conroy he interfered in local Brimbank council business and parachuted his ex preferred staff members like Natalie Sykes-Hutchins into safe Labour seats. Brimbank Council was disbanded and an administrator appointed, Brimbank Ratepayers and Residents Association stated that “We say that any 2008 Brimbank election candidate endorsed or put forward by Federal MP for Maribyrnong BILL SHORTEN is not fit to be a Brimbank Councillor“. John Brumby was defeated in the 2010 Victorian election, with corruption scandals galore and labor party corruption, media propaganda PR and spin. Bill Shorten is a former Victorian State President and a long time member of the right wing Labor Right, or Labor Unity faction with former Premier Bullshit Brumby. He does not seem to be able to say to himself “mia culpa”. He has learnt nothing from the Victorian party 2010 election defeat and continues branchstacking in Victoria in 2011 for celebrity friends.

If you want to know what Victorian Labor Leaders Like Gillard, Shorten and Conroy are up to nationally, just check Labor’s recent history in Victoria. Labor Party Corruption in Victoria in 2010. Censorship, media spin, PR lies and spin is what Australians can expect from Victorian Labor party members on a national level. Six months jail for vilifying a religion. Gillard was holding Bullshit Brumby’s (Steven Bracks) hand while they lied to the people of Victoria and introduced repressive new laws on religion. The people of Victoria will be paying for decades for the waste of Brumby and Gillard worked for him and supported him. She will work for the devil, what a Faustian bargain pragmatic Gillard has made. Local Victorian ALP members have no say in anything much anymore. Mirror mirror on the wall who would be the most pragmatic PM of all? A few “faceless” bullies rule the entire Labor party membership of around 37,000. What is the point of working hard for local candidates when Bill Shorten will parachute his preferred candidate into a seat or his friend into the top job a caretaker PM until he can take over? The ALP as a party is in decay, never has so much been taken from so many by so few.

SunRAA still maintains a bad memory of Bill and maintains a parody for Bill, Bill Shorten’s Diary. BIll Shorten next to his promotional Van At the end of 2008, Bill Shorten, “politically upgraded” his wife to the daughter of the Governor-General Quentin Bryce, Chloe Bryce. Bill calls for personal lives to be off limits, but marriage to the Governor General’s daughter seems like a political marriage. Suffice to say that his political activities are more relevant than his personal relationships, but then again Bill has made a career on being a behind the scenes manipulator who promoted people he has close personal relationships with rather than standing aside and allowing long-standing party members to select Labor candidates for safe seats. Gillard’s partner Tim was certainly involved in political circles by accepting employment with a major Labor party benefactor and lobbyist Albert Dadon. But perhaps Bill and Chloe’s marriage and family matters generally should be off-limits, unless they intrude in political matters!

Bill is good friends with the Internet Villain and censor Stephen Conroy and supports Conroy and Gillard’s plans for internet filtering. Web snooping plan a step closer to reality. Bill is big on spending on himself and even after he was elected his staff drove around the western suburbs in a highly visible van with his name all over it. He spends up big in the office as well, more than any other MP, He cost taxpayers $445,000 on top of his salary The volume of full colour brochures Bill sent promoting himself in the mail was annoying and a waste of trees as well as taxpayer’s money. “He’s got an ego, and in politics that’s fine, but if there’s no loyalty to those who have helped him, always been one to back himself” said John Button, “Bill is a future champion – I know that because he’s told me“. Bill’s ego is extraordinary. A boast by Bill to Niki Savva from the ABC TV’s Insiders program on Sunday. He’d be prime minister before the next election! Shorten has been telling everyone. But in 2011, Bill stated he would “never ever” want to lead Labor. Straight out lies by Bill Shorten. Will Shorten’s naked ambition be rewarded by faceless toadies in Labor? Of course they will, Bill leads the Faceless ones faction. If sanity prevailed, Labor could apologise to Kevin Rudd and get him back.” But sanity is a commodity in short supply in the faceless ones pro-Zionist Labor party. Who dares go against these greedy Bill Shorten powerbrokers, members like Julia Irwin (resigned) and Simon Crean were hung out to dry by these “faceless men” who knifed Rudd. Labor supports media tarts like Bill Shorten rather than people who are driven by passions about making the world a better place.

I must admit, trying to be balanced, when I know I am biased against Bill, that there is a good side to Bill, he is hard working, but can be a bully in the execution of his labours. Resigned MP Mr Langdon was a long-standing member of Mr Brumby and Shorten Conroy’s Right faction, Craig Langdon said he is the victim of faceless know-it-alls, faceless factional warlords including, federal Labor powerbroker Bill Shorten. So Bill is both the most prominent of the new Labor faction the “faceless ones” and he has the most ego to be their media tart. Two-faced! But Bill has no loyalty to his supporters. Retired MP Mr Craig Langdon said many Labor people are blaming Mr Brumby for allowing factional chiefs to organise his preselection defeat last year.

I have read one altruistic example of Bill as Disability Services Minister personally phoning a disabled person to reassure them about the policing of disability parking spaces. He doesn’t have the power to make this happen, but he promised it anyway. I also have a personal reply from Bill regarding my objection to Senator Conroy’s filtering plan. Unfortunately, Bill did not understand my objection to filtering and supported Conroy in a way that demonstrated, he did not understand the issues I had emailed to him. At least he responded, you have to give him that, even if the response was misguided.

A few months later, I meet Bill outside a Western suburbs polling booth for the 2009 election, I called him a “bastard” for not understanding Conroy’s censorship policy when he went to shake my hand, what a extroverted political animal he is. While the other “faceless” men are keeping a low profile, Bill is right out there whenever he can be. At the polling booth, Bill said that he agreed with me about filtering! He has a thick hide as well about double backflips in policy depending on who he is talking to. He can work a crowd like a used car salesman on amphetamines and will gladly suffer the odd person who despises him. FACELESS, why did Craig Langdon start calling them the “faceless men”? Bill is more out-there than Eddy (Everywhere) Maguire, maybe that is why Bill gave Eddy “Everywhere’s” brother, a job in politics as Labor Broadmeadows member. Bill wants media stars around him, he is pragmatic as well, Pragmatic! If you think Gillard is pragmatic, wait for Bill, it seems Bill is craving for support, to be liked and respected, but he does not seem to have any core values himself!

If you run with dogs Bill,
You will get hunted down with the pack.
Labor is in decay
Bill’s ego helped make it that way.

Labor Senator Joe Ludwig opposed a motion by Greens Senator Kerry Nettle that Israel should immediately lift the blockade of Gaza. If you want some sanity in the Australian parliament and human rights for Palestine, you have to vote for the Greens, the only party not on the Zionist bandwagon.

Howes supposedly or in a very nominal way, says he is a “critical friend” of Israel, but he is really the leader of a counter-campaign against the union endorsement of the Boycott Apartheid Israel movement. He also is singled out by Antony Loewenstein in My Israel Question (2009) as expressing sentiments “straight out of the Zionist lobby playbook“.

Senator David Feeney also expressed sentiments straight out of the Zionist lobby playbook when he rejected the union movement’s report on the appalling conditions in Gaza (Hansard 12/5/2010) after it was attacked last year. Prodigal son returns to lash those who hate Israel.

Comments from Australian Officials

The Israel Lobby had sent a signal. Governments, who waver on their commitment to Israel, do so at their peril. Soon after, Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, used the first major speech of the [election] campaign to pledge fidelity to Australia? No, to Israel! Abbott promised that “we would never overreact to any international incidents because we appreciate that Israel is under existential threat in a way that no other country in the world is“. He seems to know where the money and power is. The word “over-react” is the same phrase used by Danby two months previously concerning Rudd saying Israel had treated Australia with contempt.

When the theft of Australian identities by Israel first became apparent in February of this year, the National Times quoted an “Australian official” who was too scared to have his name published, presciently observing that, “It wouldn’t matter whether it was John Howard or Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott in the prime minister’s chair, they (the Israelis) know they’ve got us by the balls, “partly because of the strength of the Israel lobby“.

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Accepting Free Gifts from Foreign Governments or Lobbyists

The USA Flag Starts and Stripes Differences in international cultures. Conflict of interest comparisons USA UK Canada and Australia Activities with Foreign Entities. THE USA Israel Lobby has contributed $56.8 million in individual, group and soft money donations to federal candidates and party committees since 1990. In the USA “Outside Activities” may be permitted as long as the foreign entity is not owned or operated by the foreign government. Generally in the USA government employees may not “accept a gift or decoration” from a foreign government. Foreign governments are defined under the statute not merely as foreign governments but also international organisations. A gift of more than minimal value ($100 or less) is deemed to have been accepted on behalf of the United States and, upon acceptance, shall become the property of the United States. Obama Not Able To Keep $1.4M Nobel Cash Despite these rules the Israel lobby is the most powerful loby in the USA after the National Rifle Association. Politicians solicit their support to fund election campaigns. Politicians cooperate with the Israeli lobby, which is “very wealthy and very powerful“, mainly because they just “don’t want to have that lobby working against them“.

USA Politicians such as former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who opposed the Israeli lobby, were attacked by the pro-Israeli lobby, AIPAC, who funded other candidates to campaign against her. “That’s why Israel has so much influence over the US policies in the Middle East” The UN Security Council vote on a resolution filed by Arab countries condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories will be vetoed in favor of Israel, as is usual USA practice. A less orthodox Jewish voice for reason in the USA is struggling to survive J Street which has been attacked as being anti-Israel by Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz

The British Flag The Union Jack The UK Ministerial Code of Conduct Section 7 – Ministers‘ Private Interests. No minister should accept gifts or hospitality from any person or organisation when a conflict of interest could arise. A list of gifts, and how they were dealt with on an individual basis, is published annually. Ministerial gifts hospitality and travel. The Scottish Ministerial Code specifies that offers of transport from other organisations should not normally be accepted, except where provided as an integral part of a tour of inspection. The organisation concerned should be reimbursed from the public purse to the value of a scheduled business class ticket.

Some other countries like Malaysia and Paraguay, who are concerned about corruption, frown upon any gift that could be construed as a bribe.

