USA Troops Protecting Opium Heroin

USA Troops Protecting Opium Heroin

Zionist Bankers / Governments created the War on Drugs to control the supply, and the market.


Protect the Jewish Drug Trade or Die.

If Military speaks out.. you get suicided

Vietnam War fighting for opium

Vietnam War fighting for opium

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3 Responses to “USA Troops Protecting Opium Heroin”

  1. netanyahu1488 says:

    “Following the Anglo-Chinese Treaties of 1842 and 1858, which ended the Opium Wars, N M Rothschild & Sons moved to expand the Chinese links”. Earlier, Sassoon (the Jew opium kings) worked for David Rothschild. There’s always a Jew connection with any drug.

  2. James says:

    All “ALL” the atrocities of this world are easily traceable to the JEW !

  3. dink says:

    It’s the Jews!

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