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PICS: Maskless Italian PM Mario Draghi Lectures Masked Middle School Children… on Masks

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi appeared maskless in front of masked children during a visit to a middle school in Verona on Friday.

Sanctions against Russia: Reactions from the Middle East

The Middle East media have not stopped commenting on recent developments in Ukraine through the prism of their perception in the region. Particular attention is paid to the topic of the sanctions imposed on Moscow and their resonance in the Arab world. As can be seen, attitudes towards these measures are negative in the region. […]

Israel ‘vivid obstacle’ to establishment of nuke-free Middle East: Iran

Iran’s deputy ambassador to the United Nations urges international pressure on the Israeli regime to make it join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Speaking at the annual meeting of the UN Disarmament Commission on Tuesday, Zahra Ershadi underlined how the nuclear weapons constituted “an existential threat to humanity” “This global cause of insecurity should have […]

Ukraine and Middle Eastern Media: Western Masks are Off!

The Ukrainian events have been a constant item on the agenda for media outlets of Middle Eastern countries since the start of Russia’s special operation. Observers note a never before seen information onslaught against Moscow coming from the West, when it comes to covering the Ukrainian crisis. According to many estimates, this torrent of content […]

Middle East Studies scholars overwhelmingly vote to endorse BDS

The largest Middle East academic body in North America has officially endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS). An overwhelming majority of Middle East Studies Association members (MESA) have voted to ratify a BDS resolution. All full members of MESA were asked to electronically cast their votes between January 31-March 22. On March 23 […]

Russia’s Operation in Ukraine, a Middle Eastern Perspective

“Ukraine: the price of the American-European deception,” “A lesson for the Ukrainian people in the school of the West.” These and similar headlines have flooded the Middle Eastern media and social media in the wake of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.  One of the main topics is the reasons and background for this move […]

Russia Says 16,000 ‘Volunteers’ Want to Fight, Most from Middle East

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced on Friday that his government has identified over 16,000 foreigners, most of whom come from the Middle East, willing to fight on Russia’s side in the ongoing war with Ukraine. Shoigu made this declaration in a meeting of the Russian Security Council, according to the Russian news agency Tass, […]

Ukraine crisis jeopardises Middle East’s Black Sea wheat supply

Wheat importers face a threat to delivering politically sensitive bread supplies across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine closed off access to the lower-priced Black Sea grain they depend on, Reuters reports. The ensuing conflict has halted shipping from Ukraine’s ports, while financial sanctions have put payments for purchases […]

Russian Gas and Ukraine: a Middle Eastern Perspective

Hype in the West regarding Russia’s plans to seize Kyiv and its other “schemes” garnered response and comments in the Middle Eastern political circles and media. Among these the US-driven propaganda narratives regarding Moscow’s alleged intent to use its gas as a geopolitical weapon and about the gas stranglehold that Russia has allegededly put on […]

Loving Dad Gifts Daughter Whose Middle Name Is ‘Rose’ With as Many Roses as Her Age Each Birthday

After a father from Canada and his wife gave their daughter the middle name Rose, the doting dad made a pledge: to gift her as many roses as her age on every single birthday. At 21, his daughter has acknowledged the annual gesture of love in a touching video montage that has now gone viral. […]

Why the US Cannot Force China Out of the Middle East

The China-Middle East relations have grown multi-dimensional to the extent that Washington’s persistent efforts to unplug them have fell on deaf ears in Abu Dhabi and beyond. At the same time, Washington’s own troubles with other Middle East states, such as Saudi Arabia, have directly allowed China to expand its ties beyond economic cooperation, trade […]

Sacred Defense in the Middle Ages: Transylvanian Fortified Churches

One would think that a church is a place of refuge, of spiritual comfort and protection – where violence has no place to exist. Usually, this is exactly the case and throughout the world churches are great monuments of cultural and architectural achievement. But sadly, they were often victims of war. No matter how pretty, […]

Middle Class Hindus Need To Speak Up Even As Fringe Elements Call The Shots

by P.S. Sahni & Shobha Aggarwal   Presently India is fast galloping towards a fascist Hindu state. The Muslim, Sikh, Christian minorities as also the Tribals and Dalits in India are facing threats to their very existence and don’t feel safe anymore. The dilemma in which middle class Hindus find themselves today is no different […]

Biden’s “Diplomacy Is Back” Falls Flat as 2021 Middle East Policy a Miserable Flop

December 30th, 2021 Source By Robert Inlakesh By no means has voting blue meant a change for the better; in fact, the only real difference between Biden and Trump in terms of foreign policy is that instead of mean tweets, more respectful language is used to give the new president the veneer of respectability. Despite […]

Biden’s ‘Diplomacy Is Back’ Falls Flat As Middle East Policy A Miserable Flop

Above Photo: President Joe Biden shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as they meet in the Oval Office of the White House, Aug. 27, 2021. Evan Vucci / AP. By No Means Has Voting Blue Meant A Change For The Better. In Fact, The Only Real Difference Between Biden And Trump In Terms […]

