Insiders: Putin Belonged to the Royal Arch Lodge

Bloggers claiming to be ex-Intelligence agents
say c
razed MI-5 & MI-6 wreak havoc for the Illuminati

(from May 28, 2009) 

This 15-year-old article places Putin 

squarely in the ranks of Freemasons.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Blogs by people claiming to be former  MI-5 and MI-6 agents paint a sordid picture of state terrorism, rape, torture, mind control, murder and pedophilia all in the service of the Illuminati.

The main blog is called “Richard Tomlinson and the Russians”  — An ‘Unofficial Biography’ of an ex-MI6 officer who is currently engaged in a battle with British Intelligence, in order to stop a campaign of harassment against him… Mr. Tomlinson is a Royal Arch Freemason…trained as an MI-6 mind-control programmer.”

There are a dozen more blogs listed on this site. Taken together with comments by insiders, they tell a hair-raising tale of mayhem perpetrated by deranged intelligence agencies that serve the satanic Illuminati cult and not the nations that pay their salaries. Most people will not believe it. It has taken me nearly a year to process it.

Here are some highlights:

+”Vladimir Putin has a long history as a Royal Arch Freemason. He is “a puppet – always has been. You only have to look into his vacuous eyes to see that. – how much ECT does it take to run a Puppet-President? Quite a bit, I would imagine.” He also was a crossdresser & boy toy to current MI-6 Director John Scarlett.” 

+”Putin was chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal ‘zygote’ project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then ‘collected’ and the young woman involved was subsequently murdered. Stephen Daldry [the film Director] had organized various victims to be sent to Berlin for exactly this purpose. He has also boasted of listening to them (bugged rooms) being murdered, during this period. Cameras were also placed in the TV sets for the Royal Arch Freemasons to view afterward – in essence, ‘snuff movies’. By 1993, the Royal Arch Freemasons had no further use for Mr. Putin in terms of information or DNA and therefore, he was expendable – Royal Arch Freemason or not.”

+”Putin’s mother was Jewish but converted to Russian Orthodoxy. In Poland, he decided to go back to his roots and because his mother was Jewish he didn’t have to go through a full conversion.

(left, Putin, Kissinger, Masonic handshake) 

There is some difference among the posters about whether Putin broke from the Illuminati and deprogrammed himself when he was betrayed by MI-6.

+The world’s Intelligence agencies are infiltrated and controlled by “Royal Arch” Freemasons who owe their loyalty not to the State but to Illuminati (Masonic) bankers, posing as the “Crown” or “Monarchy.” Most agents are tortured, i.e. trauma brainwashed and mind controlled using trigger words from texts like “Alice in Wonderland.”

MI-5 Chief Manningham-Buller told recruits that they serve “the ‘real’ communism, …the ‘Guardianship’ by those who were ‘born to rule’. They were the self-elected custodians of British society who could decide what was in their people’s best interests. To summarize, a benevolent dictatorship.

This was personified by Manningham-Buller demanding that each of her classes stand to attention and do a Nazi salute as she walked in the door before she would begin the lesson.”

“This tarantula-like Masonic organization …has been strangling the world since the last days of the British Empire. Those within British Intelligence who were not Royal Arch Freemasons had no real idea of what was going on at all. If they did manage to catch a ‘Russian spy’ within their midst, it was because the Royal Arch Freemasons had deemed this person expendable and had then fed him or her to the fishes. Think Burgess, Maclean etc and you will get the picture. [Anthony] Blunt escaped such censorship and hounding. He was a ‘master’ of Royal Arch Freemasonry.”

+MI-6 “implanted a nuclear bomb (ESSO were employed to do the drilling) between the tectonic plates under the seabed – just off Aceh, Indonesia. MI5 were to send a military ship into the area after the explosion had occurred, in order to check radiation levels. They had miscalculated. The radiation levels are now affecting all of the surrounding islands, including the Arabian peninsula. The explosion occurred on the 26th December 2004.” [i.e. the Tsunami]

“Indonesian Intelligence were duly warned and took action by taking out large insurance claims with British companies just before the event (mainly on the same day beforehand, in order to get the claims through without creating suspicion and UK firms backing out of the deal), in relation to the areas and buildings that the tsunami would hit.”

