Freemasons : Useful idiots

Yes, indeed – we have covered Masonry throughout my articles before – but, this time we shall look into it more directly : we shall go over several of their documents, booklets so to speak, and see what they themselves are talking about. Can’t get more precise than that, now can we? If they themselves have said it, then it cannot be fake, made up, or even wrong. However, Masons usually immediately have a self-defensive system where they will try to tell you that “each Mason can say whatever he wants and this doesn’t represent Masonry”. An impressive way to keep fucking with people, isn’t it?

Take something to drink and read along : I will put in other sources for you as well – just to give you a better comparison of everything. You will come to realize one thing : that the hidden symbolism and all the other related occult stuff is not important anymore. What counts is what is said within these lines, which will give us exactly what we need. If they support these elements – then we understand their game and who their masters are entirely. Even though they present themselves as enlightened, when you really try to summarize it all – they are not better than any other indoctrinated group – they follow simply a different Jewish narrative : one of many patterns which, at its very end, leads to the Jew World Order.

This of course doesn’t mean that everything we are supposed to know about Masonry is going to be entirely revealed here. We need many more such documents, much more information and hopefully – we shall find it. Connecting all the dots is important – not only for our own sanity and security – but also for those of our people who are still not entirely aware and awoken. Perhaps we won’t be able to heal long-term indoctrinated Masons, just as we cannot heal long-term indoctrinated Christians – but what we can do is prevent any further people from joining either of these Jewish infested ideologies and fraternal systems. So, let us begin.


The book introduces you into the subject and topic of Theosophy – many of you have probably heard of this movement before – its key person being Blavatsky : An Epitome of Theosophy is the earliest as it remains the best, condensed, yet withal substantive treatment of the Great Message of the doctrines of the Wisdom-Religion, or Theosophy.

Just as with the Samael Weor text I did not so long ago, these people also claim to be leading personalities behind the subject of Aryanism. As we have seen with Samael, he claimed that genociding the European Aryan Race is something that must be done – as the reason why – he used the Jewish imagination called the Holocaust. The book states : It was originally issued as “A Theosophical Tract” by the Aryan Theosophical Society of New York City in December, 1887. This “Tract” was printed in full in Mr. Judge’s magazine, The Path, Volume II, No. 10, January 1888, – a brief or digest of six pages, rather than a treatment; a table rather than its contests.

Of course, the entire project of Theosophy, which they call Aryan, has nothing else in its mind but to heal the world, heal its Nations – the Jewish induced, created, promoted and financed Chaos that is currently happening to all White Nations – is simply some kind of Cosmic cycle that has to happen. It has nothing to do with the general indoctrination promoted by the Jews – the Wind is simply blowing differently – it has nothing to do with all the poison they put in our food, water and air : it is simply all Naturally occurring and there is absolutely no kind of Jewish involvement in anything. It is all spiritual and religious and has never ever anything to do with reality :

As we feel that the present cycle of effort in the Theosophical Movement closely parallels the beginnings of the great renaissance of 1886-1888, and that a whole new generation of incarnated Souls are wrestling with the same problems, and suffer from the same needs, we think it timely and fitting to make available to them this wonderful Epitom of the only doctrines which have power to heal, by teaching, the nations.

One has to love the play of words in Theosophy – it isn’t Theology, Goyim – this is something entirely different. It surely isn’t going to be the same Abrahamic Universal bullshit you have fallen for so many times and in so many different ways and versions. Rest assured, this particular kind of movement, called Theosophy, is going to heal the World. It will never mention Jews as the Evil in the World though, we haven’t figured that out yet. As its beginning is said to be around the 1890’s, one has to laugh at their following statement : Theosophy, meaning knowledge of or about God (not in the sense of a personal anthropomorphic God, but in that of divine “godly” wisdom), and the term “God” being universally accepted as including the whole of both the known and the unknown, it follows that “Theosophy” must imply wisdom respecting the absolute; and, since the absolute is without beginning and eternal, this wisdom must have existed always.

It is a spin on the age old saying of “Know Thyself”, where Gods represented the parts of You, Archetypes and aspects which the individual has to develop, understand and finally – know. Through this development comes Wisdom, and the more Wise you are, the closer you get to God. Fairly simple and something that we should be promoting to our Youth – getting to know their own Self – something which Hitler awoke in the German people not so long ago. We have discussed a little bit about it in some of my articles before : the Solomon one and the Jewish Saturn worship.

What Theosophy won’t admit here is that God has absolutely no influence in this scenario unto the individual. If the absolute were to help certain individuals, select certain of them as chosen, then it would be leaving its eternal and absolute state of being. It would become subject to Time, which it cannot be. It would even be open to influence and suggestions, which it cannot be. It would also fall to the duality of our existence, getting to hate and love certain things, which wouldn’t make it Absolute anymore. Ironically, all of these things are elements that Theosophy therefore wishes you to become. You must not love anything as you must not hate anything. You must be basically indifferent towards everything – after all, getting to know the Wisdom of the Absolute must make sure that the Absolute remains : Absolute.

If you wish to label something as God, then it is the foundation of everything – it can be found in everything. Just as we construct every building with a foundation. But, how this building looks afterwards, what its purpose and use is, is always entirely different and the foundation does not care nor does it basically influence the rest of it. It is simply the starting point of all blueprints. Therefore, our Existence is different, unequal, diverse, not the same in any form or aspect. The God Wisdom which Theosophy mentions here can only be regarded as unlocking the key to some kind or form of Cosmic Library : Knowledge found there is Absolute in its form, and does not require you to change your Nature. Knowledge can be accessed by anyone, the only requirement is to Understand it and be Wise enough to Use it properly and comprehend it. The book continues :

Sages are called Beings who have acquired the power to see behind the curtain that hides the operations of nature from the ordinary mind.

The book claims that such Sages have only existed in the East and are still, today, to be found in the East. In other words, Western Civilization and Europeans in general – are dumb and have never unlocked any kind of power to see behind the curtain. The East of course includes Jews here as well, Asians, Mongols, etc. I guess those Muslim Arabs have found some kind of hidden meaning which we do not comprehend. Jews as well. The only ones I can count into this realistically are, for example, Shaolin Monks – those perhaps truly have a more deep understanding of the Body and its Power.

The book therefore suggests that the “practical West” cannot conceive or understand any of this until we let go and get rid off all our theories and ways of life. Then we are introduced into the fundamental principles of Theosophy : The spirit in man is the only real and permanent part of his being; the rest of his nature being variously compounded. And since decay is incident to all composite things, everything in man but his spirit is impermanent. Then comes the Masonic foundation :

Further, the universe being one thing and not diverse, and everything within it being connected with the whole and with every other thing therein, of which upon the upper plane (below referred to) there is a perfect knowledge, no act or thought occurs without each portion of the great whole perceiving and noting it. Hence all are inseparably bound together by the tie of Brotherhood.

Ironically, they use Diversity to destroy the White race, but who cares right? After all we are all just one big fucking Brotherhood and nothing will be lost if we disappear. Lovely, as per usual. I guess we could try to get metaphysical here again and attempt to see what the hell they are trying to tell us. As above, so below – as Man, so God.

Your Body, when you look at it directly, doesn’t seem to be Diverse. After all – you are One. One being. Everything within you is connected with the whole and with every other thing within you. Nothing happens without You perceiving or noting it. Everything within you is bound to you in a tie of Brotherhood – or to put it more personal – you are the Father of your Body, the Son. But, we know that you have different organs, which have different functions. You have water and blood within you. A nervous system, emotions, feelings, a spirit, a soul, Will. You have natural needs, you answer to the needs of your body : when it needs to piss you try to do so in the most correct way, when it needs to shit you try to not just randomly stop in the street and do it. You try to build a relationship with it, uplift it, and make of it the best you can. At least, that is what we all should do.

