Why Is Amazing Polly Attacking True Patriots in the Alt Media?

I probably didn’t do myself a favor today with my Twitter/X activity. But I think what I said needed to be said. There are many people in the truth movement who are going after others without enough depth or knowledge behind it.

While it is important to weed out the bad guys from the good guys, it is far more important to go after the real bad guys instead of those who might be selling products from people who you don’t trust.

Today I stepped into a hornets nest with Amazing Polly. I generally like what she does. She is courageous and is willing to take on almost anyone. That is an admirable trait.

But, like so many others in this field, she failed to dig deep into the back end to really understand. She is using affiliations to prove guilt. Unfortunately, this is a bad practice and hurts everyone involved. But even worse, few realize what is going on here.

Of course I am talking about the Wellness Company (TWC). By no means am I defending the company, they can defend themselves and I frankly don’t want to defend them. But I do think there is much more to their story and Amazing Polly and others reposting her work like crazy do not care to see.

Even questioning the narrative, i.e. the psyop currently going on to destroy the movement from within, is off limits. It is beyond obvious that there is a MAM, as David Icke calls it, the Mainstream Alternative Media. It is also beyond obvious that there is an effort to create division by creating a mob frenzy against ourselves.

This gets me back to the Amazing Polly coverage of TWC. Again, her courage to take on the company is admirable. But do we really want to focus our energies on taking out everyone affiliated with them to expose TWC? Does that even make sense?

Here is Amazing Polly’s recent coverage of the situation.

To her credit, she said that not everyone selling is involved nor do they know what is going on. I would expand that to say that not everyone working for the company nor the people selling, nor the podcasters covering this know what is going on.

The sad part is, her work has generated a mob frenzy accusing everyone affiliated with TWC as bad. The mob is tearing apart anyone for any affiliation without having any proof that people did anything wrong. Many posts on X are doing this.

Few even see the psyop unfolding to create division by accusing people who may have been just trying to help people. X users are reposting lists and are acting like a lynch mob. I wonder how many people posting are part of the psyop to create division?

Regardless, I have worked behind the scenes to inform Polly since January that there is more to this story than what meets the eye (you can see that conversation below).

In that conversation, I had asked her many questions that I thought she should follow up on. Unfortunately, she took all of that as me trying to stop her investigation (as she said in a X post), but that is far from my intentions. I never tried to stop anyone ever from investigating. I only tried to encourage more depth and knowledge to really understand the truth. Again, not simple associations.

So here is a bit of that truth from my perspective:

Background: Dr. Zev Zelenko was a main force in creating TWC. So was Foster Coulson (whom I have never met) and David Lopez who I have talked to on a few occasions – mostly around human trafficking. I actually did an interview with David Lopez on this topic which you can see here: Military Needs to do Deep Soul Searching w/ former Navy SEAL David Lopez

More Background: I was the first affiliate for Dr. Zev Zelenko. In those early days, I thought it was important to create an easy way for people to get his protocol. Package it and sell it. I wasn’t the only one telling Zev this, so were folks who started TWC (more later).

Why? He voiced that he was sharing the best ingredients for people to buy on their own. But most people just didn’t know what to do or didn’t have confidence to buy themselves. He saw that first hand in his practice.

People really are this way. So, Zelenko launched Z-stack to solve that problem.

He never stopped telling people they could get the ingredients on their own, but he had something if they wanted it. He was uncomfortable selling; making a profit. I know, I saw it personally.

Then, when he did start making a profit, he had the wish to eventually divert part of the profits to stop human trafficking. He had a passion to make a difference in the world. This is where David Lopez, a Navy Seal with connections in the human trafficking realm, came in with Zelenko.

I believe Zelenko was a good man and he did his best.

TWC was launched about the timeframe that Zelenko died by Foster Coulson and David Lopez. Zelenko was involved in the process of creating the company. The concept to bring treatments, a helpline for patients with injuries when there was nowhere else to go, and an ongoing network of doctors. This was exactly what we needed at the time.

So TWC was created.

Many people saw this as crucial to healing the country. And, for all practical purposes, it was. We still need this, but thankfully now many more avenues have become available for people. Which is also what we need. A lot of people doing this work for humanity.