Rules for Australian Lobbyists

The Australian Flag based on UK Union Jack Gillard’s CODE ONLY APPLIES TO GOVERNMENT MINISTERS. There are no limitations of any kind on lobbying non-governments MPs. An independent parliamentarian, Rob Oakeshott has called for the extension of the Code. In Australia members of parliament must declare their pecuniary interests, but gifts to political parties below the value of $11,500 do not have to be declared. Julia Gillard’s ethics code for ministers states:

2.14. Ministers are required to withdraw from any professional practice or the management of any business.
8.2. Ministers should ensure that dealings with lobbyists are conducted consistently with the Lobbyists Code of Conduct, so that they do not give rise to a conflict between public duty and private interest.
8.4. In dealing with a lobbyist who is acting on behalf of a third party, it is important to establish whose interests the lobbyist represents
8.7. Where representations are being made on behalf of a foreign government or the agency of a foreign government, special care needs to be exercised as foreign policy or national security considerations may apply.

Many government documents seem to disappear from the internet or get changed quickly when anyone challenges them, so copies of relevant webpages have been preserved as they were found to be on or around 17th February 2011. They are reproduced in the public interest as evidence of the breach of The code of Conduct for Lobbyists. It is fair use and academic comment to reproduce these pages for no commercial gain on the corruption of the lobbying system in Australia. The Australian government has been excessively litigious in using copyright excuses to try and silence critics. Legal rights to Free Speech in Australia are under attack. An ambit claim and Government threat to sue for defamation of public servants. Another government ambit claim threatening to sue for copyright violation of Centrelink’s logo. Both actions failed, unfortunately has closed down for other reasons.

The Australian Political Lobbyists registrarThe Lobbying Code of Conduct only applies to government ministers and their staff. It specifies there should be No Contact between government representatives and unregistered Lobbyists. Archive Pdf file Lobbying Code of Conduct

(c) lobbyists shall not make misleading, exaggerated or extravagant claims about, or otherwise misrepresent. The code has responsibilities for the lobbying organisation, but says very little about ministerial conduct, except that when ministers retire from office, they shall not accept employment from the lobbyist for a period of 18 months.

There are ways around this, for example, Brett Gale, who was chief-of-staff to Chris Bowen and a former adviser to Nick Sherry have taken lobbying positions with Westpac. Westpac are not even on the Lobbyists List but they employ specialist labor insiders to lobby for them, ex staff members of ministers. Something is wrong with the way Gillard conducts government business, all rhetoric and no real values or integrity. The situation is the same on the state Labor party level which is run by Bill Shorten. Former Victorian Premier Steven Bracks immediately accepted a $100,000 a year, one day a week position with KPMG who he gave 65 million dollars of government contracts to when he was Premier. Labor Party national secretary Karl Bitar accepts a lobbying position for gambling. This would be illegal in the USA and should be illegal in Australia under the Westminster doctrine of the separation of powers. Politicians have two masters, the people they pretend to represent while they simultaneously accept free gifts and funding from disreputable commercial interests like a gambling lobby. They act to further their post-political career with highly paid positions the second they resign. Large contracts awarded to Labor mates 32 million given by Gillard to three Labor mates unknown in the irrigation business. Last year Mr Sercombe dismissed questions on whether Sustainable Soils political links might have helped win support from Labor governments. A dishonest bunch of Labor party thieves blatently and arrogantly stealing from the people of Australia.

Ministerial staff seem to be avoiding any conflict with the lobbying code of conduct by making very fine distinctions to avoid the Code of Conduct rules. The Code seems to mean very little. Another media propaganda stunt by Gillard having a Ministerial Code of Conduct that means absolutely nothing in practice. Who is on the Lobbyist Register? An archive of the Register taken 17th February 2011 at 1724 hours.

Charities and Non-profit organisations and associations are exempt from registration. “Lobbying activities means communications in an effort to influence Government decision-making”. There is no mention of charity or non-profit from The Australian Israel Cultural Exchange. AICE. AICE archive. The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council. AIJAC The AIJAC site specifically states that it is conducting lobbying, “by representing the interests of the Australian Jewish community to government“. AIJAC archive 2011.

There is No mention of charity or non-profit on either of these two Israeli organisations websites, infact they are both lobby groups for the Jewish community trying to influence government decision making on all matters of interest to the Jewish community. Why haven’t they registered as lobbyists! The Rambam Fellowships website is being updated?

Such groups seem to be illegally lobbying Australian ministers and giving them free gifts in an effort to influence Government decision-making! It would be absurd to suggest they were not lobbying on behalf of Zionists interests or that they are charities, yet they are unregistered as lobby groups!

Ex Labor party member Julia Irwin stated in parliament that the Jewish lobby is “the most implacable, arrogant, cruel and powerful lobby in the country“.

Diplomatic Protocols are more strict for public servants. Section 16.6 Where it is judged that refusal of a gift might cause offence, the gift may be accepted and its receipt reported in accordance with Departmental procedures. Public Servants Code of Conduct They must be able to demonstrate that they cannot be improperly influenced and consider the ethical issues involved. The main risk of accepting a gift or benefit is that it may result in an actual or perceived conflict of interest. At the extreme, it could be perceived as a bribe.

It looks like many Australian politicians have taken bribes from unregistered Israeli Lobby groups to “never over-react” to anything Israel does.

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Free Pilgrimages to Tel Aviv Accounts not disclosed even in parliament

The Australian Hansard Report QUESTIONS ON NOTICE Israel (Question No. 342) Tuesday, 14 June 2011 Page: 2746. PDF archived version for the DVD. Some questions from Green’s leader Bob Brown to the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd concerning the free trips to Israel by Australian MPs. Australian Parliament search for Jewish News which seems to get more attention than news from any other country.

  • How many MPs and journalists went on the trip to Israel in December 2010?
  • Was there any private funding sources contributing to the travel and/or accommodation costs?
  • Did the Minister’s trip coincide with the AILF trip?
  • Can details be provided of which MPs attended the AILF trip, including:
  •     (a) the costs of the travel and accommodation; and
  •     (b) who paid?
  • What was the itinerary of the Minister’s trip?
  • If it was separate to that of the Minister’s, the itinerary of the AILF trip?

Senator Conroy provided these totally inadequate answers on behalf of the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is aware that some private funding was provided to AILF participants, but it does not hold authoritative records on this question. Questions on the details of the private funding should be directed to the AILF organisers. Questions concerning sources of funding should be directed to AILF organisers or directly to participating MPs.

Albert Dadon’s AICE spin was that “50 Australian MPs were in high-level talks in Israel“. Well yes Albert paid them to be there and they were having a free holiday, perhaps Kevin Rudd was in “high level” talks, the other MPs were on a holiday funded by Albert Dadon’s AILF.

These account details should have been disclosed under Gillard’s Lobbyists Code of Conduct, but they were not and even a question in parliament on the matter has not been answered with any honesty. These MPs are Australian servants, what are they doing going on a free holidays to Israel when the Australian people pay them a good salary and they should be here working in Australia. Australia has one Foreign Minister not 50. Bludging MPs throwing away Australian sovereignty for funding from Albert Dadon? In any vote on any issue to do with Israel or Palestine, the 50 MPs or so Albert has nurtured should abstain from voting. We the people do not even know how much money Albert gave them? Why won’t the Foreign Minister say exactly how much the 54 trips were subsidised? Is it any wonder Australia blindly supports Zionism and ignores human rights violations in Palestine, Australian MPs Liberal and Labor have the blood of Palestinians on their hands, Albert has taught them to ignore bloodshed for funding.

This is par-for-the-course Labor party deception, a party in decay pandering to a Lobby group and the excessive political influence of one very rich Australian, Albert Dadon who founded the AILF which manipulates MPs behaviour with rewards like Pavlov manipulated animal behaviour with a food reinforcement schedule, Albert does it with money so Labor support Zionism as a means of obtaining money and they are punished with negative reinforcement and threats to support other parties if their behaviour is not 100% compliant. A few million dollars is a drop in the ocean of Albert’s wealth through his marriage to the Besen family, but it means everything to Labor’s electoral coffers. The manipulation of behaviour is staggeringly simple, as if Albert is training a pack of Pavlov’s dogs to do his bidding, taking his trained pet dogs on a leash with a other few useful idiots for a plane ride to Tel Aviv, “Walkies Labor doggies. Walkies“. DROP. STAY. ATTACK anything critical of Israel Labor dogs. This it is an abomination in any democracy which claims to value human rights, it also completely violates Gillard’s token Code of Conduct for Lobbyists. Two related questions not likely to receive an honest answer!

  1. How much has Albert’s AILF put into Labor party election campaigns?
  2. How much has AILF and AICE spent to discredit and campaign against the only party who do not accept his free trips, the Greens?

If you value honesty in Australia and human rights for others, you just have to VOTE for the GREENS.

Mr Dadon, please ask your servants at AILF to answer the question put to them by the Australian parliament, release AILF account details of the actual value of gifts and trips given to Australian members of parliament. Do Australians need to make requests to every single member individually to find out how much the trip was subsidised?

As Senator Conroy’s answer on behalf of Mr Rudd suggested, Australians should ask AILF and the event organiser to disclose how much they subsidised MP travel to Israel. Some contacts for AILF are hard to find, Albert the salesman is easier to contact:

Ubertas Ph: 1300 028 281 [email protected]. Rhapsody contact page, 505 St Kilda Road contact page, Australia Israel Cultural Exchange Contact page Dear AILF, in Parliament on Tuesday 14th June 2011 in answer to a question with notice by Bob Brown on how much MPs trips to Israel in Dec 2010 cost, it was recommended that details of the private funding should be directed to the AILF organisers or directly to participating MPs. As an Australian citizen, I request that AILF discloses how much was spent on travel accommodation and to wine and dine 50 Australian parliamentarians in December 2010 in Israel?

The Srael Flag Previous O/S hospitality accepted by Australian MPs to March 2009. Many organisations who are not charities are giving free trips to MPs. For example AFFO gave Bob Baldwin, LIB, NSW MP a trip to Beijing and Nanchang. Channel Seven gave Julie Bishop a free trip to the Beijing Olympics, Blue Oar Resources gave Alexander Downer a free trip to London, World Bank Institute gave Sharon Grierson a trip to Laos. Michael Johnson Lib QLD MP is very well travelled his trips paid for by Mineralogy, Petro Matad Group and Major Drilling Group International as well as iMMedian Pty Ltd. None of these private companies and benefactors are registered as lobbyists! But they are small potatoes compared to China and Israel lobby groups who give free trips on a grand scale to MPs and even journalists “useful idiots” they think will be influential to help their cause, ABC journalists even like Chris Uhlmann. They are trying to influence the Australian government in a systematic and planned way relying on the dishonesty and greed of Australian MPs. How many Australian MPs have declined free travel to Israel or China?

