“Don’t Leave a Soul Alive”: Israeli Rabbi Calls to Genocide Gaza, Says Torah Demands Killing Babies

Israel’s top rabbi in Jaffa, Eliyahu Mali, on Thursday issued a call to genocide all Palestinians in Gaza and said the Torah demands the killing of men, women, children and babies.

Israeli journalist David Sheen reports: “Israel’s top rabbi in Jaffa calls to genocide Gaza: ‘Don’t leave a soul alive … not only 14, 16-year-old lads … also the next generation. And those who create the future generation.’ Asked ‘Babies too?’ He responds ‘Same thing. You can’t outsmart the Torah.’ ”

From Al Mayadeen, “Israeli rabbi calls for genocide of all Palestinians in Gaza”:
The mass killing of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip “is permissible according to the halakhic principles,” the head of a Jewish religious school in occupied Yafa, Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, stated according to Israeli news website Ynet.

A recording of the extremist’s answers to questions on the Gaza Strip was published a few hours ago on YouTube and is available for the public.



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3 Responses to ““Don’t Leave a Soul Alive”: Israeli Rabbi Calls to Genocide Gaza, Says Torah Demands Killing Babies”

  1. fissdeputaindogneton says:

    When i read that, I understand that it’s now ok to kill all fucking jew rats…

  2. Frank Goodman says:

    How do i get to the article? All these articles are like that. A small snippet & then nothing & then any link to the archive just show that it’s been removed. It suck’s because there’s really good material on this site & I wanna to read it/watch it, etc.

  3. Awake Goy Awake Goy says:

    Click on the Source link below.

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