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Nikki Haley, who once criticized AIPAC for being insufficiently pro-Israel, is running for president

Nikki Haley was the first U.S. governor to sign anti-BDS legislation, and once criticized AIPAC for not being pro-Israel enough. Now, she is preparing to run for president. Source

Google is being sued by the US government and eight states over online advertising

Google’s facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice and eight states over its alleged monopoly on the digital advertising market. The agency accuses the company of abusing “monopoly power” at the disadvantage of websites and advertisers who use other advertising tools, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday (PDF). “Google’s anticompetitive behavior has […]

Tens of Thousands of Defibrillators Being Installed in UK Children’s Schools

Tens of Thousands of Defibrillators Being Installed in UK Children’s Schools Undesirable Side Effects of ‘Climate Change’ Lioness of Judah Ministry By Vlad Tepes On January 20, 2023, deliveries of defibrillators began to all state-funded schools in England. Typically, heart attacks and other cardiac issues which require rapid electrical stimulation of the heart in children […]

Van Jones on Tyre Nichols Video: Brutal, Inhumane, ‘A Dog Being Beaten’ Would’ve Got More Help

CNN contributor Van Jones said Friday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that “a dog being beaten” would’ve gotten more help while reacting to the video released by the Memphis Police Department showing the beating of Tyre Nichols. Source

Tom Brady Shares Prayer About Being a Father to Sons in Heartfelt Tribute

Tom Brady shared a heartwarming father’s prayer for their sons alongside a series of candid photos of his children on Thursday. Source

Behind the wire: Russian POWs being held in western Ukraine

Russian POWs being held in one of 500 detention centres in Ukraine. A Belgian television crew was granted access and tells some of their stories. Source

U.S. Tanks In Ukraine Already Destroyed After Being Easily Recognized By Their Rainbow Camouflage

UKRAINE — Mere hours after deploying 31 brand new U.S. M1 Abrams tanks, sources are now reporting all 31 of them have been destroyed by the Russians. Experts are attributing this to the fact that each of the 31 tanks featured rainbow camouflage that was easily visible to the enemy Russians. Source

Future New Cities are being Built where Private Cars will be Banned, Only Public Transportation

Last week, global elites and world leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual summit. Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Climate Envoy for Saudi Arabia, said at a recent meeting in Switzerland, “There will be no cars.” It can be recalled that Saudi Arabia unveiled […]

Pope Francis: Being Homosexual ‘Isn’t A Crime,’ But It’s Still A Sin

Francis’ comments are the first uttered by a pope about such laws, but are consistent with his overall approach to the LGBTQ community. Source

Aboriginal man tells street performer to pay him RENT despite being in a public space

An angry Indigenous man ordered a street performer to ‘pay the rent’ because he was performing card tricks ‘on my country’. Sydney man Brock was delivering prank tarot card readings for strangers on the public footpath of King Street when the Aboriginal man stormed up to him. ‘Hey bruz, you’re on my country here. You […]

Our health is currently being tabled in parliament … what will you do?

From The Therapeutics Product bill will limit access to supplements, herbs, spices & everyday foods. What will you do to save your health & that of your children? What will you do for happiness, wealth & a life well lived? Without our health, these precious aspects of our lives are either not obtainable or […]

Alec Baldwin responds after being charged with manslaughter in the on-set shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Actor Alec Baldwin has furiously responded after he was charged with involuntary manslaughter after shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while on the set of a movie he was making called “Rust.”In a statement issued by his attorney, the actor is obviously furious over the decision of the district attorney … [Read More…] […]

Palestinian refugees in Gaza are being displaced to make way for a coastal road

Palestinian refugees in Gaza are being displaced by the Hamas-led government to make way for a coastal highway. Although residents have built their homes out of their own pockets over several generations, the government says they have the right to demolish the homes because the residents do not officially own the land in Al-Shati Refugee Camp. […]

mRNA vaccines are being injected into our food supply

READ HERE:   Source

Mayor Says NYC Being “Undermined”, Has “No More Room” For Illegal Immigrants-Try Driving Down a Street in San Antonio Occupied Republic of Texas You Dumb Hypocritical yankee F##k!