Mr Albert Dadon said in relation to trips to Israel he subsidises that: “The general rule for parliamentarians taking part in the leadership forum is that they pay their own way to Israel and we take care of all expenses on the ground except for ministers, who are also paying for their expenses“. Mr Albert Dadon, should release the expenses paid for by AILF then, even questions in parliament have not been fully answered, in every electorate where an MP attended it needs to asked individually how much they were subsidised. We can do it that way if Mr Dadon does not co-operate with the Australian parliamentary suggestion to ask the event organiser. This is ridiculous and a dishonest state of affairs. Mr Dadon do as the parliament has suggested and show the Australian people the AILF travel receipts for all the people you paid to go to Israel, declare what you paid to indoctrinate these freeloading politicians and journalists! Their receipts will be in the individual minister’s travel claim then or will Mr Dadon release AILF funding figures? This is not official Australian business, it is a junket from groups aiming to influence the Australian government and it is working well for the lobbyists.

In December 2010, 49 aspiring Foreign Ministers and one real foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd went to Israel for the second Australia-Israel Leadership Forum. There is no mention of this on the AICE WEBSITE! Leading them was Australia’s second de facto Foreign Minister Zionist, Michael Danby. No other country receives such a contingent of Australian senior civil servants, Dadon’s spin is that they were there for “high level” talks, but without Albert’s funding there would have been just one single Minister in “high level” talks, the Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. Many of these same labor politicians have also taken free trips to China like political tramps. “ALMOST one in four federal MPs have accepted free overseas travel worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from foreign governments, private companies and lobby groups“. They are accepting “free gifts” while the people of Australia are paying them a good salary and they have an expense account to pay for their own travel related to government business. They are corrupting their positions and objectivity. What quid pro quo will they be asked to surrender for accepting these free gifts for unregistered lobby groups? In Israel’s case they will never over-react to anything Israel does, no matter what human rights Israel violates. The Lobbying Code states at 9.1 A Government representative who becomes aware of a breach of this Code by a lobbyist shall report details of the breach to the Secretary. It does not appear their are any penalties for breaching the Code.

In the doctrine of the separation of powers codified to some extent in Gillard’s Ethic code specifying no alternative employment for ministers, they should also not accept any free gifts from anyone, or have secondary employment interests while they are Members of the Australian Parliament. A search of the AICE website could find no mention of these MP junket trips in their list of past events, there are a few pictures of Members of Parliament O/S at the King David Hotel celebrating from 2007 to 2009 Stephen Conroy being a prominent guest, no pictures yet of Australian MPs on holiday in Tel Aviv in December 2010, they should acknowledge that guided tours of Israel could be misleading and deceptive without tours of Gaza and Palestine. The Herald Sun has compiled an extensive list of MP’s travel, but only up to 2009. On the Chilim gravy train deep Zionist influences in the Labor party. Julia Irwin, “When I put the question of UN involvement to [current Israeli Defence Minister] Ehud Barak when he visited Australia, he almost exploded“. When asked to explain why virtually every Labor MP backs Israel uncritically, Irwin responds that Zionist lobby free trips to Israel are central to cementing views. Many members and senators from right-wing unions have had close links with the Israeli union movement over the years and have maintained entrenched views.

“Labor power-broker Mark Arbib [alongside ALP officials and NSW Jewish treasurer Eric Roozendaal] have demanded Julia Irwin’s speeches be vetted before presentation”. Factional leaders have destroyed the Labor party as being representative of workers and union members. Irwin also cites the never-ending free trips to Israel -“a visit to Israel is almost a rite of passage for new MPs and Senators and display by hosts of “backward Arabs threatening such an enlightened society“. Julia Gillard’s blind backing for Israel is one of her key foreign policy objectives. Opposition leader Tony Abbott is no different.

Who will they be servants to? Who is owed quad pro quo! Taking gifts from Foreign governments China Inc. The leaders in the Israel lobby who organised the free trips for AUSTRALIAN MPS, Danby, Dadon and Mark Dreyfus?

On the 16th October 2010 Rabbi Ovodia Yosef, the founder and spiritual he head of Shas’s Council of Torah Sages, a senior Sephardi adjudicator and one of the three major components of the current Israeli government, gave the following speech: “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel” More discussion on the Rabbi According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. Thankfully a vast number of Israelis disassociate themselves from Yosef Ovadia, but the Israeli government and some lobby groups behave according to this belief in “goyim” being there only to serve their Jewish masters. How can they negotiate on equal terms with anyone, when they believe they are superior? In psychological terms, Yosef is suffering from a Narcissistic personality disorder. Australian politicians like Bill Shorten and Michael Danby (non-goyim) are going along for the ride against the interests of all Australians.

Australian Politicians who took the December 2010 AILF trip to Tel Aviv

PDF archived version for the DVD A full list of MPs on the AILF gravy train to Israel in December 2010. If you can help complete this email list, we can ask each MP individually how much their travel was subsidised Email the editor. Some of these email addresses might be incorrect! This list is a work in-progress 16th July 2011 at 1742 hours. Contact each MP and hopefully with some responses, an average figure will allow approximate calculation of much each MP’s travel and expenses were paid for by Albert Dadon’s AILF. Labor Connect Website. Go to the Donate page and from there you will be stuck, the back button does not work, donate money to the rotten Labor party. Not Likely! It might be necessary to make FOI applications to get this information if politicians do not co-operate. Sample email being sent:

Request sent 29th June at 1657 hours
Dear Senator Barnett,In response to a question by Bob Brown, Senator Conroy on behalf of Foreign Minister Rudd said on 14th June 2011 QUESTIONS ON NOTICE Israel (Question No. 342) Tuesday, 14 June 2011 Page: 2746 that questions about travel expenses to Israel should be addressed to individual members of parliament.I am hereby asking you how much of the trip to Israel was paid for by AILFand how much was paid for by Australian Taxpayers?Yours Faithfully Australian Taxpayer. Action aborted, Rudd was the only honest broker on the list of MPs.
Australian MPs subsidised travel to Israel in Dec. 2010
Name Party Email Contact Date Contacted Amount Paid Subsidy
Kevin Andrews Liberal MP Email Kevin.Andrews Emailed request 29/06/2011 No reply to date Unknown
Guy Barnett Liberal Senator Contact Guy Barnett Tried 29/06/2011 Server Error Not able to contact via email Amount Unknown
Michael Danby Labor Senator Email Michael Danby Emailed request 29/06/2011 No reply to date Unknown
Christopher Pyne Liberal Senator Email Christopher Pyne Emailed request 29/06/2011 No reply to date Unknown
Bernie Ripoll Labor MP Email Bernie Ripoll Emailed request 29/06/2011 No reply to date Unknown
Kevin Rudd Labor MP Foreign Minister Email Kevin Rudd Emailed request 29/06/2011 Replied 27th July Dept of Finance paid all Rudd’s travel expenses travel accommodation and incidentals”
  • Mark Bishop
  • John Byron
  • Kim Carr
  • Steven Ciobo
  • Ron Cross
  • David Dinte
  • Eitan Drori
  • Mary Easson
  • Amanda Easson
  • Andrea Faulkner
  • Mitch Fifield
  • Con Gallin
  • Rohan Ganeson
  • Mike Kelly
  • Peter Khalil
  • Lydia Khalil
  • Yong-Sup Kimm
  • Douglas Kirsner
  • Maha Krishnapillai
  • Naomi Levin
  • Marion Lustig
  • Richard Marles
  • Brett Mason
  • Yair Miller
  • Kelly O’Dwyer
  • Mark Paterson
  • Scott Ryan
  • Emmanuel Santos
  • Tom Scotnicki
  • Kristy Somers
  • Niv Tadmore
  • Evan Thornley
  • John Weiss
  • Antonio Zeccola
  • Margaret Andrews
  • Shelley Kelly
  • Amanda Mendes Da Costa
  • Nicola Wright
  • Carl Ungerer
  • Thom Woodroofe
  • Lenore Taylor Journalist
  • Tony Walker Journalist
  • Steve Lewis Journalist
  • Greg Sheridan Journalist
  • Chris Uhlmann ABC Journalist
  • Jessie Sheridan Journalist’s wife?
  • Debbie Dadon
  • Albert Dadon


Some Australian MPs mainly Goyim who accepted FREE Trips to Israel before 2010

Labor Party MPs who took earlier free Israel trips (Subject to the Code of Conduct)
Nicola Roxon seeks tobacco funding

  • RICHARD MARLES Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Islands Affairs
  • KIM CARR ALP Industry Minister
  • STEPHEN CONROY ALP Senator promoting censorship of the Internet
  • JASON CLARE, ALP, NSW Dec 13-20, 2008: Travel to Israel accommodation guest of Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • MICHAEL DANBY, (Non Goyim) Jewish member of the ALP, VIC 2008 and 2009: business class flights, accommodation by AICE
  • MICHAEL KEENAN, LIB, WA July 10-16, 2008: Travel to Israel guest Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council. Airfare, accommodation.
  • SHAYNE NEUMAN, ALP, QLD Dec 13-20, 2008: Travel to Israel guest of Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • ANDREW ROBB, VIC, LIB: July 10-17, 2008: Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council trip to Israel, business class fares, accommodation.
  • MARK BISHOP, ALP, WA Dec 13-20, 2008: trip to Israel with Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • JACINTA COLLINS, ALP, VIC Dec 13-20, 2008: trip to Israel with Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • MICHAEL FORSHAW, ALP, NSW June 20-28, 2008: trip to Israel. Accommodation and hospitality paid by Australian Israel Cultural Exchange
  • HELEN POLLEY, ALP, TAS 2009: Travel to Israel paid for by Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • KEVIN RUDD 2002 and 2006 Travel and hospitality to Israel paid for by Australia Israel Cultural Exchange.
  • JULIA GILLARD June 2009
  • PETER COSTELLO June 2009
  • MARK DREYFUS (Non Goyim) Jewish Labor MP June 2009
  • MIKE KELLY June 2009 Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture

Liberal Party Goyim who have taken the Free trip to Israel (Not subject to the Code of Conduct)
Tobacco Habit Liberals and the LNP ruled by the religious extremists. Tony Barry $20,000 a month

  • PETER DUTTON, LIB, QLD July 10-17, 2008: Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council trip to Israel, business airfares and accommodation.
  • CORY BERNARDI, LIB, SA 2008: travel and costs to Israel paid for by Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • BRETT MASON, LIB, QLD June 20-27, 2008: Travel and hospitality to Israel paid for by Australia Israel Cultural Exchange.
  • DAVID JOHNSTON, LIB, WA July 10-17, 2008: trip to Israel paid for by Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.
  • TONY ABBOTT, LIB, NSW July 2008: guest of Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council. Tony.Abbott
  • ALEXANDER DOWNER, LIB, SA April 27-May 6, 2008: Travel to USA paid by American Jewish Committee to receive award for excellence.
  • JULIE BISHOP LIB, Deputy Leader Opposition
  • GUY BARNETT LIB June 2009

Some “useful idiots” in the press who accepted free trips to Israel

Even the ABC censors material unfavourable to Israel claiming it needs a balance and a film from the opposite view as well. Hope in A Slingshot shows Israel’s brutal occupation. At SBS, an internal memo last year tried to forbid reporters from even using the words, “Palestinian land”. These “idiots” can be very useful.