Each Race has these same elements when taken up “one level higher”. The “God” witnessing each Race, the “Eye” which watches upon it – it sees the same needs, culture, properties of it. But, Jews, as per usual, attempt to go one level “higher” and ignore this entirely – we are All One. So, let us assume this to be true. Let us assume that the entire Planet and everything within it is the “Body” of “God” who is watching over us and that we are the “Organs” of it. What would happen then if one particular part of God were to die? Let us assume, randomly for example, that the White Race represents the Brain of God’s Body. If a Virus infiltrates his Body and destroys his Brain : God dies. So, if one were to understand this, one would conclude that we cannot and must not genocide elements of the “thing that watches over us”. But, of course, Jews would never allow such a thing to happen : we are all just a big Brotherhood with no real purpose of existence – the only one is to “return to God”.

The first fundamental proposition of Theosophy postulates that the universe is not an aggregation of diverse unities but that it is one whole.

If you have understood my example before, then you can understand also that this statement is bullshit. A complete building is a building, it represents a whole – but inside of it – its structure, its skeleton, is a unity of diverse elements. Since Theosophy ignores such simple Truth, one can immediately realize how dumb everything else is. It continues : Thus, therefore, the mineral, vegetable and animal forms each imprison a spark of the Divine, a portion of the indivisible Purusha. These sparks struggle to “return to the Father”, or in other words, to secure self-consciousness and at last come into the highest form, on Earth, that of man, where alone self-consciousness is possible to them.

Some become part of the whole supposedly, others become so called planetary spirits and guide the evolution of our or other planets. This system is thus seen to be based upon the identity of Spiritual Being, and, under the name of “Universal Brotherhood”, constitutes the basic idea of the Theosophical Society, whose object is the realization of that Brotherhood among men. How can we become a Universal Brotherhood if the diverse elements of our reality are being forcibly mixed into genocide? Since Jews and Masons ignore Nature, their solution is to simply make us all Brown and they basically hope, the Masons that is, that once we are all Brown that the Universal Brotherhood will just happen on its own. If we turn all the Blood in your body into Waternothing bad will happen.

They continue to play around the “Know Thyself” thing : It is held that the real man, who is the higher self – being the spark of the Divine before alluded to – overshadows the visible being, which has the possibility of becoming united to that spark. Thus it is said that the higher Spirit is not in the man, but above him. Yes, indeed – the higher Self is above the man, but this doesn’t destroy either of them. The enlightening of the Self happens when you begin to trust in your Self again – when you reconnect to it. It represents the difference between the Man who Knows and the Man who merely Believes.

This “spiritual culture” is only attainable as the grosser interests, passions, and demands of the flesh are subordinated to the interests, aspirations and needs of the higher nature; and this is a matter of both system and established law.

Yeah… sounds like all the stuff Jesus said, you know. Sell all you have, hate everyone in your family, don’t worry about anything, about yesterday or tomorrow, about what you will eat : just and only follow him and God will make sure you survive. I could only understand such statements as a highly, ridiculously badly written metaphor for : deep meditation where you try to enter into a state of mind of entire nothingness out of which then comes everything. When you attempt to deeply meditate, you have to let go of everything. But, that is not the context, nor the message of our lovely Jewish Bible – now, is it?

One must also realize the following : the Transgender lunacy might as well be connected to this idiocy. Think about it – they just and only recognize the supposed Spirit – which is trying to get back to God. Where is its gender? Nowhere. The gender is of the material body which is to be regarded as nothing.

This spirit can only become the ruler when the firm intellectual acknowledgment or admission is first made that IT alone is. And, as stated above, it being not only the person concerned but also the whole, all selfishness must be eliminated from the lower nature before its divine state can be reached. So long as the smallest personal or selfish desire – even for spiritual attainment for our own sake – remains, so long is the desired end put off.

Hence the above term “demands of the flesh” really covers also demands that are not of the flesh, and its proper rendering would be “desires of the person nature, including those of the individual soul.”

It is very selfish of you to have Nations, Goyim. It is also selfish to have your own Culture, Lifestyle, Values, People, Houses and Homes. You should not be so selfish. Give your White daughters to Arabs and Jews. Come on now, what does it matter? Are you stuck in the mindset of “demands of the flesh”? My, oh my, Goyim – you will never reach Jewish heaven that way. And who wouldn’t want to reach our lovely Heaven, after all – it says in Genesis : And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this place! this is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. Who wouldn’t want to be in a dreadful place?

Each Kalpa, or grand period, is divided into four ages or yugas, each lasting many thousands of years, and each one being marked by a predominant characteristic. These are the Satya-yug (or age of truth), the Tretya-yug, the Dvapara-yug, and oru present Kali-yug (or age of darkness), which began five thousand years back. The word “darkness” here refers to spiritual and not material darkness.
In this age, however, all causes bring about their effects much more rapidly than in any other age – a fact due to the intensified momentum of “evil”, as the course of its cycle is about rounding towards that of a new cycle of truth.

If Jews win, they will decide what the Truth will be. As simple as that. We all know that even without Theosophy. Ironically, it must be a cohencidence, the present Kali-Yug has started 5000 years ago – the Jewish and Masonic calendar is now 5000+ years old, closing to the number 6000. As we have seen before, from my Christcuck articles, Jews have around 200 years left to fulfill their “Messianic prophecy” : if they fail to do so, they supposedly fail entirely.

However, we are told here that our darkness is not material, but only spiritual. Why isn’t it both? Can we not see the material darkness unfolding in front of our eyes? The people being turned into consumers? Not only are they spiritually dead, but also materially indoctrinated. It involves both of these elements. The Jews are banking on it. How nice that he at least admits that the “evil” is intensifying – not a single day goes by without Jews delivering some kind of new lunacy – as I am writing this, for example, Child prostitution in California has been decriminalized.

Alas, the author suddenly contradicts himself : Thus a sincere lover of the race can accomplish more in three incarnations during Kali-Yuga, than he could in a much greater number in any other age. The darkness of this age is not absolute, but is greater than that of other ages; its main tendency being towards materiality, while having some mitigation in occasional ethical or scientific advance conducive to the well-being of the race, by the removal of immediate causes of crime or disease. Be aware however, that he talks about the entire “Human Race” here. When it comes to the idea of reincarnation, he claimed the following :

In the early Christian Church it [Reincarnation and Metempsychosis] was known and taught, and the very best of the fathers of the church believed and promulgated it. Christians should remember that Jesus was a Jew who thought his mission was to Jews, for he says in St. Matthew, “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”.

Christianity is a Jewish religion, and this doctrine of reincarnation belongs to it historically by succession from the Jews, and also by reason of its having been taught by Jesus and the early fathers of the church.

At least one guy who openly admits Christianity as being Jewish – you really have to be retarded to claim it isn’t. I mean it is the add-on, the expansion of the Old Testament. Lord of the Rings 2 has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings 1 – according to retarded Christians. The book continues with the following :

Humanity passes from globe to globe in a series of Rounds, first circling about each globe, and reincarnating upon it a fixed number of times. We have to concern ourselves with our Earth alone. The latter, when the wave of humanity has reached it for the last time (in this, our Forth Round), began to evolute man, subdividing him into races.

Each of these races when it has, through evolution, reached the period known as “the moment of choice” and decided its future destiny as an individual race, begins to disappear. Coincidentally with the development of races the development of specialized senses takes place; thus our fifth race has so far developed five senses.

Jews have managed to convince our people that we are simply destined to cease to exist, we have made a choice, the “moment of choice” has come where we decided our future – and we begin to disappear. I mean, how retarded must one be to put these two statements together : decide the future, begin to disappear. I assume all the great empires of old simply ceased to exist because their “moment of choice” had come. The choice being whether or not they will kick out Jews, Arabs and other non-racial people of their own kind. The Persian “moment of choice” was to allow or not allow Muslims to migrate into their lands as “refugees”. Well, they allowed them in – and with that choice – the Persians disappeared. It must have been a karmic theosophical cycle.

