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Disease-carrying deer ticks in Pennsylvania park can spread potentially fatal neurological virus, warn experts

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) In January 2022, a Pennsylvania park recorded the highest-ever concentration of ticks carrying a variant of deer-tick virus (DTV).DTV may cause deadly infections with lasting neurological effects. Officials have also expressed concern that deer-tick virus and other serious tick-borne illnesses may become more common in … [Read More…] Source

Iran’s hospitality culture spread by tourist guides, deputy minister says

TEHRAN – Tourist guides are the ones who spread the culture of Iranian hospitality, the deputy tourism minister has said.  Source

SO MUCH RATSCHILD’S BULL S#IT, SO LITTLE TIME TO SPREAD IT-First cases of the Covid variant known as “nightmare” are detected in Mexico

Gee! I AM JUST A TEXICAN HILLBILLY WITH NO MD BEFORE MY NAME, BUT I HAVE A QUESTION? HOW DOES ONE IDENTIFY A VARIANT OF “VIRUS” WHICH HAS NOT BEEN SCIENTIFICALLY VERIFIED? ‘211 health/science institutions globally all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever’ 211 health/science institutions globally all […]

More Unsubstantiated Claims Spread About Iran And The Civil Unrest

The civil unrest inside Iran, which began in September, has brought with it a sea of unsubstantiated claims, many of which have been outright lies. Although demonstrations, riots, and terrorist attacks which have punctuated months of instability have began to decline, this has not stopped the endless flood of disinformation. In early December reports emerged […]

CIA Caught Recruiting Russians To Spread Pro-Ukraine Propaganda

The CIA is looking to recruit Russians as potential spies who are “disgusted” with President Putin’s war against Ukraine, according to reports. The CIA’s deputy director of intelligence David Marlowe declared in a speech at George […] The post CIA Caught Recruiting Russians To Spread Pro-Ukraine Propaganda appeared first on News Punch. Source

At Least 9 Killed as Iran Protests Spread Over Woman’s Death

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—Clashes between Iranian security forces and protesters angry over the death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody have killed at least nine people since protests erupted over the weekend, according to a tally Thursday by The Associated Press. The scope of the protests still remains unclear as demonstrators in at least […]

At Least 9 Killed As Iran Protests Spread Over Woman’s Death In Police Custody

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Clashes between Iranian security forces and protesters angry over the death of a 22-year-old woman in police custody have killed at least nine people since the violence erupted over the weekend, according to a tally Thursday by The Associated Press. The scope of Iran’s ongoing unrest, the worst in […]

Walensky admits CDC spread MISINFORMATION on COVID vaccine safety

(Natural News) Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), admitted that her agency spread misinformation about the safety of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. In a Sept. 2 letter addressed to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), the CDC director admitted that the agency did not analyze certain types of adverse event […]

America’s Media Prostitutes Have No Shame; Spread Their Legs For Uncle Sam Every Time

CONSPIRACY FACT: Teenage Kuwaiti Girl Lied to Congress About Iraqi Atrocities to Manipulate Public Support for a Gulf War November 15, 2021 Russ Winter Articles by Russ Winter, Crime, Hidden History, International News, Media, Politics, US News, Winter Watch Articles 6 IMAGE:  She will make a great Hollywood Prostitute.  All Hollywood Actors have to PROSTITUTE THEIRSELVES FOR ROLEs & she has gotten an early […]

California Bill Targets Family Doctors Who Spread Vaccine ‘Disinformation’

The California legislature has approved a bill that seeks to target and punish family doctors who “spread disinformation” by veering from the official narrative while advising their patients on vaccines and treatments for COVID-19.

Laura Loomer Wants to Spread Her Extremism in the Halls of Congress

Just days after Alex Jones was ordered to pay $45.2 million in punitive damages for falsely claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax and accusing the grieving parents of the slain children of being paid actors, Jones interviewed Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer on his show “Infowars.” “They think MTG is dangerous—I […]

CNN’s Don Lemon Admits He’s Paid to Spread Democrat Propaganda: “We HATE Ordinary Americans”

Don Lemon admitted during a recent broadcast that CNN pays him to spread propaganda on behalf of the Democratic Party. During a segment on “New Day,” Lemon admitted that mainstream media networks such as CNN […] The post CNN’s Don Lemon Admits He’s Paid to Spread Democrat Propaganda: “We HATE Ordinary Americans” appeared first on […]

‘Western’ Media Spread Copium To Prolong The War In Ukraine

What did Russia just do? It had made an ambitious attempt to encircle a large are in Donbas and succeeded with the effort in just a few days. The Ukrainian army threw everything it had available into the cauldron and lost thousands of men while the Russian army avoided direct men against men fighting to […]