British OnlyFans Star Banned and Fired from Job over being ‘Transcanine’

KnottyFairy, who caused outrage on Twitter, was sacked and banned from OnlyFans following comments she had made about being ‘transcanine’ and engaging in sexual relations with dogs A woman claiming to be ‘transcanine’ has been fired from her job and banned from OnlyFans after comments she made about carrying out a sick sex act with […]

Jair Bolsonaro is being investigated after his followers assaulted government

The plea to look into former president Jair Bolsonaro on suspicion of instigating violence in the capital was granted by Brazil’s Supreme Court on Friday. The presidential office, the legislature, and the Supreme Court are all located in the city of Brasilia, which was invaded and looted on Sunday by Bolsonaro’s followers. They were demonstrating […]

Dr. Malone shares dire warning: mRNA vaccines are being injected into our food supply…

Dr. Malone shares dire warning: mRNA vaccines are being injected into our food supply… Date: January 13, 2023Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: RM | NwoReporrt This could be one of the most alarming warnings yet from Dr. Malone. He wrote an essay on how mRNA vaccines are being injected into livestock and companion animals. […]

German Justice Minister Replaced For Being a White Male

The German Green Party has fired Justice Minister Dirk Adams, ostensibly for no other reason than him being male and white, and replaced him with an unqualified woman of African heritage. Yes, really. Adams was dismissed from his role in the German state of Thuringia, not because he had been caught engaged in any wrongdoing, […]

E. Michael Jones on jews Being Chosen by God and the Torah Being the Word of God

How can Christians, especially ones who listen E. Michael Jones, not understand why we consider their religion to be a jewish creation? Source

Teacher ‘Saved Lives’ After Being Shot in the Chest by a 6-Year-Old

A 6-year-old Virginia boy remains in custody after he brought a gun to school and, without warning, shot his first-grade teacher in the chest.  Abby Zwerner, 25, was teaching i in front of her first-grade classroom at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, on Jan. 6 when the young boy pointed a 9-millimeter Taurus […]

Throwback: ‘Good Boy’ Ahmaud Arbery Being Arrested for Stealing 65 Inch TV

We were told that Ahmed Arbery was a good boy who dindu nuffin to nobody. That he died doing what he loved, which included going for a ‘jog’ in khaki shorts and Timberland work boots. Source

8 Troubling Signs You Are Being Persecuted For Your Faith

Religious persecution is ever-present in the lives of believers, and it’s famously underreported because it has nothing to do with race or gender. Are you one of the few God has chosen to suffer valiantly for your faith? Source

FLASHBACK: You Are Being Programmed to Accept Global ID

FROM 2015: Half a century ago people had to be reassured their social security card was not being used for identification. Now there are federally standardized and globally synchronized ID cards, government-sponsored online ID projects, DNA databases, and even secret databases of your newborn baby’s genetic information and nobody bats an eyelid. How did we […]

White Girl Forced to Kiss Feet of Brown Women Before Being Beaten

How much more are we going to tolerate? How many more abuses are we willing to allow our people to endure? Source

Office of Special Investigator says its Lawyer X probe is being hampered

A probe into the Lawyer X scandal has burned through nearly all of its $20m in funding and is battling to obtain secret documents. Nicola Gobbo with gangland boss Carl Williams and underworld hit man Andrew `Benji’ Veniamin at the height of the gangland war. Victoria Don’t miss out on the headlines from Victoria. Followed […]

Hershey’s company being sued over heavy metal content in dark chocolate bars – but Consumer Reports may be misleading consumers about the actual risk

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Hershey Co. is facing a major lawsuit from a consumer who claims that the dark chocolate the company is selling is replete with harmful potentially levels of heavy metals cadmium and lead.According to Reuters, Christopher Lazazzaro said in a proposed class action lawsuit that was filed this week he would never have … [Read […]

Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg blasted for being AWOL while Southwest Airlines collapsed over the holidays

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Once again, the country is experiencing a major transportation problem, but the person Joe Biden picked to lead the Department of Transportation is nowhere to be found.Over the Christmas holidays, tens of thousands of travelers were stranded at airports — some were even threatened with arrest this week at the … [Read More…] […]

Why Doesn’t Disney Like Being Enriched with Diversity?

All of our communities have been forcibly enriched with diversity, but apparently Disney doesn’t like what that entails. Source

Being a Crackhead, he had no Recollection of the Incident that Led to the Pregnancy …

Biden Family Disowns Hunter’s 4-Year-Old Daughter, Remains “Estranged From The Child” by Tyler Durden Friday, Dec 30, 2022 The Biden family has remained “estranged” from Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter, and ‘seemingly wants nothing to do with the child,’ according to the Daily Beast, citing the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette. The woman who mothered Hunter’s secret […]

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