The Sages further tell us that the affairs of this world and its people are subject to cyclic laws… These cyclic laws operate in each age. These laws impose restriction on the progress of the race. In a cycle, where all is ascending and descending, the Adepts must wait until the time comes before they can aid the race to ascend. They cannot, and must not, interfere with Karmic law.

Upon the subject of Man, Theosophy teaches :

That each spirit is a manifestation of the One Spirit, and thus a part of all. It passes through a series of experiences in incarnation, and is destined to ultimate reunion with the Divine.

That this incarnation is not single but repeated, each individuality becoming re-embodied during numerous existences in successive races and planets of our chain, and accumulating the experiences of each incarnation towards its perfection.

That between adjacent incarnations, after grosser elements are first purged away, comes a period of comparative rest and refreshment, called Devachan – the soul being therein prepared for its next advent into material life.

Boy, that one same Spirit sure can be found in Africans, Arabs, Australian Aborigines, and so on. Why, just by looking at them, one can see the Divine Spirit in them : the Wisdom of God. There is nothing more enlightening than having savage Negroes loot your home, kill your wife, rape your daughter and put a bullet in your head while stealing your bicycle. At that very moment, one can feel in touch with the One Spirit in its entirety. A retarded Masonic Theosophist might as well tell you at this point : It doesn’t matter what they represent, it is important for you to understand that we are close to making the Choice which will make us cease to exist and re-unite with the One Spirit. Sure, sure.

And since they add the reincarnation point into their belief system, one must wonder – where are those White European portions of the One Spirit which have reincarnated randomly into an African or Australian Aborigine? How come that such a thing never seems to happen? Why is the average Nature of the European dramatically different from all the others? Why do we seek Freedom, Truth and Knowledge on a Natural basis? Why does it seem that a certain Nature of Spirit keeps reincarnating into their associated Races? It must be our imagination.

“Karma” – a term signifying two things, the law of ethical causation (Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap); and the balance or excess of merit or demerit in any individual, determines also the main experiences of joy and sorrow in each incarnation, so that what we call “luck” is in reality “desert” – desert acquired in past existence.

Karma is not all exhausted in a single life, nor is a person necessarily in this life experiencing the effect of all his previous Karma; for some may be held back by various causes. The principle cause is the failure of the Ego to acquire a body which will furnish the instrument or apparatus in and by which the meditation or thoughts of previous lives can have their effect and be ripened.

Yeah, I must be paying some kind of Karmic debt with all the Knowledge about the Jews that I have gotten. A single day doesn’t go by where I don’t hate them more and everything they are doing to this planet and our people. My sorrow and lack of joy must be a karmic fucking cycle and law – it surely has nothing to do with the fact that I recognize Evil and am disgusted by it. But, then again – it must be my fault for simply not loving the Jews as part of the One Spirit who simply are a different, subjective expression of It. I must be Spirit-ist, Racist in Spiritual ways, for simply not realizing that we are all One. It must also be that my Ego hasn’t acquired a Jewish body as the author here tries to tell us.

The process of evolution up to reunion with the Divine is and includes successive elevation from rank to rank of power and usefulness. The most exalted beings still in the flesh are known as Sages, Rishis, Brothers, Masters. Their great function being the preservation at all times, and when cyclic laws permit, the extension of spiritual knowledge and influence.

Those lovely Masonic Brothers and Masters. One of them is the current president of France : he sure is bringing Liberty, Fraternity and Equality to France – why, they are having so much of it that they will have to turn the entire Nation non-White and into a Police state. People feel such a bond of brotherhood that they have to be forcibly disconnected and watched over with guns. As to the process of spiritual development, Theosophy teaches :

That the essence of the process lies in the securing of supremacy, to the highest, the spiritual, element of man’s nature. That this is attained along four lines, among others :

The entire eradication of selfishness in all forms, and the cultivation of broad, generous sympathy in, and effort for the good of others. The absolute cultivation of the inner, spiritual man by meditation, by reaching to and communion with the Divine, and by exercise of the kind described by Patanjali, i.e., incessant striving to an ideal end. The control of fleshly appetites and desires, all lower, material interests being deliberately subordinated to the behests of the spirit. The careful performance of every duty belonging to one’s station in life, without desire for reward, leaving results for Divine law.

That while the above is incumbent on and practicable by all religiously disposed men, a yet higher plane of spiritual attainment is conditioned upon a specific course of training, physical, intellectual and spiritual, by which the internal faculties are first aroused and then developed.

That an extension of this process is reached in Adeptship, Mahatmaship, or the states of Rishis, Sages and Dhyan Chohans, which are all exalted stages, attained by laborious self-discipline and hardship, protracted through possibly many incarnations, and with many degrees of initiation and preferment, beyond which are yet other stages ever approaching the Divine.

Nothing against the idea of discipline, work, labour, hardship, etc. That is basically the fundamental essence of our Aryan heritage which had been replaced by Jewish Christian idiocy. But, his talk is so Eastern in its thinking, that it doesn’t work properly with our own Western Aryan Nature. Sure, there comes a time and point where you need to look into yourself, meditate, inquire : but doing it the entire life – living alone on a Mountain – is silly.

Hell, I meditated a lot in a certain period of my life. I encountered the Light they mention in the book – and here I am – hating the Jews, being an anti-Semite, loving my own people and Race. You know, they try to compare everything to the idea that, had you been born in the Middle East, you would be a Muslim now. Indeed you would : but you would be a Muslim because those lunatics have been conquering the Planet for over 1400 years. That is why you would be a non-European Muslim nowadays if you were born in their currently controlled regions.

The continuation of a Race depends on its Will to Survive. You aren’t “randomly born into the World” – no – you have been given the chance to continue the Race, Evolve it, keep the Flame of it alive. In case of being European, it is most certainly a Gift : not only have you been given the Gift of Life, but alongside of it the Gift of all our heritage, inheritance, culture, beauty, etc. But all of this, comes with Responsibility – and the only way – it will continue developing and evolving itself is if you make sure that there will be a new generation of your people who will continue building upon it. Race-mixing or not even having children, destroys the entire Race and everything you were carrying so far within yourself. This is, in many ways, metaphorically represented by the Olympic games and its Fire.

It may be added that Theosophy is the only system of religion and philosophy which gives satisfactory explanation of such problems as these :

The nature of extinct civilizations and the causes of their extinction; the persistence of savagery and the unequal development of existing civilizations; the differences, physical and internal, between the various races of men; the line of future development.

The inequalities in social condition and privilege; the sharp contrasts between wealth and poverty, intelligence and stupidity, culture and ignorance, virtue and vileness.

Of course, the entire Theosophical movement has to end with the idea of privilege, social inequalities, wealth, poverty, intelligence, stupidity, etc. I guess the One Spirit just didn’t want Africans to have the Wheel. It didn’t want them to have Fire either. It wanted the Australian Aboriginals to burn down the continent. It wanted the Muslims to believe that they will get in heaven 70 virgins. It wanted Jews to believe themselves to be Chosen by God. And so on. But we, the White Europeans, we are supposed to sit around a table and wonder : why is this inequality happening. Why did we do so much, develop so much, whereas the Blacks didn’t even think of drawing a Circle? And the Solution of Masons, driven by Jewish idiocy, is to simply race-mix us. Surely, the One Spirit intended it to be that way.


Now, this particular booklet talks about tolerance and begins immediately with the following statement : When the people of France were listening in dread to the first murmurs of that political storm which ushered in the Constitutional government of France, Rosseau gave the rallying cry which awoke them to a consciousness of their own power and importance. “Liberty, fraternity, equality”, were magic words, and touched the hearts of all. Yes, how blessed our European brothers in France truly are.

