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Iran to US: Involvement with ‘Israel’ will put your forces under fire

April 12, 2024 Source: Axios By Al Mayadeen English Iran has communicated via mediators that the safety of US forces in the region is directly linked to the US’ involvement in Israeli activity against Iran. Iran sent a message to the White House through mediators, explaining that if the United States gets involved on “Israel’s” […]

No, Senator Schumer, Netanyahu isn’t the problem

On March 14, 2024, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer did something that surprised the U.S. political establishment: he criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli far-right ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir. In a speech before the Senate floor, he went beyond hollow condemnation to a call for new elections in what can only […]

Covert PA force aimed to leverage Israeli air cover to control Gaza: Report

APR 4, 2024 The covert PA intelligence force tried to enter Gaza less than a week ago and was thwarted by authorities in the strip (Photo credit: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90) News Desk A security official in the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Interior revealed details on 4 March regarding a recent Palestinian Authority-led (PA) incursion into the enclave.  […]

Netanyahu killed a top Iranian general in Syria to provoke a regional conflict — and the U.S. media is hiding his true motivation

Benjamin Netanyahu continues to raise the risk of a Mideast regional war which could draw in the U.S. — and the mainstream media is hiding the danger from its audience. Israel’s provocative aerial assassination of a senior Iranian military leader in Damascus on April 1 is only Netanyahu’s latest effort to expand the fighting across […]

Israel: In Violation of God’s Law, Natural Justice, the Laws of War & All Customary International Humanitarian Law

MARCH 31, 2024 ILANA MERCER Over and above industrial-scale mass murder of individual people—Israel is engaged in the eradication of Gazans as a People ~ilana Inarguably, to condemn Israel’s industrial-scale campaign of slaughter and starvation in Gaza ought to be ethically straightforward. Basic really. That Israel is committing the “the crime of all crimes” against the […]

Israel’s Quest for a Palestinian-free Palestine Continues

MARCH 29, 2024 Source US support enables Netanyahu to ignore international pressure. Philip Giraldi Israel’s plan to expand into an Eretz or “Greater” state incorporating large chunks of its neighbors’ land starts with eliminating the pre-1948 inhabitants of a place once known as Palestine. That nearly all of those who think of themselves as Palestinians […]

How Netanyahu will use the U.N. ceasefire resolution to prolong Gaza’s genocide

The United Nations Security Council was able to pass a resolution this week demanding an immediate but very temporary ceasefire in Gaza. That ceasefire was only intended to last through the end of Ramadan, which is expected to end on April 9. Thus, even if Israel, Hamas, and the various other fighters in Gaza stopped […]

Where Does Israel-Gaza Go from Here?

MARCH 22, 2024 Source Philip Giraldi I had an interesting discussion last week with a Washington-based political pundit who expressed some what I thought to be eccentric views on possible developments in the presidential campaign over the next six months. He said that that strange little man Jared Kushner is at it again engaged in […]

Chuck Schumer’s speech widens rifts over Israel in Congress

The seething tensions and divisions in the United States over our policy toward Palestine were already boiling over, and it’s is looking like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer might have lit the match that can make it explode. The long-term result might be the end of the bipartisan consensus on Israel. Schumer’s speech in the […]


MARCH 20TH, 2024 CHRIS HEDGES Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — Piers allow things to come in. They allow things to go out. And Israel, which has no intention of halting its murderous siege of Gaza, including its policy of enforced starvation, appears to have found a solution to its problem of where to expel the […]

Israel Uber Alles?

MARCH 15, 2024 Source Or is there finally a reckoning developing for its sins? Philip Giraldi There have been some interesting developments over the past few days relating to Israel’s demonstrated subjugation of the government at all levels in the United States as well as its domination of the entertainment and news media. Nearly everyone […]

It isn’t Netanyahu who is acting against the will of his people, it’s Biden

Democrats are criticizing the Israeli government for not reflecting the desires of Israelis in its war on Gaza. Netanyahu may be hated, but it’s clear he’s not acting against the will of his people. That description is far more fitting for Joe Biden. Source

Sayyed Nasrallah to Netanyahu: You Have Lost War on Gaza

March 13, 2024 Lebanon – Live News – News – S. Nasrallah Speeches – Top Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah underscored the veracity of the stance made by Hamas Movement’s command which insists on the comprehensive end of the Zionist war on Gaza, stressing that the Movement is engaging in the ceasefire negotiations on behalf of all the Palestinian factions and the […]

Chasing ‘tactical’ wins, Israel now faces ‘strategic’ defeat

MAR 11, 2024 Photo Credit: The Cradle For five months, Israel has been chasing ‘tactical wins’ to recover its image of military omnipotence lost on 7 October. But, this fruitless diversion means that Tel Aviv now faces ‘strategic defeat’ in Gaza. Mohamad Hasan Sweidan In a fight like this, the center of gravity is the […]

Replacing Netanyahu with Gantz won’t fix the problem

Israeli minister and member of the “War Cabinet” Benny Gantz visited Washington and London this week. The headlines were mostly about how much Gantz’s visit angered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there was more under the surface that we should examine.  Gantz’s trip was likely motivated by his genuine concern for the relationship between the […]

