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Disinformation “Expert” Tells People To Only Use “Trusted Sources,” Avoid “Doing Your Own Research”

Related: Pennsylvania Collaborates With DHS and CISA To Monitor Online Election-Related Speech “One thing everyone can do to make sure they are seeing accurate information is to use trusted sources. So in elections that means using the Department of State, that means using your county elections office, it means using media organizations that follow, that adhere, […]

UN Expert Says Situation In Haiti Has Reached ‘Apocalyptic’ Levels

The UN’s top expert on human rights in Haiti has warned that Haiti has become an open air prison with apocolyptic violence tearing it apart. Human rights observer William O’Neill said conditions in Haiti were rapidly moving towards becoming “like Somalia in the worst of its times” after a criminal uprising displaced tens of thousands […]

Expert Says Gaza Seaport is to Facilitate Mass Migration of Palestinians to Europe

by Paul Joseph Watson | Mar 16, 2024 | 7 comments Above: long held as an ideal by hard line Zionists, Greater Israel includes all the Palestinian lands of Gaza and the West Bank. Plus parts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Paul Joseph Watson – March 15, 2024 A Middle […]

Censorship expert Mike Benz says 2020 election RIG for Biden was planned at least SEVEN MONTHS ahead of time

(NaturalNews) The Pentagon led a massive censorship campaign to stop Donald Trump from winning the 2020 presidential election, explained censorship expert Mike… Source

Expert warns: Gaza faces unprecedented famine in decades as Israel tightens grip

Experts alarm over the rapid deterioration of life in Gaza, citing Israel’s stringent blockade as a catalyst for a famine crisis unseen in modern history. Source

Election systems expert demonstrates how easy it is to HACK voting machine USING ONLY A PEN

(NaturalNews) An election technology expert successfully hacked into a Dominion Voting Systems electronic voting machine using only a pen.This happened during… Source

BREAKING: Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine Tabulator in Court on Friday in Georgia in front of Judge Totenberg USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS

BREAKING: Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine Tabulator in Court on Friday in Georgia in front of Judge Totenberg USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS Source

An international law expert explains why South Africa’s case at the ICJ is so important

A ruling by the International Court of Justice in favor of South Africa, which has accused Israel of genocide, could mean saving thousands of lives in Gaza. The alternative, however, could be devastating and further embolden Israeli violence. Source

Will hackers cripple America with a cyberattack? Expert says it might happen in 2024

(NaturalNews) The currently fictitious subject matter of the new apocalyptic dystopian thriller film “Leave the World Behind,” a project of Barack Obama’s “Higher… Source

‘RED ALERT’: Legal Expert Warns New ‘Reform Bill’ Is the ‘Biggest Expansion of Surveillance’ Since the Patriot Act

Originally Published on Vigilant News Network “Buried in the House intelligence committee’s Section 702 ‘reform’ bill, which is scheduled for a floor vote as soon as tomorrow (12/12/23), is the biggest expansion of surveillance inside the United States since the Patriot Act,” warned Elizabeth Goitein in a viral and disturbing X thread. Elizabeth Goitein is […]

Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy Analysis: Conversation with an Expert in the UK

What it can do & changes seen after the Covid “Vaccine” ANITA BAXAS,MD NOV 19, 2023 I had a very informative and pleasant conversation with Shirah Mustarde near Brighton in the South of England. She is a nutritionist and dark field microscopist since many years. She runs an online training class for health professionals who […]

VR Expert Says ‘Metaverse Sex’ Will Soon Become The ‘Norm’

A virtual reality (VR) expert has predicted that ‘metaverse sex’ will replace porn apps and websites within the next 10 years. Sam Hall, managing director of Mixed Reality Rooms, believes people will ‘lean into convenience,’ like they did with dating apps BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered news delivered straight to your inbox. […]

Exclusive – World-Renowned Expert on Urban Combat: Hamas ‘Creating’ Civilian Deaths to Stir World Against IDF

Despite the “nightmare” of tunnel warfare, the mission being carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) appears “very successful,” though Israel doesn’t have unlimited time, according to retired United States Army Major and urban warfare expert John Spencer, who deemed Hamas an “existential threat” whose strategy is to “create their own civilians’ deaths and […]

Speaker Johnson, want to learn from an expert? Look across the aisle.

