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Gibraltar (99% of Population Vaccinated) and Iceland (90-98% of Population Vaccinated) See MASSIVE Covid Spike

Stats coming out of several countries show vaccinated people are spreading Covid-19, as evidence mounts the vaccine is actually causing viral variants and infections as experts predicted. In Gibraltar, a peninsula in Spain, almost 99% of the population is fully vaccinated – that’s according to info provided by Google. Despite the high vaccination rate, Covid cases […]

Family Watches in “Horror” as Massive Cop Kicks Handcuffed Woman in Her Face

(Support Free Thought) – Atlanta, GA — An utterly infuriating video was posted to the Facebook page of ATLUncensored this week, showing an Atlanta cop kick a woman in her face as she lies handcuffed on the ground. The video was apparently so over the top, that the officer who kicked the woman was immediately […]

Massive internet outage: FedEx, Delta and McDonald’s go down

The outages coincided with reports of system disruptions from Akamai and Oracle – two key providers of internet infrastructure services.It is unclear whether the Akamai and Oracle issues are related to the website disruptions, however. Oracle said Thursday afternoon that its outage was the result of Akamai’s service disruption. “We are monitoring a global issue […]

FBI Agents Raid Massive Terrorist Compound In California

CARLSBAD, CA—After confiscating a LEGO Capitol Building from one of the conspirators of the worst day in our nation’s history, January 6, FBI agents uncovered an even more sinister plot, saying the LEGO conspiracy is far worse than they had feared. They’ve traced the conspiracy all the way to the top, raiding a massive terrorist compound […]

Unmasking The Global Food Cartel: Is Massive Starvation and Population Reduction Their Next Move?

The Globalists who control the world today are not politicians. Politicians are puppets, chosen by the Globalists, who control the world’s financial system. At the very top of the pyramid they are Satanists, specifically “Satanic Jews” which I define in this article: Identifying the Luciferian Globalists Implementing the New World Order – Who are the […]

Clay Clark: The Man Behind the Massive Conspiracy Theory Rallies Happening Around the Country

Earlier this month, thousands of right-wing activists gathered in Tampa, Florida, for a “Restore America” rally that featured a cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists as speakers. Hosted by right-wing pastor and ardent conspiracy theorist Rodney Howard-Browne at his The River Church, one of the key speakers at the event was MyPillow CEO […]

Tour De France Organizers Plan To Sue Spectator Behind Massive Crash

Organizers of the Tour de France reportedly plan to sue a spectator who caused a massive crash with a sign on Saturday ― but first, they need to find the person. Tour de France deputy director Pierre-Yves Thouault told the AFP news agency that the race plans to take legal action against the fan “so that […]

Helicopters called in to massive blaze at Moscow fireworks depot

Russian firefighters were battling a massive blaze at a fireworks warehouse in central Moscow on Saturday. The sound of fireworks exploding rang through the air while a plume of smoke rose skywards from the site on the Luzhnetskaya embankment of the Moskva river. At least two helicopters were being used to empty buckets of water […]

Massive Financial links to the CCP at the heart of the UK scientific establishment

8 June, 2021, Oliver Down UNN’s Oliver Down has undertaken a special report investigation and has uncovered some startling links with regards to amount of Chinese and CCP involvement within UK academia and health services.  A number of academics as well as the universities they work within openly advertise their Chinese links. One example of […]

MPs representing religious minorities call for massive turnout in elections

TEHRAN – Legislators representing the religious minorities in the Iranian parliament issued a statement on Wednesday calling on the people to participate massively in the June 18 presidential and council elections. The statement was read out by MP Mohsen Dehnavi, a member of the Majlis presiding board. They said the Iranian nation have been viewing […]

Video: W.H.O. Official Testifies That China Engaged In ‘Massive Cover-Up’ Of COVID Outbreak

A World Health Organization whistleblower testified on Monday that China is still engaged in a “massive cover up” of the coronavirus pandemic, and has urged the U.S. government to conduct a “full investigation.”  Appearing on Fox News, Jamie Metzl declared that “The Chinese have engaged in a massive cover-up that is going on until this day, […]

WHO Advisor Says China Engaged in ‘Massive Cover-Up’ of COVID Outbreak

A leading advisor for the World Health Organisation said Monday that China is still engaged in a “massive cover up” of the coronavirus pandemic, calling for a “full investigation” to be conducted by the US government and it’s international allies. by Steve Watson Appearing on Fox News, Jamie Metzl urged that “The Chinese have engaged […]

Facts Matter (June 7): Bill Gates Building a Massive Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming: Company Announces

Facts Matter (June 7): Bill Gates Building a Massive Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming: Company Announces Two companies owned by Bill Gates will be building a nuclear power plant in Wyoming. Facebook announced that their suspension of President Donald Trump will last for two years—after which, they will make a determination as to whether he’s […]

BBC Silent After London’s Massive March For Freedom

The BBC have (as usual) remained silent on an event that bought London to a standstill yesterday. Protesters gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday for a Unite for Freedom rally with some claiming the pandemic is a hoax. Some held placards which read ‘We do not consent’, ‘You have no power over us’, and ‘We’re […]

Massive Tree-Felling In Water-Scarce Bundelkhand Raises Serious Concerns

Bundelkhand region in Central India is spread over a vast area of 13 districts included in two states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. In recent decades this region has increasingly been in news during to serious drought situations and water scarcity. A study some years back by a leading voluntary organization  Vigyan Shiksha Kendra […]

