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Chauvin is guilty. Now comes the hard road ahead.

A 77-year-old white president who, on the campaign trail was skewered for being hopelessly out of touch when it comes to race, hailed the verdict as a triumph of racial justice. And in the immediate aftermath of that verdict, he made promises to the Black community — and directly to the family of George Floyd […]

COVID Illusion Continues To Crumble As The COVID Agenda Comes Into View & PPE Expert Destroys Masks

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/18/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and […]

Every Male Viewer Of The Bachelor Comes Out As Gay

U.S.—In a revelation that shocked dozens, every single, male, unmarried viewer of the bachelor came out as gay yesterday. The event marks the first mass coming out event since people who like The Last Jedi simultaneously came out of the closet last summer.  “I can’t hide who I am any longer,” said Ted Marin, 32, of Iowa. […]

Conspiracy Theory Comes True as Pentagon Creates Implantable Microchip to Detect COVID

By Matt Agorist In 2004, the FDA approved the implantation of RFID microchips in humans, and while they are not widely used, there has been talk of them being used on soldiers and the conspiracy crowd has been warning about them for a decade. What’s more, in 2017 one company in Wisconsin began forcing their […]

Biden’s New Slate of Aid to Palestinians Comes Under Intense Scrutiny

(JTA) — A number of pro-Israel groups, Israeli officials and Republicans in Congress are stepping up their scrutiny of the Biden administration’s plans to resume funding for the Palestinian Authority and other groups aiding Palestinians. In the past two weeks, the Biden administration has rolled out pledges to deliver $75 million in assistance to Palestinian […]

All sides are “locked and loaded”: what comes next? (OPEN THREAD #9)

Posted on April 12, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 10, 2021 By all accounts, all sides are ready for war. That does NOT mean that war is inevitable, only that there are no more objective factors making war impossible. How long can this “neither quite here, nor quite there” situation last? A long time, at least […]

Constitution Comes Forward To Accuse Biden Of Assault

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Constitution has come forward to accuse Joe Biden of a brutal assault, alleging that the president has maintained an abusive relationship with the document for decades. “I can no longer remain silent,” the document said after Biden tried to cancel the Second Amendment yesterday. “It took me some time to come to terms […]

Here It Comes….

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The Truth Comes Out: Covid Jab DOES ALTER Your Genetic Material

Well, we finally have an admission that the COVID shots alter your genetic material. Many who said this “vaccine” (which is actually not a vaccine, but a gene therapy) alters the DNA of whomever it’s injected into have been silenced and censored. But now, the creator of Russia’s COVID-19 Sputnik V said this shot can be […]

German offer to rebuild Beirut port comes with ‘strings attached’ for Lebanon’s politicians

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source 00 Hits: 0

Children’s safety comes first: Israeli court defends right of school to bar unvaccinated, untested staff

In a landmark precedent, an Israeli court has rejected a bid by a teacher’s aide who was looking to overturn a local council’s decision to bar her from work over her unwillingness to be vaccinated or tested for Covid-19. When one person’s right to privacy and autonomy is placed on the scales opposite the well-being […]

Israeli company making water from thin air comes to help Colombian state

Israel has donated two water extraction devices to help schools in Colombia’s rural La Guajira state, amid an ongoing water crisis that has lasted for years.The crisis has stemmed from the unique ecosystem in the state. Traditionally, the state has survived by planting crops using seasonal rains. But climate change has resulted in prolonged droughts, […]

10,000th Victim Comes Forward To Accuse Cuomo Of Inappropriately Killing Her Grandma

10,000th Victim Comes Forward To Accuse Cuomo Of Inappropriately Killing Her Grandma NEW YORK, NY—Yet another victim has come forward to accuse Governor Cuomo of inappropriately killing her grandma, sources confirmed Wednesday, with this latest allegation bringing the total number of accusers to 10,000. The woman made her allegations public today, saying Cuomo made inappropriate […]

We Who Believe In Freedom Cannot Rest Until It Comes

Above photo: Members of the Southern Movement Assembly in Tampa, Florida on the Southern People’s Power Tour in 2018. Lessons from the Southern Movement Assembly and the People’s First 100 Days. As winter storms rocked Texas and others across the South last week, Southern organizers waited for no one to do what they do best: […]

DISPATCH: Covering loss, even as it comes to your own door

Louise Delfino was tough as nails. She worked as a legal secretary at the same law firm for more than six decades until she was forced into retirement at 84 when she broke her leg at the office. She was my mother’s mom. Julie Eppolito was an incredible cook. We didn’t get to see her […]

“Hayek on Liberty” by John Gray comes into Iranian bookstores 

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of John Gray’s “Hayek on Liberty” has recently been published by Now Publications in Tehran. The book has been translated into Persian by Khashayar Deihimi. Not available since the 1980s, this updated edition by the leading political philosopher, John Gray, outlines his new position on Hayek. In a substantial new […]

