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“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” Rev. 2.9

"But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees come to his baptism, he said unto them, O generation of vipers, who hath warned you to flee from the wrath to come." Matthew 3:7

For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of the churches of God in Christ Jesus that are in Judea, for you suffered the same things from your own compatriots as they did from the Jews, who killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets, and drove us out; they displease God and oppose everyone by hindering us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. Thus they have constantly been filling up the measure of their sins; but God’s wrath has overtaken them at last. - Thessalonians 2:14-16

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$1.5 M Awarded to Westminster to Finish Civil Rights Park

A $1.5 million check was given to the City of Westminster, California, Oct. 19 by state Sen. Tom Umberg (D-Santa Ana) Oct. 19 that will allow for the completion of the Mendez Freedom Trail in honor of a 1940’s civil rights case that desegregated California public schools.

In the 1940s, Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez attempted to send their children to 17th Street School, which was designated for white children. The Mendez family—who were U.S. citizens and Westminster residents, but were of Hispanic descent—were denied entry and instructed to send their children to Hoover Elementary instead.

The denial of the Mendez’s into the white-only school prompted them and other families of Mexican descent to challenge the segregation in court—where a U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the families in 1947—with the decision helping to end segregation of California schools.

The win paved way to the more well-known 1954 Brown v. Board of Education, which made it federally illegal to segregate people by race.

In attendance at the conference was Sylvia Mendez, one of the children represented in the case, who is now a civil rights activist.

“I want to thank the Mendez family for their dedication, for their fighting for justice, for their fighting for equal rights, equal opportunity for many generations who couldn’t have the same equal opportunity to participate in a public school,” Westminster Mayor Tri Ta said at an Oct. 19 press conference in at the Mendez Tribute Monument Park in Westminster.

The money will help the Mendez Freedom Trail and the Mendez Tribute Monument Park—honoring the legacy of the segregated children and the successful court case.

The park will feature statues of children holding books in an effort to symbolize the 5,000 children represented in the class-action lawsuit, and will also have statues of Gonzalo and Felicitas Mendez.

Additionally, the walls in the park will be interactive for children and “come to life” with a smartphone or computer and teach about the history of the case, a first of its kind for a community park.

Epoch Times Photo
A $1.5 million check was given to the City of Westminster, Calif., on Oct. 19. (Drew Van Voorhis/The Epoch Times)

“It’s an important project, not just for today, but for a long long time in the future,” Umberg said. “It’s important because we want to make sure that young people know what courage it took by the Mendez family to right a wrong. It’s so important in our history that our young people understand the mistakes we’ve made.”

Talking to Sylvia, Umberg said, “Your parents recognized this mistake and they had the courage to correct that mistake. It’s another lesson for young people that when you see a wrong. It’s your responsibility to correct that wrong and they did that.”

Former Westminster Councilman Diego Contreras, who originally brought the project to the council’s attention in 2017, said he wanted people, and especially children, to learn about the groundbreaking case, due to him not knowing about it for many years despite growing up in Westminster.

“I grew up here, went to school here. Why didn’t I learn about it? And I asked myself how can we change that. So thankfully with the help of the council we want to make sure that every student learns about it while they’re still in elementary school, and use it as a story to empower themselves about what’s possible when you come together and believe in equity, equality, and it’s really exciting to have students learn about it at an early age,” Contreras said.

Drew Van Voorhis

Drew Van Voorhis


Drew Van Voorhis is a California-based daily news reporter for The Epoch Times. He has been a journalist for four years, during which time he has broken several viral national news stories and has been interviewed for his work on both radio and internet shows.


Spotify to Hire Hundreds to Drive Ad Sales in Europe, Australia, Canada

STOCKHOLM—Spotify is planning to hire hundreds of staff to boost its advertising sales in Europe and elsewhere, as the music streaming service looks to increase revenue from customers who don’t pay a monthly fee but make up the bulk of its user base.

“We are increasing our ads business marketing workforce by over 70 percent in Europe, Australia, and Canada … and that’s off a pretty sizable base,” Lee Brown, Spotify’s head of advertising business, said in an interview.

“We’re investing in our advertising business. As far as a long-term strategy, I think gone are the days of advertising being less than 10 percent of our overall revenue.”

Spotify has also hired an ad industry executive with 25 years of international experience to lead international sales, Brown said, though he did not give a name.

The company, which earns income from paid subscriptions and by disseminating ads to non-paying users, saw its advertising business return to growth this year after being hit by the pandemic.

Of its 365 million monthly active users, 210 million are ad-supported, bringing in about 12 percent of its total revenue.

“An ad not only creates revenue for the firm, but it also lowers costs, as it leads to fewer songs being played and, in turn, modestly lower royalties to be paid,” Morningstar analysts said.

A surge in podcast content—Spotify carried 2.9 million podcasts as of the second quarter, up nearly 12 percent from the previous three months—has helped boost ad revenue, as podcasts pull in more users and, being longer, allow more time for ads.

The company is looking to add more tools for advertisers, and will make its podcast advertising and publishing platform Megaphone available in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

Megaphone, bought by Spotify last year, offers tools for podcasters to create ads for their own programs, for which they receive income, and to measure their reach. It currently hosts about a third of the top 200 shows on Spotify and Apple.

Spotify has been spending hundreds of millions to beef up its podcast business. Its competition with Apple has intensified after both launched paid subscription platforms for podcasters earlier this year.

The Swedish company is expected to overtake Apple in podcast listeners for the first time this year, according to research firm eMarketer.

By Supantha Mukherjee




Apple to Sell Fewer iPhones as Chip Crisis Bites, JP Morgan Says

J.P. Morgan on Tuesday became the second brokerage in two weeks to cut its forecast for Apple Inc.’s iPhone sales for the crucial holiday quarter as the global chip shortage and factory closures in Asia finally catch up to the technology giant.

The brokerage trimmed its iPhone revenue estimate to $63 billion for the first quarter of fiscal 2022, which would be a yearly fall of nearly 4 percent, analyst Samik Chatterjee said in a note to clients.

Last week, Needham said it expected iPhone 13 shipments to total 80 million units in the first quarter and cut its estimates for the holiday quarter by 10 million units citing supply chain issues including the chip shortage.

For the fourth quarter, JPM expects iPhones to bring in revenue of $46 billion after selling 58 million units, marginally higher than Wall Street’s forecast of $41 billion.

According to Refinitiv IBES, analysts are expecting about 45 million units for the holiday quarter and 79.4 million units in the first quarter.

While Apple has weathered the supply crunch better than many other companies due to its massive purchasing power and long-term supply agreements with chip vendors, supply chain bottlenecks and lockdown in countries like Vietnam in the second half of the year are hampering its production timelines.

Bloomberg News reported last week that the Cupertino, California-based company is likely to slash production of its iPhone 13 by as many as 10 million units due to the global chip shortage.

Customers wanting an iPhone 13 are already having their patience tested with one of the longest wait times for the phone in recent years, analysts said.

“We continue to see strong demand for iPhone 13 and 5G iPhone SE relative to low investor expectations to act as a catalyst, the timing of the realization of which, although delayed on account of supply headwinds, is unchanged in magnitude,” Chatterjee said.

However, Apple said on Monday that its two new MacBook Pro models, which run on more powerful in-house chips, and new AirPods 3, will start shipping next week.

Apple’s announcement of hardware innovations for the holiday season despite the chip shortage showed the company was flexing its supply chain muscles, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said.




More Australians Now Regularly Attending Places of Worship

More Australians are now likely to regularly attend their place of worship compared to just prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to market researcher Roy Morgan.

The biggest increases come from millennials, with over 21 percent now reporting that they “regularly go to church or my place of worship,” up from 5.8 percent before the pandemic.

“Millennials are now second only to Pre-Boomers (people aged over 75) for their regular attendance at church or a place of worship,” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said. “For many millennials, the pandemic has meant extended periods of working from home at the same time as taking care of primary school-aged children engaged in remote learning. This has clearly been a very challenging period for many young parents.”

In contrast to millennials, the elderly aged over 75 reported a decline in regular church attendance, the only generation to reportedly do so.

Furthermore, there is now little difference between the number of men and women who regularly attend church, at 19 percent and 19.1 percent, respectively. Women saw a greater increase, up 4.1 percentage points during the pandemic, compared to men, up 1.2 percentage points.

Roy Morgan also found a significant difference in the church attendance changes between capital cities and regional areas.

Attendance at church and places of worship remain unchanged in country areas (15.5 percent). But it increased by 4 percent in capital cities to 21 percent, where the majority of extended lockdowns have occurred.

The states of New South Wales, Western Australia, and Tasmania saw the biggest increase, with Victoria the only state where regular attendance has decreased.

“Although lockdowns have driven attendance in other states and capital cities, the extent of the lockdowns in Victoria, and especially the long second lockdown in late 2020, have prevented the rise in attendance seen elsewhere,” Levine said.

Catholic Church spokesman for the Archdiocese of the Sydney, Michael Kenny, told The Epoch Times that while their churches were closed during the extended lockdown, they have seen very large numbers of people watching live-streamed masses.

“Last Sunday, approximately 6,100 people watched the 10:30 a.m. mass, live-streamed from Sydney’s St Mary’s Cathedral. The cathedral has a capacity of 1,200 people, so this may give you a sense of the higher numbers engaging with worship during the COVID-19 lockdown,” Kenny said.

Levine said it would be interesting to see whether the attendance trends continue to increase or return to their previous levels.

The data is from Roy Morgan’s Single Source, an ongoing research program into consumer behaviour and attitudes that is conducted year-round, with interviews from over people 50,000 a year.

Rebecca Zhu

Rebecca Zhu



China’s Power Crunch to Fuel Christmas Price Increase of Up to 15 Percent in US, Economist Warns

News Analysis

More than half of China’s provinces have issued local power restrictions since September. The resulting widespread power outages and cuts under Beijing’s new energy policies will likely fuel global inflation by 0.5 to 1 percent, and drive a price increase of 10 to 15 percent in the United States over the Christmas season on retailed goods imported from China, an economist has said.

Huang Jun, a Chinese economist who now lives in the United States, told The Epoch Times that the power outages in China will cut off one-third of the country’s production capacity. Huang was the former lead columnist for Chinese state-owned broadcaster CNTV and the former chief economist at China Enterprise Capital Union (CECU). He is now director of the Asian Real Estate Association in the United States.