Big Tech Banned Claims Vaccinated Could Spread Covid. Now Gov’t Admits it was “Hope” Not “Science”

The problems with Big Tech platforms censoring for so-called “misinformation” was highlighted again in the last week. Source

Big Tech banned claims vaccinated could spread Covid. Now the government admits it was “hope” not “science”

The problem with Big Tech choosing arbiters of truth. Source

Power Vacuum Caused by Extreme Drought Led to the Spread of Islam

A power vacuum caused by an extreme drought 1,500 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula led to political unrest, war, and societal change. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Important Events Read Later 

Stop the Spread by Not Having Sex, UK Tells Monkeypox Sufferers

British officials have told those suffering from monkeypox that they should abstain from sex in the hopes of curbing the spread of the disease.

Yale Prof: Telling Gay Men to Stop Having Sex With Strangers to Halt Monkeypox Spread is Untenable

Amazing. They told us to lock down and stop living our lives for years to avoid COVID but now they say it would be stigmatizing and unfair to tell gay men to stop having random sex with strangers to avoid monkeypox. These are our “public health experts,” folks

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Rising Monkeypox Cases Suggest It’s Spread ‘Pretty Wide’

Appearing Friday on CNBC, Pfizer board member and former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb said the rise in monkeypox cases suggests the virus has spread “pretty wide,” but he predicted that it will not spark an epidemic akin to the coronavirus. 

Freemasonry: its origin, spread, history, and activities

By The Southern Cross June 39, 1933 Anno Domini Freemasonry, which is a worldwide secret society, professes to be philanthropic, to strive for a higher moral life for its members, and to direct humanity towards enlightenment, progress, liberty, and truth; whereas, its real object is to substitute the principles of Naturalism and the worship of […]

In Poland, a pianist plays to “spread peace through music”.

Davide Martello, a German pianist, plays the piano by the Ukrainian border in the Polish city of Medyka to “spread the message of peace through music”. Source

Poll: Wider Spread of Voters Gravitating Towards GOP Due to Bidenflation

Inflation is driving Hispanic and black voters towards the Republican Party, a Wall Street Journal poll revealed Monday. Source

UK Government Admits Evidence For Face Masks Stopping Virus Spread in Schools “Not Conclusive”

The UK government had admitted that the evidence for the efficacy of face masks stopping the spread of COVID-19 in schools is “not conclusive.” Schools were ordered once again to instruct pupils to wear face masks in classrooms to stop the spread of Omicron, despite warnings that the face coverings are damaging learning. Now authorities […]

They Said They Would Slow the Spread

Commentary It’s been the most astonishing two weeks for American public life, with so many prescient changes, from new censorships, admissions, backtracks, experts speaking out, public outrage, and what strikes me as a progressive unraveling of every orthodoxy imposed nearly two years ago. Not even the influential and powerful are in a position to defend […]

Head Lice on South American Mummies Shed Light on Ancient Virus Spread

The scientific understanding of ancient South American ancestry and the future of DNA research just got a whole lot clearer thanks to mummy hair lice. Two thousand years ago the pre-Columbian Ansilta culture thrived in the western Argentine province of San Juan, which is famous for its towering peak of Cerro Mercedario that dominates the […]

CDC Admits It Hugely Overestimated The Spread Of Omicron

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has corrected an error in its Covid reporting. They now admit that previous estimate for the percentage of new cases caused by the Omicron variant was more than triple the actual figure. The CDC said on Tuesday that only 22.5% of US Covid-19 infections recorded in […]

Protests over post-vaccination deaths spread across South Korea

Home » Asia, Crimes, Protests » Protests over post-vaccination deaths spread across South Korea     One of the most vaccinated nations on earth is seeing increased public pushback over Covid-19 jabs, as demonstrators in South Korea are demanding accountability for deaths that they blame on the shots. Protesters gathered in Busan on Sunday after […]

Belgium to close cinemas and theatres amid Omicron spread

Belgium further tightened virus restrictions as the Omicron variant spreads, closing cinemas, theatres and other indoor activities. Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said the new variant would soon be dominant in Belgium with nearly 30% of new cases already the Omicron variant. “We must be extremely prudent in a period where there is much uncertainty,” […]

Omicron COVID variant appears to spread faster than Delta, WHO says

The newly discovered Omicron COVID-19 variant likely spreads faster than the Delta variant, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted in a technical brief, adding that vaccines may be less effective against it. “(Omicron) is spreading faster than the Delta variant in South Africa where Delta circulation was low, but also appears to spread more quickly […]

CDC Admits Omicron Spread Almost Entirely By The Vaccinated & The COVID Social Credit System Is Here

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Email | RSS Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (12/11/21). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for […]

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