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USBP agents report 743% increase in illegal migrants trying to cross northern border

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) While the U.S. is addressing the crisis at its border with Mexico in the south, illegal aliens are now entering the country unlawfully through the northern border with Canada.According to U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) agents in the north, there has been a 743 percent increase in migrant encounters. The USBP Grand Forks […]

Rep. Troy Nehls Highlights Breitbart Report on Accused Illegal Alien Killer in Congressional Hearing

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) highlighted a Breitbart News report detailing the death of an 81-year-old American woman suspected to be at the hands of a six-time deported illegal alien.  Source

Report That Saudi Arabia Will Sponsor FIFA Women’s World Cup Sets Soccer World on Fire

Reports circulating this week that Visit Saudi, the official tourism board of Saudi Arabia, would sponsor the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup prompted an eruption of outrage in the soccer world and a loud protest on Wednesday by host nations Australia and New Zealand that they were not involved in the approval process. Source

Report: 2 Million People Attend Pope Francis Mass in D.R. Congo Airport

Local media in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reported on Wednesday, citing event organizers, that “about 2 million” people convened in the capital of Kinshasa that day to attend a Mass by Pope Francis. Source

Kurdish groups involved in Isfahan attack: report

TEHRAN – An Iranian media outlet linked to the country’s top security council said “counterrevolutionary Kurdish groups” played a logistical role in the attack that targeted a military facility in Isfahan. Source

When will the ‘NYT’ and other mainstream media report the death of the two-state solution?

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman recently said that the two-state solution in Israel/Palestine is, if not already dead, “in hospice.” Now it’s time for news reporters at his paper and other mainstream U.S. media, to look squarely at how and why two states is no longer possible. Instead, the two-state solution is supposedly still […]

Report: Classified Docs Found at Mike Pence’s Indiana Home

Classified documents were found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s home in Carmel, Indiana, last week, according to CNN. It is unclear what classified information exists in the documents. Pence’s lawyer alerted the National Archives of the revelation. The Department of Justice (DOJ) was subsequently notified by the National Archives. The FBI and Justice Department have […]

Media Outlets In Australia Report Surge in Fatal Cardiac Arrests

Media outlets in Australia have been reporting on the sudden surge in fatal cardiac deaths that have been occuring over the past few months. They report that more Australians than ever are dying from fatal […] The post Media Outlets In Australia Report Surge in Fatal Cardiac Arrests appeared first on News Punch. Source

WEF 2023 Summit in Davos Report (Part 2)

In this second part of the report things escalate to new Twilight Zone heights. Source

WEF 2023 Summit in Davos Report (Part 1)

The entities which have gathered recently at this recent WEF summit are basically the old Pirates of the Caribbean who attended Chabad on Saturdays, the famous gangsters in the movies, the Soviet judeo-commissars, the bankers who run the FED, you name them. Source

Report: Conservatives boycotted Bed Bath & Beyond after it cancelled MyPillow and Mike Lindell

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A recent report revealed that conservatives have staged a boycott of home goods retailer Bed Bath & Beyond (BBB) after it cancelled MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell.According to a Jan. 18 post by the Gateway Pundit, BBB initially dropped MyPillow products from its stores in January 2021. The retailer’s move became […]

Report: Abortions In Texas Drop 99% Following Roe Reversal

Texas has seen a drastic drop in abortions since the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs decision, which overruled Roe v. Wade. Source

Ukrainian Officials Report Russian Missile Attack on Kyiv

KYIV, Ukraine—A series of explosions rocked Kyiv on Saturday morning and minutes later air raid sirens started to wail as an apparent missile attack on the Ukrainian capital was underway. Critical infrastructure in Kyiv was targeted, the deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, said on Telegram. An unidentified infrastructure object was hit in […]

Report: Supreme Court Investigators Draw in on Source of Roe Leak

U.S. Supreme Court investigators are getting closer to finding the individual who leaked the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to the Wall Street Journal. Source

Report: Vasectomies in High Demand Following Roe v. Wade Reversal

Doctors say they are seeing a “drastic increase in vasectomies” following the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe v. Wade. Source

Russian Hackers Tried to Break Into the U.S.’s Top Nuclear Labs: Report

Hackers tied to a Russian bodybuilder and IT worker attempted to hack American nuclear research labs last year, according to a report from Reuters. The hacking group Cold River used phishing techniques in an attempt to access the Brookhaven, Argonne, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. According to Reuters, Cold River ran its scheme during the […]

