“Paper Gold & Silver” Will Be Good For Wiping One’s Behind When The Crash Comes

“Paper gold & silver” will be good for wiping one’s behind when the crash arrives-
When the time comes for reality, bank runs, fiat dies but physical gold & silver survives-

Each Troy Ounce of gold & silver have been sold on paper at least four hundred times so far-
When their scam is about to be exposed, the jig is up, politicians & their banker masters will try to start a war-

So the people have other things to think of than hanging those who did them wrong-
The thirty shekel whores who sold America out while raping children to the tune of the Devil’s song-

Many Americans will starve, prostitute themselves and their children or eat their gun-
But what will be needed will be Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Courts when all else is said and done-

Justice belongs to the Creator God and no other being-
But examples can be made for future perspective thirty shekel takers by seeing-

Rothschild’s minions who have made war on humanity for children to rape and a better brand of booze-
When the rope makes their necks snap, they shit their pants as control of their bowels they loose-

Will Rodgers said “what is the crime of robbing a bank compared to founding one”-
Time has come for fair trials of bankers, politicians, MSM, controlled opposition, just get er done-

On the other side of cleaning up society for the benefit of posterity, when evil is on the run-
Humanity can again know the Creator God’s love and the un-Chemtrailed light of a natural sun.

The Ole Dog!


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