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Without Defining ‘Pandemic’ WHO Wants Sweeping Global Power Over Pandemic Policy

The World Health Organization (WHO) expects countries to sign new agreements that would give them sweeping authority to set global pandemic policy. But they have not profided a clear consensus on what distinguishes pandemics from epidemics or endemic diseases. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. You can […]

Mass. GOP ousts veteran Republican power player Ron Kaufman from RNC post

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts — Massachusetts Republicans have ousted the general chair of the Republican National Convention from his post as a national committeeman. Ron Kaufman, a former treasurer for the Republican National Committee, was upset by Brad Wyatt, a longtime activist with Tea Party roots, in a narrow 37-35 vote taken at a Republican State Committee […]

REPORT: U.K. needs to spend additional $73 BILLION on power grid to meet net-zero targets for 2035

(NaturalNews) A newly released report reveals that the United Kingdom needs an additional 58 billion British pounds ($73 billion) of investment into the electric… Source

Power Plant in Tel Aviv: Iraqi Resistance’s New Target

 March 21, 2024 The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has launched a series of targeted attacks against Israeli interests in response to the Zionist aggression on Gaza. In a statement issued on Thursday, the group claimed responsibility for a drone strike on a power plant in Tel Aviv, located in the occupied Palestinian territories. This action, […]

Makow- Restoring the M/F Power Dynamic

The gesture of a man opening a door for a woman affirms both his masculinity and her femininity.  The biggest relationship problem men have today is lack of self-confidence. No one will believe in someone who does not believe in himself. Young men develop self-confidence by setting goals and meeting them. Women are desperate for […]

Anti-Trump Neocons Raising $50 Million To Keep Open-Border Democrats In Power

An anti-Trump neoconservative cabal is raising $50 million in a campaign to keep open-border, spendthrift Democrats in power this November. Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT), headed by Bill Kristol ally and GOP strategist Sarah Longwell, will use the money to deploy a series of anti-Trump ads on streaming platforms, billboards, radio and digital media, The […]

Harness the legendary power of garlic, the everyday superfood, with this simple recipe

(NaturalNews) Garlic is a powerful superfood and versatile plant that counts as an herb, spice and vegetable.Known alternatively as the “camphor of the poor,”… Source

The Power Behind the Throne and The Forever Wars.

BY PATRICIA HARRITY ON MARCH 4, 2024 • ( 19 COMMENTS ) Glen Beck told Tucker Carlson that he was left wondering why we have elections following a conversation with George W.Bush in the Oval Office where he was told, “…whoever sits behind this desk, in that chair, is going to have the same advice given by the same advisors and they’ll realise, the […]

Wow! Taking back power

Joseph BREAKING: Maricopa County Board of Supervisors just ran out of a public meeting when they were served the following: My name is Michelle Klann, and I’m here today to put you on public notice and to inform you that you are not our elected officials. None of you have never… — Ann Vandersteel (@annvandersteel) […]

Russia & China Plan Building Nuclear Power Plant on the Moon

    Russia and China are contemplating a collaborative venture to construct a lunar nuclear power plant, as revealed by Yuri Borisov, the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos. Speaking at the World Youth Festival, Borisov outlined plans for a project between 2033-2035, aiming to install a power unit on the lunar surface alongside Chinese […]

Galloway – speaking truth to power

Galloway comment at start of Alex Christoforou’s excellent video today.  The world is going to war. Macron wants French troops in Ukraine – boots on the ground.  Others joining in.  Estonia.  That more or less guarantees an end to the Baltic States.  And then Finland wants to attack Russian territory.  Bizarre.  There goes Scandinavia.  The […]

Trump Promises Christian Nationalists ‘[Political] Power At A Level That You’ve Never Used It Before’

Former president Donald Trump delivered a campaign speech at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Tennessee on Thursday, promising the right-wing Christian audience that they will wield political power “at a level that you’ve never used it before” if he is returned to the White House in 2024. Trump’s audience and the larger convention were […]

Who is really pulling the strings at the very top of the global power structure?

KHAZARIAN CABAL: Their Rothschild Frontman, Super Stealthy MO & Greatest Challenge Ever Submitted by Revisionist Historians for World Peace SOTN Exclusive $64,000 question: Who is operating at the peak of the pinnacle of the world power pyramid today? In the wake of the 10/7 false flag terrorist operation staged by the Zionist State of Israel, […]

We have a Parliament full of mealy mouthed weasels who are all beholden to a foreign power

UK Parliament TAKEN OVER! These weasels have no principles, they care not for Brits There are a million and one relevant things about Britain that these rats could talk about But they lose their credibility trying to avoid offending their masters Source: Source

Capital One to acquire Discover, bolstering credit card market power

Capitol One will acquire Discover Financial Services in a $35.3 billion all-stock transaction that is expected to boost the bank’s standing in the credit card market, the bank announced Monday. Discover shareholders will receive just over 1 (1.0192) Capitol One share for each Discover share they own, a nearly 27 percent premium based on Discover’s… […]

State power grab over child health Part 1: Vaccination in schools

By Dr Elizabeth Evans February 9, 2024 AT THE UK Medical Freedom Alliance, we have grave concerns about the increasing medicalisation of schools, particularly the co-opting of schools by the NHS as vaccination venues, thus sidelining parents. We contend that school is primarily a place for delivering education to a child, not healthcare, and is not an appropriate place to administer vaccines, especially by medical staff who do not know the individual children and their […]

There is not a single person who exercises unlimited power in Russia.