Earliest Social Drinking Evidence in the Middle East Found in Israel

Social drinking history in the Middle East has been rewritten with finds at Tel Tsaf, Israel. According to the Times of Israel , Israeli archaeologists have found the first evidence of social drinking in the Middle East from a 7,000-year-old settlement site in Jordan Valley. Archaeologists from the University of Haifa came to this conclusion […]

Saudi Arabia Is the Middle East’s Drug Capital

Dec 22 21 By Staff, Agencies Under the title, “Saudi Arabia Is the Middle East’s Drug Capital”, Anchal Vohra wrote in the Foreign Policy:  “Three drug busts in quick succession over the last month have revealed the extent of Saudi Arabia’s drug problem. First, in a rare gesture of cooperation, the Syrian government confiscated over […]

Spare me the hypocrisy of the middle class lockdown zealots

Working from home is a luxury not everyone can afford Camilla Tominey Associate Editor 18 December 2021 • 8:00am The hypocrisy of middle class lockdown zealots has always known no bounds – but the latest variant has once again brought out the worst in this already smug bunch. For a sizeable chunk of the privileged […]

The Middle East once again a tale of war and peace in 2021

A look back at some of the most striking images, events and news from across the Middle East in 2021. Israel-Palestinian violence returns The long-running conflict between Israel and the Palestinians hadn’t seen anything like it for years. In May 2021, 11 days of escalating violence sparked by rising tensions in Jerusalem, around holy sites […]

How Washington led the purge of Christians from its ‘New Middle East’- Part 1

14 Dec 2021 The USA and its collaborators are the prime movers of the Christians’ purge from the Middle East Source: Al Mayadeen Net Tim Anderson In pursuit of its declared aim to create a ‘New Middle East’, it was Washington that masterminded the purge of Christians from the region, under the guise of its pseudo-Christian […]

Vienna Talks and the Future of the Middle East

The negotiations now opening in Vienna under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran on the one hand and, on the other, a number of countries including the E3 (France, Great Britain, and Germany), Russia, China, and the US, are not generally thought likely to make any major positive change to the stability […]

1,000-Year-Old Middle Eastern Gold Earring Discovered in Scandinavia

The National Museum in Copenhagen announced on Sunday that 54-year-old Frants Fugl Vestergaard from Denmark unearthed a rare gold earring while metal detecting in a field in West Jutland. Believed to be an 11th century gift from the Emperor of Byzantium to a Viking chief, the earring is built around a crescent-shaped gold plate. Inlaid […]

The French Retaliate against the US in the Middle East

Even though the recent meeting between the US and French presidents on the side-lines of G-20 meeting was said to have ‘restored’ the French-US ties after the AUKUS shock, some recent developments have clearly established that the cleavages caused by the AUKUS are too deep for a single meeting to bridge. In fact, the outcome […]

Reshaping of the Middle East is Underway, but It’s Not in Favor of the United States

Hardly anyone would argue that the United States has been the main perpetrator and instigator of armed conflicts in some Middle Eastern states (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen) for a long time. Undercover of Washington’s unshakable support for traditional allies, many of them began to go beyond the framework of international law with impunity, becoming […]

Strange Lights Seen In Skies Above Middle Tennessee

Strange Lights Seen In Skies Above Middle Tennessee Date: December 8, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Sarah TateFolks in Tennessee were stunned over the weekend when they looked up into the sky and spotted some mysterious lights high above the rolling hills of the Volunteer State.A string of strange lights was seen by people across the […]

Central Asian and Middle Eastern Countries Step Up Cooperation

On November 28, the 15th Summit of the Leaders of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Member-States was held in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, with the participation of the heads of state and governments of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan, the countries that are members of the organization. The ECO summit […]

Middle East Studies Association to vote on BDS resolution next year

On December 2 the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) overwhelmingly voted to advance a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) resolution at the beginning of 2022. “Since Palestinian civil society first called on the international community to engage in boycotts, divestment, and sanctions in order to pressure Israel to end its military occupation and other rights […]

Washington is Caught Up in the Middle East

Even though the US has been seeking to withdraw from the Middle East to relocate its sources to the Indo-Pacific region to tackle China’s growing influence in Southeast Asia, extricating itself from a region the US has been dominating since the end of the Second World War has proved to be a lot harder than […]

Another Professional Footballer Player Suddenly Collapses in the Middle of a Game

Yet another professional footballer collapsed suddenly in the middle of a game last night during Real Madrid’s Champions League tie with Sheriff Tiraspol in Moldova. 26-year-old Sherrif Tiraspol winger Adama Traore was seen clutching his chest as he slumped to the ground in the 77th minute. The Mali attacker remained down as medics rushed on […]

I am Inflation, Destroyer of Worlds: Poor and Middle Class Get Smashed by Inflation.

Inflation, inflation, and inflation. People tend to think that inflation merely means higher prices. Yet the type of inflation we are dealing with is extremely problematic. Inflation is running at a multi-decade high clip at 6.2% annualized and it may be even worse since the way we measure inflation is an imperfect science. Inflation punishes […]

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