As in the past, it is now the glory of Masonry that it teaches toleration, and thus encourages activity in all the regions of legitimate knowledge. Mental activity is stifled when the avenues of expression or belief are closed. To intimate that some phases of belief will be met with punishment or persecution is to give occasion for such concealment of personal views as will end ultimately either in hypocrisy or mental deadness. You see, Masons love freedom so much that they are entirely based on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

All the intellectual quickening of the ages can be traced to the struggles of mind dissatisfied with their environments, or unwilling to accept as final the conclusions of others without further investigation. Yeah, we are unwilling to accept your Jewish plan of White genocide. Your entire tolerance movement must end if we are to survive. Even though one may look at certain elements of Masonry as good, the end result of it is pure Death. Perhaps they, indirectly, freed us to a certain degree from Jewish Christianity, but it was replaced with Jewish Masonry – in the end – not much changed.

Through the centuries the resources of Nature were present… but the talisman necessary to make these things the obedient servants of man was not known. Why? Because ignorance and bigotry were afraid to permit the investigations which were essential to a right understanding of Nature.

As we look into the past of our people, we get to understand that they knew much more about Nature than we do today. Hell, they most certainly were more in touch and tune with it. We became ignorant towards it due to Christianity – which, as a Jewish religion – entirely hates Nature. And instead of returning to our European values and spirituality, we nowadays try to look at Nature from a Jewish angle – this is why we still are not able to feel our Roots properly again. We are trying, from the Jewish perspective, to conquer Nature – instead of unlocking its Secrets and finding a sane relationship towards it.

But Masons are, yet again, proud of their supposed tolerance : It is to the glory of Masonry that since its first institution it has always taught toleration, and embodied in its system a practical illustration of reasonable freedom. Within the Lodge all are taught to meet upon the level. Yes, they are so free within the Lodge that they are not permitted to discuss religions which they are based upon, politics which they are working in, or even attempt to properly define Masonry.

Ignorance has never been accounted a crime, and that toleration of different beliefs which is necessary to true brotherhood has been taught and practiced. You remember my article where we ventured into a Masonic debate about Islam? Well, how can someone be tolerant towards a religion which has, as its basic principle, the command to kill anyone who opposes their belief? How can you be a Pagan Mason and sit beside a Jew whose entire purpose in life is to bring about a Jew World Order and enslave you afterwards as the Goy you are? Masons are idiots, practically.

The root of Masonic toleration is found in the noble doctrine or brotherhood. We are members of one family, and whatsoever our country, race, or kindred, we are brothers. Masonry, then, stands for the liberty of the individual.

Oh boy, here we go again. White Europeans are so free and at such liberty nowadays – there surely must be a Masonic hand behind it! Why, we can’t even speak our Mind anymore. We don’t control our own lands, we finance all the non-White people who wish to kill us and we are born as Racists : this, after all, is the current norm and narrative. Meanwhile, Masonic Cucks don’t see anything wrong with that – they are comfy in their little Jewish Lodges.

The church which permits no independent thought in its schools, which brands as heresy any departure from a statement of doctrine formulated a thousand years ago, which tortures the body upon the pretense of saving the soul – such a church can see in Masonry nothing of good. The church is right in its opposition to Masonry if its purposes to bind the people in the unquestioning submission of the past, for it is the purpose of Masonry to free mankind from whatever prevents the full development of all our powers.

It has nothing to do with what it says in the Bible, of course. After all, Masons have the “real understanding” of the Jewish Bible. The Church acted as it did because it was led by not only Jews, but the Jewish hypnosis called the Bible – the same poison which sits in every single god damn fucking Lodge. As if Masonry wouldn’t ban a person who suddenly were to say : fuck this Tolerance, it is destroying Western civilization. To them, that would be heresy as well. They would probably not regard him as a brother anymore, for he must have become blind to the Light and Truth that Masonry attempted to offer to him. The same nonsense, from a different perspective.

They recognize the fact that Masonry seeks to emancipate the world from all forms of slavery, and though the hierarchy would be unwilling to acknowledge unquestioning and blind obedience to priesthood to be a form of slavery, yet by whatever name the condition of mind which leads to this result may be called, in the final analysis it is found to be slavery.

I assume Masons also never read the Bible where it clearly states that having Slaves is part of the Jewish society and lifestyle. After all, the only reason why Blacks were brought to America as slaves were the Jews. They brought them in the first place. Since they couldn’t enslave the White European Goy, they went for the Black one. I assume Masons also never read the Quran where it clearly states that anyone who follows its God is a Slave of him. I also have the feeling that Masons do not comprehend the fact that White Europeans have become Slaves within their own Nations and serve non-White people through various forms of taxing and finances, to the point where our own Women are forced to Race-mix with non-Whites.

I mean, think about it deeply. Our Women are openly being raped and indoctrinated to race-mix. Our people are led to believe that it is absolutely normal for the average European to have a monthly income of 500 Euros for working 8 hours a day, while a non-White “refugee” is given for free 3500 Euros. It is absolutely normal that Africans are killing White Europeans in South Africa and afterwards are given food, medicine and money from America and Europe. It is absolute Freedom which the average European experiences and he isn’t being indoctrinated and enslaved from his childhood by Jewish media, education and propaganda.

We have been turned into willing Slaves, the type of Slave which doesn’t comprehend he is enslaved and actually enjoys being a Slave. We can’t even speak openly without it being hate-speech! The Slaves must not speak, they must not even group in any kind or form. And as per usual, this entire mindset began 2000 years ago with the Bible. Turn the other cheek, love thy enemy, resist not Evil, ah just fuck off already.

Until all forms of bigotry are ended, until man is free in all righteous senses of the term, until the day of perfect enlightenment, Masonry has a mission. It is in the world because the world needs its unwavering testimony to human rights and brotherhood, and it will continue on its beneficent way unchecked by any opposition based upon selfishness or upon a desire to perpetuate spiritual bondage.

So long as ignorance abounds, so long as oppression causes tears to flow, so long as vice lifts up its head, just so long will Masonry strive for the betterment of humanity. Its challenge is to all that tends to degrade men, or to prevent the accomplishment of the great possibilities with which all are gifted.

Liberty of though is essential to perfect individual growth, and whatever prevents or seeks to check the free action of the human mind, is an enemy to human progress.

Nice words with a ton of shit on it. Again, just as with the Theosophical Masonic book : selfishness is a no-no, and they probably regard it as selfish for White Nations to exist. Why, oh my Yahweh, we can’t have borders – that would be selfish. You can’t make it so that White women have only White men as partners : that would be selfish. There are some Dindus which would like to fuck White women as well, I mean come on – we are all the same under Yahweh’s son Jesus. Here, you can go and have your way with some Australian Aboriginal women meanwhile. And, if White women cease to exist one day : who cares? After all, they all sinned as that bitch Eve in the beginning – they are here just and only to spawn new Humans and die afterwards.

Currently the only major ignorance which exists, is the ignorance towards Racial existence and reality. Ignoring this Truth, the Racial Truth, is the most damaging thing of our Times. Not only is it self-evident, but it has been proven through genetics and DNA. Yet, here we are, trying to continue the same Jewish nonsense for over 5000 years, because heaven forbid that Masons would have to admit they were fooled by Jews as well. The only ones oppressed nowadays are Whites, we aren’t even allowed to defend ourselves. The only ones being degraded are again : Whites, we are supposed to cease to exist – even willingly – through Race mixing. That is genetic degradation. And let us not even speak of all the educational degradation we had to allow just and only to make your universal brotherhood work. Our people have been dumbed-down to make the Dindus and others look more equal to us.

