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Netanyahu’s ministers aim to ’empty the West Bank of Arabs’

Benjamin Netanyahu’s radical rightwing ministers’ agenda is the ethnic cleansing of the West Bank. And yet high Biden officials are meeting with Netanyahu today, and Secretary Blinken is due out within a couple of weeks, all to give Biden’s blessing to the new government — and perform what the State Department admitted yesterday is “triage” […]

Ambassador Nides cheers Netanyahu, salutes Israel’s ‘thriving democracy’ and ‘judicial reform’

Israel is facing mass protests over the authoritarian government’s plans to override supreme court rulings so as to exonerate Netanyahu from corruption charges. But U.S. Ambassador Tom Nides praises Netanyahu as a sober leader, and he appeared to side with the government over any protesters this week, stating repeatedly that the government has a mandate […]

Another prominent Zionist admits the project failed

Hillel Halkin moved to Israel from the U.S. 50 years ago because he believed in the Zionist vision. Now the author confesses that the project failed because it could not deal with the central question, Palestinian demands, and he was naive when anti-Zionists made that argument to him years ago. Today the country is going […]

David Grossman and Zionist fragility

Liberal Zionists like David Grossman have to own up to their ideology and admit that Israel’s drift towards the right is because of Zionism, not in spite of it. Source

The masks are falling on Netanyahu’s cabinet of criminals

The longest serving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in a rush to name his new government before January 2 and first order of business will be an override bill that allows the parliament to set aside Supreme Court overturnings of laws as mere “recommendation.” That’s one way Netanyahu plans to sidestep his corruption trial. […]

U.S. Zionists Foxman, Jacobs and Kurtzer sound alarm about Netanyahu’s extremist government

Longtime leaders in the U.S. Jewish community, including Abe Foxman, Thomas Friedman, Rick Jacobs, and Dan Kurtzer, express fear that the new Israeli government will break the supposedly unbreakable U.S.-Israel relationship. Or as David Makovsky and Dennis Ross wrote a few weeks back in the first major sign that American Zionists are panicked by the […]

One-two punch in ‘NYT’ includes longtime Israel apologist Friedman saying two-state solution is moribund

The New York Times appears to be tired of cheerleading for Israel, witness two opinion pieces this weekend: a long report by Thomas Friedman in which the columnist admitted at the start that “the prospect for a two-state solution has all but vanished;” then, a full page offering by the entire Editorial Board headlined that […]

U.S. Jewish groups ‘used power and influence at Bibi’s bidding to still the hand’ of presidents — Friedman

Tom Friedman deplores the Israel lobby for assisting Netanyahu in preventing any U.S. president from taking action on Palestinian disenfranchisement. “AIPAC and American Jewish organizations who have done Bibi’s bidding…at every turn used their power and influence to still the hand of any [U.S.] administration wanting to have a more serious and energetic and vigorous […]

Palestinians ‘weren’t there at all’– Netanyahu tells credulous Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson interviews Netanyahu and allows him to rant against Palestinians and misrepresent history: Israel did not create “a single refugee” in 1948, the neighboring Arab armies did that by telling the Palestinians to flee. This has always been Jewish land, the bible says so; though before Jews returned to it, it was just a […]

‘NYT’ covers up the rise of Jewish supremacist Ben-Gvir, as Netanyahu’s security minister

Once again the “New York Times” launders the dark forces gaining power in Israeli politics. Tensions in the occupied Palestinian West Bank are already at their highest level in years, and yet Israel’s security policy is now in the hands of a fascist who was considered so extreme that he wasn’t even allowed to serve […]

Mainstream media continues to sanitize Itamar Ben-Gvir following election triumph

Itamar Ben-Gvir will probably be the kingmaker in Israel’s next government. So why do the New York Times and National Public Radio downplay his racism? Source

Israeli election results: Netanyahu stronger than ever, and he’s bringing the far-right with him

Israeli exit polls indicate a decisive win for Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc which will bring the Jewish Power party’s fascist leader Itamar Ben Gvir into the ruling coalition. Netanyahu is now poised to lead the most extreme and fundamentalist government in Israel’s history. Source

‘Bibi Is Back!’: Exit Polls Show Netanyahu With Majority Bloc in Israeli Elections

Exit polls predicted Tuesday evening that former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to form a majority bloc and return to power in a new coalition government, according to Israeli news sources. Source

A surprise: the ‘NYTimes’ finally profiles Itamar Ben-Gvir, the racist kingmaker in Israel’s election

The New York Times just surprised us. This site has regularly showed how the paper hides the growth of the vicious far right in Israel, and just a week ago we pointed out that it had so far said nothing about the rise of Itamar Ben-Gvir, the violent extremist who is the most significant figure […]

Itamar Ben Gvir is quintessentially Zionist

A lot of attention is being drawn these days in Israel to the Jewish Power party, and its leader Itamar Ben Gvir. The party, which morphed out of the late rabbi Meir Kahane’s fundamentalist Kach party (Kahane was banned in 1988 from running due to racism), has experienced a meteoric rise from near obscurity (and […]

