Galloway – speaking truth to power

Galloway comment at start of Alex Christoforou’s excellent video today.  The world is going to war.

Macron wants French troops in Ukraine – boots on the ground.  Others joining in.  Estonia.  That more or less guarantees an end to the Baltic States.  And then Finland wants to attack Russian territory.  Bizarre.  There goes Scandinavia.  The Netherlands says conflict with Russia not such a bad idea.  It looks like Russia will have to sweep to The Channel after all.  Netherlands expects other countries i.e. the US to join in.  Canada signalled they might be willing to send military personnel.  There’s a pattern going on here.

No doubt UK will come along next.


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2 Responses to “Galloway – speaking truth to power”

  1. endthejews says:

    They have an agenda, depopulation, the great reset, agenda 2030. It’s the agenda of the jews against humanity.

    macron, sunak, scholz, biden, trudeau, all jew bitches.

    In case of a war against Russia, we will fight with Russia inside the jewish camp and sabotage it from within.

    I hope Putin will nuke Washington, London, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki and tel aviv.

  2. mongrelrishi says:

    Rishi sunak is an unelected mongrel and yet another zionist whore like biden, macron, trudeau, scholz and most of the other bitches on jewish payroll.

    George Galloway warned white cuk starmer that he made a big mistake and will pay for his support of the genocidal state of israhell.

    Sunak as the whore he is jumped on the occasion to lick the boots of his puppet masters and promised millions to fight ‘antisemitism’.

    The guy is so ridiculous and far away from reality that its’ becoming laughable.

    Even conservative nannies support Palestine.

    sunak, why don’t you go back to wherever shithole you came from and leave Britain to the British?

    ps: don’t forget to take the jews with you, we’ll see how they fare in Pakistan or India.

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