AMERICA: You are being slowly set up for an apocalyptic Republic-ending collapse by your most dangerous enemy.

This has never happened before…..

…and the tragic self-immolation of a serviceman
the U.S Armed Forces, outside the front gate of
the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., has not
even begun to trigger the visceral global outpouring
of raw anger and grief and dismay and anguish and
despair and consternation and sorrow and rage and
mourning and agony and indignation and pain
and desperation and exasperation and dejection
and bitterness and gloom and animosity that is
ready to explode across the planet.

the Zionist State of Israel is an illegitimate entity, rogue nation, apartheid
regime, war criminal and serial perpetrator of countless crimes against

An Open Letter to the American People

Honestly, you folks in the states have no idea whatsoever about what’s really going on in Gaza, do you?

Most of you have very little correct understanding of the true condition of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank today. Or do you and you just don’t care.

In any case, because of your profound ignorance and abiding lack of compassion, your nation will suffer terribly in the not-too-distant future. That’s not a prediction, it’s karma.

However, this is not meant to be a prophecy or warning. For there is no way to enlighten the American people at this point around this most urgent of matters.

Exactly what matter?


And the Biden administration is using your US tax dollars to support and carry out this ongoing Palestinian Holocaust.

Because the United States and Israel have always been joined at the hip, this ugly genocide is effectively being perpetrated in your name. Do you folks understand that?!

And yet, very few seem to even care … … … because it’s not happening in their back yard. That’s why we call America the “Land of the NIMBYs” (Not In My Back Yard, but okay anywhere else).

Now, let me share something with you my American friends (and we do have many fine and good people from the USA in our global advocacy network).

My unique work puts me in touch with people all over the globe. My clients live on every continent and in virtually every country on Earth. They are young and old, rich and poor, smart and not-so-smart, good and bad, healthy and sick, etc.

And let me tell you what they are saying about Gaza.

First, I have a client who has not worked for months — he can’t work — so overwhelmed with grief is he for the extremely sad plight of the Palestinians in Gaza. He is neither of Middle Eastern descent nor is he a Muslim. He’s a well-known South American artist and he has been psychologically paralyzed by the terrible collective trauma and terror of this Gaza genocide since day one of Israel’s military assault.  And now he can no longer paint!

Then there is the elderly and well-to-do Jewish woman, who lives in a big cosmopolitan area, who is so livid about this slaughter of innocents that she would literally punch out Netanyahu’s lights if she got within arm’s reach of him.

How about the lifelong Jordanian client, who is so close yet so far away from where women and children, elderly and infirm are being massacred daily, who really wants to provide safe haven but……..

Let’s not forget the wealthy California client of Jewish upbringing who is now working 24/7 to bring this savage conflict to an immediate end as he calls rabbis and political players, friends and family to do whatever they can.

Then there is the Italian musician who only thinks about how he can write such poignant songs about the brutal genocide that they will move the masses to bring about a permanent ceasefire.

Did we mention the Israeli client, who is a very religious practicing Jew, who has completely divorced himself from all things having to do with the Zionist Sate of Israel as he literally browbeats his entire extended family to move out of that land post-haste…before it’s simply too late.

There are so many others, such as US Air Force serviceman Aaron Bushnell, whose hearts cry out silently … … … and loudly in excruciating pain and for all to see and hear.

Submitted by Zionism Watch
State of the Nation
February 27, 2024




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One Response to “AMERICA: You are being slowly set up for an apocalyptic Republic-ending collapse by your most dangerous enemy.”

  1. rache says:

    Thank you for this article, more of this kind of piece should appear and I agree with you and I see the same everywhere.

    Today everybody hates the zionists and the criminal israeli regime, a tiny minority keep supporting them, the same tny minority that support all wars and crises anyway as they create thema and profit from it.

    Many westerners, not only Americans (although americans are really stupid) are just indifferent to anyhting.

    Well, when it’s going to happen next door, and it will because the unelected piece of shit they installed in the white house is doing all he can to have the USA invaded, then americans will sing another song.

    They then will understand the plight of Palestinians and might wake-up to their real ennemy.

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