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Is a massive DEATH WAVE coming to the Covid VAXXED population? Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that

Is a massive DEATH WAVE coming to the Covid VAXXED population? Top virologists and immunologists are predicting exactly that It used to be that vaccine “hesitancy” and “skepticism” amounted from concerns about all the toxins used to manufacture them, including mercury, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate and genetically modified blood cells from aborted babies, monkeys and other […]

David Rodriguez Update Apr 14: “DEW Destruction in Lahaina and What Else Could Be Coming to America”

Juan O Savin joins Nino Rodriguez from Lahaina, Hawaii to survey and discuss the damage. Juan has no doubt that a sophisticated military Directed Energy Weapon was the cause of the damage seen there. Furthermore, Juan says that we don’t have any representation in Congress, so it is up to citizen activists to raise awareness […]

March 28 – Migrants are Coming for Our Homes

Please send links and comments to [email protected]  “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy.” Using migrants to dispossess us. Surprise. Now that the Communists allowed millions of migrants into the country, housing is a problem. Prices are up and people are invading and squatting.  Comments to a video about this have drawn some pretty […]

One-house budgets are coming

With help from Shawn Ness Both houses of the state Legislature are planning to introduce their one-house budget proposals next Monday then pass them sometime before they adjourn for the week on March 14. That will frame the debate around the $233 billion spending plan proposed by Gov. Kathy Hochul as lawmakers ramp up talks […]



Right Wing Round-Up: Coming To A Church Near You

Patrick Svitek @ The Washington Post: Republican House candidate who disparaged Special Olympians says he’s still running J.R. Majewski announced that he won’t end campaign for Ohio’s 9th Congressional District despite facing backlash for his comments on a podcast this month. Telling Jefferson Lies: Whitewashing Jefferson, Part Two This is a continuation of last week’s […]

Interview 1868 – Bill Gates is Coming For Your Memes! (NWNW 546)

This week on the New World Next Week: The CIA have been in Ukraine for a decade; the grim reaper scores a Rothschild; and farmer Billy Gates is coming for your memes! Source

Neil Oliver Warns ‘A Storm Is Coming’ for The Guilty

The Scottish political commentator said on his YouTube channel that millions of lives have been “ruined forever” by Big State, Big Pharma, and Big Media — and that the last four years have been the “most dangerous and blatant assault on freedom and civil rights in the history of humankind.” “It’s palpable that the anger […]

Free speech coming to an END in 2024, warns Paul Craig Roberts

(NaturalNews) A somewhat subtle shift is taking place as the powers that be morph their constitutional role from protecting America’s democratic republic to… Source

U.S. General sounds alarm on Chinese border crossers: ‘They are coming here to kill us’

(NaturalNews) A retired Air Force general warned that America’s enemies, namely China, are laying the groundwork for an attack against the homeland by exploiting… Source

Far more war is coming than another mere WWII

READ HERE:   Source

Interview 1865 – Palantir is Coming For Your Supermarket – NWNW 544

This week on NWNW: Palantir helps snarf up Coles store data; the farmer uprising narratives are being written; and the MSM aren’t ready for an extinction-level event . . . but neither is anybody else. Source

Global Reckoning Coming: Australian Court Rules Employers Who Mandated Covid Jabs Liable For Injuries

Employers who mandated their staff to take Covid-19 vaccines and boosters can be held liable for injuries caused by the experimental vaccines, according to a bombshell ruling by the South Australian Employment Tribunal. The ruling […] The post Global Reckoning Coming: Australian Court Rules Employers Who Mandated Covid Jabs Liable For Injuries appeared first on […]

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

In a recent statement posted to social media, Tucker Carlson explained succinctly his many reasons for traveling to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin. His decision, mired in an avalanche of outrage from leftist media talking heads and a multitude of western politicians, was inspired by Carlson’s concern that Americans have been misdirected by corporate propaganda […]

