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Jordan Peterson: Promoter of White Genocide and Cheerleader for Noahide Laws

Jordan Peterson is one of the most promoted characters in the alternative media. He is promoted by the jewish media, Source

Scientist calls out Polish government over attempt to LEGALIZE GENOCIDE

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Polish naturalist and biochemist Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak has sent a notice of liability to Polish government officials regarding the government’s attempt to legalize crimes of genocide against Polish citizens through the Act on the Protection of the Population and the State of Natural Emergency (UD 432).The said bill was … [Read More…] […]

Uyghurs at White House Ask Biden to Denounce Genocide in Xi Meeting

Protesters belonging to the Uyghur and other communities of East Turkistan, occupied by China, convened this weekend in front of the White House to urge President Joe Biden not to forget the ongoing genocide against them in his meeting with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. Source

Green energy GENOCIDE: Without fossil fuel, there’ll be no more fertilizer to grow food

(Natural News) New research from University College London (now formally known as London’s Global University) warns that so-called “green energy” and the political push behind it is driving a shortage of sulfuric acid, a fertilizer component also found in lithium-ion batteries. Published in Geographic Journal, the study reveals that upwards of 80 percent of the […]

“It’s cultural genocide”: Ukraine’s Culture Minister trying to salvage the country’s artifacts

Ukraine’s Minister for Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko says that the vandalism and targetting of his country’s cultural sites is nothing short of a “genocide” by Russian forces. Since the war began on February 24th 2022, over 500 cultural heritage sites have been subject to Russian agression, according to Tkachenko.  Speaking to Euronews, Tkachenko said the damage caused […]

Censorship…Dehumanization…Is GENOCIDE Next?


Censorship…Dehumanization…Is GENOCIDE Next?


Censorship…Dehumanization…Is GENOCIDE Next?



August 30th, 2022. Official Government reports prove COVID-19 Vaccination is causing mass Depopulation; & Confidential Pfizer Docs. prove your Government knew it would happen _______________________________ If you like our work please consider to donate : _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, treatments, maybe this could help you:HERE If you […]


August 30th, 2022. Official Government reports prove COVID-19 Vaccination is causing mass Depopulation; & Confidential Pfizer Docs. prove your Government knew it would happen _______________________________ If you like our work please consider to donate : _______________________________ If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, treatments, maybe this could help you:HERE If you […]

The Holohoax and Spookahoax: Epic Jewish Lies for Parasitism and Power to Genocide the White Race

Undoubtedly throughout the history of mankind the jews have been and are today the most flagrant and pernicious liars of all time. In so doing they have reaped astonishing profits and benefits from their parasitism, and wreaked tremendous havoc and damage on their gentile victims. They are indeed the unchallenged masters of deceit, and in […]


Graphic Video: COVID Vaccine Genocide 2021-2022 Date: August 3, 2022Author: Nwo Report Horrifying compilation of numerous vaccine-injured individuals reveals plethora of devastating side effects caused by the COVID-19 mRNA injections. Posted BY: Jasmine A horrifying compilation of vaccine-injured individuals exposes the extent of the damage caused by the experimental COVID-19 mRNA shots since their rollout […]

The Worldwide Food Shortage Is a Plot for More White Genocide

The war in Ukraine has caused a mass displacement of people already, but the resultant food shortages could cause an influx of refugees from Africa that would be far more devastating for the European people. Source

Risks of Muslim genocide: MEMO in conversation with Dr Gregory Stanton

Join us for a live conversation with Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention, Dr Gregory H Stanton, as we discuss major flashpoints in the world today from India to Ukraine, Israel and China and his thoughts on whether any of these run risks of genocide. Stanton is the founding president and chairman of Genocide Watch. […]

China Applauds U.N. Human Rights Chief for Whitewashing Genocide

Chinese state media on Sunday applauded U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet for failing to investigate China’s human rights abuses in the Uyghur region China calls Xinjiang during her visit.

AP Admits Silent Genocide Ongoing, While Ex-Pfizer VP Says There’s Evidence of a Vaccine Killing Machine

Above image: Chart showing pattern of differences in death reports associated with vaccine batches, For the first time, major media has acknowledged that a quiet genocide has been taking place since the beginning of 2021, the year of the COVID vaccines rollout, in the form of a 40% increase in mortality, mostly among young adults, […]

An ignored genocide of Tamils at Mullivaikkal in Sri Lanka on 18th May 2009

There cannot be any plausible reasons to deny the fact of a genocidal agenda initiated by the Sri Lankan Governments immediately after the independence in 1948 against the Tamils living in the North and East. Sinhala majoritarianism, communalism and later adding Buddhism  provided the keys to open up and launch several discriminatory measures which commenced […]

Exclusive — Mike Cernovich: The Left Is ‘Pushing Genocide Against Christians’

Mike Cernovich spoke to Breitbart News Daily host and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow about the radical pro-abortion protests taking place, Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, and the American Left who “worship communists” and are “pushing genocide against Christians.”