Anything that seeks to prevent the freedom of the human mind, they say, is an enemy to human progress. Well then, get rid of the Jews, will ye? Burn your Bibles. Hell, while you are at it – you might as well burn down your own Lodges because it would seem that your Minds have been prevented to progress as well.

And this is a part of its mission. Men of different beliefs, of different races, of peculiar mental organization, all come within the broad sweep of its tolerant spirit, and learn to measure each other, not by the narrow rules of class or sect, but by the divine principle of a common brotherhood, and thus measured and with the consciousness of personal imperfection, they learn to look with charity upon what seem to be the serious imperfections of others.

Instead of getting rid of all Jewish idiocies, faiths and religions, which are based on degeneracy – they are trying to somehow fix them by indoctrinating their members into this Universal brotherhood belief. Yet, they do not realize that all those Jewish religions had this idea of Universalism in them from the beginning. They are all meant to conquer the entire planet – one way or the other. What Masonry actually does is Unite all of them into One element which serves the Jew World Order even more. Instead of now having different factions fighting for a World Government, Masonry will Unite them into Creating one anyway.

As per usual, do not resist evil, do not fight your enemy, but try to love them and turn them into your brothers. Do not destroy the Bible – no, Goyim – make it the foundation of your Secret Society and try to use it in a positive way. Do not destroy the Ring of Sauron, but make use of it for “the good”. Little do this bastards know, that the Jew (Sauron) will win in the end. It shouldn’t surprise us therefore that Theodor Herzl said the following in 1897, Switzerland :


Since Masons are led to believe that they are supposed to spread Equality under one God, just like Christians in Jesus, it helps the Jews and allows them to infiltrate our Societies. Masons are, in short, your average Social Justice Warrior who doesn’t necessarily look degenerate in the first place – but, sure as well – is degenerate and shares the entire same worldview as those degenerate leftists do. They are being used by pumping their ego with this supposed “higher meaning” – as the Christian believes he will end up in Heaven by doing “good” – so does the Mason believe he will be judged righteously by doing the same “good”.

In this land of freedom where all men stand in equality under common laws, receiving equal privilege and protection, we can rejoice at what has been accomplished through the general acceptance of our Masonic principle… the day is not yet when we can rejoice at the universal acceptance of our teaching.

Bigotry still lifts up its voice, and at times we hear the echo of past ages in the anathemas directed against us and against toleration and liberty, but as in the past so in the future, we shall press forward undaunted to our highest ideals.

One has to stand in amazement and be shocked how they put the words toleration and liberty side by side. If you are supposedly entirely free to do whatever you want, think whatever you want, then why shouldn’t there be Sharia Law in the country if Muslims are being imported into it by Jews? Why, you can’t be intolerant towards their beliefs, now can you? If you have to tolerate everything others say and do, then you aren’t free either. But, this is supposedly then being “evened out” through democracy – but, democracy fails the moment the population of a certain belief goes under 50% – then you become a Slave to the liberty of someone else : you are destined to Tolerate the freedom of others.

I mean, it is like talking to idiots when you try to analyze these Masons. As I have said, forget the symbols, forget their occult bullshit : read what they think and believe. Look at the nonsense they put together. They ignore the fact of Race, Culture, Values, Ethnicity and override them with Tolerance and Liberty. Yes, America started out as a nice Nation – and it worked only because of one single element – it was almost entirely a White European Nation. As it becomes ever more degenerated by importing in non-White people, your dream of “Tolerance and Liberty” can not and will not continue to exist. It will be far too late before these Masons realize what they have done. And if they do, I have a feeling they will commit mass-suicide rather than face reality.


For people who seem to care very little about what is going on in the West or what their entire belief system, excuse me, fraternity is based upon : they sure do care about inheritance of their supposed “ways, values and traditions” – because, they are an ever so important element of the World, I meant to say, for Jews. Therefore, the document begins immediately with the following : Talking to candidates is only part, and a small part, of the influence we have on them. They are going to be influenced in their attitude toward Masonry and towards life by their observations of the Members and officers, particularly the officers of their own Lodge, and more especially the Grand Lodge Officers with whom they come do contact.

One would have thought that the supposed secrets and teachings will form a Mason, not really any direct influence which would be imposed upon them. We can clearly see that they are basically shaping their own soldiers. Every Mason basically represents a person that is taken away from his own People and Nation and transformed into a Globalist Cave (Lodge) dweller who takes the Jewish Bible and Jewish values as his highest virtues and moral guides. They are going to observe whether or not the senior Brethren of the Lodge give serious thought to their Lodge duties such as regular attendance, committee responsibilities, and ritualistic work. They are going to observe how seriously he takes his church duties, his duties as a husband, a father, as a citizen.

There are, sometimes at least, elements within Masonry which seem normal – to be more precise, individuals – that act normal. But, Jews are making sure that every possible degenerate idea eventually consumes even those individuals and the lodges they currently operate. One such case was this one, about homosexuals in Masonry. We will see more about supposed “normal” Masons later. The fact that Freemasonry arouses these thoughts is evidence of the leavening influence that it is capable of having on its members. If each member of our order realized the great potentialities in the phrase “rank entails responsibility” or “noblesse oblige”, the great influence of our order for good would be accelerated. Here comes the most important part of the document :

The constant rise in standards of freedom and justice; in spiritual and moral values, in democratic processes of government has always been evident in those civilizations where Freemasonry was allowed to flourish. The reason for this is that Freemasonry is a way of life based on the teachings of the Bible. One of the great purposes of Freemasonry is to interpret the Bible into a practical philosophy of life for its members.

At our sessions last year M.W. Bro. Blackstock, quoted the words of Quentin Reynolds – “If I were a dictator the first book I would burn would be the Bible. I would burn it because I realize that the whole concept of democracy came out of that book”.

Brethren, Masonry is known to us as the most democratic institution in the world. There is a personal responsibility on every Mason, on each one of us to so live, to so interpret Masonry to our Brethren and to the world that those who follow in our train shall be respected citizens of a free democratic world.

How do you like that, Christcucks? Not only is Democracy within the Bible, but also Communism. Nothing more beautiful but the Acts of the Jewish Apostles of Jesus performing Communism on the surrounding people and also burning all books that were about “magic” – which probably included god damn mathematics and science as well : because, as it says in the Bible – in order for God’s influence to grow, they had to burn down everything else. God is surely a powerful being when he needs Jews to control the weak and gullible and burn everything down.

But, we must understand now this important information : wherever there is Democracy, there is Masonry. It cannot be without it. This is why the US , controlled by Jews, is currently “spreading Democracy” wherever it goes. After all the wars of the past, all Nations have been turned into Democracies – particularly into Social Democracies – which is simply a code-word for Communism. Many of them passed a certain period of real Communism for one singular purpose : to weaken the entire Nation and make it depend on debts and loans.

So, all us true Aryan Nationalist understand that the Bible is the Source of all our Problems, of all the Evil in this World, and of the Jews. Democracy doesn’t even work within a homogeneous society because most of the people are not fit to rule or bring about large and important decisions – they are lemmings by Nature and need guidance – or, at the very least, proper education over several generations with the purpose of uplifting the intelligence, integrity and unity of the Volk. When it is absolutely clear and understood that the best for the People and the Nation is the only thing that needs to be done and performed.


Combine Democracy, Socialism, Liberalism and the message of “We are all One in Jesus” and you get the shit we are in now. Open borders, many races, no identity, no Volk, no Nation, no People – just regions with random masses who are supposedly allowed to vote – to have a god damn illusion of choice – and bring about the “best values” for the entire population. And Masons are stupid enough to buy into this shit. Hell, they praise themselves for doing this nonsense and destroying the entire European people and civilization because of their Jewish, Biblical values!

