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Housing Costs Are Crushing The American Middle Class, But How Can We Fix The Problem?

Housing Costs Are Crushing The American Middle Class, But How Can We Fix The Problem? In a new poll conducted by the Financial Times and Michigan’s Ross School of Business, data shows there is a rare bipartisan agreement among Republicans and Democrats – Both sides believe that there are no housing advantages for the their […]

Nationwide Ground Stop Lifted For Alaska Air After “Tech Problem Cropped Up During System Upgrade”

Update (1216ET): Alaska Air resumed departures around noon after an hour-long ground stop for all departure flights nationwide. The Wall Street Journal says the ground stop was due to a “technology problem that cropped up during a system upgrade.” Even though the ground stop has been lifted, Alaska Air passengers can expect delays throughout the […]

No, Senator Schumer, Netanyahu isn’t the problem

On March 14, 2024, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer did something that surprised the U.S. political establishment: he criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli far-right ministers Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir. In a speech before the Senate floor, he went beyond hollow condemnation to a call for new elections in what can only […]

Ed Dowd Identifies Disturbing Problem in Cancer Trends

Data analyst Edward Dowd appeared on the Dr. Drew show Wednesday and unveiled startling data that points to a significant and troubling rise in cancer deaths. The latest report from Phinace Technologies, authored by Carlos Alegria and Yuri Nunes, uncovers a disturbing trend in cancer deaths among elderly people following the rollout of the COVID-19 […]

Jen Psaki Says RFK Jr. Is A ‘Huge Problem’ For Biden 2024

MSNBC host and Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has claimed that third-party presidential candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are a “huge problem” for Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign. When fellow MSNBC host Mika […] The post Jen Psaki Says RFK Jr. Is A ‘Huge Problem’ For Biden 2024 appeared first on The People's […]

CNN Credits Trump, Admits Biden “Made The Problem Worse” At The Border

Authored by Steve Watson via, In a rare collectors moment, CNN took time Tuesday to give Donald Trump credit regarding illegal immigration, admitting that the US does “have a problem,” at the border and that Biden has “made the problem worse.” While the comments came from Republican strategist Brad Todd, it’s the kind of admission […]

Replacing Netanyahu with Gantz won’t fix the problem

Israeli minister and member of the “War Cabinet” Benny Gantz visited Washington and London this week. The headlines were mostly about how much Gantz’s visit angered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there was more under the surface that we should examine.  Gantz’s trip was likely motivated by his genuine concern for the relationship between the […]

Dems have a problem with their democracy argument, not with the Supreme Court

When the Supreme Court ruled Monday that states have no authority to remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot, it dealt a blow to any Democratic hope of a deus ex machina stroke saving the party from the former president’s reelection bid. If Democrats are going to stop Trump, they’re going to have to quash […]

Squatting is a widespread problem that’s flooding American neighborhoods with heightened criminal activity

(NaturalNews) Squatters are increasingly taking over homes across the nation in a trend that is bringing crime to previously safe neighborhoods and leaving… Source

Belgium Takes A Step Toward Solving Its Jewish Problem By Banning Ritual Slaughter Of Animals

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) The top rights court in Europe has ruled that bans of ritual slaughter in parts of Belgium can stand, ending the hopes of Jewish supremacists who had claimed the bans were an unfair infringement on Jewish ritual killing: “Two of Belgium’s three regions banned slaughter without stunning in 2017 and 2018, saying […]

‘The UK Has a Problem’: Ed Dowd Reveals Alarming Excess Death Data in Children

“The UK has a problem,” former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd declared on The Jimmy Dore Show Wednesday. He unveiled that excess deaths among UK children under the age of 14 are up a staggering 22 percent in 2023. Notably, Dowd mentioned that this trend didn’t start until “the magic juice started to be issued […]

President of Heritage Foundation tells WEF attendees: you are part of the problem

January 21, 2024 Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation, delivered some hard truths to attendees of the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland last week. Speaking about American politics and the potential for Donald Trump to be reelected for a second term as president, Roberts said the goal of the […]

Trump ‘Doesn’t Want to Solve the Border Problem’ Says Mitt Romney

RINO Mitt Romney has claimed that Donald Trump doesn’t want to solve the border problem that Joe Biden created. On Thursday Romney took aim at the former President for pushing Republican lawmakers to oppose a […] The post Trump ‘Doesn’t Want to Solve the Border Problem’ Says Mitt Romney appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Create the problem, control the reaction and provide the solution

25 dec 2023 The Hegelian Dialectic The Hegelian Dialect, named after Georg Hegel, the German Philosopher, is also known as “Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis” or “Ordo Ab Chao” Latin for Order from Chaos. This is the motto of 33rd° Freemasons. Create the problem, control the reaction and provide the solution. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over […]

How Christie became a ‘monumental problem’ for Haley — and a potential boon to Trump

Chris Christie has singularly devoted his presidential campaign to tearing down Donald Trump. But with the start of the primaries just a few weeks away, some top Republicans in New Hampshire say Christie is now positioned to help pave the way for Trump’s nomination by siphoning votes away from Nikki Haley, Trump’s closest-polling competitor in […]

Episode 453 – Don’t Worry! The Border Problem is About to be Solved!