Nancy Pelosi’s tenure as Speaker was not only stable, but she was also able to leave her mark on American politics. Source

Gig Work Wages In U.S. Are So Bad They’re a Human Rights Issue, U.N. Poverty Expert Says

A United Nations poverty and human rights expert has sent letters to Amazon, DoorDash, and Walmart, demanding they address allegations that their wages are so low that they trap workers in poverty. Olivier De Schutter, the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty, also sent a letter to the U.S. government, requesting a response to allegations […]

Forensic accounting expert: HALF of pandemic relief funds ended up in the hands of America’s ENEMIES

(NaturalNews) A whistleblower has disclosed that roughly 50 percent of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic relief funds ended up in the hands of America’s… Source

Dr. Peter McCullough Gives Expert Testimony on the Safety and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccines

Renowned cardiologist testified before the Arizona State Senate on Friday, October 20, 2023, regarding the safety and efficacy of the so-called COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. McCullough concluded that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are not safe for human use. Here are a few other talking points from Dr. McCullough’s one-hour testimony: FDA Approval Process Concerns: Dr. McCullough believes […]

A Profile of “Misinformation Expert” Brandy Zadrozny

What does a conversation with NBC’s ‘Misinformation Expert’ Brandy Zadrozny reveal about the state of journalism? In early February 2023, NBC News Senior Reporter Brandy Zadrozny contacted me to see if I was available to discuss my reporting on the ongoing Utah County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) investigation into “ritualized child sexual abuse”. Mrs. Zadrozny is […]

Legal Expert: Israel’s Siege of Gaza Is Lawful, Not ‘Collective Punishment’

Legal expert Mark Goldfeder, Special Counsel for International Affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice, has written a detailed post on X/Twitter explaining why Israel’s seige of Gaza is legal under international law, and not “collective punishment.” Source

BBC animal expert ‘raped puppies, tortured dogs’; British Empire Controls Media & Favors Psychos Like This One

28 Sep, 2023 04:29 HomeWorld News BBC animal expert ‘raped puppies, tortured dogs’ A judge trying the producer has warned that the “grotesque” case details were enough to cause “nervous shock” FILE PHOTO: British crocodile expert Adam Britton ©  YouTube An acclaimed UK crocodile expert and BBC film producer, Adam Britton, has pleaded guilty to over 50 […]

India-Middle East-Europe Corridor: Expert gives 3 reasons for Turkiye inclusion

Including Turkiye in the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) will have more benefits than risks, especially in the backdrop of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), according to an international relations expert. The three main reasons are logistical and economic factors, in addition to ease in commerce, all of which could make the country a […]

Wagner troops could ‘cut off’ Baltic states from NATO, warns expert

Some NATO states “are naturally worried that… Wagner could cause trouble,” he told Euronews. “It’s a watch this space moment.” Source

Health Expert: Celebrate ‘Queerness’ of Birds Made Infertile by Toxins

The head of the department of global health and social medicine at Kings College London argued that we should rejoice in the reproductively “atypical” wildlife produced by toxic pollution. Source

Population Expert Says UK Needs to Raise Fertility Rates or Face a Stark Choice Between Decline and Immigration

Britain needs to raise its fertility rates or face a stark choice between economic decline or rising levels of immigrant labour, says one of the country’s most prominent population experts. Demographer and author Paul Morland said if British people did not start having more children the country faced a “demographic nightmare” like Japan, which has […]

TV Doctor Who Was A Killer Jab Pimp “Vaccination Expert” Dr. Alfredo Victoria Dies Suddenly (CODE FOR THE KILLER JAB GOT HIS ASS) at 42

A popular Mexican TV doctor who regularly appeared on “Mexico Today” as a “vaccination expert” TO PIMP THE mRNA KILLER JABS alleged to be a “vaccine” for a non existent virus died suddenly from a myocardial infarction, according to reports. Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno was only 42 years old when he died in his sleep […]

Meet Stephen Smith, The Evangelical Holocaust™ ‘Expert’ Who Rejected Christ And Converted To Judaism

(Forward) The difference between an evangelical Christian and a full-blown Jew has become so small that someone like Stephen Smith, who has spent his entire life in the service of the Jews — promoting the Holocaust Industrial Complex™ and marrying a Jewess — decided to take the next “logical” step and convert to Judaism: “After […]

The Best Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper, According to an Expert

You may be good in bed—but this stuff will make you (sleep) even better. You already know what time it is—it’s Sleep Week, drowsy people! Yes, tis the greatest week of all—a period where we celebrate the hours we lay horizontal and tuned out, with “no lonely times, just dreams.” We spend “about one-third of […]

Canadians Can Experience Several Means of Foreign Interference: Expert

Allegations of foreign interference in Canada’s democracy have dominated discussions on Parliament Hill for the past week, with the prime minister unveiling new measures aimed at investigating what happened in the last two federal elections and several committees studying the issue. University of Calgary political science professor Lisa Young said the government’s role in regulating […]

U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick

U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick CBS Evening News U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick By Holly Williams, Erin Lyall February 20, 2023 / 7:13 PM / CBS News London — From baguettes to […]

Mazandaran ecotourism needs extra funding, expert says

TEHRAN ––The development of ecotourism in the northern province of Mazandaran requires extra budget and funding, an ecotourism expert has said. Source

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