With Nationalism practically banned and Conservatives turned into Democrats, all that remains nowadays is Democracy. And we see what it has done to all of our Nations – we see its rotten, disgusting, poisonous fruits : they dare to call us who wish to end this misery in which we find ourselves as Dictators – because we wish to bring Freedom back to our People – to give them a sense of purpose, of being; a vision, a future, a past – of having your place in life.

For Masons and their Jewish masters all that is important is the Evil of Choice – as we have seen in my articles before – Choice is coined in the Jewish Kabbalah as Evil, but is – according to them – the only way of experiencing supposed Freedom. Not doing Good, and making it better – no – it is all about Evil and Choice to these motherfuckers. And, ironically, they recruit new members by telling them their motto : “To make good men better”. If you haven’t seen the following videos yet, you should take the time to do so now :

The thing is, that in a homogeneous society it is particularly difficult to use Democracy to fully destroy it – it takes a lot of time to degenerate the population that way. This is why mass murdering was used through Communism to speed up the process, or as Jesus said : kill those who don’t want to follow me. Time is of the essence. With the rise of the Media and Internet, these mass killings became difficult to implement, basically impossible. Therefore Democracy had to be used – but, how do you use Democracy to quickly destroy a homogeneous society? Well, you first have to make it Diverse, of course!

With all the different values and opinions now, choice and voting can clearly ruin everything. But, this idea of diversity does not only include non-White people in White Nations, it also includes all of the degenerate ideas, ideologies, artificial elements which have to exist in order to split the people apart – divide and conquer them. As it is said in the Bible : you have to use the stupid and weak to destroy and neutralize those who are intelligent, wise and strong. You have to strangle them within their own Nations in order to overcome those Nations. After the degenerate and stupid have done the dirty job of removing the wise from power, the Jews can easily exterminate those useful idiots.

The main point is to create as many Choices as possible – all this Equality, Diversity, Liberalism, Feminism, Transgenderism, Christianity – it all is the same Jewish swindle, mind game, Illusion, Choice based pattern of taking over the people and destroying everything that is sane, healthy and normal. Christians, after all, will openly tell you that they chose Jesus. Since everyone is supposed to be “free and democratic”, it shouldn’t surprise you that Jews plan to destroy the Family unit : after all, your child is supposed to “choose” for himself what is the best for him. If you comprehend that a child needs guidance, wisdom, knowledge and truth inherited from his parents, then you should understand that a People need the same from a more wise group that developed out of them – hierarchy is, after all – natural.

Jews essentially steal the Freedom of the people by giving them momentary illusions of Choice – desires which last but for a moment – addictions which keep on destroying them little by little. And it hurts me very much to see this freedom of ours gone because it is the basis of our European faith and spirituality. It is our freedom to do what is right, natural, healthy, moral and good and make it better – generation after generation. That is true freedom in a world which is surrounded by wicked, evil, foolish people and non-White Races who wish to destroy us. Freedom therefore is the everlasting struggle against this Evil, it is the middle finger which you point at it and say : I am Good and will become Great, I will become Excellent – and you can’t do anything about it.

And when you have a society which is based on such greatness and excellency, you will also have morals, values, lifestyles, families, people and children who grow up with these elements – you will have geniuses showing up in every generation and you will eventually discover new secrets of the Universe, Cosmos and Life itself. Because such a generation is hellbent on discovering them in the first place and it is hellbent on maintaining that which is Good. Masons therefore, alongside their Jewish masters, are absolute idiots who should be ashamed of themselves for sucking up to this Biblical and other Jewish related nonsense. They are like any other Social Justice group – a Feminist Organization, just a little bit more secret.

But, leave it to Jews to draw the road upon which the gullible Goyim Masons have to walk – in France, for example – atheists are allowed into Masonry. Imagine that, even those who don’t believe in the Bible and God can enter the Lodge. Why, it almost sounds just like Communism being Christianity for Atheists – after all – we all very well know by now that their Religion is bullshit and that the only real important  thing is to follow their instructions of the Protocols of Zion, which are blueprinted in the Bible as well. The Jewish God and Jesus were used to give something to link the Goyim and direct them, but if you don’t even need that : you are more than welcome to become our Tool and Slave. The following shouldn’t surprise us :

What is the Mystery of Freemasonry’s hold upon her Brethren? A littler close knit fraternity set in a vast sea of humanity, a shroud of mystery for a garment, her lessons veiled in allegory and illustrated by Symbols, our Mother Grand Lodge, in size, a pebble on the seashore; in distance from parts of her Order so isolated that most of her members are initiated, live their Masonic lives and die without ever having seen her; cultivating and developing men as mysterious as she; cold, foggy, aloof, indomitable, deep, gentle, kind, lethargic.

Brave as lions, hard as nails, stupid as bulls, keen as steel, dumb as fish, eloquent as torrents, and with an imagination so superb, that for them, if they will it there is nothing to stay them. These are the men that, throughout the long corridors of time Freemasonry sends out to the four corners of the earth to live and die as Masons. These are the men who carry her out in their hearth, so wrapped and guarded, that wherever they go, she is.


The more you analyze these documents, the more you come to realize that Masons basically have no real point upon which they unite – it is practically a miracle that these lunatics have existed so far – they are all Jewish puppets who “united themselves by supposedly letting everyone make up his own mind, but as we have seen – they are to be guided and indoctrinated into certain beliefs themselves. Muh’ Liberty of Mind. The soul of Freemasonry is its spirit, its principles and its symbols, and these existed long previously to the recorded history of mankind and have come down to us today from widely different sources.

The document continues with this : We have come a long way. Inspirations have come from many sources and a close study of the fascinating story discloses a number of things; The fraternal idea, comradeship, fellowship among the builders, has always existed and persisted; The idea of building guilds has always existed; The close identification of the Craft with religion, the ancient mysteries, and later with Christianity. And here I thought that Masonry is not a religion, why they just are organized, have a temple and altar, use the Bible, believe in Jewish nonsense, act upon the “wisdom of the good book” – nah, they are just random couch potatoes.

The continuity of these ideas from very ancient times, because building and religion have always been factors in civilization; there has always been religion and there has always been building; they have continued side by side; such knowledge was common and was shared everywhere, no nation was ever isolated. Lastly, there was a gradual evolution – a flowing together. The many streams from many sources have come together and now flow on in one mighty stream or river. Even though one may understand this as the coming together of knowledge, we all know what this “one mighty stream” means, don’t we? The brown mixed future Goyim slave race. However, let us compare his words with a recent recruiting paper from the Masonic Facebook page itself :

Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal, and charitable organizations. It teaches self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies. Members are expected to be of high moral standing and are encouraged to speak openly about Freemasonry.

You must have a sincere and genuine belief in a Supreme Being (A God or Deity). Freemasonry is not a religion, and we accept men who would call themselves Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, etc.

Why, it almost sounds as if they shared the same values and opinions. As per usual, Masons seem to ignore what the Quran for example says and simply overlook all the Jihad stuff, but realize that they are worshiping the same Jewish God. And instead of getting rid of all this crap, they actually try to unite it. Such noble creatures. First of all, the Craft today is sound at its heart and is moving forward to greater achievements. It still rests upon the corner stone of all Faiths; and before it stand the two pillars of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

If we could but really and effectively unite all Freemasons into one vast army, what a tremendous bulwark Masonry would be against atheism, agnosticism, communism and those who would pull down the structure of our civilization and society, which is, in the last analysis, based on this belief in a Supreme and Almighty Being. Remember, this document is from 1937 – and here we have again their hatred towards atheism, which exists in French Masonry nowadays. Even agnostics are bad Goyim – they might conclude that everything does have some kind of creative pattern in Nature – but they still do not bow down to Jews. And, I’ll be damned, these guys are against Communism – doesn’t this go to show you how gullible these morons are? America today, under Masonry and Jews, under Democracy, has implemented almost entirely the Jewish Communist Manifesto.