Affected by China’s power outages and cuts, some of the U.S. retail goods could see prices 10 to 15 percent higher, since about 40 percent of products come from China. This price increase is expected in the two months before and after Christmas, Huang added.

The impact of China’s power crunch on the global supply chain, as estimated by Huang following a survey of China-based manufacturers, will mainly reflect on four industries: textiles; toys, stationery, and office supplies; computers and computer accessories; and machinery parts.

Epoch Times Photo
Workers produce desks for export to the United States, France, Germany, and other countries, at a factory in Nantong in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province on Sept. 4, 2019. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

According to local reports, in the southern city of Dongguan in China’s Guangdong Province, factories have been receiving official notices, restricting their operations to between 1-3 days per week depending on the scale and priority of the factory’s work as defined by the authorities.

In Zhejiang Province, the authorities are strictly controlling the manufacturing capacity of textile printing and dyeing, and chemical fiber and plastic products in its cities, including Shaoxing, Huzhou, Jiaxing, and Wenzhou.

Meanwhile, the Jiangsu provincial authority issued an emergency notice on Sept. 16, announcing that it was restricting electricity supply from midnight Sept. 15 to Sept. 30. Impacts of the power restrictions have also rippled over to Jiangsu’s semiconductor industry. Some chip packaging service providers, like Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm, received notices to shut down their plants for several days. Chang Wah Technology, a semiconductor packaging materials supplier, also announced a one week’s stoppage of work.

Eson Precision Industry, a major mechanical components supplier for Apple, said that its plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, had been suspended Oct. 3 to Oct. 8 due to city policy. Unimicron Technology, a printed circuit board supplier for Apple, also said its factories in Suzhou and Kunshan would stop production from Oct. 3 to the end of the month.

Due to China’s large-scale power crunch, Nomura Securities has diminished its forecast for China’s GDP growth to 4.7 percent in the third quarter and 3.0 percent in the fourth quarter, down from a forecasted 5.1 percent and 4.4 percent respectively, and has cut its full-year forecast from 8.2 percent to 7.7 percent, Reuters reported.

As to the causes of China’s power shortage, Huang pointed to four main factors.

“The first reason lies in the imbalance between power generation and electricity consumption in China: 16.4 percent of Chinese electricity is supplied by hydroelectric power, and the consumption for industrial and residential electricity keeps increasing, while hydropower supply reduces, especially in the winter when many areas enter their dry season for the year.”

For example, in January, Huang said, about 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity was generated. “But most of China is still very cold in January, and the demands for heating are maybe 120 billion kilowatt-hours, so electricity sees its shortage of 20 billion kilowatt-hours.”

The second reason, Huang said, is that Chinese manufacturers are still receiving large volumes of international orders, especially in the second half of 2020, which has kept up electricity consumption.

According to Huang, the third reason is linked to a political tug-of-war between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Australia, which resulted in a ban on Australian coal. Therefore, Chinese power plants have had to turn to Indonesia and Russia for their coal imports, but this has caused operational losses for power plants.

“Now instead of burning Australian coal, [the Chinese authorities] have asked [power plants] to burn Indonesian coal and Russian coal. Firstly, its calorific value of power generation is different; secondly, its parameters are different, which will incur mechanical operation problems,” Huang said.

“Of course, the plants can debug it, but it needs stoppages of work. Once the engine stops then start again, it is really a very, very big loss.”

The fourth reason is the CCP’s climate pledges, including that China must shut down 588 coal-fired power plants within 10 years.

China is currently running 1,058 coal plants—more than half the world’s capacity—the BBC reported in April.

“Basically, China must shut down a lot of coal-fired power plants, about half of them, to meet its environmental requirements. But these plants supply more than 35 percent of China’s electricity generation. That means there is a 35 percent energy gap. It is hard to cover even if wind power is increased by seven or eight times,” Huang said.

Jenny Li



Victor Davis Hanson: The ‘Era of Intimidation,’ Tribalism, and Elite Contempt for the Middle Class

Victor Davis Hanson: The ‘Era of Intimidation,’ Tribalism, and Elite Contempt for the Middle Class

“A very dangerous pre-civilizational pathology is tribalism…I hire my first cousin—and not the other person who’s better qualified—because he’s part of the tribe,” says classicist and historian Victor Davis Hanson. Now, “we’ve gone back in a retrograde fashion to a pre-civilizational mentality,” Hanson says.

In this episode, we discuss his latest book, “The Dying Citizen: How Progressive Elites, Tribalism, and Globalization Are Destroying the Idea of America.”

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‘Universal Agreement’ That Reconciliation Compromise Is Necessary: Schumer

After Democrats gathered at a Tuesday lunch to discuss their long-delayed reconciliation bill, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) reported that there was “universal agreement” that a compromise must be reached as divisions in the party continue to hold up the legislative process.

Democrats are now months off schedule in passing their reconciliation bill, as internal party divisions have pushed leadership past deadline after deadline with no vote.

These divisions, despite months of negotiations, continue, with many moderates still rejecting their party’s bill in whole or in part.

Disregarding these setbacks, Schumer was optimistic after Democrats’ Tuesday lunch. He said that there is “universal agreement in the room that we have to come to an agreement” on the reconciliation bill.

He said that Democrats hope to reach a “framework” agreement by the end of the week.

Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) showed the same optimism.

Speaking to reporters after the lunch, she said that holdouts in the party “are walking through what they support [and] what they don’t support.”

“We’re seeing a path,” Stabenow said.

Disagreements on specific political and legal issues have plagued Democrats for months.

Initially, Democratic leaders hoped to have the bill written and passed by the end of September.

The first hint of these challenges came in August, when moderates threatened to derail the budget bill. After weeks of tension between progressives and moderates in the lower chamber, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) resolved the splits well enough to advance the landmark multi-trillion dollar budget to committee for drafting.

However, once lawmakers began to draft the bills that would be included in the omnibus reconciliation package, continued splits among Democrats became obvious. Even after months of negotiations, moderates and progressives in both chambers have been at each other’s throats.

The situation grew so difficult that President Joe Biden, who is a huge proponent of the legislation, made a rare visit to the U.S. Capitol to meet with the House in a closed-door meeting.

Divisions among Senate Democrats have been especially important. With Democrats’ slim one vote-majority in the upper chamber and a plethora of moderates, Democrats have worked frantically to draft a bill that can meet with moderate approval.

Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) have made the headlines and remained there for their clearly-stated opposition to the bill. Both publicly rejected giving their vote to such an expensive bill.

Biden, who has remained deeply involved in the legislative process, has extensively negotiated with the two for months, but to little avail. The two remain adamant that they will not support a $3.5 trillion bill, forcing Democratic leaders to admit that the original price tag cannot be achieved.

Leaders Aim For Oct. 31 Deadline

Now, Democrats continue to shoot for an end of October deadline, when they hope that these disagreements may be finally resolved.

Biden has said that he is not concerned about the ever-extending time table. The president told reporters, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s in six minutes, six days, or six weeks, we’re going to get it done.”

Pelosi said much the same. “We will and must pass both bills soon,” Pelosi said.

Schumer in a statement dismissed the bills’ earlier failures.

“Doing big things in Congress is hard. Doing really big things all at once is really hard,” he wrote, adding that leadership knew “from the very beginning” that passing the two bills would be “difficult and, at times, messy.”

But, he said, “[Democrats] can get this done, together, if we put aside our differences and find the common ground within our party.”

This “will require sacrifice,” he said, adding that “not every member will get what he or she wanted.”

Despite these divisions, Schumer said, “we will pass legislation that will dramatically improve the lives of the American people. I believe we are going to do just that in the month of October.”

However, divisions on policy issues continue.

On Tuesday, Manchin and Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) weighed in on one of the many Democratic aspirations in the bill: a carbon tax. For Democrats who have marketed the bill as a panacea to the alleged “climate crisis,” a carbon tax or other similar measures are of crucial importance.

But Manchin told reporters that in his mind, “the carbon tax is not on the board at all right now.”

Tester told reporters, “I’m not a big fan of the carbon tax. I just don’t think it works the way it was explained to me.”

As Democratic leaders approach another predetermined deadline at the end of October, time is running out to resolve the party’s many differences.

Joseph Lord

Joseph Lord


Joseph Lord is a Congressional reporter for The Epoch Times who focuses on the Democrats. He got his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Clemson University and was a scholar in the Lyceum Program.


Sterilizing Pet Rabbits Has Medical and Behavioral Benefits

Q: Our children were given two rabbits, and they’d like to know each bunny’s sex before they name them. We parents would like to know, too, so we don’t end up with a house full of rabbits.

How do we tell what sex each rabbit is? If one is female and the other male, can they be neutered to prevent a household population explosion, or should we just try to keep them apart?

A: One way to determine their sexes is to look at each rabbit’s groin. A male, called a buck, has a penis with a circular opening and two cigar-shaped testicles. A female, or doe, has a slitlike vulva.

A far easier way to sex your new bunnies is to schedule a physical exam with a veterinarian. If your new rabbits are not yet sexually mature, it will be particularly difficult to determine their sexes without your veterinarian’s help.

In males, the testicles descend around 10 to 12 weeks of age. Small and medium-sized breeds are sexually mature at 4 to 6 months, while giant breeds don’t gain sexual maturity until around 9 months of age.

Once you learn that both rabbits are healthy, request an appointment for sterilization surgery, even if both of them are the same sex. Sterilized rabbits live longer and behave better than unsterilized rabbits. Rabbits are social creatures, and sterilization will help your two bunnies get along more harmoniously.

Females should be sterilized, or spayed, to prevent uterine cancer, which occurs in most unspayed does and is fatal. In addition, spay surgery decreases urine spraying and aggression.

Males are sterilized, or neutered, to prevent urine marking and aggression. Urine odor is also reduced after neutering.

Moreover, sterilization reduces overpopulation of pet rabbits. Bunnies are the third most common species living in animal shelters, awaiting forever homes.

To help you and your children give your new bunnies the best possible care, consult the House Rabbit Society website at You’ll learn about diet, litter box training, finding an expert rabbit veterinarian, and much more.

All parts of the sago palm are poisonous—even if the dog only chews the plant but doesn’t swallow. (New Africa/Shutterstock)

Q: The big box store has a sale on sago palms, and I’m thinking of buying one for my living room. However, we have a new puppy that sometimes chews outdoor plants. Will it be a problem if he chews the sago palm?

