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Expanding Middle East War. Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran, The War on Energy, Strategic Waterways

Opening video available at link. No holds barred comprehensive information and analysis by MICHEL CHOSSUDOVSKY including several clear maps and graphs. Be prepared, this is long, but of the usual high quality from M.C., and worth our time.   We stand in Solidarity with Palestine. But we must recognize that the United States Military and Intelligence apparatus is firmly […]

TWC Red Flags – The Expanding Narrative Network

In this debate: I present some of the biggest RED FLAGS I see when I look into The Wellness Company and their ever expanding network of affiliates. Source: AmazingPolly     In Case You Missed It: Watch: Col. Douglas Macgregor (Ret) Provides Nation With Alternative View Of The State Of The Union Scientists Discover Toxic […]

Feb 8 – Gaza War Expanding into World War

Please send links and comments to [email protected]  The Middle East resembles a kindling fire that threatens to blow up, as per Albert Pike’s 1871 prescription for three world wars. Israel has rejected ceasefire proposals and expanded its aggression into Lebanon. A Hezbollah official was killed by a drone attack in Bagdad. Compared to WW2, we […]

Israel’s “holy war” against Gaza already expanding to include Syria, Yemen

(NaturalNews) A Yemeni spokesman has confirmed that the Army of Yemen has joined the fight against “the Israeli enemy in the occupied territories.”Along with… Source

Republicans eye expanding McHenry’s powers amid leadership fallout

House Republicans are exploring whether to expand the powers held by Speaker Pro Tem Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.) as the conference looks nowhere near ready to make a final decision on a new Speaker. Frustrated by the stalemate that is preventing the House from doing any business, GOP lawmakers are taken a new look at what… […]

White House on Concerns Expanding TPS Will Encourage Crossing Border: We’ve ‘Met’ Pledge to Act on Illegal Migration

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Way Too Early,” White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton responded to concerns that the Biden administration’s move to grant temporary status to Venezuelan migrants will incentivize more people to cross the border by Source

#BanTheADL Trends On Twitter After ADL CEO Meets With X CEO On Expanding Censorship

#BanTheADL went viral on Twitter/X on Thursday night after Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt revealed he had a meeting with X CEO Linda Yaccarino on expanding censorship in the name of fighting “hate.” “I had a very frank + productive conversation with @LindayaX yesterday about @X, what works and what doesn’t, and where it needs […]

Investigating The Pro-Censorship UK Group Expanding Across The US

America First Legal (AFL) have announced its investigation into a UK-based group known as the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). AFL, a non-profit often described as “an alternative to ACLU,” is starting the probe into CCDH – which it refers to as a pro-censorship group that is a party to anti-free speech collusion with […]

Tehran, Baku confer on expanding transit, trade ties

TEHRAN – The chairmen of the Joint Economic Committee of Iran and Azerbaijan met on Monday at the border city of Astara in northern Iran to discuss the expansion of ties in various areas including trade and transit, the portal of Iran’s Transport and Urban Development Ministry reported. Source

‘Slovakia’s private sector eager for expanding ties with Iran’

TEHRAN – In a congratulatory note to the newly elected head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA), President of Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Peter Mihok has expressed his chamber’s readiness for all-out cooperation with ICCIMA. As reported by the ICCIMA, in his letter to Hossein Selahvarzi, the Slovak official […]

Tehran, Hanoi explore ways of expanding trade ties

TEHRAN – The acting head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (PMO) met with Vietnam’s Ambassador to Tehran on Saturday to explore ways of expanding trade ties between the two countries before the visit of the speaker of the Vietnamese Parliament to Tehran. In the meeting, Mehdi Zeyghami and Luong Quoc Huy discussed various issues and […]

BRICS Nations Are Expanding Dramatically

You may have heard the term “BRICS” when reading about world affairs and wondered what it was all about. As we watch the American dollar and economy lose power on the world stage, this alliance could quickly move to take its place, especially as other countries that used to be allied with us move over […]

Report: Joe Biden Weighs Expanding Foreign Competition Against Working Class Americans

President Joe Biden is weighing expanding foreign competition in the labor market against working class Americans by offering green cards to foreign visa workers, a new report suggests. An exclusive report from Fox News’s Adam Shaw reveals that Biden is considering allowing foreign workers on H-2A agricultural visas and H-2B non-agricultural visas to apply for […]

Expanding Convenience Stores Bet on a Future with Gas Powered Vehicles

Despite government regulations pushing a future filled with electric vehicles (EVs), some large convenience store chains still see gas in the future. Pennsylvania-based Rutter’s plans to build 50 new gas station/convenience stores over the next five years in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Delaware, the company announced this week. Rutter’s currently has 84 locations. […]

