Palestine Lights the Way Forward

FEBRUARY 23, 2024 BY WALDEN BELLO When the first World Social Forum was held in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001, it was meant as a counterpoint to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Davos was the world of the One Percent. Porto Alegre was the world of the rest of us. Today Kathmandu, the site […]


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2 Responses to “Palestine Lights the Way Forward”

  1. alexander vermolen says:

    I thought it was about Palestine, no it’s about the globalist controlled “opposition” groups who called themselves’alterglobalist’ to signal their subservience to their jew masters.

    The Jews everyhwere in the world must be felt exactly what the zionist scum is doing to the Palestinians, until the jews run and crawl double speed like the cockroaches they are.

    The jews are doing ethnic cleansing in Palestine, we shall do ethnic of jews cleansing everywhere.

  2. alexander vermolen says:

    On top of that WALDEN BELLO is yet another climate lunatic who is too stipid to understand that the Davos clique he pretends to fight is the one using useful idiots like him for their climate agenda (part of the great reset/agenda 2030).

    I am surprised to see articles from jewish puppets here.

    What’s next, CNN news?

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