TWC Red Flags – The Expanding Narrative Network

In this debate:

I present some of the biggest RED FLAGS I see when I look into The Wellness Company and their ever expanding network of affiliates.

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One Response to “TWC Red Flags – The Expanding Narrative Network”

  1. lefevrelasputeafeujs says:

    many western countries are now under direct control of the jews. This is the case of Canada, France, the UK, Germany.

    In all these countries, unelected traitors have infiltrated governments are are imposing laws (most of time without nay vote in parliament) to silence, jail, exclude, and murder the white population on behalf of their satanists, WEF and jewish masters.

    It comes to the point that exposing the current genocide in Gaza is now an “antisemitic” crime.

    Many corrupt politicians also known as white cucks have betrayed their country, people and their own race to serve the agenda of their jewish masters.

    As the result of all these absurd abuses, the population hate more and more the rotten politicians and their puppet masters the jews.

    Soon, the traitors will pay for the crimes they have committed and their pimps will suffer what they have done to humanity for so long.

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