+ On July 10, 2007 “Anonymous” posted the following: “The new date set for Royal Illuminati terrorist attacks is the 14th July 2007. They have planned a whole series of bombings all over the world. Too numerous to mention. One hopes this advance warning will put them off once again but as ever this is only an intermediary measure. British Intelligence has to sort themselves out, once and for all… The Crown has a stranglehold on BI [British Intelligence]and it’s not going to let go without a battle. The Royal Military will see to that.” [No bombs went off on that date.]

+ “Little Madelaine’s [McCann’s] parents were part of the Illuminati ring – mind control slaves themselves. They know what happened to her – their subconscious minds know exactly what happened but they were powerless to stop it. J K Rowling is also an Illuminati Monarch slave – she is an actress who has hardly put pen to paper regarding the Harry Potter books. The original author of the first four books – hasn’t seen a penny from it – stolen goods. Rowling was present at the rite in which Madeleine died – hence her offer of a reward in public, was all the more sickening.

“Rowling was chosen to front this series of books because she was so malleable. She wanted fame and fortune without cost. Her Ashkenazim parents had bought her out of British Illuminati slavery and had also bought her what is known in the trade as a ‘Pen and Ink Stand’: A ghost-writer who works as an unpaid slave – one of British Intelligence’s operatives.”

+ “Richard Tomlinson,  an agent who publicly accused MI-6 of involvement in the murder of Princess Diana possibly took part in the crime. “Tomlinson had chipped Henri Paul in the kitchens beforehand. He had been on one of the large, black motorbikes hounding Diana’s car and watched as she cried out for help after the accident without doing a thing – he was too busy securing his photographs of the ambulance as a blackmailing threat to MI6…”

Tomlinson supposedly broke with MI-6 but the posters say he is still working for them, running a pedophile ring in the south of France. For a “defector,” his book “The Big Breach” (2001) is singularly unrevealing, especially in light of the material discussed here.    

+ Stella Rimington, a director of MI-5 in the 1990’s is a former secretary who did sexual entrapment for MI-5 before becoming a S/M lesbian. She had her agents steal the MI-6 mind control codes and used them to break out of her own mind control and “attack the system from outside.” When she started assassinating MI-6 agents who annoyed her, she was ungracefully retired. “She has been involved in child trafficking and prostitution ever since.”  


There is a list of the related blogs at the Richard Tomlinson and the Russians Blogspot. Many are listed below.  Generally speaking, this incredible material is consistent with what we already know about the Illuminati. They are insane. They are a satanic cult.

These blogs provide a rare glimpse of the seedy underside of the establishment in Britain where the Illuminati is headquartered. I doubt if the situation is very different elsewhere.

This criminality and depravity is permitted and cultivated in order to undermine democratic institutions. The Illuminati bankers want the people to cry out for their totalitarian world government.


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June 1 Latest Disinfo on Tomlinson?

First Comment from Anders Bruun Laursen

I am a frequent reader of your blog – and often use material from your blog on my blog

In your latest post, today 13 Oct. 2018 you write that Vladimir Putin is a Royal Arch Mason. 
This is correct, of course, but nevertheless a rather superficial description of what that man is. You mention John Scarlett – also called the Eggman – who was both Tomlinsin´s and Putin´s teacher, the MI6, MI5 and the KGB agents being educated together.

Now former John Scarlett pupils ran a blog  “John Scarlett: The Eggman” . 
This blog brings a comment on 9 Febr. 2007 at 1:57 o´clock from a person calling himself “Anonymous” claiming to have been initiated to anoint Vladimir Putin, who in 1979 was chosen to be the Illuminati Antichrist. Anonymous anointed Putin in 1993 – and “left the Royal Arch in 1994″However the anointer claims that after Putin was anointed, his career sped upwards – and that only began in 1994! At that time Putin had been through a severe Royal Arch brainwashing – acc. to Tomlinson.

I have written much more on Putin´s Freemasonry – i.a. quoting you. The ceremonies of the Sochi Winter OL games were sheer Masonry

But there is more:

In my post on 22 Jan. 2016 , I wrote: This post reports the apparent appointment in 2014 of Vladimir Putin as the Luciferian and here NWO King of Jews, and thus of the world by the authority of the NWO Pharisee High Priests of the Illuminati – the real rulers of the world.
As the presumable kabbalistic 
 ben Yosef (Video – German) , his task will be to pave the road for the Jewish Messiah, ben David, through “Armageddon“.