Facebook’s Massive Global Censorship To Silence Vaccine Skeptics

Two whistleblowers have came forward to Project Veritas to expose that Technocrats at Facebook have weaponized the platform to cancel vaccine hesitancy and skeptics worldwide. These Facebook Technocrats are in league with Technocrats at Big Pharma to promote untested and unapproved gene therapy shots for the whole world. ⁃ TN Editor Two Facebook Insiders have […]

150 Children Rescued in Massive Pedophile Ring Bust

Over 150 children have been rescued in a series of raids as part of a huge pedophile ring bust in North Carolina. The sex trafficking victims were found in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area of North Carolina after a months-long investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies. On Wednesday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced that “Operation Carolina Homecoming” had led to […]

California Park Ranger Discovers Massive Cache of Miocene Epoch Fossils

Paleontologists excavating a site in northern California have unearthed one of the largest and most astonishing collections of Miocene fossils ever discovered in the state. Dating to the Miocene Epoch , these 10-million-year-old remains include samples from a broad range of species, all of which have long been extinct. Amazingly, this incredible site was found […]

Eurovision 2021: Italy’s Maneskin wins after massive public vote, as rock music shows it mettle

Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 after a late surge. “Rock n roll never dies,” shouted the winning vocalist. And no one can argue with that sentiment tonight. The vote was a feeding frenzy, with hundreds of points up for grabs after UK, Germany and Spain got a proper kicking from the public […]

Massive underwater structure 180 km off coast of Antarctica

» UFO NEWS ~ UFOs Sighted Over Ottawa, Canada plus MOREYesterday at 9:54 am by PurpleSkyz » Denying Reality Leads To Tyranny & Societal FailureYesterday at 9:10 am by PurpleSkyz » $50k offered for proof of America’s NessieYesterday at 9:00 am by PurpleSkyz » ESA wants to bring GPS and Skype to the MoonYesterday at 8:57 am by PurpleSkyz » French Nobel Prize Winning […]

Report: Hamas Has Become Rich Through Massive Taxation of Beleaguered Gaza Population

Palestinian police officers loyal to Hamas march during a graduation ceremony in Gaza City, April 29, 2019. Photo: Reuters / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa. Hamas is the third-richest terrorist group in the world, a dubious distinction achieved through various means — including, according to a May 12 report, by milking the population of the Gaza Strip […]

Massive Temple Spotted on Mars ‘Identical’ to an Ancient Japanese Tomb

According to satellite images from the red planet, there is a massive temple on Mars that is ‘identical’ to an ancient Japanese tomb. There are some truly fascinating things on Mars. A baffling structure located on the surface of Mars eerily resembles a massive temple on Earth, and UFO hunters claim there is a mindboggling […]

Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?

Why Are Media Ignoring Data Showing Massive COVID-19 Vaccine Death Spike?Date: May 18, 2021Author: Nwo Report  Source: John CleerIf these were any other vaccines, they would already be off the market.In fact, they would have been pulled a long time ago.  Usually, a new drug is withdrawn after 50 deaths, which isn’t typical because the FDA has […]

COVID vaccine adverse effects, huge numbers. 100 X VAERS is a massive underestimate.

COVID vaccine adverse effects, huge numbers. 100 X VAERS is a massive underestimate. Tap News / Tapestry Report: by Jon Rappoport A long-standing private organization, the National Vaccine Information Center, has analyzed the US government’s database, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). As of April 30, 2021, VAERS lists 157,277 adverse-event reports associated with […]

Clashes break out at massive pro-Palestinian rally in Toronto (VIDEOS)

A large pro-Palestine rally has been held in Toronto, Canada amid the escalation between Israel and Gaza. The gathering was met by a small pro-Israel group, and the two sides engaged in scuffles despite a massive police presence. The rally, organized by the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM), was held in central Toronto on Saturday. The […]

WATCH: Iron Dome intercepts massive missile salvos from Gaza as sirens blare in Tel Aviv

Rocket sirens and heavy blasts sounded over Tel Aviv, as well as central and southern Israel, shortly after midnight, as Hamas militants launched several salvos from Gaza – with most missiles intercepted by the Iron Dome. At least three rounds of rockets were fired from Gaza in the direction of Tel Aviv and other parts of […]

Massive IDF Aerial Assault on Hamas Terror Tunnels in Gaza Could Open Door for Ceasefire Talks in Coming Days

Israeli soldiers walk around tanks in a field near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip, on its Israeli side May 14, 2021. REUTERS/Baz Ratner Israel’s massive air raid beginning late Thursday — which saw some 160 fighter aircraft pound Hamas’ terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip, and neutralize a large number of the […]

Defend Palestine! End Massive Handouts to Israel!

by Admin · May 14, 2021 Defend Palestine!Down with Zionism!End ALL U.S. Aid to Israel! Across the globe millions are outraged at the crimes they see, the videos of mass destruction.Make our rage heard! The International Action Center calls for all progressive and anti-imperialist forces to join mass demonstrations around the world in solidarity with Palestinian […]

Watchdogs Warn: UK’s New ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Lead To Massive ‘State-Backed Censorship’

The UK government is planning to destroy all alternative media using the excuse of ‘harmful’ online content or activity Free speech activists warn that new government legislation is “a frightening and historic attack on freedom of speech”. Aimed at social media companies it will not only decimate free speech but bring in ‘state-backed censorship’ on […]

Government’s ‘Online Safety’ Bill Will Limit Free Speech, Lead To Massive ‘State-backed Censorship’ Warn Watchdogs

Free speech activists in the UK have warned that new government legislation aimed at social media companies is set to decimate free speech and bring in ‘state-backed censorship’ on an unprecedented scale. The ‘Online Safety’ Bill is being introduced with the justification of forcing big tech to be more accountable for ‘harmful’ content on their […]

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