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If You Consider a 3ed World S#it Hole America Being Run By Israel Firster Pedophiles “Great”, Maybe So

This is the technique I use when servicing Nitwityahoo [embedded content] I suppose so if to Musk Great means a 3ed world shit hole where Americans are farmed like cattle, used as tax slaves, their children as sexual party favors and cannon fodder in pre-planned Rothschild wars. The Ole Dog! Share this: Source

The Noose Cares Not Why The Rothschild’s Minion Did Treason Against America

The noose cares not why the Rothschild’s minion did treason against Humanity- Cares not why the evil one sold their soul to be possessed by demons leading to criminal insanity- Whether for 30 shekels, fleeting fame, perceived power or threats against one’s earthly body to be done- Threats against family members if the minion turns […]


The Middle East – or what should more accurately be called West Asia – is a pivotal region of the globe. It is home to the primary source of the planet’s most important commodity: oil. Not coincidentally, it is also the epicenter of global conflicts. Since 9/11, the United States has launched a series of […]

America’s TOP-SECRET $745 MILLION stealth nuclear bomber takes off in first publicly acknowledged test flight

(NaturalNews) Recently released images of America’s top-secret $745-million stealth nuclear bomber showed the aircraft taking to the air for its first publicly… Source

Every A$$ Hole Claiming To Be American Who Commits Treason Against America For Rothschild’s IsraHELL & IsraHELL’s Blackmailed & Bribed Bit#hes in DC & “State governments”, Must Be Given A Fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Trial

No mercy, no forgiveness, no pardons. Galatians 6:7:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. Luke 3:7:“Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”. Here and there an evil ass hole singing HOLY-HOLY-HOLY the loudest on Sunday morning in a […]



Journey through an Exposed America

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Human societies naturally divide into groups or tribes. Human tribes rely on a shared pride of belonging, and a sense of otherness toward non-members. This provides their members with a cause or meaning, such as jointly building a better life, and a feeling of superiority or victimhood based on comparison […]

America’s Wars

The American Revolution against Britain was justified as Americans had the right to try to run their own show. They have not done a very good job at it, but they had the right to try. The war of 1812 was an attempt by the Empire Builders to take Canada from the British Empire and […]

Methadone Maintenance Ignited America’s Opioid Crisis

History Repeated: Forgotten Lessons of Narcotic Substitution In the shadow of the Netflix series Painkiller, combined with OxyContin documentaries—and the plague of fentanyl overdoses—lies an obscured chapter of America’s opioid epidemic: the 1965 “invention” of “Methadone Maintenance Treatment” (MMT) at Rockefeller University. Its immediately forceful promulgation by the public health establishment multiplied tenfold (!), within […]

GALLUP POLL: Immigration the most pressing issue in America for third straight month

(NaturalNews) The latest Gallup poll has shown that immigration is the most pressing issue in the United States for the third straight month.About 28… Source


SOTN Editor’s Note: There’s something very BIG going on across the USA yet very few folks get it.  Not only that, but all of officialdom appears to be on the wrong side of history. COLLEGE CAMPUSES ACROSS USA EXPLODE AGAINST HORRIFIC GAZA GENOCIDE & ISRAEL’S NEVER-ENDING PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST Now, put all political positions and personal […]

How the New York Times fights America’s wars

The New York Times is not an unbiased fount of information, but a sophisticated ideological weapon. Our goal is to unmask the Times and expose the paper for what it is: a tool of empire encased in a liberal veneer. Source

America’s fourth leading cause of death is abortion at the hands of Planned Parenthood

(NaturalNews) What comes to mind when you think of the top causes of death in the U.S.? Many people’s thoughts immediately turn to killers like heart disease and… Source

April 25 – Why Does Russia Keep America’s Secrets?

Please send links and comments to Why doesn’t Russia tell us what really happened on 9-11? Who murdered JFK and RFK? Who shot down MH 17 over Ukraine? What happened to MH 376 which disappeared in 2014? It’s obvious that Russia is in collusion with the NeoCons attempting to start WW3. This is why […]

Sam Altman Powers Up America With Clean Energy Startup Investment 

Sam Altman Powers Up America With Clean Energy Startup Investment  Sam Altman and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz are betting on solar power and energy storage that can supply a low-carbon future to artificial intelligence data centers. Altman, the face of the AI chatbot boom, has also invested in nuclear power technology to fuel America’s powering […]

GLADIO GUN CONTROL MCE! Two Dead, 14 Wounded, shot at Memphis “Block Party”, part of America’s Lawless Leftist Cities