At the time of the TWC creation, Dr. Zelenko died. Many people, including myself believe he was murdered. So does an anonymous insider at TWC who told me this (I need to protect my source on this).

Unfortunately, infiltration within TWC may have occurred. Actors with intelligence connections, billionaires and others became heavily involved. What we do not know is who is really bad and who is not. We only have affiliations from websites.

One thing I have learned from Detective Rothstein: anything with intelligence needs to be checked first hand. There will be fake documents, fake websites, fake everything.

So what do you do? You follow behaviors and actions. Look for nefarious behavior and point that out. Affiliations, like in law, is not evidence of guilt. Actual behavior is. Its more work, but real hard evidence means something.

Again, I am not defending anyone here, but I surely am not throwing people like myself under the bus for supporting a company that early on was very promising and seemed like exactly what the country needed.

So I am a voice in the wilderness now pointing out that there is more to this story and we must not act like a lynch mob. Unfortunately, even questioning the obvious psyop to cannibalize the movement is treated like blasphemy.

So that brings me back to Polly. Today I question this awful behavior on X. I pointed out that there was more to this story. Real questions need to be asked. Not affiliations found on websites, but proof of wrong doing before you assume everyone is bad. Basically the lynch mob needs to stop.

I personally do not believe anyone who as ever worked in intelligence is bad. Nor is every Navy Seal and every former NSA worker. But I am not naive, it is littered with bad guys.

When the high profile child trafficking case involving Jacob Wetterling back in the early 90’s hit the media, Detective Rothstein (the person who has convicted more trafficking networks within the CIA than anyone else alive) told me first hand 19 CIA agents swooped in to direct the media to cover up the truth. So, yes, there are some real bad guys in intelligence.

But not everyone. For example, former NSA employee William Binney, someone I interviewed and talked to many times, is not one. Its just too cynical for me to think everyone is a bad guy all the time, even though the CIA & the NSA do a lot of bad things.

So I got creamed on X today. I committed lynch mob blasphemy for asking Polly to dig deeper. Don’t create division by using affiliations. Find real bad works, point that out. Ask questions. Like why did Zelenko die? Do all Navy Seals end up working for Blackwater or another mercenary group? Why? I also pointed out that making money does not make you evil. Selling products does not make you evil. Bad works do.

Regardless, I made some enemies today. Amazing Polly claimed I was a liar for claiming she was being nasty to me (I am a little irritated that guilt by association is her thing and the mobs thing). Regardless, she posted all of our private DMs so I figured I would share them with you (they are public anyways now after Polly published them).

Some of the messages are not what I would ever say publicly because I have no proof. As a journalist, you wonder about things then ask questions and dig. Again, guilt by association is not right. Hypothesizing about things is not guilt either. It provides a framework to dig more. Learning the answers to those questions ultimately will prove something to be right or wrong or somewhere in between. Either way you learned something. So my comments below do not mean I am accusing anyone of anything. It means I wanted to know more. Ok, here you go:

Here are a few more posts:

There is a lot more as you can imagine. Like I said, I didn’t do myself any favors by trying to do what I thought was right. I made a mistake expecting more of her by sharing some things to think about and my own personal story.

I just want us to be better. Focus on the real bad guys. Like stopping the WHO Treaty and the genocide in Gaza. Not destroying people based on affiliations they learned from websites or for supporting companies they thought were good.

In the end we need to focus on innovation and building new. We need to be creative higher beings worthy of a better world. I think we can be but we have to act better than this.


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One Response to “Why Is Amazing Polly Attacking True Patriots in the Alt Media?”

  1. metacon says:

    Except for the probable murder of Dr Zelenko, this is a storm in a water glass.

    More serious things are going on like the current genocide in Gaza, the preparation of the WHO takeover on all nation’s sovereigneties in May/June this year, direct energy weapons and the geoengeneering destroying our nations and natures, etc…

    True, by creating divisions wihtin what is already a fragmented and small entity, we play the game of those who create these divisions, aka the scumabgs this website is dedicated to expose.

    Let’s concentrate on the main task: How do we get rid of them and how do we get back our civilization from this never ending corruption.

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