Rothschild Bank of London and Berlin,
Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris,
Israel-Moses-Scief Bank of Italy,
Warburg Bank of Hamburg,
Lehman Brothers Bank of New York,

Chase Manhattan of New York,
Rockefeller Banks of New York,
The J. P. Morgan Trust Company, of New York.These Jewish family owned banks, are the real forces behind the scenes that control our world.Peter Kershaw shows us who owns the Federal Reserve System of America in “Economic Solutions”.

He lists the ten primary shareholders
in the Federal Reserve banking system:

1) The Rothschild Family* – London
2) The Rothschild Family* – Berlin
3) The Lazard Brothers – Paris
4) Israel Seiff* – Italy
5) Kuhn-Loeb Company* – Germany
6) The Warburgs* – Amsterdam
7) The Warburgs* – Hamburg
8) Lehman Brothers* – New York
9) Goldman & Sachs* – New York
10) The Rockefeller Family – New York.

Through their banks, they control, and/or own outright, most of the Corporations of America, and in the entire world.

In fact two Jewish families, control all the American food exports, to the Communist Nations. These Jewish Banking family dynasties, own or control, through their hidden holding companies, the news media, the radio and television networks, the newspapers, and most of the publishing houses in the world.

They control, and rule over all the Governments of the World doth directly and indirectly.

These Jewish banking families have secret occult organizations that descend from the original “Illuminati,” formed May 1, 1776.

Their descendant organizations are for example, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, which is headed by David Rockefeller.

Our controlled media claims that communism is “destroyed”, however, communism simply changed its name to democracy and liberalism.

Good points here about the U. S. banking system by Col. Jack Mohr. The best point made by Mohr is that the Federal Reserve is actually a private entity to a very large degree.

The U.S. Federal Reserve banking system is, like many things in America, a Jewish-invented fraud, yet few people know it. Further, this banking system is American but the problem is actually global, a Jewish octopus “attacking” various targets worldwide from its American base, using your non-Jewish-created dollars.

In 1913, a banking system was introduced through fraud to the American people, which has been an albatross around our necks ever since. It was the product of International Zionist Jewry and was called the Federal Reserve System. Even the name itself was designed to defraud the people, since it is no part of the Government, but is made up of eight privately owned banks.

[1] Aliens control our economy and thus our nation. It might more properly be called the International Bank of Jewry

[2]. This Reserve System was given the power to coin our money, a task which the Constitution assigned to our Congress. This corrupt economic system creates money out of nothing, lends it to our people at high interest rates and ultimately takes over complete power in any country which comes under its control.

Because of this, the power of our Congress to control the nation is largely illusionary, since no matter whether Republicans or Democrats are in the driver’s seat, the power of control remains in the hands of the bankers. We have been under alien control since at least 1913. We have not had an American government in Washington during all this time.

…While the membership of the Federal Reserve has never been made public, the Chief Executive officers have always been Kikes, with Alan Greenspan being the latest.

The banks in America have loaned hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax dollars to Third World nations, which they know will never be repaid. They have nothing to lose, since payment to the bankers is guaranteed by the International Monetary Fund, backed by you the taxpayer.

A few years ago, one of these loans for $8-million was made to the Black Republic of Zimbabwe, to ease famine conditions in that country. It was used by the Black government to purchase 54 new Mercedes Benz limousines, so that the big shots of Zimbabwe could ride around in regal comfort while their people starved. Our State Department knows these things but does nothing to stop or regulate them.

Our Founding Fathers realized the power of money.
They knew that whoever held this power would control the country, so they were extremely careful when writing the Constitution, to set forth in writing, that only the elected representatives of the people, would have the power to coin the nation’s money.

The Constitutional language was brief and concise. It was plain enough so that the average citizen could understand it without the interpretation of some lawyer. In Article II, Sec. 8, par. 5, we read – and this defines the power of Congress: “to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and standards of weights and measures.”

On that tragic day in December, 1913, a Day of Infamy much greater than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the men we sent to Washington to protect the Constitution from all enemies, without and within, delivered the economic destiny of America into the hands of very kosher aliens whom hate white America.

