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Finns Call Putin After Russia Cuts Electricity Supplies Amid NATO Spat

(AFP) — Finland on Saturday sought to allay Moscow’s fears about its bid to join NATO, as fierce fighting raged in Ukraine’s east, slowing down a hoped-for Russian advance. Wives and parents of Ukrainian fighters trapped in the bowels of

Zelensky Proposes Talks with Putin, Russia ‘Not Against’ Meeting

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told Italian state television network RAI on Thursday that he is prepared to meet with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The Russian response to Zelensky’s remarks was not entirely hostile.

Apparent Poor Planning by Putin of the Invasion of Ukraine — The Duran

Eric Zuesse Russia’s first strategy against further enlargement of NATO was to demand, on 15 December 2021, to the U.S. Government; and, two days later, to America’s main anti-Russian military alliance, NATO; that NATO would never add any new member-nations — especially not Ukraine (the only nation that’s within a mere 5-minute’s missile-striking-distance away from… Apparent […]

Buchanan: Will Putin Submit To US-Imposed ‘Weakening’?

“Once war is forced upon us, there is no alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War’s very object is victory — not prolonged indecision.”

Putin’s brain Dugin calls for support of nationalist, traditionalist homosexuality

Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honecker engage the “socialist fraternal kiss” on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the German Democratic Republics in 1979. (Photo by Régis BOSSU/Sygma via Getty Images) By Kresy24May 24, 2016 Anno DominiTranslated from Polish The Kremlin ideologue, Alexander Dugin, made a firm statement: Russian patriotic […]

How Putin and his agents Nazified Ukrainian nationalism

  By Raphael BourbonMarch 5, 2022 Anno DominiTranslated from the French This investigation traces the recent history and possible causes of contact between what seems to be two antagonistic and contradictory forces: Ukrainian ultra-nationalist groups and Russian or pro-Kremlin actors, associations and institutions. […] Despite an apparently fundamental impossibility of cooperation, several contacts have taken […]

White House Blames “Putin’s Price Hike” For Biden’s Inflation Bonanza

The White House on Monday warned that headline inflation in March’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) report will likely be “extraordinarily elevated” as a result of what they called “Putin’s price hike.” NOW – White House warns of “extraordinarily elevated” inflation — (@disclosetv) April 11, 2022 “We expect March CPI headline inflation to be […]

Putin calls situation in Ukrainian town of Bucha ‘fake’

Speaking at a televised news conference after talks with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, Putin compared Ukrainian allegations that Russian servicemen executed civilians in Bucha to what he said was the staging by the West of a chemical weapons attack in Syria aimed at incriminating Bashar al-Assad. “It’s the same kind of fake in Bucha,” […]

Food inflation has now reached 12.6% PER MONTH, corporate media blames Putin, not money printing

Food inflation has now reached 12.6% PER MONTH, corporate media blames Putin, not money printingDate: April 11, 2022Author: Nwo Report    Source:(Natural News) Since its inception in 1990, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization’ (FAO) Food Price Index has never been higher than it was in February, compliments of endless money printing and many decades […]

Most Americans blame Putin and oil companies for higher gas prices, poll indicates

Prices started to spike before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February but have accelerated since, given efforts to stop helping Putin pay for his war through export of his nation’s vast supplies of oil and gas. Only 8 percent found Putin to be blameless in this matter; the same was true of oil companies. The […]

Hungary ‘helping Putin’ in the war , says Ukraine’s foreign ministry

Ukraine has accused Hungary of “helping Putin” in the war, a day after the country’s leader Viktor Orban said he was prepared to break ranks with the EU and buy Russian gas in roubles. Without naming him, Ukrainian foreign ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko said in a statement that following Orban’s recent election victory, Hungary was […]

Putin Rolls The Ruble Wheel

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Putin Rolls The Ruble Wheel April 5 2022 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More +BN Vids! Death Of The Jewish Pencil Here! Putin Is The New Covid Here! Unhinged Against Russia Here! +BN Classics! What Putin Can Teach Trump Here! Jewish War On Holy Russia Here! The Future Belongs To Russia Here! +BN […]

ACH (1748) Paul Edward Stevenson – The Words Of Vladimir Putin

EURO FOLK RADIO ACH (1748) Paul Edward Stevenson – The Words Of Vladimir Putin Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share In today’s show originally broadcast on April 5 2022, Andy is joined by Paul Edward Stevenson, for a show entitled, “The Words Of Vladimir Putin.” […]

Pope Francis: Putin Is ‘Sadly Caught Up in Anachronistic Claims of Nationalist Interests’

ROME — Pope Francis pronounced his harshest condemnation of Russia’s war on Ukraine to date Saturday, condemning Vladimir Putin’s “infantile and destructive aggression.” While never mentioning Putin by name, the pontiff referred to “some potentate, sadly caught up in anachronistic claims of nationalist interests” who is “provoking and fomenting conflicts,” an unmistakable reference to the […]

Open Letter To the Rothschild’s Khazarian Jew Bitch Putin

To the Non Semitic Khazarian Mafia Jew the Putinister: I understand your master the Ratschilds are the Master of Hands Biden, The Trickster Trumpster, the BadBushes, The pedophile twins the klintonistas, the Bozo heading Rothschild’s puppet government on that tiny island for pretend “royals”, pedophiles and Losers, the gay blade Macaroni in France married to […]

Putin’s messiah syndrome drives the invasion, brutality to cities and civilians, plus his cultural/imperial vision

Putin’s messianic vision sees the destruction of an independent Ukraine almost as a religious duty. Source

Good Putin, Bad Putin, or Zionist Puppet?

