Declining To Appear in Court


An “administrative court” is a dispute resolution service for consenting parties. A summons is an invitation “summoning” or “calling” you to accept their dispute resolution service in Admiralty Maritime jurisdiction, so of course you have the right to decline their offer of contract.

Since jurisdiction is attached to the artificial legal “person” NAME, not the living man or woman, it is essential to correct the “mistake in the matter of the NAME”, as soon as possible after a summons is received. It is not necessary to go to their court. Indeed, by simply making an “appearance” in their court you will imply your belief in the “person”, which is guilty by default since it is a debtor and surety for the corporate national debt. If you “appear” in their court theatre they will PRESUME that you are “acting” in “joinder” to an artificial legal “person” under the court’s jurisdiction because YOU ARE THERE.

Maxim of Law:
Nihil habet forum ex scen.
The court has nothing to do with what is not before it.

Alternatively, the below Notice of Conditional Acceptance Re: Notice to Appear, can be sent to the Registrar of the Court to decline their offer. This usually cancels out the hearing, as there is no joinder and no proof of claim (it’s just an allegation or hearsay). The Registrar of the Court accepts and stamps court documents. You can require a copy by return post for your records. You can even go to the Registrar’s office, and if they refuse to make you a copy, you can take documents, copy them, then return the original(s):

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