Hubble Telescope

Made with cardboard. Wrapped in cellophane, baking foil, and duct tape











1927 earth



7 different shadows from 7 different light sources.


Buzz Aldrin admits to an 8 year old little girl that the so called NASA moon landing never happened.




Below Video:
Look at him trying to pick up the hammer that he dropped, but cannot because of the bungee cord attached to the suit.

Astronaut then tries to jump up higher to put more weight on the bungee cord, to be able to drop lower and pick up the hammer used to erect the usa flag on the moon.

This is so funny that the astronaut with all that weight on the moon, he cannot kneel down to pick up the hammer. The bungee cords too tight to let him.

The slow motion is a laugh… giving the illusion of low gravity.

The Hammer can sure drop on the ground … without bouncing in the air :))

He gives up and returns to the rover to get the tongs to pick up the hammer successfully.

Check out the lunar buggy. (remote controlled toy) on the moon in slow motion.

Command Module being dropped from an aircraft, not from space.




NASA Admits We Cant Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit!

Rockets cannot fly in vacuum of space

Moon Landing Hoax Exposed!! 2014 [Full Documentary]

Scientist proves you cannot fly a rocket in space

Mars has Chemtrails


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  1. ulysses freire da paz jr says:

    Faust and Mephisto -: The Devil is brewing his potion in a cauldron titled “JEWISH PRESS”: “With this drink in your stomach, you will serve the Jews – and attack your brother.” (

    Psychopaths rule our world. Six percent of the world’s population are genetically born psychopaths. Do you know what that means for the rest of us?

    From the article Are You Married to a Psychopath ?:

    Not only do they covet property and power, but they take a special pleasure in taking possession of the property of others. (

    What they can steal, trick and coerce are fruits that are much sweeter than those they can get through honest work. (

    And once they have squeezed out a source in the best possible way, they turn to someone else who they can take advantage of, bleed to death and then throw away; their pleasure in the misfortunes of others is insatiable. (

    People are used as a means to an end; these have to subordinate themselves and have to be humiliated so that the antisocial can confirm himself …
    The causes of this sociopathic disorder have been narrowed down to a few factors through research. One of the main causes of sociopathic behavior is believed to be neurological abnormalities, mainly in the frontal lobe of the brain. Conditioned fear is also attributed to this area. The abnormal anatomy or chemical activity in this area can result from abnormal growth (possibly genetic), brain damage, or injury. This theory is confirmed by many studies using PET (Positron Emission Tomography), which visually shows the metabolic activities of neurons in the brain. [see Sabbatini 1998]
    The amygdala – two small almond-shaped regions in the brain – has long been known to affect aggression, sexuality, and ruthlessness. It has recently become known that it also affects how people interpret the feelings of others. Subtle injuries to the amygdala could explain many of the characteristics of psychopaths, including the difficulty of approaching them emotionally. It is possible that they simply cannot recognize the emotions of others.
    Wendy Koenigsmann writes:
    The psychopath is a manipulator who knows exactly what makes us tick, how to manipulate and how to influence our emotions.

    They have a talent for finding ‘nice and caring’ women.

    Imitation is often used to convince others that the psychopath is a normal human being. He does this to instill empathy in his victim. The psychopath will try to trick you into believing that he is having normal sensations by telling a sad story or expressing profound, moving experiences; but the truth is that most psychopaths go through life as if they were living in an incubator, moved by only a few people and having no real compassion for others; but they will lie to convince you that they have normal emotions.

    The compassion factor is one reason victims often fall for these ‘poor’ people.

    To a psychopath, lying is like breathing. If you catch them lying and confront them, they’ll invent new lies and don’t care if they get exposed. As Hare goes on:
    “Lying, deceiving, and manipulating are the psychopath’s natural talents … When caught lying and confronted, they are rarely confused or embarrassed – they simply change their stories or try to revise the facts to match theirs Lie seem to agree. The results are a series of contradicting statements and a rather confused listener. ”
    Often their behavior is for the purpose of confusing and repressing their victims, or to try to influence anyone who wants to hear the story from the psychopath’s side.

    Manipulation is the key to their conquests, and lies are a means of doing it.

    An almost funny example of psychopaths lying can be demonstrated by a man whose footprint was found on the crime scene. “No, this is not my foot,” he said, even though everyone knew he was lying.

    This is how psychopaths operate. They will deny reality until their victims have a nervous breakdown. Often times the psychopath will turn on the victim by saying that they are delusional and mentally unstable.

    The psychopath is mainly distracted and impressed by his own grandiose self-expression, which often leads him to inadvertently mention things in front of people that lead to his exposure. They often forget the lies they told and tell other contradicting stories that often leave the listener wondering whether either the psychopath is insane or they are themselves – although in this case the psychopath is not really insane: they just forgot what lies he told.

    The most amazing thing, however, is their selective memory. A psychopath may not remember the promises they made to you yesterday, but they will remember something from the past if it serves their purposes. They often do this when confronted with a lie or caught lying. (

    The psychopath is inwardly filled with greed, he relates to the world through power, even if, as I have already mentioned, outwardly he claims to be on the side of the unlawful or the oppressed. I know one who liked to repeat phrases like this: “You must stop oppressing my brothers.” But he didn’t believe a word of it. Because he was a racist. The psychopath can often call himself a revolutionary.

    On the other side of the coin, the psychopath can often paint a picture of himself that depicts a dejected anti-hero (his ‘own worst enemy’ type) and some like to see themselves as lone wolves. The psychopath may even claim that he is sensitive and profound, but inside he is nothing but emptiness and envy.

    Whether or not the psychopath is aware of their behavior is something that is often debated. I believe that psychopaths usually know exactly what they are doing, although others suggest that psychopaths are “born, not made”.

    Recommended Literature:

  2. History is led by the project of God, a project that is always focused on freedom and life. (

    The fate of a society always depends on the attitude it takes towards this project: either it will have freedom and life, or it will produce slavery and death.

    “Basically, with the defeat of Germany, it was all over for Western civilization in 1945.”

    Source: (

  3. Jennifer Bried says:

    God Bless you for telling the truth.
    They are from Hell and they do the will of Lucifer. The evangelicals and people who give them power and support them are servants of Lucifer and the enemies of God. America will be totally destroyed because we gave the earth to Lucifer by serving the jews and empowering them to bring about the Jew world order. America will be split in half because they allowed Germany to be split in Half. Hitler was Jesus Christ returned. He did not kill anyone. The idiot jews are just like jesse smollett only they got away with their henious lies.Everyone who hates Hitler will spend eternity in Hell because they hate Jesus. Everyone who loves the jews will spend eternity in Hell because they worship the antichrist=Luciferian Jews, the enemies of God.I am so happy that all this is finally coming to an end. The final Judgement and then those of us who know the truth, so few of us, will have a new world, like heaven where there are no jews. All jews are psychopaths. They are devolved into demons=in the image of their God, Lucifer. When psychopaths/satanists die, they go straight to Hell.God is just separating the his sheep from satan’s goats. Everyone who loves the jews and believes their lies, many christians will go with them to eternal Hell very soon.

  4. JP says:


  5. KACKFRESSER says:

    Great article and great memes.

  6. donal trinceler says:

    i want a reuben sandwich right now

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