The Coming 2024 Leftist Election Grift

Authored by Daniel Street via American Greatness, The 2024 U.S. presidential election will likely pit former President Donald J. Trump against current President Joseph Biden in an epic rematch of the 2020 election.  As most Americans know, in 2020, the Democrats and their allies on the far left reached deep into their bag of dirty […]

They Are Coming For Your Assets

Feb 2 2024 A stark warning from Catherine Austin Fitts and the ‘Financial Rebellion’ team: “There is an effort underway in the banking system to exercise complete control of you and your life.” They share real-life examples of ‘debanking,’ credit card restrictions and more, stating, “This is how they’re going to take your assets…dictate your […]

Dr. Peter McCullough Warns of ‘One-World Government Coming Our Way’

“The next pandemic is not a matter of if but of when,” says WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Klaus Schwab, the WEF, and the so-called global elites gathered for a 5-day annual meeting in Davos from January 15-19. One of the topics on their agenda that raised some eyeballs was “Preparing for Disease X.” COVID […]

When will America’s “Sodom and Gomorrah” get the message continuously coming from on high?!



How the WEF and United Nations work with “government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy” NEWS UNCUT 27 JAN 2024 20 4 Share By Oliver May SOME of us have already pieced together what the future holds if you are not rich and powerful. If you have managed your time well enough to afford a little research […]

ECFR warns: European Council to take a sharp RIGHT TURN in coming elections as center-left, green parties lose voter support

(NaturalNews) A new report from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) has warned “globalists” that the upcoming elections may see a domination of the… Source

An Ethereum ETF May Be Coming Sooner Than You Expect

Authored by Lucas Kelly via, Bitcoin ETFs were delayed because of politics. Now that we have clarity – along with seven deadlines between May and August – Ethereum ETFs aren’t far away. We finally have a Bitcoin spot ETF — an event few of us thought we would see in our careers — the […]

Gerald Celente, No one is ready for what’s coming in 2024 From Gordon Source

Gerald Celente, No one is ready for what’s coming in 2024 From Gordon Source

The Time is Coming

The Time is coming when Nuremberg Common law Tribunals will be convened worldwide- When the former “elite” will be dragged shitting their pants before the bench by the rabble’s side- The time is coming when evil birds come home to roost in the evil one’s ass- On that day no one will receive because of […]

Not a “Forgery”, the Protocols of Zion Are Coming True

(image: Maurice Joly 1821-1879, was a Jew named Joseph Levy with a history of plagiarism.) The assumption is that since Protocols appeared some 40 years after Joly’s Dialogue, it plagiarized the earlier work. But the Protocols actually predated Dialogue and Joly borrowed from it.  In other words, far from being an anti-Semitic ruse, the “Protocols of Zion” are 100% authentic.   […]

Epstein Lists, The Stable Sam Bankman-Fried CBDC & The Coming Shift w/ Whitney Webb

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/8/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Megyn Kelly Says ‘You May Hear from Jeffrey Epstein in the Coming Year Directly’ (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly Says ‘You May Hear from Jeffrey Epstein in the Coming Year Directly’ (VIDEO) Source

They are coming for your car: An insurance insider speaks out

Not surprising in light of all we now know…If you’re short of time go to .58 Video Info: THIS IS ALL PART OF THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA THAT IS WORLD WIDE!! There are no property rights under Agenda 21/2030.Property Rights are incompatible with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.America is the only place where […]

The Drink Driving Scam Is Coming!

Just when you thought there were far too many scams operated by authoritarian figures, we now have the drink driving scam, apparently. Sovereign Pete claims that he has seen information that is going impact us all. Click Link: Source

‘Disease X Is Coming’: Bill Gates Unleashes mRNA Vaccine ‘Wafer’ Technology

Bill Gates has unveiled a new wafer-like mRNA film that can be stored at room temperatures and given to people under their tongue for a needle-free vaccine delivery. The Gates-funded Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is […] The post ‘Disease X Is Coming’: Bill Gates Unleashes mRNA Vaccine ‘Wafer’ Technology appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

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