Make Way for the Killer Robots: The Government Is Expanding Its Power to Kill

The purpose of a good government is to protect the lives and liberties of its people. Unfortunately, we have gone so far in the opposite direction from the ideals of a good government that it’s hard to see how this trainwreck can be redeemed. It gets worse by the day. Source

ICCIMA stresses expanding extraterritorial agricultural co-op with neighbors

TEHRAN – Members of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA)’s Agriculture Committee, in a meeting on Monday, stressed the need for the expansion of agricultural cooperation with the countries in the region especially the neighbors, the ICCIMA portal reported. During the meeting, which was chaired by Head of ICCIMA Agriculture Committee Mohsen […]

ICCIMA stresses expanding extraterritorial agricultural co-op with neighbors

TEHRAN – Members of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA)’s Agriculture Committee, in a meeting on Monday, stressed the need for the expansion of agricultural cooperation with the countries in the region especially the neighbors, the ICCIMA portal reported. During the meeting, which was chaired by Head of ICCIMA Agriculture Committee Mohsen […]

Breitbart Business Digest: Is The Economy Expanding or Contracting?

Do you believe that business activity in the U.S. services sector contracted or expanded in August?

TPO holds workshop on ways of expanding trade with Russia

TEHRAN – Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) has hosted a workshop for the country’s businessmen to review the challenges and opportunities of trade with Russia and to make them more acquainted with the mentioned market. Source

Russia’s Parliament Considers Expanding Its ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law

A draft bill introduced this week is proposing a ban on public discussions of LGBTQ relationships in a positive light, and queer content in cinemas. Source

Biden’s court commission appointees: We told you so on expanding the court

Long before the Supreme Court rescinded abortion rights, gun control and environmental regulations, President Joe Biden commissioned a body of academics and judicial experts to study the structure and composition of the nation’s high court. The recommendations issued by that bipartisan commission were moderate in scope, focusing on matters of transparency and ethics. Ultimately, they […]

FACT CHECK: Biden Cites Mass Shootings, Claims Expanding Background Checks Would Give More Safety

CLAIM: During his Thursday night primetime speech President Biden claimed that we  “should expand background checks” and talked of how such checks would keep guns out of the wrong hands.  

Dem Rep. Omar Calls for Expanding SCOTUS — ‘The Number of Justices Is Not Given to Us in the Constitution’

During a Friday interview with ABC News’ “GMA3,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for the expansion of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Beijing opposes expanding nuclear talks to regional issues: Chinese professor

Beijing opposes expanding nuclear talks to regional issues: Chinese professor – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A Chinese professor of Middle Eastern Studies at Shanghai International Studies University says that Beijing does not support the expansion of the Iran nuclear deal to all other regional issues. “Despite the U.S. attempts to bundle the Iranian nuclear issue with […]

Israel is expanding its ties with Arab states, Lapid says

Israel is working to expand its ties with Arab states, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said at the Jewish Federations of North America’s annual conference yesterday. “I wouldn’t name names because this will harm the process, but of course, we’re working with the United States and with the new friends in the Emirates, in Bahrain and […]

List of UK Venues That Could Mandate ‘Vaccine Passports’ Already Expanding

A leaked internal email from CNN’s Washington bureau chief complains that the “carrot” is no longer working in terms of convincing Americans to get vaccinated and that authorities need to start using the “stick.” The message, which was mistakenly sent to conservative activist Charlie Kirk, was only intended to be seen by other CNN colleagues. […]

On Iran’s Expanding Ties with Russia and the EEU

While the US is in initial talks with Iran to revive the JCPOA and there is a possibility of Iran’s re-entry in the European/western markets, it remains that a fundamental shift in the form of a ‘look East’ policy has already taken place. While China and Iran have already signed a multi-billion dollar deal as […]

China’s ‘Social Credit Scoring’ is Expanding Globally, Now Openly Operational in Western Canada

by Scott McGregor & Ina Mitchell China’s Orwellian “social credit system” that records the social and financial behaviour of individuals and corporations across China, using a vast surveillance system, has expanded globally, and is now openly operational at the renowned Haidilao hot pot restaurant, in Western Canada. Ryan Pan, a manager with Haidilao Hot Pot […]

REVENGE: Democrats To Unveil Court-Packing Bill; Expanding Supreme Court to 13

Democrats have unveiled a bill to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices, increasing the number from nine to thirteen, in order to take back control of the mostly-conservative court. According to reports, Congressional Democrats plan to unveil new legislation expanding the size of the Supreme Court on Thursday, according to three congressional sources familiar […]

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