Ozone layer is tracking toward recovery by 2040, UN report finds

the ozone layer should recover to 1980 levels by around 2040 for most of the globe, around 2045 for the Arctic and around 2066 for Antarctica.   Source

Report: Joe Biden Left Classified Documents in an Old Office

Attorney General Merrick assigned a U.S. Attorney to review the roughly ten classified documents that were found in one of President Joe Biden’s old offices, CBS News reported on Monday. Source

Report: MTG Tried to Place Rep. Rosendale on Phone with Trump After He Voted Against McCarthy

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) reportedly tried to place Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) on a live phone call with former President Donald J. Trump Friday night moments after Rosendale voted against Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for speaker of the House on the unsuccessful 14th ballot. Source

Here’s the COVID Vaccine Injury Report CDC Was Forced to Release

01/05/23 Here’s the COVID Vaccine Injury Report CDC Was Forced to Release Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System safety signal analysis for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines shows clear safety signals for death and a range of highly concerning thrombo-embolic, cardiac, neurological, hemorrhagic, hematological, immune-system and menstrual adverse events among U.S. adults. […]

Capitol Report: Battle for House Speaker Not Seen in Over a Century; Harmeet Dhillon on Bid for RNC Chair

Multiple rounds of voting for House speaker took place on Capitol Hill Tuesday, for the first time in a century. Leader Kevin McCarthy lost the first few times, and momentum grows behind an unexpected nominee. Wholesale change could be coming for the Republican Party; it’s not just the GOP speakership being fought for—the position of […]

Report: Boebert, Gaetz, Perry Told McCarthy They Don’t Mind if Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Wins Speakership

Three House Freedom Caucus members reportedly told GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in a private meeting on Monday that they don’t mind if incoming House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) wins the speakership. Source

ACH (2020) Mark Dankof And Dr. Patrick Slattery – The Dankof Report #27 – Welcome To 2023…

In today’s show originally broadcast on January 3 2023, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with its hosts Mark Dankof and Dr. Patrick Slattery for a show entitled, “Welcome To 2023…” We discussed: The Dave & Duke Call In Show which you can catch every Sunday on SpeakFree; the latest on the conflict between Russia […]

CIA Report Says “Havana Syndrome” May Be Caused by “environmental factors, unidentified health problems and stress”

Experts have been claiming for years that “Havana Syndrome” (diagnosed in American government employees and their family members) is likely being caused by exposure to electromagnetic and/or microwave energy also known as radio frequency (RF) Source

Police Scotland Slammed For Report Rebranding Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted People’

The Scottish police have been slammed for using the term “Minor-Attracted People” instead of pedophiles in a top level report. Concerns have been raised by campaigners and politicians who warn that attempting to soften the […] The post Police Scotland Slammed For Report Rebranding Pedophiles As ‘Minor-Attracted People’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

Report: America Enduring Second Largest Home Price Correction Since End of WWII

The American housing market is suffering its second-largest price correction since the end of World War II, and one expert attributes it partly to people’s concerns about economic issues. Source

Breaking News: New Zealand Govt Report Admits You May Die or Fall Ill After Pfizer mRNA Vaccination … But Does Advise People Not to Worry

Time series analysis of New Zealand data supports a relationship between mRNA vaccination and death that is consistent with a German autopsy study. On 14th December 2022, Medsafe (NZ Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority) released its 46th report into the safety of Covid vaccines entitled “Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines”. The report […]

Capitol Report: Democrats Call for Newly Elected Congressman to Resign; US to Impose Travel Restrictions on China

A Texas border city sees record illegal crossings, even after the nation’s highest court allows authorities to continue to expel illegal immigrants under Title 42. Some are saying the crisis is far greater than a single policy issue. Lawmakers react after Congressman-elect George Santos admits to lying about his resume. Will he be able to […]

Report: Illinois Abortionists See Rise in Out-of-State Patients 

Abortionists in Illinois say they are seeing a rise in out-of-state patients from more states than ever before. Source

New Zealand Government Report Says You Might Get Ill Or Die After Pfizer mRNA Jab

New Zealand’s drug safety authority, Medsafe, has issued a new report stating that some people will get a new illness or die shortly after receiving a Pfizer Covid jab “by chance” They then advise that it’s nothing to worry about. However, despite what Medsafe says, there does seem to be several reasons to be concerned. […]

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