There is not a single person who exercises unlimited power in Russia. Instead, interest groups shape the politics in this country. Among them are the circles of Jewish oligarchs as well as billionaires with key functions inside the power vertical (basically all the top dignitaries in Russia are fabulously rich!). Since Putin is demonized by […]

How Biden’s power to turn away migrants at the border would work under the Senate deal

A central piece of the Senate’s bipartisan border deal is a new authority for the administration to close the border to most migrants in certain circumstances. Proponents of the bill say it would cut in half the number of migrants being allowed into the country, which is a top priority for Republicans, while not closing… […]

How Gaza is impacting the Great Power standoff

JAN 24, 2024 Source Mohamad Hasan Sweidan While China-led multipolarity has accelerated the decline of the American era, the war in Gaza may end it altogether. What is unfolding today in West Asia — the Gaza war and its regional expansion — cannot be viewed separately from the international transformations that have grown in momentum over the past few […]

The Plan of a Dying US Empire To Hold Onto Power Just A Bit Longer-Divide and Conquer

Time to put your big girl panties on boys and girls. I see Southerners raising hell because the yankee Empire is taking down the “Reconciliation Memorial”. There was no “reconciliation”. The evil Cromwellian “witch” burners conquered the Southern people using terroriasm against civilians which make ISIS look like choir boys. Made no sense going back […]

Mike Stone – The Awesome Power of Forgiveness

“Not forgiving someone else doesn’t harm them in the slightest, but it plays havoc with us. . . .  It is foolish for us to punish ourselves in the present because someone hurt us in the past.” Makow Disclaimer- There can be no forgiveness of evil unless the evil-doer fully repents.  Forgiveness is evading responsibility […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 99: Yet another Gaza hospital runs out of power, as demonstrators across the globe call for ceasefire

New U.S. strikes on Yemen spark fears of regional escalation as Ansar Allah vows to continue fighting for Palestine. Meanwhile, Germany asks to join Israel’s side in the ICJ case. Source

Right Wing Round-Up: Trolling His Way To Power

Sam Brodey @ The Daily Beast: North Carolina Guv Frontrunner Had Secret Meeting With Ginni Thomas After Jan. 6. Now, as [Mark] Robinson ramps up his campaign for North Carolina’s governorship in 2024, documents obtained by The Daily Beast shed light on the extent of his private ties to the movement to contest, overturn, and […]

Unlock the Power of 10 Key Nutrients for Optimal Health

Check out our sister site for other news From Story at-a-glance While I do not recommend relying on supplements for your daily nutrition, depending on your state of health, there may be instances where you need one or more supplements to address a nutritional deficiency or ailment. Some nutritional deficiencies are so widespread, […]

Apocalypse Now: The Government’s Use of Controlled Chaos to Maintain Power

Will 2024 be the year the Deep State’s exercise in controlled chaos finally gives way to an apocalyptic dismantling of our constitutional republic, or what’s left of it? Source

55 percent of Germany’s power in 2023 came from renewables

“Wind farms—especially those on land—made the largest contribution.” Source

Nearly 10,000 homes in U.K. left WITHOUT POWER as Storm Henk batters country

(NaturalNews) Nearly 10,000 homes in the United Kingdom are currently without power due to a major storm that hit South West England.Sky News reported on Jan…. Source

Israel Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Limiting Their Power

The Supreme Court of Israel has struck down a controversial judicial overhaul law enacted last year by the Netanyahu administration which would limit the high court’s power. The judicial overhaul, passed last July and resembling a constitutional amendment, sought to restrict the Supreme Court’s authority to nullify government decisions deemed “unreasonable in the extreme.” However, […]

Trump vows a peaceful transfer of power if reelected

If reelected president in 2024, Donald Trump vowed Friday that he would turn over power peacefully to the next president after him. In a wide-ranging interview on Friday with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump said he would peacefully transfer power to the next president if reelected, despite insisting in the same interview that he […]

Israel drove suitcases stuffed with cash into Gaza to keep Hamas in power: NYT

Israel tacitly encouraged Hamas to stay in power, according to the New York Times. In some cases, Israeli support was more obvious. Israeli security forces would help escort millions in funds into Gaza, helping Hamas, NYT reported. Israeli officials are facing backlash after years of Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu quietly allowing Hamas to remain […]

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