A: Yes, a deadly problem, so don’t buy this plant. The sago palm, also called a cycad palm, resembles a pineapple with large, thick, dark green spiked fronds growing from the top. These low-maintenance houseplants also thrive outdoors in warm climates.

All parts of the sago palm are poisonous—even if the dog only chews the plant but doesn’t swallow. The seeds are particularly toxic; eating just one seed has proven fatal.

Two poisons are most responsible for the sago palm’s toxicity: cycasin, which causes liver failure and other gastrointestinal toxicity, and an amino acid called beta-methylamino-L-alanine, which damages the central nervous system.

Toxic signs include vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, lethargy, loss of coordination, tremors, seizures, and coma. Death occurs in up to half of patients, so immediate veterinary care is essential for any pet exposed to a sago palm.

So, say no to sago palms. Instead, choose pet-safe plants from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s website at

Lee Pickett

Lee Pickett


Lee Pickett, VMD, practices companion animal medicine in North Carolina. Contact her at Copyright 2021 Lee Pickett, VMD. Distributed by


Pompeo Calls for Hong Kong’s Freedom, Criticizing the Chinese Communist Party

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Hong Kong Freedom Beacon invited former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and senior policy advisor, Miles Yu, for an event at the Calvary Chapel to discuss the liberation of Hong Kong and call for an end to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

During the event, Pompeo said the CCP’s Marxist ideologies are contrary to Chinese traditions. “This is totally alien to historical Chinese culture. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party is not only the greatest foreign threat to America, it is the greatest threat to the 1.4 billion still living on the mainland there,” he said.

He and other event speakers called out the CCP’s strict internet firewall, lack of transparency, and encroachment on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

“The central thesis of the policy that we developed in the Trump administration was the recognition that the Chinese Communist Party does not represent those 1.4 billion people,” stated Pompeo.

Senior policy advisor, Miles Yu, said, “We had a China policy with an American attitude, based on American values.”

Miles Yu
Miles Yu, who served as senior policy advisor to Mike Pompeo, explained the threat of the CCP at an event in San Jose, Calif. (Cynthia Cai/The Epoch Times)

Yu explained that the United States needs “moral clarity” and to defend “every human being’s unalienable rights” in order to address the threat of the CCP and its influence.

He described that, for the Chinese people living under the CCP’s influence, freedom and justice do not exist.

Events Leading to the 2019 Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong, a former British colony, has experienced multiple protests since the region was returned to China on July 1, 1997. After the handover, the United Kingdom and China signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which granted Hong Kong self-governance and a degree of autonomy for 50 years after the transition.

However, since the handover, the CCP has reportedly violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration on multiple occasions, leading to democracy protests over the years.

The most recent protest was in 2019. Hong Kong residents took to the streets to call on leaders to withdraw an extradition bill that would have allowed Hong Kong to transfer criminal suspects to not only Taiwan but also China to be tried for crimes. The proposed bill emerged from a murder case in 2018.

On Feb. 8, 2018, a young Hong Kong couple, Chan Tong-kai and Poon Hiu-wing, traveled to Taiwan for a vacation. On Feb. 17, 2018, Chan returned home alone. He later admitted to murdering Poon, his then-pregnant girlfriend, in Taiwan.

Because the murder took place in Taiwan, and Hong Kong and Taiwan lack an extradition agreement, Hong Kong authorities could not charge Chan with a crime. In May 2019, Hong Kong’s government proposed the 2019 Extradition Bill, which sparked a series of protests across the region.

While protests are not new, the 2019 protests were the first time lawyers joined Hong Kong youth to speak out against the CCP’s actions. Hongkongers say the bill would have increased the CCP’s control over the region. Under the CCP, China’s opaque court system has a 99-percent conviction rate.

The bill was eventually withdrawn on Oct. 23, 2019, but protests continued until Nov. 2020.

Founding of Hong Kong Freedom Beacon

The Hong Kong Freedom Beacon was founded by Elmer Yuen, a businessman from Hong Kong now living as a fugitive activist in the United States. Yuen understood the CCP’s oppression after a meeting with a CCP official in 2019, during the height of the Hong Kong protests.

“I was in Beijing exactly two years ago, and some official invited me to a barbecue in the suburbs of Beijing,” explained Yuen. “This official [was] from the Reform and Development Commission… And he asked me, ‘What’s happening in Hong Kong? What do the young people want?’ And I, of course, told him, freedom, rule of law, and democracy. Then he said, ‘This is not real.’”

Yuen said that this was the moment he understood the CCP’s oppression. “I suddenly woke up. None of these communist people understand what [freedom] is,” Yuen said.

Hong Kong Freedom Beacon
Attendees at an event at the Calvary Chapel in San Jose, Calif. call for Hong Kong’s freedom from the influence of the CCP. (Cynthia Cai/The Epoch Times)

He described that under the CCP, the idea of freedom is not taught in schools or discussed in society. Yuen said, “The entire communist leadership, and the normal people, because they brainwash everybody, these universal rights does not exist.”

Yuen worked as a successful businessman in Hong Kong for many years; however, after realizing the CCP’s true nature, he began speaking out and defending Hong Kong’s fight for freedom. He eventually moved to the United States to continue raising awareness of the situation in China.

“I came to this country a year and a half ago, and I proposed to the U.S. Congress, to several congressmen. I said, ‘These guys are criminals.’ For the last 70-some years, they’re criminals, because they don’t have to follow the law. They use influence, they use money, and they can overcome everything.”

Yuen explained that the concept of freedom does not exist under the CCP. “There is no law. This whole thing about law is nonsense. There is no law; this whole thing is for show.”

He said that many people have never experienced what freedom and rights are while under the CCP.

The speakers at the San Jose event encouraged countries to decouple with the CCP. They said people should be aware that protecting Hong Kong’s freedom means protecting the freedom of people worldwide.

Cynthia Cai

Cynthia Cai




Orange County Supervisors Continue Local Emergency Amid Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts

Orange County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved Oct. 19 a continuation of the local emergency regarding the recent oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach, California.

The response to the coastal oil spill in Orange and San Diego County proceeds as the amount of estimated oil leakage dropped from 127,000 gallons to around 25,000 gallons.

Michelle Anderson, county director and emergency manager, stated at an Oct. 19 board meeting that over 5,500 gallons have been gathered off the coast along with 13.6 barrels of tar (571.2 gallons), and 475,000 pounds of oil debris.

“At this point in time, we do recommend continuing the local emergency proclamation,” Anderson said.

Anderson further advised the county to reach three benchmarks in its cleanup efforts before terminating the local emergency.

The first benchmark is included within the California Emergency Services Act regarding an ongoing availability of external resources responding to the oil spill. Since the spill occurred on Oct. 2, about 1,800 responders have provided assistance.

The second benchmark addresses the status of fisheries impacted by the spill, as they proceed to remain closed until further notice.

Lastly, under the third benchmark, the Unified Command Incident Management team will establish shore cleanup assessments, monitor local beaches, and note potential impacts of the spill. Long-term monitoring plans will be developed in the instance more oil washes ashore.

Anderson said businesses whose operations were impacted by the spill may be eligible to receive an economic injury loan through the Small Business Administration. However, the decision to provide aid to those businesses is still pending.

Supervisor Katrina Foley and Lisa Bartlett voiced their concerns regarding fisheries and impacted businesses, claiming the livelihood of workers is threatened.

“I’ve been concerned about our fisheries and our businesses that really rely on fishing,” Foley said. “It’s lobster season, that’s pretty much going to be wiped out for the most part.”

As sampling proceeds up the coast to ensure sea life is safe amid a potential rise in toxin levels, Bartlett is optimistic fishermen will be back at work soon.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, fishermen may receive clearance in the coastal area as soon as mid-November, Bartlett said.

“It’s affecting the lives of so many families out there that depend on their livelihood of being able to get out there and fish and catch the lobsters,” Bartlett said. “When things like this happen along the coast with the oil spill, it’s not just the impact of the cleanup and off of the mess that occurs, but also impacting people’s businesses and their daily lives.”

Additionally, Foley requested a monthly tar report be submitted to assist the county in keeping track of the cleanup efforts.

Vanessa Serna

Vanessa Serna


Vanessa Serna is a California-based daily news reporter for The Epoch Times.


White House Mocks Supply Chain Concerns as ‘Tragedy of Undelivered Treadmills’

The White House on Tuesday ridiculed concerns about shipping delays for treadmills and other products as supply chains and shortages continue to plague American consumers.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked by New York Times reporter Michael Shear about the shipping delays for products like dishwashers, furniture, and treadmills and why Biden acted slowly to solve known problems in the supply chain.

“The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed,” Psaki replied sarcastically.

Shear asked why Biden failed to act sooner.

Psaki argued that there were a number of reasons for shipping problems, citing more online shopping as one of the causes, despite President Joe Biden’s attempts to fix the problems.

“More people are buying more goods, people have started to buy things online [rather] than going into stores,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “That is also impacting the volume and there’s a need for more.”

“I think the important thing to understand here is there are multiple issues,” she continued, also citing the increase in products getting purchased, the difficultly of restoring manufacturing levels, and a shortage of truck drivers for snarled supply chain delays.

Over 100 ships continue waiting outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, reports noted Tuesday, nearly a week after Biden tried to demonstrate progress on the issue.

During his speech, Biden blamed private business for not paying more to get the products offloaded and shipped.

“We need major retailers who ordered the goods and the freight movers who take the goods from the ships to factories and to stores to step up as well,” he said, warning that “if the private sector doesn’t step up, we’re going to call them out and ask them to act.”


PragerU: Who Would Hide a jew?

I have covered Dennis Prager a bit before.

PragerU is a “conservative” outlet that tries to put out “edgy” content that really sticks it to the leftists. For example, they used to employ Owen Benjamin to make videos like “Why You Can’t Argue with a Leftist.”

Now PragerU is asking the really important question of our time, which is what kind of person is most likely to be a mensch and hide some persecuted jews? Start at about 7 minutes in for the answer.


The great thing about this is that Dennis Prager is worried about “Nazis” taking over America.

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White House: ‘No Surprise’ Biden Is Flying Migrants into States at Night

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested that President Joe Biden’s Catch and Release operation, wherein border crossers are flown to various states for resettlement, is standard policy.

This week, the New York Post unveiled that the Biden administration has been for months flying border crossers and Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) to New York and Florida from Texas.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Psaki shrugged off the Catch and Release operation as nothing more than standard Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) policy.