Two Dead, 14 Wounded, shot at Memphis “Block Party”, part of America’s Lawless Leftist Cities Source

Two Dead, 14 Wounded, shot at Memphis “Block Party”, part of America’s Lawless Leftist Cities

Two Dead, 14 Wounded, shot at Memphis “Block Party”, part of America’s Lawless Leftist Cities Source

America’s shift to “green energy” will collapse the power grid and cause rolling blackouts

(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is finally admitting that the shift to green energy is threatening Americans’ power supplies, with the Washington Post warning… Source

‘Terrifying’ New FISA Bill Will Solidify America Becoming A Full-Scale Police State

READ HERE: This ‘Everyone’s A Spy’ Insanity Will Lead To A ‘Free Speech Bloodbath’ If The American People Let It Source

Bank of America is an active enemy combatant targeting conservatives

Legislators in Republican-led states want to know why Bank of America continues to de-bank Christians and conservative groups. In a letter led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, the dozen some-odd “red” states asked the financial institution to release all documents related to its account cancellation policies. The letter also petitions Bank of America to […]

Good morning America, Here’s The Current Situation!-“Piss on the Wall”

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Brother Nathaniel – America is a Conquered Nation

Brother Nathaniel identifies the three pincers  of ZOG (Zionist Occupational Government)  Put the stages together: Control Of Money, Control of Politicians, Control Of The Church, and you got a recipe for World Domination. by Brother Nathaniel ( “It fits what’s happening today,” said Henry Ford Sr. He was talking about “The Protocols of the Learned […]

The Decreasing Importance Of Cult Religions in America

Coming on “Easter Sunday” a poll shows less and less Americans even bother to appear to be church folks. I grew up the son of a Southern Baptist minister.Old school. I personally got to see how “holy” lots of people were in church, but living in a rural area with a couple of small towns […]

Baltimore Bridge Collapse a ‘Well-Planned Strategic Attack’ on America’s Supply Chain: Lara Logan

“This is a brilliant, well-planned strategic attack on one of the most important supply chains in the United States of America,” investigative journalist Lara Logan told Steve Bannon on The War Room. “Why are you coming to the mic telling the country that it’s not terrorism when your own intelligence agencies are telling you it […]

We study America’s biggest public health crisis. This is why we speak out against the Gaza genocide.

Recently, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken finally admitted to the fact that the situation in Gaza is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe. This comes after multiple UN agencies have warned that Gaza is at imminent risk of famine — a preventable crisis caused by the Israeli blockade of aid shipments. This has been the […]

Rothschild’s Khazarian Jew Attack On America Using 3ed World Criminals

I have a friend who’s nephew is a Federal Immigration Field agent working the Occupied Republic of Texas/Mexico border. Texican are the new Palestinians He told me his nephew told him they are seeing a shit load of Chinese and Yemen military age males coming illegally through the border with no or very few females. […]

Global cancer phenomenon: It’s not just America… the UK, Japan, South Africa and Australia are among dozens of countries suffering mystery spikes of all different kinds of tumors in young people

While cancer deaths in the US have actually fallen cases of some continue to rise Between 1990 and 2019, cases of cancer in young people rose by 79 percent READ MORE: What’s causing colon cancer epidemic in young people? By ALEXA LARDIERI U.S. DEPUTY HEALTH EDITOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:45 EDT, 15 March 2024 | UPDATED: 12:49 EDT, 15 March 2024 Doctors across […]

Biden Admin Signs WEF Treaty To Ban Gas Powered Cars in America

The Biden administration has signed a World Economic Forum treaty that promises to phase out gas powered cars in America by the year 2030. According to a Bloomberg report, Biden is “preparing to roll out […] The post Biden Admin Signs WEF Treaty To Ban Gas Powered Cars in America appeared first on The People's […]

90K+ cyberattacks from Ukraine, N. America on elections portal: Russia

16 Mar 2024 The head of Solar Group Igor Lyapunov stated that yesterday at 12:47 Moscow time an unprecedented large-scale cyberattack targeted the electronic voting platform. By Al Mayadeen English The head of Solar Group, a subsidiary of Rostelecom, Igor Lyapunov, revealed today that on the first day of the Russian elections, more than 90,000 cyber […]

‘Belt And Road’ Western Hemisphere Investments Has China Firmly Rooted In America’s Backyard

Authored by John Haughey via The Epoch Times, The United States has been so focused on global security concerns that it has overlooked investing in its own backyard’s economic and military needs for decades. But China hasn’t. With its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, also known as “One Belt, One Road”), China has become South […]

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