Jen Psaki Says RFK Jr. Is A ‘Huge Problem’ For Biden 2024

MSNBC host and Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has claimed that third-party presidential candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are a “huge problem” for Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign. When fellow MSNBC host Mika […]

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2 Responses to “Jen Psaki Says RFK Jr. Is A ‘Huge Problem’ For Biden 2024”

  1. WakeupRFK says:

    RFK would be a huge problem for Biden if he stops to lick Israel’s boots.

    Otherwise, he’s just another zionist puppet like Biden and Trump, therefore, a minor problem if a problem at all.

  2. Waky says:

    Note the names of the parasites who call RFK an “antivaxxer” and “conspiracy theorist”: Brzezinski and Psaki.

    The first 110% jew, not doubt about it. Same family as the jew polish scumbag and his infamous theories that are applied today?

    MNSBC: they still have viewers?

    The level of their smear is so low that it’s pathetic and actually as a lawyer, RFK could easily sue them for libel.

    But, that would mean kicking the ass of jews, is he going to wake-up about them?

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