“Well, I’m not sure it’s in the middle of the night but let me tell you what’s happening here … it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they swiftly can be unified with a parent or a vetted sponsor,” Psaki said:

And that’s something we take seriously. We have a moral, a right obligation to do that, to deliver on that. [Emphasis added]

In recent weeks, unaccompanied children passed through the Westchester airport … in route to their final destination … it’s no surprise that kids can be seen traveling through states, not just New York … but in other parts of the country as well. [Emphasis added]

The border crossers and UACs are being flown into the Westchester County Airport in Westchester County, New York, from Texas before getting on buses bound for New York City neighborhoods like the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, along with upstate neighborhoods like Newburgh and Bridgeport, New York, and Danbury, Connecticut.

Other border crossers and UACs are also being flown to the Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, Florida, before getting bussed to the Twin Oaks Academy, a detention center for juveniles, near Tallahassee, Florida.

The Biden administration has not disclosed how many border crossers have been flown on domestic commercial flights into the U.S. interior since January 20.

The latest HHS data shows that from October 2020 to August 2021, nearly 92,500 UACs have been resettled across the U.S. More than 3,600 have been resettled in Los Angeles County, California, while thousands more have gone to counties in Florida and New York.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at Follow him on Twitter here


Hard to Grasp Relief of Man Holding His Phallus Found in Turkey

The latest excavations at a Neolithic site in Turkey’s southeastern province of Şanlıurfa in the Anatolia region have brought to light a fascinating five-figure relief dating to the Neolithic period. Featuring both animals and humans, the relief is believed to be a composition. The most striking figure in this relief is a frontal depiction of a man holding his phallus. The excavations are being carried out by Istanbul University and Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum and are led by Associate Professor Eylem Özdoğan, reports Arkeonews.

The entire stone relief, with the man holding his phallus on the right. ( Arkeolojihaber)

The Phallus Relief At Turkey’s Taş Tepeler Neolithic Site

Taş Tepeler (literally Stone Hills) is a region in Anatolia, Turkey that houses a vast number of prehistoric sites including the UNESCO World Heritage site of Göbeklitepe (also spelt Göbekli Tepe). Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism together with the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) has recently launched the Tepeler Bag project, a Neolithic heritage project, which will undertake excavations at 12 sites in the 124-mile (200 kilometer) Tas Tepeler region between 2021 and 2024.

Apart from Göbeklitepe, the Taş Tepeler sites include Karahantepe, Harbetsuvan, Gürcütepe, Kurttepesi, Taşlıtepe, Sefertepe, Ayanlar, Yoğunburç, Sayburç, Çakmaktepe and Yenimahalle. These sites are believed to be some of the earliest examples of sedentary settlements and organized and specialized labor in human history .

A man with six fingers and a snake in one hand in front of a bull with large horns, on the left side of the stone relief. (Arkeolojihaber)

A man with six fingers and a snake in one hand in front of a bull with large horns, on the left side of the stone relief. ( Arkeolojihaber)

The Sayburç Depiction of Human-Animal Interaction

Sayburç was discovered in 2021 after the Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum was informed that villagers had used parts of obelisks found in the area to build their garden walls. The prehistoric settlement at Sayburç is thought to be contemporary with the last Göbeklitepe period.

The latest find in the excavations was a circular pit-bottomed building cut out of the limestone bedrock. Running along the wall of the building which is around 11 meters (36 feet) in diameter is a 1 meter (3.3 feet) high bench cut out of the bedrock. Where the covering wall of the building still stands, a small area at the rear end of the 60-70 centimeter (23-27 inch) wide bench has survived. It is on the front of this bench that the phallus relief was found.

Five figures, thought to be interrelated, are carved into the bedrock. To the east are three figures, consisting of the phallus-holding frontal male, right hand on phallus and left on his stomach, flanked on either side by a leopard. The two leopards are identical, with mouths open, teeth visible and tails held high. The triangular lines etched around the man’s neck, depicting a necklace or collar, are commonly seen in many Neolithic human figures in the region.

To the west of this scene is another human figure with its back to these three figures. This time the human, who is identifiable as a male by his extended phallus, is depicted from a side view. He faces a bull with large horns. His left arm is held up and the hand seems to have six fingers . His right hand is holding an upside-down snake. He is looking towards the bull.

This ancient Greek lid, dated to 460-425 BC, depicts three female sex organs and a winged phallus. (Μαρσύας / CC BY-SA 2.5)

This ancient Greek lid, dated to 460-425 BC, depicts three female sex organs and a winged phallus. (Μαρσύας / CC BY-SA 2.5 )

The Phallus Symbol in Early Human History

Phallus art has been found from excavations at prehistoric settlements around the world beginning with the late Paleolithic Age.

The earliest depiction is to be found scraped on a wall in the Cosquer Cave near Marseille. The cave dates to 27,000-19,000 years ago. This is the oldest phallus painting in the world, at least for now.

The earliest-known three-dimensional phallus was found in the HohleFels Cave near the city of Ulm in Germany. The phallus found here in 2005 is 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) long and 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) in diameter and dates back some 28,000 years ago.

Typically symbolizing fertility or potency, the phallus or erect male penis has been worshipped in almost every culture around the world from the earliest times and phallic architecture and carving is to be found in every geography. In fact, phallic worship continues to hold strong in many cultures even today.

Top image: The right side of the Neolithic Anatolian stone relief depicting a male figure holding his phallus in the middle with leopards on either side.                    Source: Arkeolojihaber

By Sahir Pandey


Right Wing Round-Up: Classic Trump

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Indignant Peoples’ Day

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Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, activist leaders, and concerned citizens like you. And we do it all without ads; as a project of People For the American Way, we rely on your donations to keep us raking the mud.

Right Wing Watch readers are a key PFAW constituency, and we depend on your support during the year-end giving season to keep the research and content flowing. Please show your support today and your year-end donation will be TRIPLE MATCHED by a group of our dedicated donors.

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Howard Stern Blasts ‘Top Idiot’ Kyrie Irving for Refusing Vaccine

Howard Stern is again on the warpath against people who oppose his vaccination ideals, especially NBA player Kyrie Irving who Stern is now calling the “top idiot in the world.”

Stern, who now hosts a Sirius program, finally returned from another vacation and immediately went on the attack against the 29-year-old Brooklyn Nets star for refusing to take the coronavirus vaccine. Stern led by saying that Irving is “the biggest idiot in the country right now,” Outkick noted.

“Talk about stupid, there’s some people who are willing to walk away from millions of dollars and not get vaccinated,” Stern blathered on during his show on Tuesday. “They’re so stupid they’re putting their mouth where their money is.”

Howard Stern inducts Bon Jovi on stage during the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018 in...

CLEVELAND, OH – APRIL 14: Howard Stern inducts Bon Jovi on stage during the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Public Auditorium on April 14, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Most people would call that standing for principle. But since Irving’s position does not blindly follow Stern’s assumed medical expertise, the radio host has deemed the basketball player to be “stupid.”

“In terms of idiots, he’s got to be the top idiot in the country right now,” Stern added. “Guy’s got a chance as a young man to make millions of dollars, all he’s got to do is get vaccinated, but he doesn’t want to get vaccinated.”

But Stern went on to insist that Irving has always been “stupid.”

“He’s got a history of being stupid,” Stern exclaimed. “He’s one of these guys, he’s a flat earther too … his mind works in very strange ways.”

“When are we going to stop putting up with the idiots in this country and just say it’s mandatory to get vaccinated?” Stern said, making a pitch for his favored authoritarian style of government. “F— them. F— their freedom. I want my freedom to live … I want to get out of the house. I want to go next door and play chess. I want to go take some pictures. This is bullshit.”


(MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images)

Stern says he is vaccinated. But the radio talker did not elaborate on why Irving being unvaccinated was a threat to Stern’s life.

Despite Stern’s mischaracterization, Irving has never said that he doesn’t believe the vaccine does not work. Instead, his position is that an employer does not have the right to force an employee to take medical procedures and that it is his right as an American to make his own decisions about what medicines to take.

“I’m standing with all those that believe what is right,” Irving said last week. “Everybody is entitled to do what they feel is what’s best for themselves. Seeing the way this is dividing our world up, it’s sad to see. People are losing jobs to mandates.”

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1600 Migrants Apprehended in Southern Arizona over Weekend

Yuma, Arizona, is fast becoming the newest hotspot among southwest Border Patrol Sectors in Fiscal Year 2022. In all, between Friday and Sunday, human smugglers moved more than 1,600 migrants into the area.

Most of the migrants are from Mexico and the Central American northern triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The remainder are from a host of nations including 13 from nations the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) considers “special interest.”

The DHS notes:

Generally, an SIA is a non-U.S. person who, based on an analysis of travel patterns, potentially poses a national security risk to the United States or its interests.  Often such individuals or groups are employing travel patterns known or evaluated to possibly have a nexus to terrorism.  DHS analysis includes an examination of travel patterns, points of origin, and/or travel segments that are tied to current assessments of national and international threat environments.

This classification is reserved for all nationals of that country and does not mean that all SIAs are terrorists. SIAs differ from those migrants DHS considers “Known and Suspected Terrorists” (KST) from the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), the U.S. Government’s consolidated database maintained by the Department of Justice.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, the Yuma Sector is facing a surge in migrant traffic compared to years past and is closing in on the Del Rio Sector. The source says that only a small minority of the migrants apprehended in Yuma are being expelled to Mexico under the Trump era Title 42 COVID-19 authority.

Of the more than 12,000 migrants apprehended in Yuma since October 1, a federal source says less than 600 were swiftly expelled to Mexico under the emergency order. More than 11,000 were processed under traditional legal pathways allowing the migrant family units and unaccompanied migrants to pursue asylum.

The source says most are released into the United States as they await the adjudication process.

Randy Clark
 is a 32-year veteran of the United States Border Patrol.  Prior to his retirement, he served as the Division Chief for Law Enforcement Operations, directing operations for nine Border Patrol Stations within the Del Rio, Texas, Sector. Follow him on Twitter @RandyClarkBBTX.


A Hijacking, Secret Extractions, Taliban Executions: Troops Braved Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

What some U.S. forces thought would be 96 hours on the ground in Afghanistan evacuating U.S. embassy staff turned into 16 days and evacuating 124,000 people. With the world’s eyes on them, they did their best to wrangle the situation under control.