Think you’ve got The Great Travel Reset under control? Think you’re too smart to be fooled by the vaccine passports? Well, you’d better prepare yourself for the next Problem-Reaction-Solution psyop that’s coming along to convince you that you need to be herded into the digital ID gulag: the generated border crisis! Find out all about […]

The Problem Boils Down To This

The Problem Boils Down To This Authored by Eric Peters, Everyone has their take as regards the problems besetting us. Few seem to grasp there is fundamentally just one problem. It is the problem that animates the others, giving them the power to be problems. What is this one problem that leads to all the […]

Climate Change Is The Number One Problem Of… No Nation?!

Climate Change Is The Number One Problem Of… No Nation?! According to preliminary results from the World Meteorological Organization, last month was the warmest September ever recorded around the world – the latest in a string of apparent temperature records. Nevertheless, despite the near constant barrage of media attention given to the ‘existential threat’, the topic […]

This Genius Duffel Bag Solves the #1 Problem With Gym Bags

I can’t believe I’m a gym person now, even though I’ve been one for, like, nearly a decade. For so many years before that, it just seemed so undignified to work out in public—like, I’m supposed to go get sweaty around a bunch of other sweaty people? I’m going to let some guy in a […]

Giuliani: ‘I have never had an alcohol problem’

Former Trump lawyer and adviser Rudy Giuliani vehemently denied having a drinking problem Wednesday, following a report from the New York Times detailing the former New York City mayor’s drinking habits. “I do not have an alcohol problem. I have never had an alcohol problem,” Giuliani said during a press conference in Concord, New Hampshire […]

A Solution to the Problem of Failed Public Schools

It may be true, as the late, great Andrew Breitbart famously said, that “politics is downstream of culture.” But both are downstream of education. Nothing is more important to our families or to the future of our country than the moral, social, psychological, and intellectual development of our children.  In that regard, the pandemic lockdowns […]

Child Labor Is Such a Big Problem That California Will Teach Kids Their Rights at School

California public schools will now teach students about their rights to unionize after Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill into law over the weekend. The bill, which will create “Workplace Readiness Week,” requires schools to educate kids in the state about workplace safety and California’s child labor laws in an effort to “prevent child […]

Humanity has a very, VERY, serious billionaire problem…..

…and it can only be solved with a spiritual solution. Submitted by A Social Commentator SOTN Exclusive The Premise The current race of humanity has never had so many billionaires who, at the very same time, have access to the most powerful technologies and advanced sciences and corporate entities and destructive weapons in world history. […]


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Ron DeSantis has a problem: Covid vaccine skepticism isn’t moving GOP voters

This is the third story of a five-part series diving into the rise of the anti-vaccine political movement. Ron DeSantis rose to national fame as the Covid-skeptical governor of Florida — giving voice to people frustrated by lockdowns, wary of facemasks and irate over vaccine mandates. Now, with cases on the rise, the embattled DeSantis […]

‘We Can’t Defend Ourselves’: Amazon Isn’t Doing Enough About Its Dog Bite Problem, Drivers Say

For Arturo Solozano, it was just another average day as an Amazon delivery driver. He would drive to a stop, pick out the right package from the back of his van, and walk up to the entrance to set it down before returning to his vehicle. Nothing special. But on one stop, something went wrong.  […]

Hochul: NY Migrant Problem ‘Because of the Border Situation’ — We Want Money in Ukraine Package and Work Permits

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Spectrum News NY1’s “Inside City Hall,” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) stated that New York’s migrant crisis “is a federal problem. People are coming here because of the border situation and people’s desire to seek Source

As Long as Iran Is a Problem For Israel, the Corrupted US Will Protect ISRAEL & PROVOKE Iran


What’s the problem regarding radioactive water discharge from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant? Part Three. Political battles.

Even a visit to the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant by a delegation of government experts did not dampen the excitement surrounding Japan’s planned radioactive water discharge, and the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea (DPK) with its leader Lee Jae-myung played a crucial part in fueling it. On May 24, 2023, the Democratic Party […]

Mayor Sadiq Khan: “We Can’t Arrest Our Way Out of London’s Crime Problem”

This year’s Juneteenth celebrations were marked by yet another series of mass shootings across America leaving dozens injured and multiple dead.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin: From Fox 6 Now, “Milwaukee shooting, MLK and Chambers, 6 hurt”: Six people were shot near Chambers and MLK just as Milwaukee’s Juneteenth celebration came to an end Monday, June 19 around 4 […]

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