Arutz Sheva 10 July 2014: Vladimir Putin met with a delegation of rabbis, the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, led by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar (Chabad Lubawitsh, and rabbis of the Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE).
Rabbi Yosef began by saying “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d, King of the world, and therefore we bless you:Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.”
This formula is not mentioned by Y-Net

You can see the Meeting here

The Australian Journal of Jewish StudiesJewish Prayers for the Government: The Talmud (TB Berakhot 58a) reported that in ancient times the people were agog to see the king, Jew or gentile. A benediction was required by halakhah (Jewish law): On seeing a Jewish king and his court, it was Barukh.shenathan mik’vodo levasar vedam, “Blessed be He … who gave some of His glory to flesh and blood”

On seeing a gentile king, Barukh…… shenathan mik’vdo liv’ru’av, “who gave some of His glory to His creatures”.
Some authorities, reflected in Artscroll 1984:228, limit the benediction for a monarch to “a gentile king who rules lawfully”.”

 L writes:

I think Tomlinson’s website falls into the category of what Hoffman and Heimbichner call Revelation of the Method.
The alchemical processing of the Group Mind proceeds apace whether the revelations are true, co-intel pro or whackjob tell-alls.  Its all the same. 
When the Minister for Health can apologize to the victims of Jimmy Savile in the House of Parliament and acknowledge that ‘we’ – the establishment – have let you down badly
I think we must draw the conclusion that the revelations of Savile’s activities (of which I am sure we know very little) are not the prime fact of matter.  Neither is the failure, incompetence, negligence of the relevant authorities. 
What the Savile story reveals is the vertical integration of every aspect of British society (rather like the pyramid on the M16 logo) and that the psychopathic control grid, under and through which all authorities in every institution operate:  is total.
Here is a man, Savile, who had access across the board to every institution in British society and to every authority in Britain.  He committed atrocities in all the institutions he visited, stayed and ‘patroled’.  Five decades of multiple, congruent victim reports and outraged staff who caught him – even in the act – to the relevant authorities failed to curtail his activities.  In his last BBC interview he was bragging ‘I got away with it.’
Imagine being a doctor or a forensic with a position of authority in a place like the Broadmoor hospital and knowing that Savile has clearance to regularly visit and stay at your hospital for his ‘charity work’.  Imagine that you know for a fact – one of his activities in your hospital is his necrophilia in the morgue – and you are prevented from interfering with his visit or activities in any way.  The police are not interested in any report.  The press hangs up on you.  Your MP does not return your calls. 
That was the deal with Savile, he was absolutely teflon.  And he bragged on American television how he brought a girl to Prince Phillip at night in Buckingham Palace.
With Savile, how far does it go?  Frankly – I think the revelations of his pedophilia and necrophilia are only on the surface of his activities which were so important [wicked] that the entire establishment covered for him.
“We know …that the whole world (aion) is seated in the power of wickedness and the evil one”  1 John 4:19
Once upon a time, that idea was fairly abstract and hazy in terms of whatever authority was in the tier above your social level.  Now it is crystal clear.  Decency and morality begin to appear the farther down the social pyramid you go. 
And this is the ground that must be occupied and held at all costs.
Thank you for your work helping to identify the psychopathic control grid and de-program your Jewish and Gentile readers.

From D:

Hello Henry,

You are right about Royal Arch Freemasonry and MI6. I have been in these meetings as a young boy. Games played with electroshock, pedophilia, drugging, group rape. The main purpose is disassociation, not sexual gratification.

The person who did it to me was Thomas Hurd (MI6) and this was at Douglas Hurd’s cottage . Also met John Scarlett and Eliza Manningham-Buller, and Stella Rimington. Blair, Mandelson, Kinnock, Saatchi, Cameron, Osborne and others (Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan) all attended.

It makes perfect sense if you are worshipping Satan.

Lots of people from my elite school like Hon Nick Knathbull, Alex Young and others were exposed to it. 


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