Toronto man in forced “quarantine” comes forward about Canada’s coronavirus internment camps

The Blogging Hounds Thursday, February 11, 2021 by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) International travels who try to enter Canada from elsewhere are learning the hard way that Justin Trudeau’s henchmen are ready and waiting to throw them into Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) internment camps straight from the airport. This iswhat happenedto 34-year-old Steve Duesing, who upon arriving […]

Oratory comes with Conviction: ‘Hum Do, Hamare Do’

Oratory is important in todays time. Narendra Modi gave a new term ‘andolanjeevi’ to his supporters which was countered by activists vehemently. Modi’s speech was nothing but addressed to his audience and now that includes corporate bosses too as he categorically said that ‘private’ is important for ‘nation building’. The second most important speech which […]

Monumental Discovery! More of the Stonehenge Origin Story Comes to Light

Are you familiar with the monoliths at Waun Mawn? Maybe not, but a team of researchers believes that the dismantled stone circle in the Preseli Hills of west Wales is extremely significant. They have linked it to the Stonehenge story. Just four stones remain to tell the tale of Waun Mawn, but an archaeologist has […]

“The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman comes into Iranian bookstores 

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of “The Forever War” by Joe Haldeman has recently been published by Tandis Publications in Tehran.  The book has been translated into Persian by Navid Farrokhi. The Earth’s leaders have drawn a line in the interstellar sand, despite the fact that the fierce alien enemy they would oppose is inscrutable, […]

Former Muscular Wrestling Star Comes Out as Transgender ‘Woman’ Despite Biology Proving Otherwise

Home » Biology, North America, Social, Sports » Former Muscular Wrestling Star Comes Out as Transgender ‘Woman’ Despite Biology Proving Otherwise     American former muscular star Gabbi Tuft has just come out as transgender and he is now teasing to release more details about his tranformation into a ‘woman’ on his new Instagram page… […]

Here It Comes: Democratic Victories Encourage Republican Attacks on Voting

Republican officials in Pennsylvania and Georgia are responding to Democratic victories in 2020 with new efforts to make voting more difficult, and they’re being cheered on by the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, who called it “some of the best news” of the year so far in his “Washington Watch” newsletter Friday. Voting by mail […]

Liyakat Nathani Takim’s “Shi’ism in America” comes to Iranian bookstores 

TEHRAN – A new Persian translation of the book “Shi’ism in America” written by Liyakat Nathani Takim has recently been published by Kavir Publications in Tehran. The book has been translated into Persian by Abbas Aqdasi. “Shi’ism in America” provides the first general overview of the Shia community in America, tracing its history, its current […]

Here it Comes, the Re-Invasion of Syria

Trump didn’t drain the Swamp, but at least he slowed down the destruction of Syria a bit, which had to agitate those blood-soaked psychos who wear those pretty curls.  It didn’t take long before Pedo Joe obeyed his Yid Masters & started re-invading Syria. So the next Zionist False Flag will be blamed on Syrians, […]

Will America stay the strong horse when it comes to Iran?

January 22, 2021 by Melanie Phillips – Read on for article Can leopards change their spots? Or to be more pertinent, can those who put Israel, the West and the world in such danger through the Obama administration’s 2015 nuclear deal with the Iranian regime now accept that what they did was catastrophically wrong? […]

Ivanka’s political future comes into sharper focus

The president’s eldest son, Don Jr., is eyeing a future in politics as well, though allies say it’s unclear when or what office he’d seek after he passed on running for the Senate in Wyoming this last cycle. He and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle have also been scoping out real estate in Florida. The newest […]

Buddhist in Burma Jailed for Drugs Comes to Jesus as Result of Missionary Outreach

(Christian Aid Mission) — Amid death and despair in a country wracked by COVID-19, local missionaries in Burma (Myanmar) are going to streets, parks and prisons, daring to offer help and hope. With 1,400 new coronavirus cases reported each day and a daily toll of 25 deaths, the pandemic has kept workers in the majority-Buddhist […]

Why the blind spot on the part of some of the best writers when it comes to the Old Testament?

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Coronavirus: Why are Czechs among Europe’s most sceptical when it comes to vaccines?

For the vast majority of Europe, the first groups to be given a COVID-19 vaccine have been the most vulnerable: the elderly or healthcare workers. But, in the Czech Republic, they have done things differently. In an apparent nod to the country’s overall confidence in vaccines, the first person to get the jab was Prime […]

David Luscombe’s “Medieval Thought” comes to Iranian bookstores 

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of David Luscombe’s “Medieval Thought” has recently been published by SAMT, an Iranian publisher that provides books for university students. The book has been translated into Persian by Meisam Sefidkhosh. The Middle Ages span a period of well over a millennium: from the emperor Constantine’s Christian conversion in 312 to […]

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