For real reporting on the Israel Palestine question, the only journalist to follow is Anthony Loewenstein. The political views of these politicians and journalists have been compromised by Israel lobby groups. They are not objective on any issues related to Israel who has learnt a thing or two from the Soviets, lobby money well spent on “useful idiots” who lack independence and intellectual integrity.

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria, JCCV

Another website critical of labor that disappeared
The Jewish Lobby often try to intimidate and stop dissenting Jews speaking out. Apart from the SHIT list of Jews and individuals like Anthony Loewenstein who remains very vocal, another example is Menachem Vorchheimer who was told to, “pull his head in” and “stop criticising a good friend of the Jewish poople” meaning the Victorian Labor party led by John Bullshit Brumby. Menachem made stickers for Brumby Bullshit as Brumby supported a corrupt police force who did his bidding. The irony is that the JCCV has a new reporting method for anti-semetic incidents, a special Community Security Group to liase with Victoria Police. But when Menachem tried to take honourable action following a personal anti-semetic attack on him by an off duty policeman, JCCV did not support him. Ongoing silence is not an option. Crimes by David Kramer could have been prevented if Yeshivah College, an Orthodox Jewish school reported the complaints to police. Those who do not speak up could be guilty of nivul peh. “To a degree, an individual who could prevent evil from happening is responsible when it occurs – that’s a pretty heavy spiritual burden to carry“.

No other ethnic or religious group receives such preferential attention as the Jewish Community Security Group who tend to be very vocal on issues of anti-Semitism but they remain silent on issues of abuse, they should support individuals like Menachem Vorchhemer who do speak up. JCCV have their own bias and discriminations against others such as GLBT Jewish people. They want human rights for Jews, but what about individuals standing alone against racial discrimination or child abuse, what about human rights for gays or even Palestinians?

Mikey Bear has a message for JCCV president John Searle. “Next time you are on the phone to Victoria Police, please ask them to transfer you to their Gay and Lesbian Advisory Unit. GLBT members of the Jewish community face homophobia, intolerance, marginalisation, hate, discrimination and contempt and that the JCCV tolerates and contributes to these attitudes originating from both within and external to the community. What the JCCV the ACL and fascist regimes have in common. “JCCV’s take on homosexuality is that Anton Block, the chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission (the branch of the JCCV that investigates and fights anti-Semitism and holocaust rhetoric) founded and sits on the very JCCV reference group that gives tacit support to Rabbi Rapoport’s statement against homosexual people who could not be members of JCCV as that would fracture the Jewish Community”. The Anti-Defamation Commission ADC “apparently holds that criticising the Israeli Government is antisemitic”. ADC thinks it is antisemitic to talk of a Jewish lobby, but there is more than one Jewish lobbist, Albert Dadon Founded two Jewish lobbies just by himself AICE AND AILF.

Some unbelievable racism bigotry and another Zionist with a Narcissistic personality disorder, pure ego driven ignorance from the son of Israel’s PM‘s Ariel Sharon’s son Gilad. The legal system can be abused to try and intimidate critics to stop saying anything critical of Zionism and the Jewish lobby relationship with the Australian Labor party, yet some of the Zionists in power hold extreme views discriminating against others on the basis of their sexuality or their races if they are “Goyim” and not Jewish. Jewish schools have had problems dealing with honesty and holding criminals to account because of Jewish conventions of Jewish abuse covered up Yeshivah’s reluctance to fully cooperate with the investigation and JCCV’s silence on this issue has been bewildering and outrageous. It indicates that there is a major gap in leadership in the Victorian Jewish community. No one was willing to stand up when it counted – this from an organisation that claims to be the voice of Victorian Jewry.

They look at us. We are everything they never were and never will be. We have a history and culture thousands of years old, we have a functioning, developing society while they are just the offshoot of our Zionism. Their entire national story was born in the wake of Zionism. Even their self-definition as a people has no subsistence without us. They look at themselves through our image. The more we succeed and progress, the more their hatred intensifies. We are the proof that it is possible to do it differently, that failures are not the result of destiny, but primarily of decisions and actions.”

The Zionist movement has many egotistical maniacs who think they are better than others who have lesser rights than them. They degrade and dehumanise Palistinians before taking their land, bulldozing their houses and killing them. In Victoria police should be made aware of the Zionist egotistical bias and the naval gazing of organisations born of Zionism like JCCV which is a serial bully constantly crying out against anti-Jewish attitudes, but simultaneously perpetrating anti-gay attitudes and intolerance. JCCV lessen their own credibility by being prejudiced themselves. Zionists like Ted Lapkin say that they support free speech for their favoured reporter Andrew Bolt, but they are not tolerant of views exposing the wrongs of Zionism? If you want to point the finger at anyone as being anti-semetic, then have clean hands yourself JCCV. Watch out for them Victoria Police, be specific in applying the law as it is literally and not as JCCV blindly see it through a black welding mask.

Rabbis calling for censorship In America FOUR hundred rabbis, including the leaders of all the main branches of Judaism in the US, have signed an open letter calling on Rupert Murdoch to sanction the head of Fox News and one of the channel’s most famous hosts. They are seeking a response due to frequent inappropriate references to Nazis and the Holocaust. Last November, Ailes called executives of the public radio network (NPR) “Nazis” for having sacked a news analyst, Juan Williams, who also worked for Fox News, after Williams said he felt nervous flying on the same plane as passengers in Muslim dress. Ailes apologised to a Jewish group for the expression, though not to NPR. Beck has made innumerable references to Nazis and the Holocaust, most starkly in his hounding of Jewish financier and philanthropist George Soros, whom he has accused of sending Jews to the death camps. Soros was only a teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary and survived by hiding with a Christian family. The Christians claim Soros has an army of radical allies.

Beck has targeted Soros as a “puppet master” for his support of a variety of liberal causes, including his initial funding of the advocacy group J Street, which pushes for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In one broadcast, Beck said that Soros is not a fan of the state of Israel many people would call him an anti-Semite. The advertisement is signed by the heads of the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist affiliations within Judaism, as well as by several Orthodox Jews. It was organised by the Jewish Funds for Justice, which earlier this month demanded the dismissal of Beck.

Orthodox Jews shut down Menachem Vorchheimers critical websites for being critical of a Labor friend of Israel Bullshit John Brumby, Julia Gillard’s mentor who was thrown out of office in 2010.

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Albert Dadon and Ex-PM Kevin Rudd

Albert Dadon at a party for more Aussie politicians Albert Dadon founder of AICE Australia Israel Cultural Exchance Founded by Melbourne-based Albert Dadon the AICEembracing the full range of the cultural diversity of both countries” Before he began promoting Julia Gillard, Israel Lobbyist, Albert Dadon, was one of Kevin Rudd’s most trusted advisers on Israel. Stealing into the limelight to become a Prime Ministerial advisor of Jewish affairs Albert Dadon. Before he became PM Rudd, was cultivated by Albert Dadon, who had organised two FREE trips to Israel for him. Dadon also established the Australia-Israel Cultural Exchange. Through his marriage into the billionaire Besen family and one of Australia’s 100 most powerful women Debbie Dadon and the (e.g., Highpoint Property Group, Suzanne and Sportsgirl shopping chains), Albert Dadon is related to Morry (Formidable) Schwartz. A cold winter for Morry dozens of properties sold for a fraction of their retail price. Perhaps he is getting out of the snow ahead of further global warming! Morry’s brother is married to Carol Schwartz, the daughter of Marc Besen, it was Morry who published Rudd’s “Faith in Politics” essay in his magazine, The Monthly, in 2006, which helped give Rudd a higher public profile from which to become PM.

In Rudd’s essay, our ex-PM praised his Christian hero, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was an outspoken defender of “the marginalised, the vulnerable and the oppressed” during the Nazi’s rule.

But as PM, Rudd showed indifference to the “marginalised, vulnerable and the oppressed” The UN Human Rights Council Commissioned a Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (The Goldstone Report) along with the vast majority of the UN General Assembly in November 2009, he voted against it, deferring to his pro-Israeli rich on whom he depends for friends and funds. To quote his own essay, Rudd seems to prefer “the hypocrisy of the religious and political elites of his time.”

Rudd had long gone out of his way to stress his strong commitment to Israel and his appreciation for the security concerns. Ambassador Rotem said that he has had excellent access to Rudd and noted that the PM has taken a strong interest in even minor issues involving Israel. In that regard, Israel Ambassador Yuval Rotem noted that this has created a sometimes confusing situation where the PM‘s Office gets involved in routine matters that are normally handled at the working level within the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Rotem said that calls to DFAT are often returned by the PM‘s Foreign Policy Advisor, Gary Quinlan. Commenting that DFAT officials are very frank in expressing their annoyance with the PM‘s micromanaging of foreign policy issues, Rotem laughingly said that “while I understand their point of view, how can I complain about having that kind of attention from the PM“. Israeli ambassador knew/knows more about Australian foreign policy than does our own Foreign Ministry or the US embassy, and therefore suggesting that Danby might be effective defacto foreign minister. Kevin Rudd demoted by Labor faceless ones from being Prime Minister to Foreign Minister is at odds with Julia Gillard, which adds more gravitas to Dandy’s role in foreign affairs.

When Mossad (Israeli spies) assassinated a Palestinian in Dubai last January, there of course was no outcry from Canberra. But then it was revealed that the assassins stole the identities of four Australian citizens and forged four Australian passports. USA spies don’t seem any better. It appears that Prime Minister Rudd stopped listening to his “trusted kitchen cabinet advisers on Israel”. Perhaps he recognised some responsibility to the Australian people who elected him, not the Israelis that promoted him in the first place. Kevin Rudd, who had been considered a friend of Israel, declared on radio (3AW) that- “any state that chooses to do this in relation to Australian passports, frankly, is treating the Australian people, the Australian government and the Australian nation with contempt“.