  The Tragedy in Ukraine has been orchestrated for quite some time. Here are two perspectives on Putin’s role: Good Putin: Bad Putin:   Brighteon   Or is it all a dialectical charade to wear out the saints?         The post Good Putin, Bad Putin, or Zionist Puppet? appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. […]

Remember Biden’s ‘Buck Stops Here’ Speech? He’s Now Blaming Putin For US Inflation

In the summer of 2020, the Biden campaign began running a commercial that compared Biden to Harry Truman, FDR and John Kennedy. A commanding, forceful voice stated: “The buck stops here. It means no excuses. […] The post Remember Biden’s ‘Buck Stops Here’ Speech? He’s Now Blaming Putin For US Inflation appeared first on News […]

Putin and Trump have convinced me I was wrong about the 21st century

In the twenty-first century, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Donald Trump’s election in 2016 have shown me several things are false. Source

Putin Is The New Covid!

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Putin Is The New Covid! March 13 2022 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More +BN Vids! The Fed Wallet Comes Here! Let’s Get Normal Again! Here! Unhinged Against Russia Here! +BN Classics! Is Putin Controlling US Elections? Here! Petrodollar Scam Breaking Down Here! How Putin Celebrates Christmas Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE!___________________________________Support The […]

U.S. Officials Believe Superyacht In Italy Could Be Putin’s: Report

Even by superyacht standards, the Scheherazade is enormous. Valued at an estimated $700 million, the vessel stretches to more than 450 feet, which is significantly longer than a football field. It has two helipads, elevator access between floors and gold-plated bathroom fixtures. U.S. officials believe it could potentially belong to Russian President Vladimir Putin himself, […]

George Soros: This Is World War 3! Depose ‘Mad’ Putin Now or He Will Destroy Civilization

World War 3 began when Russian forces crossed the border into Ukraine on February 24, and the West must depose President Vladimir Putin or else he will destroy civilization, according to Open Society Founder George Soros. Soros’ hysterical message was issued from his bolthole in San Francisco and raises many questions. Why is Soros suddenly […]

Vladimir Putin’s war has dealt a blow to the ‘populist’ right

Few figures have inspired the so-called populist right in recent years as much as Vladimir Putin, a leader who has championed extreme Russian nationalism hand in hand with a revival of the most conservative iteration of the Russian Orthodox church, appealing to christian nationalists and neo-fascists around the world. His strongman politics have led to […]

Poll: Majority Of Americans Blame Joe Biden For Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

A HarrisX poll has revealed that most Americans see Joe Biden as a primary reason Russia decided to invade Ukraine. The survey found that 58% of Americans believe Biden’s toothlessness has prompted Vladimir Putin to push ahead with the conflict. A further 62% of Americans said they believe Putin would not have dared to take […]

‘I got along’: Trump avoids criticizing Putin

Hannity not once, but twice, brought up the blowback to Trump’s comments. “I think you also recognize he’s evil, do you not?” the Fox host said. Trump again didn’t go that far, but Hannity gave it another try. “Let me go back to the issue of the criticism, because I’ve known you well over 25 […]

Video: U.S. Intelligence Officials Warn Putin Could NUKE A Ukrainian City

U.S. intelligence officials claimed Tuesday that Vladimir Putin is ‘desperate’ to end the conflict over Ukraine, with some privately suggesting he could set off a tactical nuclear weapon in a Ukrainian city to get the job done. Heads of the CIA, FBI, NSA, Defense Intelligence Agency and the Director of National Intelligence all spoke at a House Select Committee […]

Putin Adviser Said US Was Developing Biological Weapons Near Borders Of China & Russia

In April 2021, President Putin’s chief security adviser claimed that Moscow has “good reason to believe” that the US was developing biological weapons along the borders of Russia and China. The secretary of Russia’s Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, made the comments during an interview with the newspaper Kommersant after journalist Elena Chernenko asked him about […]

Putin Signs Countermeasure Decree Limiting Russian Exports After Biden’s Russian Oil Import Ban

Russia’s RIA news agency is reporting that the new decree blocks all exports and raw materials from Russia “of certain materials” – with state media reports noting the specific list will be made public in two days. Details remain vague and murky, with the below rush machine translation of the RIA story reading as follows… […]


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Putin Receives Nobel Prize In Medicine For Ending COVID Pandemic

    After serious deliberations deep inside the super-secret Nobel Prize Compound in Switzerland or wherever, the Nobel committee of medicine deciders have awarded the coveted Nobel Prize in Medicine to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for singlehandedly ending the COVID pandemic practically overnight. News of the swift and nearly-miraculous end to a years-long pandemic came […]

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