Sometimes You Have To Laugh at Stupid S#it to Keep from Crying Headline-New evidence shows the CIA has turned on the American people

From the rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off till I shit & piss myself.

“The CIA’s job isn’t to turn its “intelligence” apparatus against Americans, but shockingly, that’s exactly what seems to be happening. Let’s rewind a bit. The January 6th rally was meant to be a pivotal moment, a gathering of Americans who felt robbed of their vote united in their demand for thorough election scrutiny. They weren’t asking for much—just for their voices to be heard and the 2020 election mess to be properly investigated. President Trump, anticipating the massive turnout, tried to call in the National Guard for safety. But, curiously, his requests were denied. Liz Cheney reportedly hid evidence of Trump’s attempts to get additional security.”

Which bullshit lie and misdirection to address first?

Ok, voting.
Voting in local elections may have at one time had a marginal effect in trying to stop one’s local administration from fully embracing Red Russian Communism all at once instead of incrementally, but those days are gone.
Gone are the days of paper ballots.
In the generations gone by when the owners of the “government” wanted their handpicked puppet in office or a “law” passed which further stole from the people and better clamped the shackles of slavery on the people, the ballot boxes were stuffed with fraudulent votes.

Want proof of life after death?
The dead have been coming alive once again in America every Election Day for over two hundred years.

Today with electronic voting machines the machines are pre-programed to “vote” for whichever candidate is pre-chosen to be the puppet of those who herd the sheep into wars, slavery and through the slaughterhouse doors.

Today Washington DC and the State houses are so corrupt no one is allowed to check the voting tabulations and electronically from a computer enough “votes” are manufactured to put into the position the political whore chosen to f##k the people up the ass for his or her masters.

January 6th rally.

January 6th was a phyop run by THE PARTY, of which there are two wings.

Those who showed up for the January 6th “rally”, other than the CIA, FBI, Capital police and Mossad operatives taking down the barricades and whipping the sheep into a frenzy then herding them into the buildings, were mostly well meaning, but massively ignorant sheeple.

They did not understand they were being used, very badly, by evil f##ks who they worship.




Now that we have taken care of the bullshit in the article with the exception of “The CIA’s job isn’t to turn its “intelligence” apparatus against Americans, but shockingly, that’s exactly what seems to be happening.”.

The CIA is the WW2 Office of Strategic Services renamed CIA after the Rothschilds pre-planned

war Americans wanted nothing to do with

which Rothschild’s Red Russian Khazarian Jew Bitch FDR dragged America into by backing Japan into a corner with economic sanctions, moving the pacific fleet from California where it was out of Japan’s reach to the Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii the US was illegally occupying by military force.

When FDR knew the attack was coming, he kept it from the army and Navy commands in Pearl so damn near 3,000 Americans would die so the American people would get mad enough to allow themselves to be sucked into a war which did not benefit America, but was detrimental to America.

Now to the CIA.

The Rothschild’s bitch FDR after dragging Americans into a war they did not want by getting damn near 3,000 Americans killed at Pearl, formed the OSS (CIA).

To found and run it he chose a treasonous bastard which history has proved to have been a British double agent, in other words, working for Britain.

To fully understand the implications and the depth of the betrayal of America here, one must backtrack a bit.

Since the battle of Waterloo in 1815, Britain has been run by the Rothschilds.

Therefore a “British Double Agent” betraying America for Britain was working for the Rothschilds.
The Rothschilds also run Mossad, Britain’s M16 and Russia’s KGB by whatever letters they use now.

Back to the CIA (OSS) in WW2.

General George Patton during the war saw evidence the war was being used to further world communism while many in the DC “government” and high up in the US military were working for the Rothschilds to turn Eastern Europe over to the Communist and set up the preplanned Cold War.

When Patton tried to stop the Russians from taking the three countries bordering Germany as the people of those countries were begging to be saved from Russian communist, Eisenhower, a Rothschild’s agent fired him from commanding combat troops and put him in a paper pushing job.

When Patton made the decision to resign his commission, return to America, expose the treason of the war and those in high places, the CIA (OSS) paid one of it’s agents $10,000.00 in 1945 dollars to murder Patton.

If the Rothschild’s bitches in the DC power structure, US military and CIA (OSS) had not have stopped Patton from keeping Eastern Europe out of the hands of Rothschild’s Red Russian Communism, there would have been no Cold War, no Americans dying in the pre-planned Korean, Viet Nam and False Flag wars in the Middle East.

Patton was not the last patriotic loyal to America figure murdered by the CIA.

James Forrestal was apposing the formation of a Sate of Israel in occupied Palestine as he understood it would be bad for America, so the CIA murdered him.

Joe McCarthy a WW2 hero and then a US senator was exposing how high up in the Washington DC “government” and the US military Rothschild’s Red Russian communist had infiltrated.

So the CIA murdered him.
Eisenhower who was then president then had the military records which would have proved McCarty right, destroyed.

Then it was JFK’s turn!
JFK was no innocent.
he was a bloodline, his family had made their money bootlegging, he was a slut puppy who could not keep his pants up, but he and his family were anti-communist and loyal to America.

He was going to pull US troops Rothschild’s bitch Eisenhower had involved in Viet Nam, out from the Rothschild’s pre-planned Viet Nam War.

He was going to stop Israel from getting illegal nuclear weapons.

He was going to bypass the Rothschild’s Not federal, No reserves and Not a bank usury scam and have the US Treasury print Us’s own paper currency as the Constitution says they are supposed to.

He was going to destroy the CIA he knew to be a Rothschild’s controlled enemy of America.

So the CIA murdered him.

How does a criminal organization which was founded to make war against America, has made war against America for eighty plus years, “turn on America”?

Article spreading More Bullshit Than One Finds on a Large Texas Ranch:


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  1. lube says:

    however, it is not the CIA alone who killed JFK, but others like the zionists and the jews were involved. same for 9/11, same for covid.

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