Subsequently, Australia expelled the Mossad chief in Canberra, senior Mossad agents were also expelled in the UK and Ireland. Expulsion would have no impact says Andrew Crook. Mossad takes a special interest forging passports due to travel bans on Israeli citizens in some Arab countries.

A Pragmatic Julia Gillard censoring Australians for the support of religious groups

AFL tops list of politician freebies AUSTRALIA’S politicians receive hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free tickets to sporting and cultural events under a disclosure regime allowing ministers to avoid personal bills of thousands of dollars by classifying the freebies as “hospitality”. They accept hospitality compromising their loyalty to the Australian people by accepting free gifts and using the double-speak of “hospitality” to arrogantly accept international paid business class trips to another country, all paid for by rich lobby groups for another country. Shamless political tarts of the world, Australian politicians, including and especially Julia Gillard for her good friends who gave her partner a job beyond his ability and experience and funded her political electoral campaigning as well as paying for dozens of free trips to Tel Aviv by Australian politicians.

Gillard’s ex employer Slater & Gordon could find no documents relating to the work done by Ms Gillard to set up a union slush fund. “If there are such documents, we don’t have them” said Andrew Grech MD of Slater & Gordon.

The Australian Christian Lobby also have the self professed atheist Gillard in their pocket. I might be what Gillard referred to as a Misogynist nut-job on the internet? What an insult, especially as Slater & Gordon sued their own Family Law Clients in 2004 in a Family Law culture that may have reflected what Slater & Gordon were like generally. Gillard also has a long and bad history of abolishing ancient rights like innocent until proven guilty or the right to question false allegations. Gillard was involved with Bullshit John Brumby to introduce the Victorian domestic Violence Act she worked on while in Victoria. Gillard is anti-male, herFamily Law reforms reward perjury in the Family Court. Her professional life with Slater and Gordon has been conveniently destroyed. But solicitors are professionals at retaining and archiving legal documents! Her working history is one of expedience and working within any work culture of bullying and greed.

Peter Gordon awards himself a $1,000,000 bonus from over a settlement for faulty breast implants. In a rare insight into the inner workings of Australia’s best known no-win, no-fee law firm, Mr Mulvany also accuses the partners of short-changing Caroline Shaw, the widow of the firm’s general manager Geoffrey Shaw, by more than $100,000 and splitting the money among themselves . Slater & Gordon staff did what they were told to make money by any means, for themselves.

Larry Pickering under pressure. His website has been attacked and closed down, strangely even the domain seems to be available. Injured workers websites have also been attacked by a government authority workcover DOS attacks. under attack. Hacking disgrace. Pickering said his website was suffering an increasing number of cyber attacks trying to shut it down. Pickering Facebook updates. Injured workers websites have also been under attack by workcover. About a thousand document requests in 30 seconds was enough! On Friday 17th August 2012 the attacks were successful and Pickering’s account was suspended. That makes two sites hosted on goDaddy servers that have failed under excessive document requests. An Attack on Larry by the Sydney Morning Herald playing the man and not responding to what he is saying except by abuse such as “misogynist nut-job ” while taking freebies from the AFL. Priceless.

Gillard has employed some of Bullshit John Brumby’s staff who were also attacking websites critical of the Victorian Labor party in 2010. This seems to be part of the Labor media strategy, disable critical sites and call the owners female hating nut-jobs on national TV. What about these extreme nut-jobs who Gillards panders to like the crazy Christian lobby of Jim Wallace who still as adults have imaginary childhood friends. It would be very hard to find a bigger nut-job than Gillard’s friend Jim Wallace! Julai Gillard has the media at her beck and call with paid staff to do her bidding she may learned in her tutorials under Bullshit Brumby and his famous media manipulation team kicked out of office in 2010 partially at least because they were seen to be attacking the internet but lacked the IT skills to hide their tracks? Servers overloaded by requests from Labor party media staff perhaps, or just another dodgy goDaddy server? The story Gillary tried to Kill about her relationship with union fraudstar Bruce Wilson. Conveniently the files go missing. Sold to the union man. How involved was she in union corruption? She has continued her attempts to censor the internet and introduce a Labor party run police state. Major newspapers bury the story under Gillard threats and in the process trash the reputations of diligent investigative journalists. “The Australian newspaper unreservedly apologises to the Prime Minister“. The grovelling Murdoch press panders to tthe PM and censors stories on her relationship with Bruce Wilson.

A reliable source said Gillard was “incandescent” with rage when she stormed into News Ltd Offices, after initially resorting to sobbing. Gillard’s employer at the time of the union fraud was the law firm Slater & Gordon. Gillard set up accounts to which extorted funds were diverted. Accounts set up by Gillard were operated by Wilson and fellow fraudster, Ralph Blewitt, were described by an AWU executive as “unauthorised”, “invalid”, “irregular” and used for “possibly illegal purposes”. Slater & Gordon refuses to release documents (allegedly showing their complicity) claiming privilege. Peter Gordon has since resigned from Slater & Gordon. “I did nothing wrong” Gillard says on her resignation from the most disreputable dishonest law firm I have ever had any dealing with. Peter Gordon was happily filling his pockets with compensation money for injured people while Gillard was setting up dodgy bank account to launder stolen union funds. Gillard will never support a whistleblower like Assange, she is just too pragmatically dirty and dishonest herself to want free information released like her files from Slater and Gordon or Scum and Gutter as they are known in family law circles.

A pragmatic Australian Prime Minister censoring and attacking an Australian Julian Assange Julia Gillard like some others ex-employees and partners, even the founder of the Melbourne Law Firm Slater & Gordon may have some skeletons well hidden in the closet by weasel words of “confidentiality and priviledge”. Gillard was a partner in the firm for four years in their industrial relations section when she set up accounts for union funds to be diverted into. Slater & Gordon are a law firm that claimed to be interested in the “little guy”, that is certainly not my experience from employing Slater & Gordon, for Family law matters. Some personality types of ambulance chasing solicitors. Try and AvoidLawyerspicnics. A Gillard bird which gets preened everyday by her hairdresser partner Tim

A Gillard bird which gets preened everyday by her hairdresser partner Tim. Peter Gordon was taken to court by a former staff member Mr Mulvany who complained that Peter Gordon awarded himself a one million dollar bonus when his clients who contracted breast cancer from faulty implants received a pittance. Ms Balaam, a bookkeeper and mother of three daughters from Mount Martha in Victoria, said at the time of the settlement that she found it hard to believe the amount could be so little, adding that it would cover less than a third of her medical costs. She now questions whether the firm was acting in her best interests. “It’s very shocking to hear and I’m angry,” she said. “We did expect a lot more money than I got, but we just thought there was nothing I could do about it and we had to accept it. Now we’ve heard that, I’m angry.”

Gillard had no trouble working within this culture just as she slots right into anything her supporters want, has she any core values herself? She even admitted she was going to be the Real Julia Gillard after being “stage managed”. PM goes all the way with USA rhetorical genuflecting. Barely a couple of hundred of the 535 elected representatives and senators showed up for Gillard’s speech.

She is pragmatic in seeking any funding from anyone who will support her. She was not even sure who she was, or what she stands for! A few things do seem to mean a lot to her in her efforts to be PM; the USA, and her support for Israel like peas in a pod. She has no concern for the Australian in IMHO celebrated whistleblower Julian Assange. She has no interest in promoting education on evolution in Australian schools as an atheist she is hypocritically reliant on support from biased religious groups and the few “faceless men” and Emily’s list members who made her PM. Julia Gillard has slandered Julian Assange and Julia refuses to bring the matter up while she in crawling to the Americans and kicking a football with Obama. She should speak for our secular democracy with a free press and free speech. Australian wikileaks cables. Is julia Forgetting who she is again! Stand up the real Julia Gillard! The “young and naive” Julia worked within the dishonest Victorian Labor party supporting Bullshit Brumby and has now employed two of Brumby’s media-spin staff to work for her!

Gillard has stated that she does not believe in God. What a pity then that her first act as PM was to pander to religious views from the Christian group FamilyVoice Australia previously known as the Festival of Light and they are supported by two Senators and The Australian Christian Lobby to deprive other Australians of our rights and liberties. FamilyVoice spokeswoman Ros Phillips said she was “delighted” the Gillard government’s position on censorship was being maintained. Gillard fails to protect free speech. She is a great disappointment to all Australians interested in scientific facts and progress in education. Gillard grovels to Jim Wallace and the Australian Christian Lobby as well as the Jewish Lobby groups. Gillard will not meet the Dalai Lama though a leader in exile. But who does Jim Wallace and the Christian Lobby really represent? A narrow minded group of Pentecostals. A petition by Christians against the Australian Lobby who represent a few power-hungry bible-bashers. Gillard is Keynote speaker at the Australian Christian Lobby October 5 Hyat Hotel Melboure with Jim Wallace. The leader of the nation, rejecting science to associate herself with the ignorant and hateful views of the ACL and Jim Wallace. If the government wants to know what Catholics think, ask a Cardinal or a Bishop not Jim Wallace. Who does the AICE group really represent? Don’t the Rabbis have any say and older Jewish groups predating Albert Dadon’s lobbying activities? Gillard supports selected grown-ups who have their own lobby groups and they still have imaginary friends who demand censorship and that the whole country looks the other way when Israel violates human rights. Going along with the yelling religious idiot Senator Conroy.

A Derryn Hinch interview on Gillard crawling to the Australian Christian Lobby while living in “sin” with her partner Tim in the Lodge. WHAT OF ISRAEL’s culture would Australia want? A Petition delivered to Gillard just before she set out on a sponsored trip to Israel as Deputy Prime Minister. It was Organised by Canberra academic Dr Ned Curthoys and was signed by almost 200 signatories, mostly academics and numbering several Jews among them, notably chutzpa and the real truth exposed by Antony Lowenstein. Israel snares Australian minds and very few resist. Does the Zionist Lobby have blood on it’s hands in Australia? Those in the orthodox Jewish community who do not speak up for human rights are guilty of nivul peh.

A REAL TOUR guide from Paula Rosine Long. “Palestine stretches from the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean Sea to the West Bank on the Jordan River, with the State of Israel in between. However, a wall that is illegal under international law cuts off a large section of the West Bank, and most of the land that is now called Palestine is actually under Israeli military rule. We invite you to East Jerusalem, which is being illegally annexed by Israel. We invite you to Hebron, Bethlehem and Nablus, but please only attempt to travel between these West Bank cities if you are not of Palestinian descent (and preferably not ethnically Arab), as you could be held for hours at checkpoints or denied entry. We should also point out, if we are to represent the land of Palestine honestly, that much of the West Bank is overtaken with Israeli settlements, also considered illegal under international law. You are also invited — as long as you aren’t a Palestinian — to see the tourist sites in nearby Israel, which was ethnically cleansed during its 1948 founding.”