Even today, 75 years after this act of treason, most Americans believe that THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, is part of the American Government. They have no idea that it is governed by Federal Banks, whose heads are aliens, who are members of the International Illuminati conspiracy.

Here is a graphic example of how Americans are cheated:

1 – The U.S. States needs a billion dollars to pay its bills.

2 – It notifies the U.S. Bureau of engraving to print one billion dollars in U.S. Bonds.

3 – The U.S. Government delivers the bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank as Promissory Notes. The U.S. Government promises to pay for these, its own Bonds, when they mature.

4 – The Federal Reserve Bank deposits these bonds for which they paid nothing, with the Comptroller of Currency.

5 – The Federal Reserve then receives one billion dollars in federal Reserve notes, the currency we now use, in various denominations.

6 – The Federal Reserve Bank retains ownership of the one billion dollars in bonds, which it received free of charge.

7 – The Federal Reserve notes are now distributed to member banks, so they have money available to pay the bills of government, cash government checks, cash checks citizens have received, make loans to citizens, etc., (please note that under present banking laws, member banks can loan out ten times the amount they have on deposit.

8 – The Federal Reserve Bank receives interest on its bonds, for which they paid nothing.

First the Federal Reserve got a billion dollars for nothing. In the meantime they get interest on the bonds they got for nothing and when they eventually cash them they get the money again.

But if you believe that these conspirators are content with the mere control of your money, you are sadly mistaken, and you are in for another shock.

While the Federal Reserve control had America’s money, there was no way it could touch the earnings of the American worker, because the Constitution expressly forbids it.

So one of the major planks of the Communist Manifesto, was what is called a “graduated progressive income tax.” This would lead eventually to the complete confiscation of all private property in the nation and the complete control of each individuals earning power. But such a tax could not be brought about without an amendment to the Constitution.

But, as they had done with the Federal Reserve Act, these same traitors, with the same President, arranged for the 16th Amendment to become the law of the land and they “hoodwinked” the American people into accepting this absolute control over their earning power.

A little study will show that most of the Congressmen who voted for the 16th Amendment knew very little about it, because only two, as far as I have been able to find out, had even bothered to read it before they voted it into law. Senator Langer of North Dakota was one of them, the other’s name I do not recall.

The main effects of this Amendment, which was never supposed to rise above 2%, or so the American people were told, went into effect during World War II, when President F.D.R. applied a 20% withholding tax on all small wage earners, and up to 90% tax on higher earners.

Of course, the conspirators had planned for this and were protected in their Tax Free Foundations, F.D.R. promised faithfully that this tax would be lifted when the war ended, but his promise had as much truth behind it as the one where he said he would never send AMERICAN BOYS TO DIE ON FOREIGN SOIL.

But wait a moment! As the old time Jew comedian Al Jolson used to say: “You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”

The 16th Amendment never touched the earnings of the immensely rich. This is why a few years ago, we saw Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, with a yearly earnings of somewhere near $26-million, pay an annual tax of $216.00.

The conspirators protect their wealth, while they rob you of yours. These foundations, which were supposed to have been for humanitarian purposes, became the “hot beds” of sedition and radical communist activity. The disobedience of the Vietnam War era, was funded by the Foundations, who gave “aid and comfort” to those who were trying to tear our Republic apart.


Because it was all part of A Master Plan that has worked well to enslave us.

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  1. Laurie Pasion says:

    Excellent article! Rockefeller is not their original name. They’re all Jews; reptilian bloodline leading to Queen Elizabeth. They don’t hate white people they want to enslave us and eat us. It’s been a good run! Pasion out!

  2. Diana says:

    Who are the members of the counsel of 13? Is it the same group of 13 Jewish bankers in the 1700’s who decided to take over the world?

  3. NoNomz says:

    It’s not real’jews,’ the vatican is involved too and all reigions are a facade of these zionist world kabal banking families.

  4. Chris says:

    I think they are vampires. They tell us all the time going back to the 1st movies ever produced. They been drinking blood if the victims since khazarian times and further I’m sure.

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