When the State Department finally triggered the non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO) on August 14, after the Taliban had already entered Kabul — thousands of desperate Afghans rushed to the Kabul airport to evacuate. The Pentagon sent two Marine battalions and the 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Reaction Force, which is not specifically trained to conduct NEOs but acts as the Army’s quick reaction force.

FORT BRAGG, NC – JANUARY 04: U.S. troops from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division arrive at Green Ramp for a deployment to the Middle East on January 4, 2020 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Soldiers from the Immediate Response Force of the 82nd are part of the approximately 3,000 troops being deployed as tensions increase with Iran in the region after a U.S. airstrike killed top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. (Photo by Andrew Craft/Getty Images)

When they first got to Kabul, they were met with panicked and fleeing U.S. Embassy staff, contractors, and former members of Afghanistan’s dissolved military. Over the next several days, thousands of Afghans streamed into the airport from wherever they could find an opening in the four-mile perimeter, flooding the runways and bum-rushing planes.

Troops saw the horrors of Afghans clinging onto a departing C-17 and falling to their deaths or getting trampled, and had to collect their bodies afterwards. And as Breitbart News exclusively reported, they saw Turkish forces gunning down innocent Afghan civilians who made it into the airport and then running over their bodies. They also saw the Taliban commit atrocities against Afghan civilians.

U.S soldiers stand guard along a perimeter at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. On Monday, the U.S. military and officials focus was on Kabul’s airport, where thousands of Afghans trapped by the sudden Taliban takeover rushed the tarmac and clung to U.S. military planes deployed to fly out staffers of the U.S. Embassy, which shut down Sunday, and others. (AP Photo/Shekib Rahmani)

U.S soldiers stand guard along a perimeter at the international airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. On Monday, the U.S. military and officials focus was on Kabul’s airport, where thousands of Afghans trapped by the sudden Taliban takeover rushed the tarmac and clung to U.S. military planes deployed to fly out staffers of the U.S. Embassy, which shut down Sunday, and others. (AP Photo/Shekib Rahmani)

Troops were forced to do the best they could under the difficult circumstances they had been given and save as many people as they could.

A Hijacking

According to a U.S. service member who was one of the first several hundred to arrive in Kabul as part of the NEO, there was sheer chaos at the airport within the first 72 hours on the ground. U.S. Embassy staff and contractors were fleeing, leaving piles of stuff on the runways. Former Afghan military members were abandoning their weapons on the tarmacs, and thousands of Afghans were trying to bum rush their way onto planes.

According to the service member, around the third day of the NEO some evacuees tried to hijack a Kam Air passenger jet. The service member told Breitbart News in a September 27 interview:

One of their aircraft got hijacked on the 18th…It was on the ground, it wasn’t in flight. … It was parked over at the international terminal area. It had been there before we showed up. It was just sitting there. There was no air crew, no pilots. There were about seven aircraft that were just sitting there. Well, this aircraft taxied and just cut straight across the flight line, the actual runway to the northern taxi way. Stopped. Opened up its door. A few other people climbed in and then it started taxiing again.

And so we got word over the radio, ‘There’s a Kam Air jet that just got hijacked, it’s not replying to radio calls, nobody knows what’s going on with it. Over the radio, we heard ‘Kam Air,’ but we thought they said, ‘Can Air’ like a Canadian Airline. So we stopped it with gun trucks. We had our snipers with a bead on the pilot and the co-pilot that were not in any kind of uniform they were in, you know, man-jams (local Afghan clothing), ready to take them out if needed and we stopped them and then we got word, ‘Let them go.’

And they taxied back over to the international terminal. And then all the lights on the runway went off. There was a small explosion and we were told the hijacking situation is handled. I imagined the cool boys did their thing. The next morning when the sun came up, there was no door on the Kam Air jet. So it was a hijacking.

A Taliban fighter sits in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force aircraft at the airport in Kabul on August 31, 2021.(Wakil Kohsar/AFP via Getty Images)

A Taliban fighter sits in the cockpit of an Afghan Air Force aircraft at the airport in Kabul on August 31, 2021.(Wakil Kohsar/AFP via Getty Images)

U.S. Central Command (Centcom) has denied there was any hijacking, despite the Air Force first disclosing it in an article on October 12. An Air Force lieutenant colonel wrote:

On one occasion after they received an intel tip, five people onboard one of the commercial flights intended to hijack the aircraft. ‘Our team worked to get them clear of the NATO ramp, relocated to the north side away from friendly forces, then ultimately onto the south side where the situation was handled,’ he said.

The account about the hijacking was then deleted from the article, and Centcom spokesperson Lt. Josie Lynne Lenny said in a statement to news outlets on October 14: “I am unaware of any attempt to hijack a plane at Hamid Karzai International airport.”

She added: “During the Afghanistan evacuation mission, an intel tip indicated the possibility of a plot to hijack a particular flight that was preparing to depart the airfield. Ground traffic controllers diverted the plane to a safe location on the airfield where security forces boarded the plane and determined that there was no active attempt to hijack the aircraft.”

A Secret Gate and Extractions

U.S. troops also faced with the responsibility of extracting as many Americans as possible amid the chaos surrounding the airport. In order to do that, around the third night of the NEO, they created a secret entrance for Americans, unbeknownst to the news media. The secret gate was on the west side of the airport, near the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI).

“AMCITs (American citizens) would get a text or call or whatever from State Department. And they would gather up at MOI and show the Taliban their blue passport, and they’d send them through in groups of roughly a hundred at a time. And they’d walk like 400 meters to the west gate where we would clear them through and get them pretty much directly on flight,” the service member told Breitbart News. The service member said:

We kept it a secret as best we could so that way we didn’t have the crowd control issues we were seeing at Abbey Gate, and South Gate, and North Gate. That way we could expedite the process of getting these people through. So that’s where most of those caravans of buses — that’s where we were getting them through.

They were getting dropped off by West Gate, just to the north of it, across this little land bridge, across this shit water canal with a gas station. And they would get dropped right off by there, and we’d walk them down, or they’d get dropped over at the MOI compound and walk them through the backfield. … We had some other Afghan partner forces [out] by the gas station that were bringing them through that way.

There was over 2,500 people that we brought through West Gate, and that’s where we brought most of the AMCITs through, the local embassy civilians, a bunch of [Special Immigration Visas applicants]. That’s where we brought the women’s orchestra group through. That’s where we put part of the women’s soccer team through.

The U.S. military were also conducting secret extractions early on, even before the secret gate was established.

“The media is like, ‘All our allies are going outside the wire picking up their citizens. Why isn’t America?’” the service member said. “We were already doing that. And it continued for two weeks, but the people that were conducting those operations are not people that like to be on the media and on TV and I’ll leave it at that,” the service member said.

“We were steady-state bringing people in… . It was case-by-case basis. We were coordinating with people outside of HKIA out in Kabul proper and neighboring cities, towns, provinces, whatever, and working to get them either buses or helicopters or whatever and bringing them through,” the service member said. “I think they finally started acknowledging that we were just because the optics got so bad.”

Taliban Executions and an American Fights to Get to the Airport

Despite the troops’ best efforts, there were still some Americans stuck outside of the airport.

One American, who was born in Afghanistan but became a naturalized American after serving four American four-star generals and working for the U.S. government as a GS-15 employee, got a plane ticket to fly out of Kabul on August 15 (Kabul time), the same day the NEO was called.

As previously reported by Breitbart News, when he arrived to the airport that day, he found that his flight had taken off with evacuees who managed to get on the plane. He left the airport and tried to come back the next morning.

The next morning, there were thousands of people at the main gate. The Taliban were shooting into the crowd, he said.

TOPSHOT - Afghans gather on a roadside near the military part of the airport in Kabul on August 20, 2021, hoping to flee from the country after the Taliban's military takeover of Afghanistan. (Photo by Wakil KOHSAR / AFP) (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

TOPSHOT – Afghans gather on a roadside near the military part of the airport in Kabul on August 20, 2021, hoping to flee from the country after the Taliban’s military takeover of Afghanistan. (Photo by Wakil KOHSAR / AFP) (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

“This guy, this Talib, he picked his Kalashnikov…shooting just randomly and one of the bullet went on top of my hair…I could feel the air of the bullet on my hair. And then I told my brother, I said, ‘We have to leave,’” he said.

He saw at least two Afghan civilians shot. “I don’t know that they got killed or whatever, because we left.”

According to the U.S. service member, the Taliban were indeed executing Afghans civilians, which made pushing out Afghans unqualified to evacuate more difficult.

Taliban members set checkpoints around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Taliban members set checkpoints around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.
Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

“There were some Taliban factions that were out there that were executing those people,” the service member said. “Under the cover of night…we would push them out through the areas controlled by [Afghan commandos] so that they could escape back into the ether and not be executed by the Taliban.”

“We had these 18-, 19-, 20-year-old [American] kids witness these Taliban dudes just schwacking people. They witnessed the Taliban as they’re trying to get control of some of these bigger crowds, just taking a rifle, grabbing it by the barrel and just swinging for the fences and cracking people in the body and on the head, whatever, trying to push people back,” the service member said.

The service member said sometimes the U.S. troops wanted to shoot the Taliban but were told not to, since it was not in the rules of engagement. “These guys witnessed things outside the gate that under any other circumstances, we probably would have shot people,” he said.

Meanwhile, the American trying to get to the airport tried calling the U.S. Embassy, which had relocated to the Kabul airport, to no avail.

“That fucking line was not working. The damn fucking shit number was not working. And you know, at that time, if you are in this situation, and your own embassy doesn’t answer or the line doesn’t work, you feel like shit. And especially if you were from the country that — we call ourselves superpower in the entire planet,” he said.

While driving to the airport for a third day, he and his brother were stopped by the Taliban multiple times. Friends advised him to drive since the Taliban usually went to the passenger side. However, at the last checkpoint, the Taliban went directly to him.

He came straight to me. He said, ‘OK, where are you from?’ I said, ‘From Kabul.’ He said, ‘No, no, no, you don’t look like from Kabul. And I said, ‘No, I live here for 20 years.’ And he said, ‘No, you don’t live here. You live in America, or in Europe.’ Where he got that, I don’t know. I was not even clean to be honest. I was not shaved. I had Afghan clothes. I looked like a local, but this guy, I don’t know, for some reason told me, ‘Give me your passport.’ I said, ‘I have no passport.’ He said, ‘Give me your cell phone.’ So I gave my brother’s cell simply because I was scared, because my Facebook had my picture with McCain and Petraeus and all these things.”