Political donations lack transparency Free trips to Israel do not even rate a mention. Splitting donations to political parties into several amounts $2,500 each several businesses paid to attend an “intimate lunch” with Labor factional leader Mark Arbib who wikileaks revealed was betraying Australia in his blind support for the American war on terror and Israel. Free trips and financial donations undermine our democracy, there was a mysterious boost to the ALP’s finances recently. Michael Danby after Rudd was disposed of was appointed Special Adviser to the Treasurer on Corporate Philanthropy and the Non-Government Sector. Dandby is working with Bill Shorten to improve corporate philanthropy, perhaps that includes donations to the Labor party while it supports Israeli policy in the uncritical way Julia Gillard does, never over-reacting to anything israel does? What can the Australian people expect from Julia Gillard’s Labor party, the same as the Victorian people received from Bullshit Brumby.

Gillard employs two of Brumby’s ex-staff members Mr Reece and Ben Hubbard. Mr Reece only recently employed by Gillard is quickly leaving the sinking Gillard ship for an academic position, but don’t despair Labor media spin will endure his loss, he left some dirt-digging tips behind for his colleagues in the Gillard international media manipulation team. His legacy will linger on. Nick ruined Victorian Labor party credibility being forced to apologise to Liberal Premier Ted Baillieu, Nick was deeply involved in Victorian Brumby Bullshit media management, he has done the same to the Federal Labor party. “Smearing, harassment, abuse, bullying, intimidation and threats of critics” said Mr Liberal Premier Baillieu. Labor party spin doctors are almost like fifth columnists destroying Labor from within.

Rudd may have been difficult to work with, but at least he was honest and had some values, Gillard seems to have no core values at all. Media manipulation is her currency. Gillard has gone further than employing Bullshit Brumby staff, she has imported a media spin consultant who worked for ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair who was adept at grovelling to Rupert Murdoch an unfit person to own a media empire for media support. Tony defends Murdock relationship. The imported director of communications, McTernan arrived in late 2011 and his appointment has coincided with a period of toxic bumbling by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Being a former Slater & Gordon solicitor, Julia Gillard should have been more aware of the doctrine of the separation of powers, that she cannot as a politician intrude in judicial matters. Her attack on the High Court was a culpable mistake rendering her a lame duck PM for however long she lasts. Gillard’s High Court attack “out-of-line. She is also out-of-line making frantic calls to newspaper editors to have stories retracted. Glen Milne sacked from the ABC! Gillard hired ex Blair staffer Mr McTernan to manage her media manipulation team. Another media manager in the fine Labor party tradition of “Bullshit Brumby“, Gillard’s Victorian mentor who had the biggest PR spin machine outside Nth. Korea. Mr McTernan was also recruited by NSW Labor (That did not go well) Another job for the boys!

Gillard now sucking up to China who systematically attack websites in Australia. More on China Inc. which Gillard is revisiting! Now that the Israel Lobby has/is being exposed for intruding on our democracy! Will it again be Chinese business interests who fund the Labor party in future?

Albert Dadon Julia Gillard and the pro-Israel Lobby

The PM, her partner and the pro-Israel Lobbyist

Albert Dadon Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson June 29, 2010

Australian PM Israel’s puppet

Gillard advertising Dadon's Rhapsody development The Sunday Age newspaper carried colourful advertising for new apartments for Albert Dadon’s Ubertas “Rhapsody” development. Albert’s AICE newsletter has the same name as his business development Rhapsody! Does the bottom right inset image seem familiar? It is the cover of Albert’s AICE Rhapsody Magazine featuring his then employee Tim’s partner, Deputy PM Julia Gilard. There are only fourteen editions of Rhapsody archived, Gillard is on the cover of three editions. Gillard as Deputy PM is sprooking for her partner’s employer, Gillard was helping sell a property developer’s “Rhapsody” project. Is the AICE Magazine really about Cultural relations? Or is AICE just another promotion tool for Ubertas to sell Albert’s Rhapsody property development with Gillard’s picture on the cover. Why is the then Deputy PM advertising for Ubertas? Even worse was what Gillard’s partner seemed to be doing for his employer! The Victorian state then liberal opposition questioned Mr Mathieson’s role in a Ubertas project, claiming Corrupt Planning Minister Justin Madden late last year approved the company’s plans for a 50-level tower at 350 Williams Street in Melbourne, only after lobbying by Mr Mathieson.

Is Albert Dadon doing anything to have this image of himself with Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson removed from the media? The Age full article with the picture of Dadon, Gillard and Mathieson was deleted from their website in an unusual manner. The document address, the URL is still there, but the content has been removed, so search engines indexing the page will reindex it as a blank page with no content over-writing the earlier article and replacing it with a blank page. If the article were mistakenly deleted, searches for it would have produced an Error 404, “File not Found”, which would allow you to still see the original cached version. Has it been deliberately “censored”, wiped clean by The Age and also disowned by them in search engine databases. The Age seems to be washing its hands of this article and giving it over to The Sydney Morning Herald in a more sanitised version.

The Age newspaper might have been doing some illegal snooping as well as censuring articles critical of an ALP benefactor. Another censorship example Milne’s offending article disappeared from The Australian newspaper website. When Chris Mitchell, The Australian’s editor-in chief rang and spoke to the Prime Minister as ordered to, he said, she was “apoplectic“. Chris Mitchell had been on the end of verbal sprays from Paul Keating, he said, but “they were nothing compared to this“. Gillard seems too busy trying to manage the media to be a real leader. Peter Faris a senior criminal lawyer said The Age was trying to shut down “freedom of expression” after an ALP audit found two computers at the newspaper were used to search through the private records of voters’ dealings with the party. Legal experts say The Age may be open to potential charges for breaches of the Commonwealth’s Cybercrime Act and even state laws. “I have no faith Victoria Police will do anything. Police command is too busy tapping each other’s phones” said Peter Faris of the likelihood that Victoria Police would investigate the newspaper.

Albert extensively advertises in The Age, perhaps not as much in The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. Google staff have already checked this webpage as well, but no word from them yet if this information might be removed from the advertising company search index. Maybe Albert advertises with Google as well? This image is most certainly in the public interest, Albert is a blatant political lobbyist for Israel, his former employee was the Prime Minister’s partner Tim Mathieson.

It seems that The Age have cropped this image from one taken at the 2008 Jazz Festival Dinner which is copyright Corleve. Perhaps The Age wrongly used the image without acknowledgement or payment to Corleve? Why else would they delete the entire article and then replace it at a new URL without the picture? A picture tells a thousand words, now the article is downgraded, the title was also removed “The PM, her partner, and the pro-Israel lobbyist” and the picture is gone? The new sanitised article is published by The Sydney Morning Herald which acknowledges The Age and the authors as Dan Oakes and Dylan Welch.

The Age stated that after the coup and the disposal of Kevin Rudd, two former Australian ambassadors to Israel, Ross Burns and Peter Rodgers, complained of “a much more determined pro-Israel position and I think Gillard is a part of that“. Has The Age Newspaper deleted this article at the request of a major advertiser Albert Dadon (Sunday 14th Front page of The Age A Professionally made Video promotion of Albert’s Jazz concerts). Albert Dadon had The Age print him an apology for mentioning his race which they did not even do? Why is The Age Newspaper scared of mentioning Albert Dadon (a frequent advertiser deep pockets perhaps?) or Gaza, why has it deleted such stories? Here is a cached version without the image Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv June 29, 2010. The extraordinary reach of Albert Dadon, who ironically does not see himself as an Israel Lobbyist, he might be seen by some in the Jewish community as an “arriviste”. A person who has recently attained high position or great power but not general acceptance or respect, an upstart.

Albert Dadon giving Israeli PM Netanyahu his recommendations Albert Dadon giving Julia Gillard his recommendations In the picture on the left, Julia Gillard is accepting a document from Albert Dadon on his proposed joint security operations between Israel and Australia. Albert wants both Israel and Australia to contribute $5 million each to online security encryption and security as well as placement of more Israeli security staff in Australia (Mossad). Dadon’s presentation to Gillard of the portfolio on the 24th May 2011, was on the first anniversary of the Mossad chief’s expulsion.

In the picture on the right albert is giving the same document to the Israeli PM. How many votes does Albert have in two countries? Israel might already be a world leader in internet hacking and making computer virus to use against perceived enemies. The Stuxnet computer virus. China has a 30-strong commando unit of cyberwarriors cyber-hackers, but perhaps with less expertise than those who wrote the Stuxnet virus.

Mossad has already been caught using Australian passports to carry out their military objectives. Perhaps Gillard might allow them to use Australian note polymer technology to make counterfeit money and fake passports at Note Printing Australia. It seems bribery was commonly used to get foreign contracts for NPA. Updating Australian bribery laws. Hopefully new laws with also stop the bribery of Australian politicians.

A wealthy private citizen, who funded his own lobby group AILF Albert Dadon, is formally handing Gillard his AILF military strategy and Gillard meekly accepts it, even after Israel as Kevin Rudd stated had been “Treating Australia with contempt“. How powerful is Albert Dadon? More powerful than the Australian people, politicians, parliament and press. Dadon does not represent 20 million Australians, he represents himself and the support groups he founded while imploring Australians to ignore images of bloodshed. Albert seems single-handedly able to influence two democracies with the help of Gillard and the Netanyahu Israeli government, two democracies for sale to the highest bidder and the winner is Albert Dadon. Where are the defence ministers or foreign ministers? Netanyahu has a slim majority and Gillard has a very tenuous position relying on independents, she is even more impotent to implement any defence plans presented by Mr Dadon. He is promoting joint security proposals when Israeli Mossad agents have been treating Australia with contempt which Rudd complained about weeks before he was was sacked as PM.

Netanyahu was only saved from a corruption scandal because of “difficulties with the evidence”. Gillard promotes rich lobbyists like Dadon and treats Australians with contempt herself by supporting her “good firends” Albert and Debbie Dadon. Gillard has also been ambushing army tenders trading off the safety of soldiers to please Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons.