What else could have happened? You have the Jewish Bible as their foundation of everything, Jews controlling all assets of our Societies, Democracy being used as the soft form of Communism to bring about Communism – and here we have a supposedly enlightened “Brother” who has something against communism. But, he goes one step further :

Today Freemasonry has been banned and suppressed in Italy and Germany and Russia. Why? Simply because it stands for justice among men, freedom of thought and action and expression. Only under democracies, can Freemasonry prosper. Masonry is, in fact, one of the inspirations for our democracy. If it could be suppressed or if it died out, then a Hitler would arise in our midst.

Got to make that Hitler reference, Goyim. We can’t have free people living in their own Nation – that would mean that Jews can’t be part of that Society and we all know that Jews must bring their “light” to the Goyim and Masonry is making sure to see that happen. What we have here going on is Masons, probably Jewish ones, leading Goy Masons through lies and deceit. Masons were heavily involved in the establishment of Communism throughout the world – and – with Democracy implemented we know very well where it lead to anyways.

The goal of the first stage of their plan – the violent execution of Communism – was simply to remove all normal and sane people from power by force. Destroy the economy and make people willingly accept afterwards any type and form of supposed “freedom” – democracy, after the cruel rule of Communism seemed like a blessing of God. Little did they know, what its true purpose afterwards would be. There is a documentary on the subject going around as well – you might look into it later here.

It is, as per usual, the Jewish way of taking control : Order out of Chaos. It can have a decent and sane meaning by saying : Look, your very own body, its organs seem chaotic, but have been put into order. When you are born and start to think and analyze elements, you also bring order out of that chaos around you. The Aryan afterwards attempts to bring about and seek out more and more Order, for he knows, only within that Order do things get to work and make sense. But, to the Jew, this phrase has an entirely different meaning. To them it is not the Truth, the Order, but their own version of it and it can only be installed after a catastrophic Chaos. This is why the New World Order, as said by Kissinger and many others, will come about after a World Crisis which will kill hundreds of millions. They want the Goyim to beg for Peace – which is something that the Jew Jesus has taught them in the Bible as well.

We need have no fear for Freemasonry. It has survived the centuries, witnessed the rise and fall of kingdoms and Empires, world-shaking revolutions and economic crises without number. It will outlive the Hitlers and Mussolinis and Stalins. Dictators may seem to dominate and triumph for a time but they can never submerge the spiritual forces which govern all peoples, the inborn and universal belief in a Supreme Being, the Architect of the Universe, the Father of all mankind, the reality of the Brotherhood of man, expressed in our desire for equal Justice among men, the feeling of kindred among nations which emerges when a great crisis threatens and the desire for peace.

A great crisis. They tell you right away that the only way of creating this illusion of equality will come about after a great crisis and the desire for peace. So, it is the Jews and their Masonic slaves – and various other useful idiots – who are deliberately creating Chaos, Destruction and bring about Evil – so that afterwards, they could create their beloved New Order with Jews ruling on top of it. Fantastic! But, we are truly blessed : In spite of setbacks – and we must realize that they will come – Freemasonry will go on to greater strength and influence, throwing its weight behind the Church,  the state, the community, and the forces of right and righteousness.

The vanguard of Societies! International peace, the sanctity of treaties, disarmament, and the adjustment of economic difficulties; guard against the recurrence of the depression, or counteract atheistic and communistic propaganda and the influences of Bolshevism. Statesmen and leaders should be sought out and persuaded to address our lodges, for our Lodge membership is looking for information and counsel.


And our final part for this article – where we will see how an obviously European Goy Mason doesn’t quite seem to get the big picture. Some of them seem to still be thinking, but just can’t put things together. Like, for example, you have Muslims in Masonry who are against Democracy – yet, here we have seen – how Democracy is the main thing of Masonry. How stupid must one be to go along with such nonsense? It’s like the Jews and Faggots who hang around the Alt-right, which is supposedly fighting for the Western European People.

Anyways, here goes – The Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America in 1947 unanimously adopted the following resolution : Masonry abhors communism as being repugnant to its conception of the dignity of the individual personality, destructive of the basic rights which are the Divine Heritage of all men and inimical to the fundamental Masonic teneth of faith in God.

To make sure however that no one ever develops a working brain or figures shit out through a debate, Jews made sure that they may not talk or analyze religion and politics : Freemasonry forbids the discussion of religion or politics in a Masonic Lodge. The prohibition of such discussion has its origin in the Anderson Constitution of 1722, Charge 6, Section 2.

Communism is not a religion but is the antithesis of religion and is essentially atheistic. Communism is not a system of free government by the people but an attempt to enslave the peoples of the world, an attempt to make the State supreme and the individual a mere pawn. It is an attempt to wipe out all institutions, including Freemasonry, that depend for their existence on the freedom of the individual.

I am convinced that Freemasonry would have nothing to fear if Communism propagated its doctrines openly. We must, however, be very fearful and wide awake to the dangers of the deceitful, insidious, under-cover methods which are adopted by it in an endeavor to enslave the free people of the world. Freemasonry and Freedom are synonymous terms. Freemasons must be prepared to unitedly fight the enemies of individual freedom. Communism is definitely such an enemy.

I guess this Mason didn’t get his Script. Perhaps, enlightened as he was, he didn’t realize that he was talking about a Jewish movement within a Jewish temple and suggesting that these Jewish slaves should stop Jews on another front. After all, it doesn’t really matter that he is against Communism, as long as democracy exists :

He mentions an interesting element here : Can we regard ourselves as worthy of the inestimable privileges of Masonry if we stand idly by while our spiritual and material resources are being dissipated in the flagrant violation of a public trust? Shall the heresy of selfish class interest prevail to undo a homogeneous freedom-loving people? Did he mean European people? Non-Diverse? Or merely people who believe in the idea of Universal Freedom no matter what type of Diversity is forced upon them?

Is the pagan philosophy of Karl Marx to be promulgated in America without a protest from Masons to whom God is the source of all wisdom and power? Pagan philosophy! Judaism is Communism – the Bible is Communism – Jews indeed worshiped many Gods, before settling down with Yahweh, the war God. But, to call it Pagan? Is this Mason a Christcuck who just can’t see the Big Picture?

Both at home and abroad the evidence is piling up to show how a mere minority of Marxian enthusiasts can corrupt the political and economic thinking and the moral integrity of a whole people. Yes, cultural Marxism.

We are speaking of Communism as promulgated by the doctrine of Karl Marx, as furthered by Lenin and Trotzky, and now practiced under the Dictatorship of Joseph Stalin in the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republic.

My Brothers, there is no greater danger to the peace of this world, to the welfare of future generations, or to the security of all that we hold sacred, than the menace of Communism which is spreading its tentacles over a goodly portion of this globe.

The Jews among his “Brothers” must have been laughing their assess off. Why those are just different Jews and have nothing to do with the rest of Jewry – neither with your Masonic Jewish lodge. But, he now adds his Masonic indoctrination to it : Freemasonry regards as sin those things which violate the fundamental principles on which this fraternity is founded, and so in relation to world affairs, it is and must be opposed to dictatorships, intolerance of race or creed, the oppression of minorities, the armed and unprovoked aggression of strong nations upon weak ones, and the increase of power of any nation which does not follow the principles of democracy.

Boy, oh boy, according to this guideline one can conclude that Masons were the leading party in promoting the War against Germany in WW2 – after all, Hitler not only pissed on democracy, but also removed Jews from power – another race, creed and minority. The fact that to this very day America is being used by Jews to attack weaker nations doesn’t seem to bother Masons – why, should it? – they probably believe that random Muslims knocked down the Twin Towers with two airplanes : that is therefore provoked aggression.