Regional war Netanyahu’s safety net, Amir-Abdollahian says: Exclusive

 February 27, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English In an interview with Al Mayadeen, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian gives insight on regional and international issues, ranging from the Gaza genocide to the nuclear agreement. The performance of the United Nations is unfortunate, and Iran cannot leave space for recognition of the Israeli entity, because it does […]

As Israel mulls full-fledged ground invasion of Rafah, spotlight is on Egypt

Sunday, 18 February 2024 9:43 AM  [ Last Update: Sunday, 18 February 2024 9:43 AM ] By Iqbal Jassat  As the world increasingly reacts with alarm at Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s declared goal of leveling the southern Gaza city of Rafah to the ground, the spotlight has fallen on Egypt. Will the North African heavyweight stand idly by, allowing […]

Month: February 2024

February 15, 2024 GAZA LIVE BLOG: Army Storms Nasser Hospital | Many Lebanese Civilians Killed | Israeli Officials: No Palestine | US: ‘Credible Plan’ to Invade Rafah – Day 132 February 15, 2024 By Palestine Chronicle Staff   After many days of siege, and sniping of many civilians in its vicinity, Israel bombed the Nasser […]

Israeli PM orders evacuation of last Gaza safe zone

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued directives to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to develop comprehensive plans for a potential ground offensive in Rafah, the last remaining refuge for displaced residents of the Gaza Strip. The IDF is tasked with creating a well-coordinated strategy that ensures both the security of the region […]

War with Hezbollah to be ‘Israel’s’ deadliest: 130-page Israeli report

February11, 2024 Source: Israeli Media Fighters from the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah carry out a training exercise in Aaramta village in the Jezzine District, southern Lebanon, Sunday, May 21, 2023 (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar) By Al Mayadeen English An Israeli report underlines that the Israeli occupation has no chance in the face of the Islamic Resistance […]

Houthis Set Oil Tanker Ablaze While Biden Tries to Woo China

JANUARY 27, 2024 Source MIKE WHITNEY  On Friday, Houthi militants fired an anti-ship ballistic missile from mainland Yemen striking a British oil tanker and setting it ablaze. “US Central Command said the Marlin Luanda had issued a distress call and reported damage” but no casualties were reported. The attack represents a significant escalation in the […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 114: UN chief urges Western countries to restore funding to UNRWA

Thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem calling on Netanyahu to resign, while others attempt to block aid trucks from entering Gaza. Meanwhile, the UN said it has suspended the employees who Israel alleges took part in October 7. Source

Biden is following Netanyahu off a cliff

In refusing to pressure Israel into a ceasefire while continuing to launch strikes on Yemen, Biden has shown utter contempt for all Arabs and Muslims, including his own Arab and Muslim American citizens who say they won’t vote for him over Gaza. Source

Israel Approves the Sale of Fake Laboratory Made Meat

In a groundbreaking move, an Israeli company has secured preliminary approval from the government to sell the world’s first steaks created from cultivated beef cells, as announced by the country’s Health Ministry this week. The approval is part of a pilot program for alternative protein conducted by the Department of Food Risk Management, reflecting a […]

Day 108: ‘Israel’ Pounds Khan Younis as Families of Hostages Mount Pressure on Netanyahu

January 22, 2024  Middle East – News – Palestine – Story of the day – Top Gaza’s Khan Younis has become the new war epicenter as the Israeli occupation intensified the aggression on Monday, hammering the southern city and committing brutal crimes against its residents. Dozens were reported martyred or injured in the besieged southern city as Israeli occupation forces target hospitals, ambulances, […]


JANUARY 18TH, 2024 Source Ramzy Baroud Law number one in the ‘law of holes’ is that “if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.” Law number two, “If you are not digging, you are still in a hole.” These adages sum up Israel’s ongoing political, military and strategic crises, 100 days following the start […]

Netanyahu just said Israel will permanently occupy the land ‘from the river to the sea.’ The U.S. media is covering it up

The other day Benjamin Netanyahu produced his most memorable statement since October 7. He said that his ultimate aim is that Israel will permanently occupy all the territory “from the river to the sea.” There is video of him saying it in Hebrew. He was double-crossing decades of official U.S. policy, which is supposed to […]

If you’re surprised by Netanyahu’s ‘river to the sea’ comment, you haven’t been paying attention.

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made waves during an i24 interview when he stated that “with or without an accord, the State of Israel must have security control over the entirety of the territory west of the Jordan River.” In other words, Israel must be the sole sovereign over Palestine “from the river to […]

Israeli media warns settlers to ‘prepare for a civil war’

January 18, 2024 Source: Israeli media Israeli settlers protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in “Tel Aviv”, on Saturday, December 30, 2023 (AP) Israeli newspaper Haaretz says Netanyahu’s conduct is pushing the entity toward the verge of exploding. By Al Mayadeen English Israeli newspaper Haaretz warned settlers on Thursday to “prepare for a civil war,” pointing […]

Netanyahu defies the International Court of Justice – “Nobody will stop us”

Despite proceedings at the International Court of Justice, Benjamin Netanyahu made clear Israel has no intention to relent in its genocidal attack on Gaza: “Nobody will stop us – not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anybody else.” Source

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