Racist Israeli pol Ben Gvir is now welcome at kibbutzes

The news is that former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is threatening to make a comeback in the November election and recapture his old job. Experts cite a few reasons things are looking good for Netanyahu. 1, Israeli politics are very rightwing; and Netanyahu is the most popular candidate, and his bloc is polling at […]

Netanyahu poised to lead most rightwing government in Israeli history

September 15 was a deadline for the submission of parties for the Israeli elections, set for November 1. At this point it appears likely that Israel will be seeing one of its most extreme right-wing governments in history. Benjamin Netanyahu has reemerged as a beacon of stability for the right, and if he leads Israel’s […]

Gaza attack was ‘incredible boost’ and ‘good debut’ for Yair Lapid

Israeli PM Yair Lapid’s unprovoked attack on Gaza that killed 17 children was part of a “good debut” for him with Israeli voters in his race against Netanyahu, says Tal Shalev of Walla News. Lapid faces the “hatred” of rightwing media, who echo Netanyahu’s racist talking point, Lapid can only form the next government with […]

Tom Friedman normalizes apartheid in the ‘New York Times’

NYT columnist Tom Friedman painted the past year in Israel—the first Netanyahu-free year since 2008—as an icon of democracy, where Israeli Jews and Palestinian citizens of Israel danced together under the blue and white flag, in harmony and happiness. That is a contemptible piece of fiction which erases apartheid, blames Palestinians for their own ongoing […]

Don’t meet Netanyahu in Israel if you respect human rights — ADC urges Biden

The ADC tells Joe Biden, The United States has an obligation to Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American journalist killed by an Israeli sniper May 11, to find out what happened to her. “If this happened in any other country, the US would have at a minimum called for an independent investigation. It is not lost […]

I won’t cut the baby in half, Bennett declares– and the baby is apartheid

Support for apartheid is the one thing that unifies Israeli Jewish parties. The prime minister likens the separate-and-unequal law in the West Bank to Solomon’s baby, while the leader of the left Zionist Meretz Party says that a Palestinian colleague who voted against extending the law “was malicious and unfair… despicable.” Source

2021 in review: Business as usual in DC, but Palestine activists scored huge wins

This year was marked by a number of a political setbacks, but it also produced inspiring victories. As it comes to an end, we thought we’d take a look back on 2021. In addition to looking at Washington’s support for Israel’s violence, we wanted to take stock of what Palestine activists accomplished through their tireless […]

“I don’t think Bibi ever wanted to make a deal.”

First things first: you probably already know, but Mondoweiss is able to do the depth and quality of journalism we do in large part because we are funded by a huge community of individual donors who care about honesty and integrity in reporting – people like you. If you haven’t already, can you take a moment […]

It’s time for the U.S. to treat Israel like a normal country and tell it to screw off

The news from the Middle East is that negotiators in Vienna are trying to restart the Iran deal, and Israel is doing all it can to throw a wrench into the works. Its officials are leading a “blitz” to end the talks: the Prime Minister has called on the U.S. for an “immediate cessation of […]

For Democratic leaders, and Tom Cotton too, Lapid is a rock star who says nothing about Palestine

The big news on our issue in Washington is that Benjamin Netanyahu is gone, and Joe Biden and the Israel lobby are celebrating. Yair Lapid, the foreign minister and alt-PM in the new Naftali Bennett government, came to Washington this week and was treated like a rock star by the lobby. Here at last is […]

Israel can’t be faulted for anything, thanks to hasbara culture’s narrative of Jewish victimhood

My work is focused on hasbara culture: the social construction of alternative reality centering on the victimization of the Jewish people that has little to do with the real world. But despite hasbara culture’s ideas being ahistorical, its concepts and discourse on Jew hatred are now conventional wisdom in Jewish and American political culture. And that […]

Israeli officials are ‘alarmed’ by U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan

Israeli officials have reacted with “alarm” to the images of the United States leaving Afghanistan, arguing that the U.S. has empowered Israel’s enemies, according to an expert observer. Some say the withdrawal shows why Israel can never leave the occupied Palestinian territories. Bottom line– The American “Forever war” is still getting raves in Israel. Israeli […]

Did Israel just fail to be singularly racist?

One of Israel’s most singularly racist laws just expired last midnight: the ‘temporary’ ban on Palestinian family reunification, which had previously been extended every year since 2003. But let it be made crystal clear – the law did not expire because Israel stopped being an Apartheid state, and the political reason for the failure to […]

Biden won’t make Obama’s mistake — so there will be ‘no daylight’ between U.S. and Israel

Joe Biden is showing up his former boss, Barack Obama, in a key area of foreign policy. He has decided to have no public daylight between the United States and Israel, in the political interests of himself and the new Israeli government. The strategy helps explain why Biden has had very little public criticism of […]

Israel is torn between ‘temporary’ and permanent Apartheid

One of the first challenges to the new Israeli government is the passage of yet another extension to the “temporary order” from 2003, which bans Palestinian family unification. Human Rights Watch, in their April report on Israeli Apartheid, explains family reunification policy cogently: The 1952 Citizenship Law also authorizes granting citizenship based on naturalization. However, […]

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