He admits himself : Those were the conditions in 1940 which led us into World War II. Still trapped in his own delusion : A man may be a Mason and a member of any political party of his choosing, a man may be a Mason and worship his God in any church he desires, be he Hebrew, Roman Catholic, or Protestant; but no man may be a Mason and a Communist, for a Communist is an avowed atheist, a follower of the teachings of Dr. Karl Marx, who expressed himself that religion was the opiate of the masses. What do other Masons say about it :

Most of the college professors that I know that are Masons are pretty much left wing socialists. I know that’s just the philosophical side, but unless you were intent on overthrowing the government, I wouldn’t see a problem. We don’t talk politics in Lodge, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Masonry is not interested in the political beliefs of individual members. Each Mason should be a good citizen of his country, though.  I would have no problem with a man with Communist beliefs petitioning my lodge.

Again, we don’t discuss politics at Lodge. But I know (because they are now my friends) that many of my brothers have different political beliefs than I do. That’s one of the great things about Freemasonry – it brings men of every race, religion, and political belief together into a wonderful brotherhood.

Our poor fellow here however is still trying hard to explain Communism to his Brothers : Communists do not come out in the open. They conceal themselves behind false fronts and use their unsuspecting stool pigeons for an appearance of public decency and high ideals. They plan secretly to control key positions of power and influence. They individually deny their own identity. There is no form of dishonesty or treachery which they have no employed with the approval of their highest leaders.

Change the word “Communists” with Jews and you get a perfect description of them. He continues : They justify lawlessness and immorality as a means to an end. They thrive on social disorder, human misery and ignorance. They deliberately appeal to the lowest forms of hum selfishness and greed. They propagate hatred. The class struggle is their openly avowed objective. By their own formal declaration Communism can be achieved only by overturning the whole social order. Again, change “they” with Jews and “Communism” with the Jew World Order – and you got the Truth.

They mean to accomplish their ends by revolution, bloody revolution. Our whole political economy, our age old institutions, our traditions and customs, our conception of law and order, our religion and morals, our family life must all go if Communism is to prevail in America. All this is to come about on the promise, impossible of fulfillment, that Communism is a panacea for all moral and economic human ills. It is the Jews you god damn idiot.

We shall end this article with a bombardment of quotes. If some are wrong, let me know. 

BERNARD STILLMAN, Jew, in Hebraic influences on Masonic Symbolism, 1929, The Masonic News, London:  “I think I have proved sufficiently that Freemasonry, as what concurs symbolism, lays entirely on a formation which is essentially Jewish.”

LATOMIA, a German Masonic journal, Vol. 12, July 1849, Page 237: “We cannot help but greet socialism (Marxism – Communism) as an excellent comrade of Freemasonry for ennobling mankind, for helping to further human welfare.  Socialism and Freemasonry, together with Communism are sprung from the same source.”

BENJAMIN DISRAELI, Jew, Prime Minister of England, in The Life of Lord George Bentick:  “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”

THE FREEMASON, April 2, 1930, Br. Rev. S. McGowan:  “Freemasonry is founded on the ancient law of Israel. Israel has given birth to the moral beauty which forms the basis of Freemasonry.”

WILLIAMS, in ULTIMATE WORLD ORDER, page 51 –“The master Pharisee strategists know what they are doing to us. They know that never in history have white and dark people mixed socially, that they did not interbreed – and never has such interbreeding reached advanced stages that it did not result in chaos and general degeneracy with utter moral abandon, and crime rampant.”

MANUAL OF EUROPEAN FREEMASONRY, by Richard Carlisle: “The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish.”

GENERAL LUDENDORFF : “The dependence of Freemasons upon Jewry not only renders so difficult the liberation of the German people from the yoke of enemies, but it intensifies, aggravates the enslavement and makes of some Germans, workers in the establishment of Jewish domination and Jewish world dominion. The primary aim of Freemasonry is to impress the educated, the professional leaders in industry, into service for the establishment of Jewish dominion.

The degradation of Germans of both sexes was made possible by making a German forget that he was an Aryan, a Teuton and above everything, a German. There is not sufficient space to give now the whole history of Masonry. We wish to state this only: Masonry came to Germany from England about the middle of the 18th century, with strongly Jewish constituent forms and formulas; it was favored by Jewish ‘Parvenus,” such as Moses Mendelsohn, and was supported by the Order of Jesus.” [Jesuits.] This World Freemasonry had made propaganda for the World War, and now prevents the establishment of truth about this war by means of Judaizing this our Universe.”

AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EUROPEAN FREEMASONRY, Philadelphia, 1906 : “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish Temple; each Master of the Chair, a representative of the Jewish king; and every Mason a personification of the Jewish workman.”

THEODOR HERZL, Tagebucher (p. 92): “In the present nations, freemasonry is only of benefit to the Jews, but it shall be abolished later.”

JUDISCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, 27 January 1956 : The honorary president of the B’nai B’rith Lodge, the rabbi Dr Leo Baeck, at the inauguration of the district Grand Lodge Kontinental Europa XIX in Basel on 14 September 1955, said: “The mission of the lodges in Europe is to be the conscience of the Jews and to make sure that the conscience of the Jews does not wither away in the various countries.”

LATOMIA, No. 7-8, 1928 : The high-ranking freemason Dr Rudolph Klein stated: “Our rite is Jewish from beginning to end, the public should conclude from this that we have actual connections with Jewry.”

LE SYMBOLISME (July 1928): “The most important duty of freemasonry must be to glorify the Jews, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom.”

BENJAMIN DISRAELI spoke in 1852 to the House of Commons, referring to the events of 1848: “The natural equality of men and the abolition of property are proclaimed by the secret societies, which form the provisional governments; and men of the Jewish race are at the head of each of them.”

HENRY W. COIL, “Coil’s Masonic Encyclopaedia”, Macoy Publishing, Richmond, Virginia, 1996, p. 260) :  Freemasonry became a Jewish-Cabbalist conspiracy, the aim of which was to subjugate the civilised Jewry and to enslave the rest of humanity. In 1869, a Jew was grand master of the Scottish Rite in Paris.

A SPEECH AT THE B’nai B’rith convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in The Catholic Gazette (London) in February 1936 and in Le reveil du peuple (Paris) a little later, stated: We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose…

One of the many triumphs of our freemasonry is that those Gentiles who become members of our Lodges, should never suspect that we are using them to build their own jails, upon whose terraces we shall erect the throne of our Universal King of the Jews; and should never know that we are commanding them to forge the chains of their own servility to our future King of the World…”

CHRISTIAN RAKOVSKY : The real aim is to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry. The real secret of Masonry is the suicide of Freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every important Mason.

LA VERITE ISRAELITE, Jewish paper 1861, IV, page 74:  “The spirit of Freemasonry is the spirit of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; it is its ideas, its language, it is mostly its organization, the hopes which enlighten and support Israel.  It’s crowning will be that wonderful prayer house of which Jerusalem will be the triumphal centre and symbol.”


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2 Responses to “Freemasons : Useful idiots”

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is practically a miracle that these lunatics have existed so far – they are all Jewish puppets who “united themselves by supposedly letting everyone make up his own mind, but as we have seen – they are to be guided and indoctrinated into certain beliefs themselves.

    Well, as for other useful idiots organised in clubs, societies or whatever leftist movement it seems to come from the same motivation that is to obtain privileges, popularity or financial gain, some direct benefit those people accept from their masters in exchange to the fulfilment of their goals, without being aware of the consequences their actions are leading to and that once the goals attained they are not useful anymore and therefore can be replaced or even eliminated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, as for other useful idiots organised in clubs, societies or whatever leftist movement it seems to come from the same motivation that is to obtain privileges, popularity or financial gain, some direct benefit those people accept from their masters in exchange to the fulfilment of their goals, without being aware of the consequences their actions are leading to and that once the goals attained they are not useful anymore and therefore can be replaced or even eliminated.

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