Armenians Commemorate 107th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Armenians around the world commemorated the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Sunday, marking the onset of a Turkish slaughter of some 1.5 million Armenian Christians.

Human Rights Group Decries Christian ‘Genocide’ in Nigeria

International Christian Concern (ICC) has denounced the ongoing “genocide” being carried out on Nigerian Christians by Fulani militants and other Islamic extremists.

Bucha Massacre and Genocide of Ethnic Russians in Ukraine

Bucha Massacre and Genocide of Ethnic Russians in Ukraine: In a lucid and eloquent speech to a meeting on socioeconomic support for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation on March 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin succinctly elucidated the salient reasons for pre-emptively mounting a military intervention in Ukraine in order to forestall NATO’s encroachment upon Russia’s […]

West Turned Blind Eye to War Crimes by the Kiev Regime, ’Genocide’ in Ukraine, Lavrov Says

February 25, 2022 By Staff, Agencies Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has condemned the West for their unwavering defense of the Ukrainian regime and turning a blind eye to its war crimes against civilians in the country’s east. In a press conference on Friday, Lavrov voiced his country’s readiness to negotiate once Russian President Vladimir […]

Greeks, Cypriots of Australia Call on PM Morrison to Recognize Genocide

Greeks, Armenians, and other Christians were the victims of genocide carried out by the Ottomans in the period 1913-1923. Public Domain The Greek and Cypriot communities in Australia urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday to recognize the genocide carried out against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and other Christian minorities by the Ottomans in the early […]

The MKUltra Genocide: Dr. Hubertus Strughold, Nazi Torture Scientist at Dachau Worked At UVM Conducting Torture Research For the Air Force & Murdered THOUSANDS-Records in This Book

by Admin · Published January 12, 2022 · Updated January 13, 2022 Page 225 of This Book Which the CIA and Dept. of Defense ARDENTLY want to cover up. Furthermore the Notorious Dr. Strughold is personally responsible for not only THOUSANDS of Deaths in Nazi Germany But Thousands more Deaths HERE. Page 238 Mentions Hormone […]


» New lamp generates light for 45 days with half-liter of salt waterYesterday at 1:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » Mystery of ‘cube’ on the Moon has been solvedYesterday at 12:42 pm by PurpleSkyz » Australia: Thousands rally against vaccination of childrenYesterday at 11:42 am by PurpleSkyz » Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID VaccinesYesterday […]

Spewing hate & calling for genocide

And if this is called Dharma Sansad, there is no other Adharma one can imagine. State’s silence or tacit response, police officer laughing along with accused, which appeared in another viral video also add to the ‘hate’ the state does not want to prevent or punish. *** Our Constitution in the Article 19(1)(a) guaranteed that […]

From abusing Gandhi to advocating genocide

by Alishan Jafri , Neel Madhav and Apoorvanand   The arrest of the foul mouthed Kalicharan is seen as a very courageous step taken by the Chhatisgarh government. Kalicharan, a self-styled Hindu saint was booked by the state police after he made abusive remarks against Mahatma Gandhi at a Dharma Sansad held at Raipur. The […]

Killing Nature Must Be Treated as a Crime on a Par with Genocide and War Crimes

Ecocide must be elevated into an international crime—on a par with genocide and war crimes—and fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. (Photo: Matt Zimmerman/flickr/cc) The first United Nations Scientific Conference on the Environment, also known as the First Earth Summit, was held in Stockholm, Sweden, from June 6-15, 1972. Ιt established a Declaration of Principles […]

The Ten Stages of Genocide

I. CLASSIFICATION All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality: German and Jew, Hutu and Tutsi. Bipolar societies that lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most likely to have genocide.  One of the most important classifications in the current nation-state system is […]

Hellstorm – The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

General George Patton and I are cousins.He was a 1st cousin of George Washington.I am a second cousin of George Washington.We share many of the same genes it seems.Poets.Connoisseurs of history.Challenged by yankee spelling.Uninterested in mixing the alphabet with math.He could peel paint off the wall with naughty words.I can peel the paint off of […]

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