The Taliban started searching through his brother’s phone, consulting among themselves.

Sitting in the car, he told his brother if they told him to get out and follow them, he would slam the gas pedal and drive away as fast as possible. “I told my brother, I said, ‘If this guy tells me to get out from the car and follow him, I’m not doing it. You just take cover, put your head down,’” he said. “I know they would shoot us, but who cares?”

The Taliban came back, gave him the phone, shut his door, and said “OK, go.” Luckily, another car had pulled up behind them.

It then took six hours for him to push through the crowd of thousands to reach the airport. He did not give up, knowing he would likely not have another chance.

He got about a meter away from the gates when he tried to show his passport to American troops manning the gate. It still was not close enough. He pushed closer until they could see his passport. He was finally allowed in.

In about six more hours, he boarded a C-17 and was flown to Qatar. He spent three nights in Qatar, then was flown to Kuwait, then to D.C. He made it out, but left his sick mom, his ex-wife, and three American children behind, knowing there was no way they would have made it through the crowd.

TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN - AUGUST 22: In this handout image provided by the Bundeswehr, evacuees from Kabul sit inside a military aircraft as they arrive at Tashkent Airport on August 22, 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. German Chancellor Merkel said Germany must urgently evacuate up to 10,000 people from Afghanistan for which it is responsible. (Photo by Handout/Bundeswehr via Getty Images)

TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN – AUGUST 22: In this handout image provided by the Bundeswehr, evacuees from Kabul sit inside a military aircraft as they arrive at Tashkent Airport on August 22, 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. German Chancellor Merkel said Germany must urgently evacuate up to 10,000 people from Afghanistan for which it is responsible. (Photo by Handout/Bundeswehr via Getty Images)

“I didn’t want my mom to die that outside in the crowd. It’s impossible. And my ex-wife and three kids — I couldn’t bring them because they’re very young, so I thought, ‘OK, if I bring them here, how they’re going to get in?’ I’m 6’2″ and it took me six hours. So my mom and my kids would never, ever be able to make it,” he said.

His brother said he heard another man in the crowd — allegedly also an American citizen — was screaming and crying after his child was trampled to death. “He said, ‘Fuck, I’m not going to America. Fuck America, my child is gone. I’m not going anywhere. Fuck America.’”

Now, in America, he is trying to process what happened and figure out how to get his children out.

“As a GS-15 [U.S. government employee], I was a policy advisor. I was a media adviser. I did everything for the mission. I have a Superior Civilian Service Award, and I have a Global War on Terrorism Civilian Service Medal, I have a NATO award. I have all these medals and everything that say I did a super job, but my family is still there,” he said.

He said private groups and companies are charging $15,000 per head to evacuate people from Afghanistan. “My family is like 23, 24 people. I do not have that much money.”

“The mismanagement of the U.S. administration is insane…All my friends, they are laughing at me. They [say] ‘As a GS-15, you worked with them and your family is still stuck there,’” he said. “I’m a U.S. citizen…No matter what, if I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen or I was born here, I served this country and I deserved better.”

He said most of the Afghans who were evacuated did not work for the U.S. government. “They were not even qualified. They didn’t do anything. Can you believe that you just tell people, ‘Come, and we’ll take you to the U.S.’? What the fuck is that?…The qualified people are stuck in the houses.”

He said the Taliban have already been to his family’s home at least once and that they are in hiding. He has told his children not to go to school.

“I told them not to go because we are scared from the kidnapping and my own kids, especially if their father worked for [the International Security Assistance Force] — God forbid they are going to take them.”

This is the second part in a series on the NEO.

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Glenn Youngkin Brags About Support From Advocates of Total Abortion Bans, Opponents of LGBTQ Equality

Republican Glenn Youngkin is continuing to rally anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ extremists in his bid to become Virginia’s next governor. Most Virginians support legal equality, including marriage equality, and most Virginians believe abortion should be legal in all or most circumstances, but Youngkin continues to seek and tout endorsements from groups that oppose LGBTQ equality and want to make abortion illegal. Youngkin has told activists that he will go “on offense” against reproductive choice once elected, and he has refused to say whether he supports marriage equality.

In a press release dated Oct. 8, Youngkin boasted about endorsements from the Family Research Council’s political arm, the Virginia Society for Human Life PAC, and longtime anti-abortion and anti-equality activist Penny Nance, head of Concerned Women for America.

FRC supports “total abortion bans” that criminalize abortion at all stages. The organization has been designated an anti-LGBTQ hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center and has long promoted anti-Muslim bigotry. None of that kept Youngkin from agreeing to speak at FRC’s annual conference for religious-right activists earlier this month, where speakers delivered Christian nationalist and bigoted messages. Delivering his own speech, Youngkin urged the activists, “Lock arms with me!”

A Youngkin campaign press release touting the latest endorsements included a long quote from FRC’s Tony Perkins smearing the Democratic nominee as a threat to religious freedom and claiming that Youngkin “understands the values that are important to Virginians.”

Nance has devoted much of her professional life to making abortion illegal and worked tirelessly to help former President Donald Trump pack the Supreme Court and other federal courts with like-minded judges. She spearheaded a $500,000 campaign backing the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Nance is also a strident opponent of LGBTQ equality, even opposing reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act because CWA claimed it would create “new protections for homosexuals.” When the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg officiated at a gay couple’s wedding, Nance sent an email with the subject line, “Ruth Traitor Ginsburg.”

Even though Virginians soundly rejected Trump, Nance claimed that the Trump-endorsed Youngkin will “uphold the values of Virginians.”

The Virginia Society for Human Life is an affiliate of National Right to Life, which supports abortion bans, including the recent extreme Texas law that bans abortion as early as six weeks and is now being challenged in federal courts. In September, Youngkin’s campaign touted National Right to Life’s endorsement, along with that of the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List.


The ‘Democratic Majority for Israel’ is a hate organization

Hasbara Culture with Yakov Hirsch. A Mondoweiss Series.

I argued in my last article that the hatred coming from the Jewish community is not confronted because it comes in the guise of fighting antisemitism. Ten days ago we saw another example of this hatred that has no name. The target was once again Michigan congresswomen Rashida Tlaib. So, what did Tlaib do this time?

Tweet from Democratic Majority for Israel attacking Mohammed el-Kurd.
Tweet from Democratic Majority for Israel attacking Mohammed el-Kurd.

Democratic Majority for Israel alleged that Tlaib “is appearing at an event with a man who literally glorifies suicide bombers who murdered Americans & Israelis at dance clubs, pizza shops, & bus stops. If she fails to condemn those views, she will be complicit. As Joe Biden once said, ‘silence is complicity.’”

So, who is Mohammed El-Kurd? As readers of this site know, he has gained an international following because Jewish settlers are trying to take away his family’s house in Sheikh Jarrah. He is a hero of nonviolent resistance. Wikipedia says he has become the face of the protests of Palestinian evictions in East Jerusalem: He has been interviewed on MSNBC, lately became the is the Palestine Correspondent for The Nation, and Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

We know the accusation against El-Kurd is a lie because if El-Kurd truly “glorified suicide bombers who murdered Americans & Israelis” the way a normal person understands those words, the Anti-Defamation League would have made sure that El-Kurd got nowhere near MSNBC; and being the Nation‘s Palestinian correspondent would also not be in the cards.

Yet, the Democratic Majority for Israel (DMFI) is now claiming that by appearing with El-Kurd, Rashida Tlaib is “complicit” in suicide bombings. Words mean nothing to hasbara culture. Once again, we see that when it comes to supposed enemies of the Jews, defamation and dishonesty are no vice.

This discourse destroys everything in its path. It is what paralyzes American political culture with respect to Middle East policy and is the real power of “The Lobby.” While many readers will shrug their shoulders and say “Whatever”- Who believes this anti-Palestinian propaganda anyhow? The answer is, A lot of people, especially in the Jewish community.

And this isn’t just a random tweet. This is a part of a campaign of demonization coming from the mainstream Jewish community. The DMFI tweet is suggesting that Tlaib wants Jews dead. This isn’t negative campaigning; it is cultural poison. I have shown that Rashida Tlaib, a Palestinian-American Muslim, is guilty of nothing and is no antisemite.

Yet, President Biden says that DMFI, a two-year-old organization, “has been a powerful voice standing up for our party’s principles,” and Nany Pelosi says that DMFI has become “a vital force in advancing Democratic values.”

No mainstream politician has the courage to stand up to DMFI’s hate mongering. That’s the power of hasbara culture. Who wants to be thought of as being on the side of the enemies of Israel?

The fact that Peter Beinart is on the side of Rashida Tlaib and not DMFI and her tormentors also means nothing. Because it is Jonathan Greenblatt, Bari Weiss and Bret Stephens who have the last word on who is and isn’t an anti-Semite. Beinart argues that it is demonizing Palestinians that is the Jewish betrayal. What makes Weiss and Stephens more authentically Jewish than Beinart? It can’t be emphasized enough that DMFI and hasbara culture journalists are the least objective people about what’s going on in Rashida Tlaib’s head, let alone Mohammed El-Kurd’s.

As Beinart tweeted, the DMFI “talking points crumble under the slightest scrutiny.” But it doesn’t matter because hasbara culture reigns supreme, with its imagination of sacred macho victimhood.

And not only are innocent Palestinians demonized in the Jewish discourse as Jew haters, but the real haters in the Israeli Palestinian conflict get off scot-free.

Let’s look at some of those haters.

In a healthy political culture the Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett would have a lot of explaining to do before he got any kind of audience at the White House and the State Department, at both of which Bennett got red-carpet treatment in August. Here is Bennett welcoming home the extrajudicial murderer Elor Azaria, the soldier who did a short prison term for shooting a prone Palestinian man in the head as he lay arrested and incapacitated on the street in occupied Hebron in 2016.

You don’t have to believe me that Azaria is a murderer, there is a video.

There is only one country where a killer like Azaria can be celebrated, and that’s Israel, and the reason the unrepentant Azaria is lionized by mainstream Israeli culture is because he’s a vigilante for the Jews. According to hasbara culture thinking, only self-hating Jews can object to what Azaria did. And the Prime Minister of Israel took Azaria’s side against the army court and judicial system. And no one thinks that’s worth calling this out.