Article censored and deleted. Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv The Age June 29, 2010. FORMER Australian ambassador to Israel Ross Burns accused Prime Minister Julia Gillard of being silent on the “excesses” of Israel, and he has questioned why her partner Tim was given a job by a prominent Israel lobbyist Albert Dadon with his company Ubertas Group.

This a new benchmark in jobs for the boys“, Mr Burns stated. Mr Burns was supported in his criticism of the Labor government’s attitude towards Israel by another former Australian ambassador to Tel Aviv, Peter Rodgers who said “Australia’s approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had become increasingly unbalanced“.

The Victoria state opposition Liberal party questioned Mr Mathieson’s role in another Ubertas project, claiming Planning Minister Justin Madden late last year approved the company’s plans for a 50-level tower at 350 Williams Street in Melbourne only after lobbying by him. Justin Madden who made sham community consultations for planning approval, approved a huge building that will overshadow the Flagstaff Gardens and the Victorian parliament simply due to the lobbying by Julia Gillard’s spouse, who worked for a company owned by a Labor mate until September 2010. An ABC interview with Julia Gillard.

ABC radio interview with John Feine “Do you have a conflict of interest with your partner Tim Mathieson working for Albert Dadon and the Ubertas group which is one of the key lobbyists for the pro-Israel side”?

Jon Feine asked, “Do you have a conflict of interest with your partner Tim Mathieson working for Albert Dadon and the Ubertas group which is one of the key lobbyists for the pro-Israel side of the Middle East debate in Australia, and a former Ambassador to the Middle-East writes a letter to the Fairfax newspapers today saying that you don’t criticise Israel because of those connections?

Julia Gillard replied, “Now of course I’m the first woman, I’m obviously the first person to have a male partner, he’s got his own career and own job and I hope that people would understand that, that he’s got a right to live his life too“.

The Deleted Age article on Albert Dadon Julia Gillard and Tim Mathieson Labor’s love affair with Israel. Gillard’s latest grovelling to Albert Dadon May 2011. Dadon gives Gillard her May 2011 orders.

Addressing the Jewish National Fund in Melbourne, Gillard acknowledged Albert and Debbie Dadon (Nee Besen), Michael Danby, David Ben-Gurion and Mark Dreyfus before giving a nod to the Wurundjieri people and their past and present elders. The word “Gaza” did not once pass her lips.

Challenged by a reporter to say whether she believed Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was “fair and just“, she avoided the question. Albert Dadon when developing a $450 million Melbourne tower, persuaded Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, to give up his hair-care business to sell residential property instead. Albert Dadon hired Mr Mathieson as a contractor to find international buyers for apartments in the 50-storey project that overlooks Flagstaff Gardens. No-one respects a kept man.

  • 1. Would Mr Dadon have employed the hairdresser, Tim Mathieson, as a real estate salesman in his company,
    if Mathieson hadn’t been the spouse of the Australian Deputy Prime Minister?
  • 2. Does a pro-Israel lobbyist have more influence on Australian M-E foreign policy
    than two previous Australian ambassadors to Israel?
  • 3. Should Mr Dadon be included as one of the “faceless men” who turned Rudd into chopped liver?
  • 4. Has Mr Dadon intimidated the The Age financially to withdraw articles critical of the Labor party or Israel.

A protest delivered to Julia Gillard from Ned Curthoys before she set out for her 2009 Israel trip as Deputy PM.

This trip can only reaffirm your internationally anomalous disregard for the Palestinians economic blockade of the Gaza Strip which constitutes collective punishment, continuing to deprive Palestinians of basic medicines, hospital equipment, adequate electricity supplies, food stuff, and gas for cooking. How inclusive can a nation be, that, unlike Australia, restricts its right of return to Jews and their spouses while ignoring the plight of Palestinian refugees expelled from their homes in 1948 and 1967? What is the relevance of this diversity if the grand narrative of Israel since 1948 is the uninterrupted theft of Palestinian land. A conversation with Israelis and Palestinians of all political persuasions as conducted by independent journalists such as Antony Loewenstein, a tour of the some 500 military checkpoints that disrupt and degrade the lives of West Bank Palestinians, perhaps then you’ll have your mind opened to the devastating nature of the apartheid system governing the lives of Palestinians like Desmond Tutu, and Jimmy Carter before you“.

The Age Newspaper on 16th March 2011 at page 8 printed an apology to Albert Dadon. It stated,

“On June 29, August 19 and September 22 last year The Age published articles that mentioned Mr Albert Dadon. There is concern that in those articles there were inappropriate and unwarranted references to his Jewish background in the context of reporting on his business activities. The Age takes its responsibilities very seriously in relation to reporting in a way that does not cause vilification of racial and religious groups. The Age apologises for any offence that may have been caused by the publication of the articles”.

Guitarist albare AKA Albert Dadon zionist and lobbyist for Israel Albert Dadon is not just a businessman and musician, he is a public advocate for another country urging Australians to ignore images of bloodshed. Through the organisation he founded, the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange AICE, his race may not be relevant to his music or his business, but it certainly is relevant to his lobbying activities for Israel!

His own writings in The Australian are very political favouring Israel, that the world should ignore civilian blood. Images of bloodshed obscure truth. Archive of Albert Dadon’s article. The title of this article by Albert is deeply troubling to me. The word “images” does not mean holiday snaps, the images are symbolic, but they show one visual aspect of real pain and suffering, most humans are emotional about pain and suffering, they cry and weep, This is normal for humans to have emotions and empathy, you should not try and get past the gruesome sadness and emotions by just seeing a picture. Pictures of innocent civilians and children brutally killed is not like a holiday snap, These are real people in great pain, nothing should obscure that fact, that the images are of real people being hurt by Israeli military action. Morality is related to feelings, ignoring feelings can lead to immorality, a rational person is not the same as a moral person!

The Philosopher’s zone. David Hume on sentiment and morality. Hume insisted that reason alone cannot be a motive to the will and that moral distinctions must therefore be derived from the moral sentiments of feelings.

Narcissistic personality disorder. This can be a debilitating condition ignoring feelings to focus on cognition, ignoring emotions and the bloodshed to make a political excuse for what the images show, dead innocent civilians. This attitude not only lacks emotions, but says emotions cloud the facts, this lack of empathy for others in extreme pain by reducing them to images and brushing them away as obscuring something else is a perverse and unbalanced lack of empathy with others. A moral rationalist view that lacks any credibility.

Why is Albert berating the media for showing images? He did get The Age to print an apology, so maybe he has a lot of power over the old media?

Albert states, “Emotions cloud the context, the result is a circus. It is interesting to note how the UN places the blame on Israel but does not place any responsibility on Hamas. But citing numbers and showing images while forgetting the context creates one more casualty: the truth.

Perhaps Albert should read the UN report on Israel deploying its navy, air force and army in the Gaza strip called Operation Cast Lead, the UN report by Justice Richard Goldstone which does attribute some blame on Hamas, but presents a strong case that Israel broke the ceasefire and committed most of the atrocities. Israel did not cooperate with the Goldstone report and Goldstone now has some regrets but concludes, “Our report has led to numerous lessons learned and policy changes, including the adoption of new Israel Defence Forces procedures for protecting civilians in cases of urban warfare and limiting the use of white phosphorus in civilian areas. Other members of the UN fact finding mission have turned on Goldstone who seems to have bowed down to intense political pressure from Israeli bullies. “It is very disturbing that members of the committee say they have been put under pressure to sanitise their conclusions“. Goldstone was reported to have been effectively banned from attending his grandson’s Bar Mitzvah. “There is, a lot of anger around the issue of Justice Goldstone attending“. It looks as if Israel has effectively made Goldstone persona non grata because of his critical report. Any critics of Israel are despised and ostracised by their own community. The Great Israeli Security Scam.

While ignoring the United Nations report, Mr Dadon has also been berating our local press. Some notes about the articles supposedly “making inappropriate and unwarranted reference to his Jewish background”:

  1. The June article makes no mention of Jews or Jewishness. It refers to Dadon as a “pro-Israel lobbyist”. Mr Dadon may have been upset by the publication of a curious photo of him with future PM, Julia Gillard and her spouse. Note that the claim of the article’s title (Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv), is well confirmed by the Israeli ambassador as reported in the Wikileaked US Embassy cables.
  2. The August article also makes no mention of Jews or Jewishness, but does refer to Mr Dadon as the founder of the Australia-Israel Leadership Forum. It quotes Mr Dadon saying on ABC Radio that “I feel the whole thing [potential conflict of interest in his employment of Gillard’s spouse] is simply because I’m a Jew. And that’s what I resent.”
  3. The September article also restated the quote from Mr Dadon. It also cites the concerns of “a senior Jewish business figure”, senior figures in Labor and the Jewish community regarding this potential conflict of interest by our PM.
  4. The September article also reports “The ALP increasingly regards Mr Dadon as a conduit to donations, including from the Jewish business community. On the last Sunday before polling day he hosted a large breakfast function at his home, where Ms Gillard met members of the Jewish community.”

The September article does refer to other people’s race, but not Albert Dadon’s. There is no apparent racial or religious vilification here either. This contrasts with the widespread media-generated Arabophobia and Islamophobia. Mr Dadon makes a business of being a political advocate and lobbyist for another country. Why did The Age Newspaper apologise to Albert? Perhaps it was related to advertising revenue for The Sunday Age colourful advertising for new apartments for the Ubertas Rhapsody development, the most dubious claim “only $22 per week and a famous neighbour“. The Rhapsody website needs some work having 13 validation errors. The online newspaper Crikey contacted Ubertas to seek an explanation for their claims, but a Ubertas employee claimed the advertising company was responsible.

Albert Dadon is not just a businessman, he is deeply involved in Australian politics advocating for another country. Has he made baseless legal threats to prosecute The Age Newspaper on grounds that to succeed need to be “severe ridicule” of a religion or race, just because he has been criticised for potentially compromising Australia’s interests? Aussie Zionist lobbyist doesn’t like answering questions about his lobbying, his response is to cry crocodile tears claiming racism. If he does not want his race mentioned, he should STOP lobbying Australian MPs for Israel and stick to “Taking care of business”, “Shut Up ‘n Play Yer Guitar”. Albert came to Australia in 1983 and played a mean guitar under his stage name of Albare and judges the Jazz Bell awards he founded. He might be a talented jazz guitarist from my memory of seeing him perform at Bennetts Lane in Melbourne, he has recorded five albums. In 2008 Albert received an Order of Australia (AM) for service to the arts. Could that be due to support from labor party members crawling for funding from Albert? They also crawl up to the gambling industry 1.4 million in 2010-2011. Any lobby group with cash to pay the labor party are most welcome. They are political prostitutes representing select groups who pay for their support. This is not democracy, Labor do not represent the people, they represent themselves, their own ego and the interests of lobbyists; factional groups, the faceless ones and Emily list supporters. This is a capitalistic democracy corrupted by money. Senator Fawkner called the Labor party An “association of professionals” that has failed to embrace activists without parliamentary ambitions. How many other jazz musicians have been given such awards as Albert Dadon has?