It should also be taboo to be seen with the Israeli ambassador to the U.S., Gilad Erdan. When Erdan was Israeli public security minister, he insisted on accusing an innocent Palestinian schoolteacher, Yacoub Abu al-Qi’an, who was killed by Israeli police, of a car ramming terrorist attack– even after it was established by the Israeli police themselves that no such thing happened, Abu al-Qi’an was driving away from his village so he would not see his house being demolished by Israeli forces. But Erdan claimed Abu al-Qi’an was a radical Muslim and was “undoubtedly guilty” of a terrorist attack.

Here is Haaretz journalist Carolina Landsmann’s non-hasbara-culture moral clarity when writing about Erdan’s lie in a  2018 article called, “Israel’s Public Security Minister Serves as the Wake-up Call.”

When you look at Erdan and his ugliness – which peaked last month when he slandered an innocent civilian, who was shot to death by policemen in the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran, and accused him of carrying out a terror attack – it must be seen as an invitation to reexamine the Zionist project. After all, it’s unbelievable that a national movement whose official founding moment is the Dreyfus affair can stand idly by in view of such an incident.

Like Bennett, Gilad Erdan’s unconscionable behavior is only possible in Israel. But there is no authority that Erdan has to answer to.

It should also be taboo to publish former Israeli ambassador to the U.S Michael Oren. Contemplate the Oren tweet below and the logical conclusion by the activist Gary Spedding:

Oren’s tweet serves to vindicates soldier/murderer Elor Azaria. Because Azaria did exactly what hasbara culture is constantly telling him to do.  

Rashida Tlaib is “complicit” in nothing. But Michael Oren is complicit in the extrajudicial killings of Palestinians.

It should be obvious that Hasbara culture is the real power of the “Israel Lobby.” Think about the fact that House Majority leader Steny Hoyer can’t summon the courage to call Netanyahu a racist. The Jerusalem Post:

Asked point blank whether he agreed with the characterization used by Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke of Netanyahu as a ‘racist,’ Hoyer responded, “I don’t think he’s a racist. Period. No.”

In the real world, Netanyahu’s warning to his voters, “The Arabs are coming out in droves” is the definition of trafficking in racism. Again and again in recent elections Netanyahu claimed his opponents were going to give the country to the Arabs. And Netanyahu legitimized the “Jewish Power” party– the Israeli version of the Ku Klux Klan, in an attempt to form a government with them.

But Hoyer can’t call Netanyahu a racist because that would be taking the side of the enemies of Israel. That would be “empowering the antisemites.” It would give the enemies of Israel, and the Jews, satisfaction and succor. “Aren’t there other racists in the world?” asks hasbara culture. “Why pick on the Prime Minister of the world’s only Jewish state?”

So in front of the whole world the Democratic Majority for Israel is cultivating the most toxic hatred against Rashida Tlaib, but since it’s supposedly on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, it’s called “hate fighting” and no politician will speak up for her.

Hasbara culture hate will not desist until its hatred is given a name.


Report: Biden Flying Border Crossers to New York, Florida in Middle of Night

President Joe Biden’s administration is flying thousands of border crossers, in the middle of the night, to New York and Florida, a New York Post report reveals.

An investigation conducted by the Post found that about 2,000 border crossers and Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACs) have arrived on flights in the middle of the night at the Westchester County Airport in New York since August 8.

The border crossers and UACs are flown into the New York airport from Texas before getting on buses bound for New York City neighborhoods like the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, along with upstate neighborhoods like Newburgh and Bridgeport, New York.

Others are bussed to Danbury, Connecticut.

Border crossers and UACs are also being flown to Florida in the middle of the night, according to the investigation by the Post. Specifically, border crossers and UACs are being flown from Texas to the Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, Florida before continuing to the Westchester County Airport in New York.

From there, the Post reports, border crossers and UACs are bussed to the Twin Oaks Academy, a detention center for juveniles, which is near Tallahassee, Florida.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) blasted the Biden administration’s flying border crossers in the state in the middle of the night:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed outrage at The Post’s findings, with a spokeswoman saying: “If the Biden Administration is so confident that their open-border policy is good for our country, why the secrecy?” [Emphasis added].

“Why is the Biden Administration refusing to share even the most basic information about illegal alien resettlement in communities throughout our state and the entire country?” spokeswoman Christina Pushaw said.
[Emphasis added].

“Washington, DC, sets immigration policies that do not affect them, and states — that lack information about migrant resettlement and do not have the authority to change federal immigration policy — are expected to bear the brunt of Biden’s reckless open-borders agenda.” [Emphasis added].

Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shrugged off concerns, suggesting to the Post the operation is the norm.

The report comes months after Tennessee officials revealed that the Biden administration had been flying border crossers and UACs into the Chattanooga Wilson Air Center in the middle of the night before bussing the passengers throughout the region.

“President Biden should be willing to come forward and let people know what it is that is happening and how taxpayer dollars are being used to move those that have illegally entered the country,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said at the time.

What remains unclear is how many border crossers and UACs have been loaded onto domestic commercial flights by the Biden administration and coordinating non-governmental organizations (NGOs) since late January.

The latest HHS data shows that from October 2020 to August 2021, nearly 92,500 UACs have been resettled across the U.S. More than 3,600 have been resettled in Los Angeles County, California while thousands more have gone to counties in Florida and New York.

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Survey Shows Jewish College Students Most Likely To Oppose Free Speech And Condone Violence To Silence Opinions They Don’t Like

(Forward) A just-released survey from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education of over 37,000 students at 159 colleges showed that Jewish students — just like their Bolshevik ancestors and cousins — were far more likely than other students to censor, shut down, and silence — using violence if “necessary” — anyone whose opinion they don’t like:

The data show that one-third of all students think trying to disrupt and shout down speakers when they visit campuses is sometimes or always acceptable. Among Jewish students surveyed, 40% reported feeling this way. As for blocking other students from attending a campus speech and hearing potentially controversial ideas, 13% of students surveyed, and 18% of Jewish students, think this is sometimes or always acceptable. Two-thirds of Jewish students — compared to just about half of students nationally — answered that blocking other students from attending a campus speech is justifiable.

These data suggest that Jewish students are more open to the idea of shutting down speech and the dissemination of ideas than other college students. How are we to understand these troubling findings? Political identity is a good place to start. Like American Jews overall, Jewish college students tend to be Democrats. The data show that 54% of Jewish students surveyed identify as a Democrat, compared to 35% of students surveyed overall. When you include self-identifying Independents who lean Democratic, 67% of Jewish college students fall into the Democratic column compared to a lower national figure of 55%.

In this survey, identifying as a Democrat strongly correlates with espousing anti-free speech positions.

The data show that 81% of Democratic identifying Jewish students believe that there are cases when shouting down speakers is acceptable, compared to a much lower 59% of Jewish political independents and leaners and just 44% of Republicans. Similarly, almost 60% of college Jewish Democrats maintain that blocking their peers from hearing the ideas of others can be justified, while slightly more than a third of Jewish Independents and leaners and a quarter of Jewish Republicans feel the same way.

Most troublingly, 27% of Democratic students surveyed responded that it is acceptable to use violence to stop a campus speech, though the number is 22% for Jewish Independents and leaners and 17% for Jewish Republicans.

This data is deeply upsetting to me as a professor who has watched collegiate life change drastically over the past two decades. One of the great values of an American collegiate experience is that students have the chance to engage deeply with differing opinions. To this day, I am grateful for the cornucopia of people, traditions, views and cultures that I was able to engage with two decades ago when I, then a fairly conservative Jewish teenager, left the East Coast to attend Stanford University….

..Today, cancel culture runs rampant on our college campuses, and viewpoint diversity is no longer considered a sacred, core value in higher education — and Jewish students seem to be helping lead the charge to silence others, missing out on genuine opportunities to learn, grow and connect. Perhaps many Jewish students think that they occupy a noble place on the front lines of cancel culture in the spirit of social justice. But these progressive and woke impulses are misguided and ignore another equally important Jewish precept — real discourse which involves learning, listening and debate.

Discourse is so prized and cherished in Jewish thought and history that Judaism has sometimes been called a “culture of argument.” Jewish students — and all students for that matter — must recognize that true equity and inclusion must include viewpoint diversity, respect for real and meaningful political differences and outlooks and embracing a multitude of ideas — even if they make some members of the community uncomfortable.

Social justice values are certainly important, and a big part of Jewish thought. But they do not override the virtues of argument and respecting viewpoint diversity. Both the Jewish community and our system of higher education have long embraced the idea that a competition of ideas is foundational to free and prosperous societies. The Jewish community cannot lose sight of one of our unique and virtuous features. Instead of leading the charge to silence speech, our students should be doing just the opposite, demanding more speech and more ideas, not enforcing a culture of silence and cancellation.

The time-honored Jewish tradition of debate applies only to Jews when they are arguing among themselves — and their “holy” book the Talmud is an example of that.

This tradition of debate abruptly stops when Jews have to respectfully listen to non-Jews who hold ideas that Jews perceive as hostile or threatening to them.

They have been conditioned to believe that disagreement with the goyim will ultimately lead to pogroms and Gas Chambers™.

Jewish children are raised to believe that the non-Jewish world is “out to get them” — paranoia and neurosis are acceptable and even revered Jewish personality traits — the same traits among non-Jews would put them in a mental hospital.

A truism that’s risen to the status of a proverb is that Jews love free speech until their are in power — at which point they label free speech as “hate speech” to “incite” violence against the Jews now in power.

When the Bolshevik Jews took over Russia, freedom of speech suddenly evaporated — and millions of people were literally sent to their deaths for saying things that the Jews commissars didn’t like.

We see the same pattern developing today — as Jews have achieved unrivaled power in America, they have started to openly advocate for repressive laws to curtail all forms of “extremist” speech they don’t like.

And if they get their way, they will bring back the death penalty for antisemitism — and an antisemite isn’t merely someone who doesn’t like Jews — an antisemite is someone the Jews don’t like because of the “hateful” opinions they hold — no one is beyond their obsessive surveillance.

Also on Christians for Truth:


New York City Declares ‘Racism’ a Public Health Crisis

New York City officially declared racism a public health crisis in the Big Apple on Monday, citing the United States’ history of slavery and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic experienced by minorities.

The resolution, approved by New York City’s Board of Health, urges city officials to put forward policy prescriptions aimed at tackling racism, specifically addressing “a racially just recovery from COVID-19, as well as other actions to address this public health crisis in the short and long term.”