References and Some Article Summaries

The History of Australian Israel relations
What renders Israel’s abuses unique throughout the world is the relentless effort to justify what cannot be justified. Australia often goes beyond America in its protestations of loyalty to Israel That leaves effective lobbying as a possible reason, along with the related effect of a powerful pro-Israel narrative. The small Australian Jewish community has having a history of successful access to national decision-makers, and as having created an Australia-Israel relationship that is “much more intense, ongoing and politically important” than that in comparable nations. A significant contributor to this relationship is provided by a network of well-established Jewish-Australian organisations. Another organisation, the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is the best-funded and most active of the Jewish lobby groups. Formed in 1997, its aim, as set out in Jews and Australian Politics, is “to confront the enemies of plurality and democracy and defend the interests of the state of Israel” the Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) specialises in monitoring the media and lodging complaints. A newer group is the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE) launched in 2002 by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and then-Israeli Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Both AIJAC and AICE frequently arrange and fund trips to Israel for politicians, senior journalists, trade union leaders and other decision-makers; most recently, the June 2009 40-member delegation of MPs and others, led by Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, to the Inaugural Australia-Israel Leadership Forum in Jerusalem. Other beneficiaries of these funded study tours include Paul Sheehan, Greg Sheridan, Janet Albrechtsen, Andrew Bolt, Alan Howe and Kevin Rudd. Few other countries are so generous to our “useful idiots” and opinion-makers.

Wikileaks revelations Labor support for Zionism and USA policy.
Nobody should be surprised that the US embassy was speaking regularly to Labor figures such as NSW powerbroker Senator Mark Arbib, former minister Bob McMullan and MP Michael Danby. Other Labor politicians reported in US embassy cables as regular contacts include former federal MP and minister Bob McMullan and serving federal MP Michael Danby, the member for Melbourne Ports. A former secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Labor Party, Senator Arbib was a key backroom figure in the Labor “coup” last June that resulted in Mr Rudd being replaced by Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

Pro Zionist coup ousts Rudd
Pro-Zionist-led Coup ousts Australian PM Rudd, however the major Gillard Labor conspirators were all pro-Zionists as is the new pro–war and pro-Zionist PM Gillard. Some of the key plotters had visited Israel on trips funded by Australian pro-Zionist organisations. Two weeks before his demise the evidently insufficiently pro-Zionist PM Rudd attempted (unsuccessfully) to mend fences with the Zionist Lobby over gross Israeli violations of Australian border protection and sovereignty by forging Australian passports and Israeli. Kevin Rudd was criticised by Australian Zionists for his concerns (albeit very timidly expressed concerns) over routine Israeli forging of Australian passports for terrorist purposes (an Israeli diplomat was eventually asked to leave) and over the Israeli terrorist attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla that involved 3 Israeli Australians as perpetrators and 5 Australians as victims of this violent, criminal, Israeli terrorist piracy in International waters (Rudd merely said that the incident was “deplorable”). Indeed, worried by increasing hostility to his Government from Australian Zionists and cessation of Zionist electoral funding, Rudd held a fence-mending dinner for leading Zionist lobbyists and MPs at The Lodge (the PM‘s official Canberra residence) several weeks ago. Thus as Deputy PM Julia Gillard had led a big delegation to Israel in 2009 sponsored by the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC); key Gillard supporter Bill Shorten MP had visited Israel on a AIJAC-sponsored trip; and vigorous pro-Zionist and Gillard supporter Michel Danby travelled to Israel in 2008 sponsored by Australia Israel Cultural Exchange (AICE). Other reported Gillard supporters noted for their pro-Israel stance (e.g. by addressing Zionist organisation functions or other public statements) include: Rudd Government Trade Minister Simon Crean, ALP powerbroker Mark Arbib, Treasurer Wayne Swan, Industry Minister Kim Carr, Sports Minister Kate Ellis, Joe Ludwig, Agriculture Minister Tony Burke, Defence support Minister Greg Combet, and obsequiously pro-Israel Foreign Minister Stephen Smith. Those involved in this betrayal of a major political figure and of the Australian people – the Zionist Lobby, Australian sovereignty and Australian human rights-violating Apartheid Israel, pro-Zionist MPs, the Murdoch Media Empire and the Mining Industry – must be exposed by History.

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The Psychopathology of Some Religious Beliefs

Paranoia. Narcissistic personality disorder Paranoid Personality Disorder or Schizophrenia – A Paranoid Subtype (Maybe discontinued?) They lack empathy with others and expect service from others much as some Jews expect us to be Chilim for them while forgetting their own history to try and compensate as a people for past injustices by thinking they are better than others. A type of Compensatory Elitist narcissist. “The Holocaust Is Over, that Jews must now rise from its ashes“. Feelings of superiority prestige and vanity. Compensatory Fanatics or Elitists, subtypes of narcissists.

Probably given the isolation of building a wall to shut others out, they are also difficult to communicate with and are probably suffering a depressive illness as well.

Related Pages

The Constitution section 116 and Human Rights Act Section 15

Victoria became the first Australian state to enact a charter of human rights in 2006. Unlike the US model courts cannot strike down laws that conflict with such rights. Courts can only issue a “non-binding” declaration or opinion that laws are inconsistent with human rights. The onus then lies on the executive and parliament to amend the laws or stand as human rights abusers. What does have more authority than a state law is the Australian Constitution.

The Victorian Racial and Religious Vilification Act is in conflict with the Australian Constitution Act.

Section 116 on Religion states that “The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.”

The Federal and Victorian governments are breaching the Australian Constitution as well as the Victorian Human rights Act. It is a “Clayton’s” model for human rights, an empty farce, the Federal Labor Rudd government obviously does not rate Human Rights very highly. How can they when they are implementing censorship laws abolishing a fundamental right to a free press and free speech. All Praise be to the great conscience driven Christian socialist comrades.

The Victorian Human Rights Act has legal force in Victoria, see Page 15 on Freedom of Expression which conflicts with the Victorian Religious Vilification laws.

15. Freedom of expression(1) Every person has the right to hold an opinion without interference.
(2) Every person has the right to freedom of expression which includes the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, whether within or outside Victoria and whether
(a) orally; or (b) in writing; or (c) in print; or (d) by way of art; or (e) in another medium chosen by him or her.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Victorian parliament is in breach of it’s own Human Rights Act, but Australia has also ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and Victoria is in breach of Articles 18, 19, and 26 which protect the right to freely speak about religion. The Australian Federal parliament should do something to reign in the excessive laws of the Victorian state which breach international agreements.

UN Conventions

Managing a relationship with our largest neighbour

A questionable relationship of the undue influence of Zionists on Gillard and Rudd’s Labor party. Thanks for looking in so frequently Canberra IP the frequency of your visits are showing an aspect of paranoia. Albert Dadon, a Jewish Zionist former employer of Tim Mathieson, the Prime Minister’s partner has been treating Australia with contempt, advocating Israel’s interests over Australian interests. An informed journalist reported that expulsion of the Mossad chief may be the single foreign policy issue that did Rudd the most harm in domestic political terms. Seventeen members of our Federal parliament are going to Israel for the second Australia-Israel Leadership Forum.

Ridicule of a religion is illegal. Penalty Six months jail

New blasphemy laws in Ireland will be challenged by atheists.

Flawed drug driving research paid for by Victoria Police and VicRoads to support Brumby’s back-flip on adopting a better harm minimisation policy which only the Green party supports.

Paul Mullet Hymie Bracks and John Brumby the bent trumvirate Picture Bracks Former Victorian Premier Bracks has long been referred to in the labour party as “Hymie the robot” from the Get Smart 1960s television series. Hymie was excessively neat and tidy, devoid of feelings or empathy and takes everything very literally. A pragmatic robot from a different tradition other than a Westminster democracy. One democratic tradition of the Westminster system that Hymie ignored is the Doctrine of the Separation of powers between Parliament, the courts and law enforcement. He abolished many other common law rights like freedom of movement, ownership of private property and ancient rights like, the writ of habeus corpus a protection to citizens since King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215. The Magna Carta was signed in order to end the rule of tyrants like the current Victorian government.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is trying to help his country catch up in science by excluding religion from his new university. An Islamic state which is excluding the Islam religion to have any hope of providing an unbiased scientific education. Updating Saudi education. The country’s notorious religious police will be barred and all religious and ethnic groups will be welcome in a push for academic freedom and international collaboration. This undertaking is directly at odds with the kingdom’s religious establishment, which severely limits women’s rights and rejects co-education and robust liberal inquiry.

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    Who really organised the “discovery” of Australia?

    South Wales moved to the New South Wales

    W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919 “The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?”

    NEW Holland/NEW South Wales/Australia

    ………..The first time that the name Australia appears to have been officially used was in a despatch to Lord Bathurst of 4 April 1817 in which Governor Lachlan Macquarie acknowledges the receipt of Capt. Flinders’ charts of Australia.[24] On 12 December 1817, Macquarie recommended to the Colonial Office that it be formally adopted.[25] In 1824, the Admiralty agreed that the continent should be known officially as Australia.[26] ………..

    Clause six of the Constitution includes New Zealand with the other states, but doesn’t include Northern Territory or The ACT? Quo vadis legi?
    In one of those peculiarities of history, New South Wales was only officially named and had its boundaries declared in 2001, two hundred and thirty one years after James Cook first uttered the name in 1770 when taking possession of an area covering most of eastern Australia. The reason why this peculiarity arose relates to the territorial evolution of Australia. So after James Cook, the colony of New South Wales was established and named by way of imperial proclamation in 1788 by the then Governor in Chief of New South Wales, the Royal Navy officer Arthur Phillip. At this time, New South Wales was defined (by Britain) as covering approximately half of the Australian continent.[55] New South Wales was further increased in size to around two-thirds of the Australian continent in 1828……………….”

    But It looks as though American Jews owns our Constitution

    This country has been renamed. At one time the government was called the government of the Commonwealth of Australia. Now it is simply called the Australian (Australien) Government. What happened to the Commonwealth?

    Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company
    30 June 2017

    Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government (Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.

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