“We must confront racism as a public health crisis. This pandemic magnified inequities, leading to suffering disproportionately borne by communities of color. But these inequities are not inevitable,” New York City Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi said.

“We have chosen our words carefully this afternoon in presenting this to you as a resolution—rather than just a declaration—because we must be resolute,” Chokshi stated, according to The Gothamist. “We must resolve to take action beyond our recognition of the problem.”

The declaration comes amid opposition from Black Lives Matter against New York City’s coronavirus vaccine mandates, which the far-left activist organization has labeled racist. Hawk Newsome, co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, has argued the mandates are racist due to the low rate of vaccination in the black community.

“I think, in a perfect world, [vaccine requirements] should be business by business. But it could be a slippery slope, so the mandate should be removed completely,” Newsome told the Washington Examiner. “It’s not gonna be white men in suits on Wall Street who are gonna get stopped. There’s such hypocrisy in this thing.”

In addition to New York City, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared racism a public health emergency back in June, prompting Windy City officials to direct roughly $10 million in coronavirus relief funds to create so-called Healthy Chicago Equity Zones.
“At almost every single point in our city’s history, racism has taken a devastating toll on the health and well-being of our residents of color – especially those who are Black,” Lightfoot said at the time. “Without formally acknowledging this detrimental impact, we will never be able to move forward as a city and fully provide our communities with the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives.”


Bulgaria launches COVID-19 pass amid rising infections and low vaccine uptake

Bulgaria launched on Tuesday its COVID-19 “Green Certificate” as a mandatory requirement for access to restaurants, theatres, cinemas, concert halls, gyms, clubs and shopping malls as the country faces a surge in coronavirus infections.

Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov explained on Tuesday that the new digital or paper health pass certifies that its holder has been vaccinated, has recently recovered from COVID-19 or has tested negative.

“The number of infected is growing, the number of deaths is also increasing, which forces us to take additional measures,” he said, warning that venues that do not follow the rules will be closed.

The Balkan country of 7 million reported 4,979 new COVID-19 cases and 214 coronavirus-related deaths on Tuesday, furthering the rise in new infections since the start of September.

According to official data, Bulgaria has had the highest COVID-19 mortality rate in the 27-nation European Union in the past two weeks and 94% of those deaths were unvaccinated people.

Health officials blame public mistrust in vaccines and the government — just one in four adults is fully vaccinated — for the current infection spread.

The government is also making the green certificate mandatory for staff at hospitals and nursing homes and university students will need it to be allowed into in-person classes.


MTV Says Award Show in Hungary Will Protest the Nation’s Anti-LGBTQ Laws

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The MTV Europe Music Awards will be held Nov. 14 in Hungary, the network said Tuesday, reaffirming and defending the location despite the country’s recent passage of legislation widely condemned as anti-LGBTQ.

The ceremony is an opportunity to make a stand for gay and trans civil rights worldwide in the central European nation that has moved to curtail them, said Chris McCarthy, president and CEO of MTV Entertainment Group Worldwide.

“We’re looking forward to using the event to amplify our voices and stand in solidarity with our LGBTQ siblings,” McCarthy said in an interview with The Associated Press.

No government censorship of the telecast will be tolerated, McCarthy said.

“We’ve made it very clear and we have from the beginning…. we do not allow editorial input as it relates to the artists” and the content we create, he said. “That’s always a condition regardless of whatever country we go into.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s conservative ruling party introduced the measure that on its face was aimed at fighting pedophilia. Amendments ban the representation of any orientation besides heterosexual, along with gender change information in school sex education programs, or in films and advertisements aimed at anyone under 18.

Human rights groups strongly denounced the measure passed in June, saying it wrongly links gays with pedophilia and is intended as a a tool that could be used to stigmatize and harass residents because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. A majority of European Union leaders said it goes against the EU’s values and that discrimination must not be tolerated in the 27-nation bloc.

In 2020, Hungarian lawmakers approved legislation banning the legal recognition of transgender citizens.

People march across the Szabadsag, or Freedom Bridge over the River Danube in downtown Budapest during a gay pride parade in Budapest, Hungary, Saturday, July 24, 2021. Rising anger over policies of Hungary’s right-wing government filled the streets of the country’s capital on Saturday as thousands of LGBT activists and supporters marched in the city’s Pride parade. (AP Photo/Anna Szilagyi)

MTV, which made a deal two years ago to hold the show in the nation’s capital, Budapest, planned to issue a lengthy memo to staffers in apparent anticipation of possible criticism of its decision.

“This may surprise anyone who knows that in June of this year, Hungary passed anti-LGBTQ+ legislation banning television content featuring gay people during the day and in primetime,” allowing it only to run overnight, McCarthy said in the memo.

McCarthy said his immediate and personal reaction to the law, as a gay man, was to move the event to another country. But after consulting within MTV and with LGBTQ advocates globally, including in Hungary, the decision “was very clear to us.”

“Instead, we should move forward, using the show as an opportunity to stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community in Hungary and around the world as we continue to fight for equality for all,” he said in the memo.

MTV’s pre-emptive outreach comes amid backlash by some Netflix staffers to the streaming service’s handling of a Dave Chappelle stand-up special, “The Closer,” which includes derogatory comments about trans people. Netflix has declined to remove the program.

As a gay youngster in a Pennsylvania steel mill town in the 1990s, McCarthy said he felt isolated and alone until he saw LGBTQ characters on TV, including Pedro Zamora on MTV’s “The Real World.”

“I started to think, ‘this might be OK,’” he told the AP, and said it’s alarming to imagine a young person deprived of the same opportunity because of Hungary’s TV restrictions.

The Europe Music Awards, known as the EMAs for short, will honor young LGBTQ activists with MTV’s Generation Change Award, to be given in partnership with the activist group All Out to amplify its worldwide campaigns for equality, McCarthy said.

Proceeding with the EMAs in Hungary is “absolutely the right decision,” given the nation’s “concerted onslaught” on LGBTQ rights and scapegoating of minorities, said Matt Beard, executive director of All Out.

Such visibility “gives fuel to LGBT-plus communities living in Hungary an incredibly precious sense of international solidarity that comes from a big global media event like the EMAs,” Beard said.

In a September interview with the AP, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said the new law is intended to protect children from pedophiles and ”homosexual propaganda.” An EU decision to delay billions in economic recovery funds earmarked for his country amounted to “blackmail,” he said.

The MTV EMAs were launched in 1994 with a ceremony in Berlin hosted by Tom Jones. The awards have since hopscotched among nations, including France, England, Sweden, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

The host, nominees, and performers for this year’s ceremony have yet to be announced. The 2020 event was held virtually because of the pandemic.


DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tests positive for Covid

Neither Biden nor any principal officials have been found to be a close contact of Mayorkas, the White House said Tuesday. The most recent contact took place at an outdoor event outside of the 48-hour exposure window.

Breakthrough infections for fully vaccinated people are rare, and those cases have much lower rates of serious illness, hospitalization and death from Covid. People who are unvaccinated are 11.3 more times as likely to die from the disease than those who are vaccinated, according to CDC data from August.

Mayorkas was supposed to travel to Colombia with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, but will now be working from home, according to CNN.


Poll: Majority of Americans Believe the Coronavirus Pandemic is Getting ‘Less Serious’

A majority of Americans believe the Chinese coronavirus pandemic is getting “less serious” in the United States, and a plurality do not believe public health officials want to ease restrictions as the threat dissipates, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey released Tuesday found.

The survey asked, “Do you believe the COVID-19 pandemic is currently getting more or less serious in America?”

Overall, 63.1 percent said it is getting “less serious,” while 26.1 percent said it is getting “more serious.” 

Of those who think it is getting less serious, 25.9 percent believe it is getting “much less serious.”

Opinions vary slightly on party lines. A plurality of Democrats, 48.9 percent, believe the pandemic is getting “less serious,” but over one-third, 38.8 percent, believe it is getting more serious. Far more Republicans, 71.5 percent, say it is getting less serious, and even more independents, 74.5 percent, hold that same view. 

The survey also asked respondents if they believe President Joe Biden and government health officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci actually want restrictions and mandates to ease up as the threat of the virus “diminishes.” A plurality, 47 percent, said “no,” they do not, while 36.9 percent said they do. 

White House Chief Medical Adviser on Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci (R) listens to US President Joe Biden (L) as he tours the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, February 11, 2021. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

White House Chief Medical Adviser on Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci (R) listens to US President Joe Biden (L) as he tours the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, February 11, 2021. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

Opinions on this matter drastically differ along party lines, as a majority of Democrats, 56.8 percent, believe officials truly want restrictions to ease as the threat dissipates. A majority of Republicans and independents, 69.2 percent and 51.2 percent, respectively, disagree. 

The news follows months of blue state leaders reimplementing public health measures, such as widespread masking, over fears of the virus spread. 

The survey, taken October 7-10, 2021, among 1,083 general election voters, has a margin of error of +/- 2.98 percent. 


DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas Tests Positive for Breakthrough Coronavirus Case

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday morning.

DHS spokesperson Marsha Espinosa said Mayorkas is fully vaccinated against coronavirus and is experiencing minor symptoms.

“Secretary Mayorkas tested positive this morning for the COVID-19 virus after taking a test as part of routine pre-travel protocols. Secretary Mayorkas is experiencing only mild congestion; he is fully vaccinated and will isolate and work at home per CDC protocols and medical advice. Contact tracing is underway,” Espinosa said in a statement obtained by CNN.

Mayorkas will no longer travel to Colombia with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and will work from his residence instead.

This story is developing. Check Breitbart News for updates. 


Spain to ease restrictions on young migrants to legalise status

Spain will make it easier for unaccompanied young migrants to obtain residence and work permits.

Under new rules, young migrants will be entitled to documents after three months in Spain, instead of the current nine months.

Unaccompanied children will also need to prove that they receive €470 a month from a social security support program, in order to get a residence and work permit.

Previously they had to show higher income to receive and retain just a residence permit.

Around 15,000 refugees are expected to benefit from the amendments unveiled on Tuesday.

The Spanish government says the decision aims to integrate migrants, who may be abandoned by authorities. Non-governmental organisations have pressed Madrid for years to make the changes to immigration regulations.

Spain has struggled to cope with large migrant arrivals from Africa in recent years, most by sea.

More than 30,000 migrants have entered Spain so far this year, 37% higher than in the same period last year, according to the United Nations.


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